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Why Valentine’s Day Isn’t 1-800-Flowers Busiest Day

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In 1976, Jim McCann bought a single flower shop in New York City. 42 years later, his company, 1-800-Flowers.com, made $1.2 billion in annual revenue. The company specializes in telephonic and e-commerce gifting retail — flowers, chocolates, gift baskets, and more for holidays like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Watch this video to see how McCann used technology and product diversity to grow his company from one flower shop to the Amazon of flowers. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #ValentinesDay Why Valentine’s Day Isn’t 1-800-Flowers Busiest Day
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Text Comments (167)
Jeffrey Richardson (4 days ago)
barbaras favor scott michael dougs behavior shop at joes trader
crescenthero (21 days ago)
This place sucks for flowers. Get it from a real florist
LadyB (21 days ago)
I despise 1800 flowers.. you call them, they most likely are gonna call a local florist. So you give them $100 for your flowers they call the small business florist with $50 or less of that. If at all possible do some research and call an actual local florist to send your loved one some flowers. You get more bang for your buck and you are helping one of the small guys. We do appreciate it cause the flower business is not what it used to be.
ActionwithAra (24 days ago)
When I saw the title I knew it was Mother’s Day 😂
Palomar Ohana Adventures (25 days ago)
My husband ordered me almost $100 worth of flowers a few years ago and I never received ANYTHING nor did he get a refund. Worst flower company ever..we called customer service and got absolutely NO help. We emailed, called and nothing...so my husband spent money...which the bank confirmed the funds were taken out by 1800 flowers.com ...and got absolutely nothing out of it...no flowers no refund not even decent customer service...horrible
Karina Benavides (27 days ago)
Sams online has 120 roses for $100
Forrest Hodge (27 days ago)
You want flowers delivered on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, they hit you with a "just because" surcharge. Usually on the order of $15 on top of the usual delivery charge. Yeah no, I'll just go pick up to some flowers myself on the way home from work.
2Awesome (27 days ago)
Find the right person and every day is valentines day...
M B (1 month ago)
lol I sent one from 1800flowers before for my dad 😎
Alexis Eshem (1 month ago)
02:04 That's some old stock footage Canada.
jerry pacheco (1 month ago)
This company is a joke. Go ahead, check reviews on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. They wish they were the amazon of flowers. They have so many negative and unfulfilled orders. I got my refund for my un-delivered Valentine’s Day flowers. Never order from this company ! Last time I ever use this service. What a bunch of thieves at the top.
Bennet Fox (1 month ago)
Amazon is striving to be the modern-day sears roebuck and company. Instead of a paper catalog it's all digital now.
audrey1053 (1 month ago)
*So much filler in those bouquet!* 😥😥😥
Setto Arisaki (1 month ago)
If you can't beat them, join them. Nothing bad in selling your company to another. Build up a model Amazon wants and sell.
zack9912000 (1 month ago)
Over priced
Cash is King trucking (1 month ago)
Oh my God that lady that's the expert or whatever that they just have all your love is over modulated like crazy
Tae Tae (1 month ago)
Support your LOCAL florists direct 💕💕
Tae Tae (1 month ago)
Sriyaa Srinivasan (1 month ago)
local florists have much prettier arrangements imo
ayeitsisabelle (1 month ago)
Amazon killed Sports Company Stores, Killed Toys r Us, now maybe a Floral Company? Amazon’s a monopolistic monster lol.
Santiago Torres (1 month ago)
One time I was like wth why not so i ordered nd man tryna charge u an arm nd a leg when u can just go get it your self chocolate's all melted Rose's looked ugly never again
Redcatrobe (1 month ago)
1-800-Flowers should innovate with more creative and less expensive gifts. Flowers are a luxury item. I know it’s not only selling flowers but I am single AF, the number of uncoupled people are climbing and flowers are half of their market so they need to catch to that
Ronald Ray Torres (1 month ago)
I used to work for 18F.com
Steffi Moos (1 month ago)
"accidentally buys 7 million dollars of debt"
volt Ананас (1 month ago)
It's really hard
melodramatic7904 (1 month ago)
I am once removed from the person who behind 1-800flowers.com. She is a former student of one of my old professors. Apparently, the top guys needed a bit of convincing to launch a website because the internet was so new back then. Amazon was only 1 or 2 years old and was still posting a loss (though that is not out of the ordinary for any new business). No one knew if e-commerce was going to catch on.
