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The Points Guy Founder Brian Kelly On United Dog Death: “This Is A Huge Problem For United” | CNBC

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The death makes no sense, says Brian Kelly, The Points Guy founder, talking about a "rogue" culture among United flight attendants and the death of a 10-month old puppy on flight from Houston to New York. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC The Points Guy Founder Brian Kelly On United Dog Death: “This Is A Huge Problem For United” | CNBC
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Manley Nelson (6 months ago)
people heard the dog barking and did nothing! lemmings. cowards.
Manley Nelson (6 months ago)
the flight attendant didnt understand she says/claims. there is aculture of lemmings in america. dog owner should have taken a stand. passenger should have said something. dog owner is also to blame. if they put your kid i the cargo bay would you just say "ok"?
jessica odellas (8 months ago)
That is very sad. They need to restructure the organization and make some heads roll in the process.
Travel Joe (8 months ago)
I am going to become a flight attendant I am not sure where but this needs to be fixed. This is an outrage.
Sapphire Lily (8 months ago)
Am I the only one who would cause a scene? I would have taken my cat or dog out of the carrier hold onto them and refused. But that’s me.
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
Me too.
Roslina Podico (8 months ago)
It would be good if the owner put the small pet to sleep before flying.
Kevin Fegan (8 months ago)
I don't have and first hand knowledge, but the United vs Continental FA's, but its probably kept separate because of money. Could be that one or the other has some better benefits than the other, or better pay than the other, and if the manage would combine them, they'd have to give the better benefits/pay to everyone. ... just a guess.
Five O (9 months ago)
Someone needs to release the flight attendant's personal info. That flight attendant deserves to have its whole bloodline slaughtered and pillaged.
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
Mel Kennedy (9 months ago)
It IS SICK!! That puppy cannot be replaced!!!
K. Ma. (9 months ago)
I was a flgt.attd.for years and some of them are the worst power-trippers ever. Ruthless and irritable from being on the road and in the air all the time.msome think they are cops & generals... Fire her and sue Uniteds pants off
Jimmy Garcia (9 months ago)
Flight attendant should go in the over head bin
clnwrld5 (9 months ago)
Does the owner deserve any of the blame? Seems pretty cold to listen to your dog die for three hours and never even check on him..
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
THAT is the part that's REALLY the most upsetting. Ok the stew said they couln't stand up due to turbulance blah blah blah, but the puppy barked for help for 2 hours and how could the mother take orders from that Eva Braun when her puppy was suffering and not go to him. But the mother was terrified to disobey nd let her dog die. I don't get it. NO WAY would I take orders from the a-hole, uh uh.
Tommy Holden (9 months ago)
He's right. But it's the Continental side that's been way more problematic and militant - wonder if it was the Continental side that killed the dog?
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
United is who dragged the Physician out of his paid for seat and dragged him down the aisle breaking his mose and multiple other injuries and united is who sent a family's 10 year old dog to Japan instead of Missouri when they got 2 dogs mixed up on the tarmac. AND of the 18 dogs killed flying last year 3 quarters were killed by United. It's a horrible incompetent abusive airline and NO ONE should use them. Ever.
Justin Cui (9 months ago)
Are the bad attendants from united or from continental?
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
Justin Cui (9 months ago)
I'm just blaming the individual attendant
Kenny Ryman (9 months ago)
I loved to see a Picture if this Flight attendant....
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
So would I.
Michelle Moore (9 months ago)
I would never let any one force me to place my animal in the over head been. No excuse, get off the plane. Why did no one on the entire plane say anything. Flight attendant is responsible as well as the owners. Stupidity complete stupidity.
Lemonade_Clorox (9 months ago)
United will probably give their flight attendants knives so they can stab any pet on board or they will get a gun that only shoots asians.
Bella (9 months ago)
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
I don't get that either.
Rich Marceau (9 months ago)
Weren't United's baggage handlers responsible for (caught on video) destroying an antique guitar from the checked baggage hold a few years ago?
snow flower (9 months ago)
God why are news anchor so interrupting ??? Let the guy speak
Kevin Prasad (9 months ago)
Easy on calling flight attendants authoritarians. When a crash occurs they’re the first to respond. Don’t like flying? Drive
Kevin Prasad (9 months ago)
b017ni3 listen to the guy... my comment has plenty to do with this story
b017ni3 (9 months ago)
Kevin Prasad - your comment has nothing to do with this story...
lukeGO (9 months ago)
Delta hires less than 1% of the applications they receive. It's a given that the best of the best flight attendants work for Delta. Well, what does this say about the average flight attendant at United? .....
