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The rise and fall and rise again of Segway

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Back in 2001, Segway had big goals to change the world. That didn't happen. But almost two decades later, Segway may still change how we move.
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Text Comments (18)
LeRoy Dirks (10 days ago)
They failed due to legal costs that allowed for ninebot to buy them out. When you sue some one, make sure they can't afford to buy you.
Leonard Wong (18 days ago)
No thanks... I'd rather walk.
я являюсь мужчиной (1 month ago)
Lazy people
Lung*68 (4 months ago)
i didn't know the owner of segway died on a segway, that's crazy
TECHNOLOGY WE KNOW (4 months ago)
Lol why is there a Jeff bozos picture
neogryph (4 months ago)
They cost too much.....that's the only reason they failed.
W. (4 months ago)
I didn't get the fuse again part
Jorge Arellano (4 months ago)
There is no such thing as the last-mile problem. WALK!
MultiWeirdthings (4 months ago)
"90 and 95% of their energy, getting around on foot" what are u smoking my dude?
itayi zinzombe (4 months ago)
Good idea but stupid predictions and bad execution. You really cant replace walking and beside its the only 2 seconds millions of people have to involuntarily exercise.
Frank Farroghi (4 months ago)
Lol I burst out laughing literally trolling the public 5000 dollar item that may injure you or kill you at least the captin stood by his sunken ship literally.
Eshter Maria (4 months ago)
why comparing segway to Tesla, they should have compared it with space Falcon Heavy or Apple. LOL Would never want it even for free.
Don Alejo (4 months ago)
2bRealist (4 months ago)
CNN is now *PROMOTING MADE CHINA!!* China companies *STOLE* trademarked information on the segway to peddle *FAKE BOOTLEG* Segways.... then they bought out Segway with their new combined earnings from the bootlegs O_o
No Name (4 months ago)
North Eastern Roberts (4 months ago)
Compared to Tesla? Give me a brake
C. Lincoln (4 months ago)
Here are two breaks for the price of one. <break> and <break>
_Bob McCoy (4 months ago)
*Is the title a pun?* 😂