K (1 month ago)
Also keep in mind that the image on the website isn't guaranteed to be what you get. My mother ordered a flower arrangement for herself, her daughter, and my grandmother for thanksgiving. Hers and daughters looked about the same. We went to grandma's house to visit and she had a tiny arrangement on the table. My mom asked her where she got it, grandmother said "that's the one you sent me." It looked nothing like the others, wasn't even the same size. The thing is that when these online flower retailers work with local florists, the florists are allowed to make substitutions if they don't have the necessary flowers or even vases. Especially being that the online retailer doesn't pay or contribute to any of the florist's operating costs. It's not like a chain restaurant in which one corporate HQ provides the supply chain for all of its restaurants to ensure a level of quality and uniformity. These online retailers also take a huge cut of the profit from the local florist, when they are the ones that actually buy the flowers to make and deliver the arrangement. This is why the online prices are usually higher than the local florist, because they need them high enough for them to take their huge cut plus enough to cover costs for the florist or else they won't be able to outsource to them. Also, florists often lose money on these orders as they have a very limited time frame to deliver and will be fined by the online retailer if they don't meet this requirement. If you really want to send flowers to someone, just look up a highly rated local florist in the area and cut out the middle man. I've been able to buy gorgeous arrangements for about the same price that they sell flowers at WalMart. Only difference is that these flowers are usually more locally sourced, a better overall quality, AND you're supporting a small business. Depending on how large they are you can usually just walk in and ask for whatever and they'll throw it together on the spot.
Alisia Lopez (1 month ago)
I don’t want flowers that are going to die. Id rather have an orchid or something that will live.
Aya Sakura Hana (1 month ago)
I bet it smells so nice in there~
1233 its easy as abcc (1 month ago)
Amazon is really getting on my nerves.
Sherine D. (1 month ago)
Why am I watching this??? Oh my God!!
Just Saying (1 month ago)
Amazon be like: "Your business is good, i'd copy it but with a cheaper price"
Astraeus BrightStar (1 month ago)
Worked for them valentines day 2016 it was a nightmare. The software was commands driven no gui, the local florists kept accepting orders but couldn't deliver all of them.
Connor Anderson (1 month ago)
Northerners: “boo kay” Southerners: “bow kay”
Geographer 4 fun (1 month ago)
This business will die after the baby boomers generation , generation after cares more about other things !!!
Teo and Adi (1 month ago)
I’m not even gonna watch. I’m gonna guess it’s Mother’s Day. Not every one has a Valentine, but most everyone has some for of a Mother.
Tianna Johnson (1 month ago)
Thanks for letting me know amazon sells 💐. I’m gonna go buy some now 👋🏾
The Travel Guy (1 month ago)
Wait—so why is Valentine’s Day not their busiest? Did I miss something?
H Azhope (1 month ago)
They are horrible! Mother’s Day flowers never show up, they said that they were short handed. I paid for the extra flowers. In the picture it was beautiful. The day after Mother’s Day they were delivered. Mom sent me a picture of what she got and it looked like they took a few flowers from the gas station and put it in a vase. I will never use them again!
Andrae Andrae (1 month ago)
Single squad where you at?
Minecraft Enthusiast (1 month ago)
Watch out amazon cause if you get too big I’m gonna vote in later elections to have you put as a monopoly. There is no way Amazon will be unlimited in what they can sell. Remember , Amazon is huge and yet doesn’t publicly spend their money on good things like ending world hunger or sheltering people in need. Instead they just added flower to sell which you can easily pick yourself if we weren’t so lazy. Point is, I am against amazon if they take over other companies and their well being. It’s the Same as the 1% not paying their fair share.
Minh Trang Vy (1 month ago)
Amazon doesn't have $20 dozen rose bouquets with 2 hour delivery for Prime members as of today. They have $20 dozen rose bouquets WITH $15 SHIPPING . This video is giving Amazon free false advertisement.
Swindle (1 month ago)
tbh id rather give edible arrangements. atleast whoever I give them to can have the visual pleasing aspect of flowers but eat them too, so less waste :+)
gameplayer502 (1 month ago)
Its true amazon prime has the same flowers for much less with free next day shipping
James Deam (1 month ago)
This woman's voice is annoying!! So is the background music
Lbolting005 (1 month ago)
Call 1-800- flowers 💐🌷🌹🌺🌸🌼🌻 everyone! You can get chocolate 🍫🍓 strawberries too! 1-800-flowers!!!