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
Bottom of the barrel.
Ok peace (9 months ago)
Boycott United Airlines it's time to boycott them this has to stop this was totally uncalled for and their flight attendant should be arrested for animal cruelty
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
ed Gee (9 months ago)
All the flight attendants on the flight should be fired for negligence! There all responsable for everyone and animal on that plane!
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
Yes and I can't believe not even one of the others wasn't horrified by what she did and saved the puppy and get it out of the bin.
Cynthia Olsen (9 months ago)
UA Killers!
Rose Bompadre (9 months ago)
The undeniable tragedy is that today a dog perished. This is the first tragedy. The second tragedy is to be found within the realm of what we refer to as civilized society. It seems to me that society is so instantaneously reactionary during these modern times of instant gratification and what is often sacrificed during such inflammatory, knee-jerk reactions are the revelation of facts and accuracy.
LittleLulubee (9 months ago)
People who don't care about the lives of animals are a danger to society. She should be locked up FOR LIFE 😡
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
Yup, Psychopathic. No conscience, no empathy, no remorse. They'd better get rid of her because there's no cure for it.
Infinity Mixtapes (9 months ago)
The flight attendant is a heads but so is the family for agreeing to stuff a dog in a bin.
Travis Anthony (9 months ago)
Why hasn’t this flight attendant been identified? I’m imagining a bitter, authority-hungry tyrant that saw a chance to flex her muscle...not realizing what the end result would be. She needs to be fired NOW!!! As well as charged with animal cruelty. Ridiculous.
Travis Anthony (8 months ago)
Well, not sure about her religion, but I'd guess she doesn't care for dogs, is disgruntled about her job in general, and somehow justified doing something so mean-spirited.
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
Agreed. But I think the witch is a dog-hating muslim.
Ariel Nashiro Calderon (9 months ago)
Karma is on her way! God bless to the dog’s owners! Kokito can now live forever along with other dogs and with God! 😞
Eugene Bleich (9 months ago)
We need the attendants name, someone on the flight must have known what her name was, we need help on this. She could be an abuser that someone recognizes as such and could prevent future tragedies!
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
How can we get it, Eugene?
The Shellinator (9 months ago)
Everyone, including flight attendant are responsible! They all sat there kept their mouth shut. Bunch of sheep
BLooDY GaL (9 months ago)
me too! I want to see what brand of loser this is!  come on!  Gheesh!
Mary (9 months ago)
BLooDY GaL I agree
Steve Masters (9 months ago)
They never learn from their mistakes... They think themselves Superior to us all!!!
Doxil vik (9 months ago)
They really need to train their employees. asap
Genevieve Roy (9 months ago)
Ok bad flight attendant, but bad dog owners that did put the dog in the overhead bin, in the first place, I wouldn’t of done it, I would of guet out of the plane, if you’re responsable for a little being well you don’t do that, sorry and check the rules if they allow you with your animal in a cabine, they should be with you under the seat, so no reason for the flight attendant to ask that, and no reason for the passenger to do it.
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
No one would ever do it but the mother couldn't speak English and Eva Braun made her do a terrible thing to her lovely little dog. Putting a live creature in those overhead bins is something that can never be done, except when a cruel freak meets someone so intimidated she got away with it and killed a puppy. And liked it.
PAAJetClipperMonsoon#N415PA (9 months ago)
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
We traveled a lot but had family to house and pet sit sometimes and others we took them with us in the RV. Out West, down South. It's fun they love it and we'd never put them on a plane.
PAAJetClipperMonsoon#N415PA (8 months ago)
they changed there polices, Its Just not smart to fly with pets.
Shayela Hassan (8 months ago)
UnitedB68920 then why does companies like United charge a fee that allows passengers to fly with their pets?
zudemaster (9 months ago)
Why isn't the flght attendant being named? His/her name should be made public. We should have proof that this flight attendant has been fired.
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
I agree but they're protecting her.
David Barnett (9 months ago)
Why? So she can receive death threats from dog owners? She made a mistake which she and United have to live with. Being a corporation and therefore a non-person, United will fly merrily on through what appears the unfriendly skies. She, quite possibly, will be fired. That's the best you can hope for and not for her to be deluged with death threats.
Mary (9 months ago)
zudemaster I don't understand why they have not released her name
RMD (9 months ago)
How about putting the stupid witch of a flight attendant in a suitcase and lock her in there. See how she feels! 😡😡😡🤬
hiro0500 (9 months ago)
never fly with them
Anime o esho ni kako (9 months ago)
We need to get rid of united airline...
Cecil S (9 months ago)
United cannot ignore social media and Internet posts that's why United appologised. A few years ago I was on United international flight, and had really bad experience with United flight attendants on my flight so I wrote an email to United expressing my thoughts of flight on United. Well United never replied to my email and when I tried to call their customer service, they were not willing to assist or help. Unite airline, shame on you for killing a dog!
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
They killed at least 13 family pets, dogs, this year.
BlueBerryJerry BBJ (9 months ago)
Of course it’s United airlines
Alfred Neuman (9 months ago)
Very, very easy solution: don't have pet anywhere on airplanes. Done!
Robert Evans (9 months ago)
I don't want dogs on the plane with me. Many people are allergic to dogs and cats.
Robert Evans (8 months ago)
A better solution Mary Roach; put the animals in the hold or don't take them. The majority of people don't fly with animals so guess who the majority are with? Me or your dog?
Mary Roach (8 months ago)
Robert Evans Then don’t fly ever again. The rest of us don’t want to fly with people like you anyway.
Robert Evans (9 months ago)
That is completely understandable because you likely grew up as a perfect child and no one ever was bothered by you . . . OR . . . even your parents couldn't stand you and no one wanted to be near you.
John D (9 months ago)
Or people with children. Children are horrible. They make a mess and stick. Rather sit by a dog then someone with a kid or baby
Binx4things (9 months ago)
So who is the flight attendant?
Kim Possible (8 months ago)
Diana Barron doesn't surprise me but I bet someone will remember. Ppl were tweeting this situation as it unfolded. Hmm
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
United refuses to reveal her identity.
Kim Possible (9 months ago)
Rich Marceau I want to know now. Lol. But srsly, United Airlines has always had issues with passenger's pets. So much so, that they created some kind of "pet program " I forgot the name. But curiously, do other commercial airlines have the same issue? I think I'll research that.
Rich Marceau (9 months ago)
I'm sure he or she will be named shortly in a lawsuit and the name become public that way.
Katie Mikell (9 months ago)
Flight attendant needs to charged with 2nd degree homicide!
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
Rich Marceau (9 months ago)
Felony animal abuse laws seem to be enough.
LittleLulubee (9 months ago)
She should be jailed for LIFE!! But she deserves to be stuffed in a suitcase and left to DIE 😡
Katie Mikell (9 months ago)
Heather N 🙏 Poor sweet puppy 😢
Katie Mikell (9 months ago)
I do know that Heather, but starting with this case they need to change the law!
Mc Cc (9 months ago)
Karen T. (9 months ago)
Absolutely, horrible! I will never, never fly United again. My heart goes out to the family. I do believe the family was forced in such a way that they did not understand they had a right to protect the life of their pet. I hope United provides a new puppy to that sweet child (though none will replace the loss of this precious pup)and contribute to animal welfare. Our pets are precious gifts, unconditional love. I hope that flight attendant is reprimanded to the fullest extent!
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
Never ever.
JeanChristophe Boux (9 months ago)
just google the most animal death by a airlines and you never guess who is first.
Rich Marceau (9 months ago)
yep, united with about 3/4 of all such animal deaths. They're big, but not *that* big.
Zanders Miranda (9 months ago)
like i said.....the entire flight attendant needs to go amd get revamped.....this is a problem they lack common sense period.
Rich Marceau (9 months ago)
United needs to dissolve and sell their aircraft off to more responsible carriers. Airport operators might also explore denying them gates.
W C Emmons (9 months ago)
Absolutely, Fire that Attendant.