Nicholas Littlejohn (1 month ago)
Did you know most flowers are drenched in pesticides? #GoOrganic 🌺
idalis (1 month ago)
I took a temp job to deliver flowers. Ermahgawd my car smelled horrible. I couldn't get the flower smell or pollen out until 2 weeks later
lolo O (1 month ago)
Jesus, can amazon stop taking other peoples job? How much money do you need? You already have enough, or no? Fed ex and ups is suffering cuz now they have Amazon air
Squanchypartybrah (1 month ago)
I work for a florist, mothersday is BY FAR the busiest holiday...Vday comes in at a meager 2nd
insan8ty (23 days ago)
Not only that, women typically do not buy flowers for men. Sometimes I do for my boyfriend but let's be real here, men don't really care about flowers. But on mother's day, that's when EVERYONE including women, buys flowers for their mother/mother figure/female family members. It makes sense.
Joshua Daniels (1 month ago)
In all fairness... One man might buy mother's day flowers for his mother, mother in law, wife, and on behalf of the kids for his wife. Hopefully only for 1 woman on Valentine's Day.
miharu (1 month ago)
I guess it makes sense. More people have mothers than significant others
Undercover Meme (1 month ago)
Very interesting..
Matthew Schulz (1 month ago)
Why does this just feel like an ad
Scott Animation (1 month ago)
This is a commercial, NO THANKS!
AnonymousPanda (1 month ago)
I've never received a bouquet of flowers in my life :( Just an orchid for my graduation once.
Srivishal Sudharsan (1 month ago)
Why does this video seem like it's at 1.25 speed?
Srivishal Sudharsan (1 month ago)
+Music_is_Calming yea she talks really fast.
Music_is_Calming (1 month ago)
Because the narrator talks too fast
Michael Bobarev (1 month ago)
Attractive voice-over in the episode ! ;) 😍🔥⚡️
Austin Morrow (1 month ago)
1:03 that’s one deceiving graph. Look at the percentages.
My Channel (1 month ago)
Austin Morrow how is it deceiving??
puking emoji (1 month ago)
I forgot about the Valentine's day
heyxter (1 month ago)
My mom bought flowers and they never arrived. Apparently, they had too many orders and said the flowers would come as late as the 18th. She decided to cancel them.
Raúl Salas (1 month ago)
I ordered from it was lame they sent it through fed ex in a box with each dozen wrapped in plastic and a vase separate. I spent close to 100 dollars I could have done better with 30 dollars at Walmart.
DJ Crazy Jimmy (1 month ago)
Amazon destorys tons of business in alot of places
onetwocue (1 month ago)
I work for 1800flowers and 2019 was a bust. It's a dying business. The people who bought roses galore back then, they're dying out. The new generation of floral consumers are wanting something that they would find at a farmers market. Local fresh sustainable affordable. Not something coming in from Central America, Not something that's been laiden with pesticides, and not really roses anymore.
Joshua Daniels (1 month ago)
+Chris Eckman The price is a major issue. You can get beautiful and just as fresh roses at Sam's Club for much cheaper.
sasukeuchiha998 (1 month ago)
That and flowers are a dying language. Most consumers are so hung up about "natural", pesticide free, and local, they don't really come to appreciate them. Now it's just about being "correct" and whatever. Even worse, it feels like people only do this for social credit.
normalgirlcvco (1 month ago)
Ecuador and Colombia are not in Central America tho 🤔
Chris Eckman (1 month ago)
The problem is the pricing. Every time on would shop on there I'd feel like I was getting swindled. The flowers are 3-4x as expensive than if I purchased them at Costco or even the local grocery.
Farzaan Ali (1 month ago)
no one wants to buy flowers anymore because they dont see the need to do so, flowers are a one time buy and they last for a couple days. not a wise buy in my opinion
S I (1 month ago)
I like these vox type videos cnbc
Aiden McNamee (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does the narrator's woman just randomly speed up for no reason throughout this? Bugs me a lot.
Maximus Alpha MGTOW (1 month ago)
MGTOW philosophy is growing and winning
Erik! (1 month ago)
rachelle2227 (1 month ago)
Lol well by very definition you'll always need to get new members to keep steady in your numbers. This is why religions do so well, because they choose to have children, and in some cases a lot.
Ash O (1 month ago)
Yay! I love watching the fabric of society and the family unit break down.
Ink Bold (1 month ago)
Incels are just idiots like you. Stop bothering rest of world with your hobo preaching.
Bennett Tang (1 month ago)
7:55 why do his AirPods have wires
Carl Anthony (1 month ago)
Their commercials were obnoxious this year....that weird cupid screaming etc
No DAD Not Tonight (1 month ago)
Nice voice
Caged (1 month ago)
Never heard of this company.