Blessings福壽 (9 months ago)
Airline too responsible, but the owner never put dog in such condition!!! It is dog’s owner’ responsibility to protect your own dog!!., never agreed to put dog in such condition that may suffer, may get sick, may cause death!!! The owner should have got off the airplane!!! And sue airline that way, you could have saved helpless puppy....French bulls can not breath easily, never put in airplane!!! Dog’s owner’s responsibility to know your dog’s DO and DON’T!!!
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
Yes, all true. But as a foreigner, couldn't speak English and obviously intimidated by that stewardess. But still...Poor little soul, Pokito. Wouldn't, couldn't have happened with regular american or canadian passengers' puppy.They'd have told her to f***off. The little sweetie should be alive and happy right now.
Doxil vik (9 months ago)
the owner of that puppy they followed the flight attendant what they told them to do, its doesnt meant owner wants to put their puppy in side overhead storage. i believe they love their puppy. in that situation you can't blame the owner and flight attendant should knows better then passengers because he or she have been working as flight attendant. they really need to train their employees.
Gunless (9 months ago)
Blessings福壽 stfu
Jason Paul (9 months ago)
Blessings福壽 easier said than done, like how most people would say they'd do that but under threat of being kicked off the plane or even arrested, most will submit and comply. Still remember Katrina when they forced pet owners being rescued to abandon their pets and those that refused found a gun to their face and a knee on their back.
Darksoul (9 months ago)
The flight attendant nees a IQ test!
Manley Nelson (6 months ago)
dog owner needs a balls test. protect your pup
nakyer (8 months ago)
*Diana Barron* The "stew"? How 1960s of you. Should we assume you meant "attendant"? Nice call on the cuffs, tho'. I'd suggested a prison cell. Again, tho, WHO SAID THE ATTENDANT WAS MUSLIM?????
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
She needs handcuffs.
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
It wasn't. It's what *I* think. The Stew's cruel treatment of the pup when stuffing it into the bin was absolutely ridiculous and UNNECESSARY except for someone who wanted the pup gone out of her space. Muslims HATE dogs with their 'dog jihad' and are always whining to the Police to make their neighbours quit walking them close to them, whining to security at the airport to stop the Canine handlers from whalking the sniffer dogs through the sirport, And all the tortured dead bodies of dogs tossed out on the shoulders of the 401 etc. A regular female flight attendant would NEVER have treated the puppy that way Regular women love puppies and are kind to them and I'll bet money would never stuff the poor little thing in the bin. God I wish the mother wasn't foreign and unable to stand up to Eva Braun and say NO WE'RE NOT DOING IT AND I PAID $200 FOR HIS TICKET, HE'S MY DAUGHTERE'S PUP AND HE'S STAYING WITH US. United refuses to reveal the mofo killers name and that it's muslim. We have a huge muslim problem in Canada which is why I'll bet the stew is one. They don't believe in pets.
noid (9 months ago)
United against customer service airline
Bob Aussenheimer (9 months ago)
This is news ?
Joseph Honora (9 months ago)
Why shouldn't it be?
ANN PICARD (9 months ago)
Bob Aussenheimer That happens on Monday
Jalen Lee (9 months ago)
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
She's a liar. And the puppy's $200 would have printed on the ticket. Plu the poor thing was barking but the same witch told the daughter they couldn't stand up nd open the bin because of turbulance. She was determined to eliminate the pup. And she did.
Dion St. Michael (9 months ago)
Jalen Lee They since rescinded that CLAIM after too many witnesses came forward to publicly state that they were outright LYING!!!
macbeth moray (9 months ago)
Simple the flight attendant is like "I DON'T CARE" and after that use "I DON'T KNOW" as an excuse.
Tina Hamilton (9 months ago)
No, just not caring at all. I will never fly United.
JimmyGunXD556 (9 months ago)
United just got my buisness!!
Mary (9 months ago)
Stop trolling
Excalibur (9 months ago)
drsquat12 probability likes to be beaten, dragged off and have his/her pet killed.
drsquat12 (9 months ago)
JimmyGunXD556 (9 months ago)
I hope the human gets to keep her job. Buisnesses need to stop catering to idiots. NO DOGS!!!! NO SMOKING!!! NO CELL PHONE RINGING!!!!