Plant Maven (1 month ago)
It’s just a Hallmark holiday. Meaningless.
doblebo (1 month ago)
its because 800-flowers sucks. I used them once and it was the worst experience ever. I chose 1-800-flowers thinking that I'm paying extra to have the flowers delivered in time for Valentines day. They showed up late at night while we were out to dinner. When it arrived, there was a pocket for the gift message, but it was empty. The flowers randomly had several thorns as if someone had rushed in removing some, but not all. JUST LEAVE THEM ALL ON as it looks horrible with only some of them removed. I can't imagine ever thinking of sending that to anyone as a gift - it screams i-dont-give-a-F@$%!! Cheap product, cheap packaging, horrible design. Luckily I was able to get a BETTER product at the major grocery store down the street for $45. 800-flowers advertises on radio shows to imbeciles along with "bible code" books, so I get it - they're selling to idiots. NO THANK YOU
Erick Pina (1 month ago)
I think they need to change their name to attract millennial.
Jabid21 (1 month ago)
fallout560 (1 month ago)
Fannie may? What an unfortunate name
Jenny Tran (1 month ago)
If love is easy to say and express through words, then it's not real love.
Karthikeyan Jayachandran (1 month ago)
Why am I watching this when I'm never going to buy a flower?
LosAngeles.323 (1 month ago)
I'm glad I live near the flower district here in L.A. I can literally get a dozen roses for like $10.
LosAngeles.323 (1 month ago)
+alize0623 They're marked up a bit but you can still get a pretty good deal.
alize0623 (1 month ago)
LosAngeles.323 Even on Valentine’s Day? That’s usually when the prices are marked up.
Sussana Navarro (1 month ago)
that's expensive still, we can get 3 dozens for 4 bucks
Jerry Stillwell (1 month ago)
all these holidays are designed to make money for companies dont follow them its stupid
alize0623 (1 month ago)
Jerry Stillwell I take it you’re single
bagondreamer (1 month ago)
Why don’t people just but plants with roots so they don’t die right away
BatmanPwnage (1 month ago)
My orchids from 1800 lasted a month. They give you two packets to increase their longevity too. I saw a video and it says adding a little vodka also lets the flower last longer. Haha maybe they should sell vodka with their flowers
onetwocue (1 month ago)
That's been very popular. Sine everyone's craving spring, bulb gardens were and are popular. They're usually cheaper also because they're being shipped in from a local wholesaler.
victor nderu (1 month ago)
I totally love CNBC Videos. Very informative.
Thot Slayer (1 month ago)
Where can I rent a gf?
anna marie (1 month ago)
Kathryn Roy (1 month ago)
Very interesting - especially the challenge by Amazon
MyEyesBled (1 month ago)
What a scam...!
Làm vườn channel (1 month ago)
why Valentine's Day......good luck...thanhk
Lil Blockchain (1 month ago)
Someone needs to take amazon out they want to shut everyone down. Then they can charge ridiculous prices.
Setto Arisaki (1 month ago)
You don't seem to understand how business works right? Why do you think there are startups that are able to fight big giants? As soon as their offering goes bad others have a chance. Amazon isn't everything and everywhere. And Amazon winning over thousands of businesses, where is the problem? If your offer is bad why should i give you 10 bucks for something i can get for 5 with a better service? Or do you walk in expensive buotiques and pay 100 bucks for pants with similar quality to H&M just because they are local? I bet you don't, so don't play the white knight here. And Amazon will fall sooner or later. No company is too big to fail, yahoo wasn't, IBM wasn't, German Car companies are not and they are loosing. Now it may seem obvious "yeah their offering is worse", but there were times before where IBM rules the whole IT market, everyone bowed before them. Now they are a player of many. They may hold their position for years and i may look like they are to big to fail, but they are not. Many big companies thought they were. Sooner or later Amazons offerings will not be the best and people will choose to go to others. I do, i shop locally now and then because some things are cheaper offline. Other local shops offer a onlineshop with cheap prices and pickup. It comes down to being a better company then Amazon, if you are not, you lose. And it is not enough to be a bit better. Being 10 cents cheaper for a 50 bucks product does not make me buy there, Amazons service is for me and many others worth the extra price, but not at everything. Styling procucts for example i get locally or from different shops. People vote with their money. And Facebook will also fall in the next years. it already begun. No one is to big to fail!
Amrit K.B (1 month ago)
Buy locally then suppirt your near florist rather then going for convenience and ordering online. Back to basics i guess...
Thonmoy Rahman (1 month ago)
+Thanh Do Huu but these new businesses won't have the economy of scale that amazon has, so as long as they charge only slightly more than competitors who may appear after amazon has closed competitors, amazon will do fine because people care more about convenience.