Mary (9 months ago)
JimmyGunXD556 STFU and get off the thread your troll
EMPOWERMENTalist (9 months ago)
I want to know what is being done with that moron flight attendant. Fire her immediately and help her fill a job opening with the moronic Trump administration.
Mary (9 months ago)
EMPOWERMENTalist what really makes me angry is they have not even released her name.
JimmyGunXD556 (9 months ago)
I hope the human gets to keep her job and they stop allowing animals.
Akashavayu (9 months ago)
Lemming yes...stand up for yourself and your loved ones! Come on!
Akashavayu (9 months ago)
And due to the monopoly no one can even boycott...they know this and therefore don't care!
Akashavayu (9 months ago)
Well this is another incident... the owners could have and should have said no! if you are being told to do something that doesn't make sense you need to stand up and say no! and accept the consequences. The flight attendant didn't listen or didn't care! No one is a victim here!
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
The poor littler puppy is the victim. A miserable terrified death.
potatoes are awesome (9 months ago)
Akashavayu The puppy is the true victim!
Ben Morton (9 months ago)
How the flight attendsand can’t sleep at night mowing they did this
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
She couln't care less. First she kept lying saying she didn't know there was a dog in it. But the passengers outed her lies so she kept making sure no matter how the puppy barked for help and the family wanted to open the bin the stew made sure to keep him locked in until he died. She needs to be arrested tried for cruelty to animals at the very least.
Buster Brown (9 months ago)
Also the lack of oxygen aside they always mention be careful of opening the bins as contents may have shifted. The dog was in a approved carrier bag which are soft sided so just think of all the other heavy carry on bags that were also in the bin. Since they state they were unable to get up to check on the dog because of turbulence then the dog may have been crushed to death and not just suffocated. This is wrong on so many levels. They paid $125.00 and the carrier constitutes one of the two bags you are allowed to carry on. I will never fly United again. Oh and I just read today they sent a German Shepard to Japan by mistake.
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
Yes that's what I thik. They said the pup barked and barked and lot of turbulance and then...silence. I can't bear to think the poor little soul was squished under something heavy.
Noah_The_killer (9 months ago)
2:18 they have breathing problems because they arnt bread with the right kind of dog that dog would of have been in pain its whole life
I Muted Notifications So Don't Bother Replying (9 months ago)
Sista Scrap yeah... airlines aren't going to get rid of all their planes and then request planes with less seats (the more seats the more money they can make out of using the plane) just to have a special doggy day care area and have staff that's solely dedicated to taking care of other people's animals... Unless of course people are will to pay thousands for such a service on a regular basis... most people aren't willing...
Sista Scrap (9 months ago)
Humans who have allergies to animals can have potential breathing problem when dogs and cats are in the cabin. I think there should be a special area for animals to be placed on airplanes and they should have attendants specially dedicated to making sure those animals are comfortable and well taken care of. Not stuffed in an overhead compartment. Sorry for their loss. Losing a pet is heartbreaking.
Ashley Phillips (9 months ago)
The dog is a French bulldog. They are a brachycephalic dog breed. They can have a lot of breathing issues. Putting that dog in the overhead was a death sentence. I have a pug which is also a brachycephalic dog breed and I would NEVER agree to that. The owner is at fault as well. She says she couldn't check on the dog because she was holding a baby but she had an older child with her that looked at least 10 years old. The daughter couldn't have held the baby or checked on the dog? The dog honestly should've never been put up there. If I were put in that situation I would've been getting off the plan with my dog.
Little Dorrit_Lisa (9 months ago)
Flight attendant needs to be fired.
Spectra Dusker (3 months ago)
She should be executed. She KNEW a dog was in there!
K. Ma. (8 months ago)
Everyone is making such a big deal over her “low paying menial job” yes that job is hard to attain because so many think it’s glamorous and they get to fly for free. But it only starts at $17k per year, she is young and piety & Caucasian she can land another job reallll easy... pleaseeeee
Diana Barron (8 months ago)
Yup. Fired off the top of an office tower.
she needs more than  that! What a traumatizing experience  for all the people!  I don't think I would have been able to  listen to  the poor baby whimper  cry  with out  checking on him!  Omg!
Diana Barron (9 months ago)
And sued huge.