Thanh Do Huu (1 month ago)
​+Lil Blockchain That's how it works. It's a basic microeconomics principle. For industries that have low barrier for entry, if a firm is making short run profit, other firms will jump in until all firms make zero economic in the long run. If firms are making losses in short run, they will exit the market until all firms ,again, make zero economic profit in the long run. Wallmart's case, for example, as a retailer. Even though small shops went out of business, we have other competitors like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba and other retailers like Costco , Home Depot, IKEA, etc. As long as competition exists ( no collusion), none of the firms can charge ridiculous prices. Moreover, the reason that small businesses are being forced out of business is because those large firms are charging as low as they could. Meaning that even though small business are being forced out, we're still getting reasonable prices. If in the future, no one else but Amazon remains, and Amazon starts charging ridiculous prices, you'll very quickly see new businesses pop up to offer lower prices to get a share of that profit.
Lil Blockchain (1 month ago)
+Thanh Do Huu That's not how it works look at what Walmart is doing they forced thousands of businesses to close over the years.
Connie Rogers (1 month ago)
My perfect valentines date... eating at White Castle !.... they make the restaurant look really nice and only do reservations on this day... other than that I could care less about Valentine’s Day .. just treat me special everyday😁🙌
alize0623 (1 month ago)
Connie Rogers I guess if you’ve been dating for a few months, tops. Married and live-in couples want to go out on Valentine’s Day someplace nice. A nice break away from cooking, bills, and the mundane. Plus, who doesn’t like needing to be wooed to get laid?
trebledc (1 month ago)
Valentines day is old school, the stress of life is not worth a flower and a steak dinner, just sleep on it.
insan8ty (23 days ago)
Hell no, I'm 20 and I've been with my boyfriend since I was 16 and we celebrate every year. Sure we get stressed by stuff in life but showing that you care isn't "old school". It's a nice loving holiday.
alize0623 (1 month ago)
Sriyaa Srinivasan Fake flowers are just as nice. It’s hard to be sad with flowers.
Sriyaa Srinivasan (1 month ago)
+alize0623 i find them thoughtful but a waste of cash
alize0623 (1 month ago)
I don’t know anyone who can be mad getting flowers.
Swindle (1 month ago)
true, I don't care for Valentine's day. I random gift from loved ones mean a whole lot more than receiving a gift on a day where it's tradition to. I appreciate gifts either way but random ones are more significant to me :+)
Avinash Raj (1 month ago)
Amazon will eat you using your customers data, they know what your customers want.
youcometome9 (1 month ago)
The simple point missed in all these videos is that MEN are not paying for Valentine's Day nonsense anymore. So its just pathetic women shovelling chocolates into their mouths. That's it.
Shontel Walker (1 month ago)
You must be single .
Ink Bold (1 month ago)
Apparently they are still making money, so there are still pathetic men paying for those nonsenses. Blame it on men for buying these consumer garbages.
Akhil Singh Khyalia (1 month ago)
Well, if I want I just take flowers from my garden. But I don't.
Music Sensei (1 month ago)
They are a smart company and continually trying to adapt and survive. But yes, people who celebrate Valentine’s Day is decreasing and unfortunately it’s predominantly it’s female oriented market. Marketers should find ways to change this by providing more gifting initiatives (product/service) options to give males too. And if you can crack the code changing how females think about Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversaries, etc. then there’s your opportunity for further growth.
Some Person (1 month ago)
My guess, prices. I would never pay $20 for roses, let alone $100. Besides I'd rather get a cool gift that doesnt die in a week, like a plant that flowers so it keeps giving beauty long past your roses.
Some Person (1 month ago)
+Lance Burley I 100% second that green house idea, I've been dying to scale up a mini aquaponic setup I have. Goldfish are ok, I want something edible though like trout or tilapia. And chickens, then I can grind the extra plants and fish parts into chicken food...
Lance Burley (1 month ago)
I have filled every south facing window of my apartment with plants.......it's time for me to buy a house and add an attached green house
Some Person (1 month ago)
+Sweden Da Be me too, thank you. Cheers
Sweden Da Be (1 month ago)
Some Person I’ve had that same problem when I lived in New York. moving to the home I live in right now was mostly because I wanted to grow more plants and have some fresh air. Also I don’t need to drive that much because I grow my own fruits and vegetables. I hope you get a better place to grow your plants!
Some Person (1 month ago)
+Sweden Da Be 100% agree, I've had 30+ plants in my condo but sadly the windows face west so light is an issue. Someday I'll have a outdoors garden, yours sounds great. Cheers
Paul Alvez (1 month ago)
Im still waiting for my Valentine. 😊
Alejandra Meza (1 month ago)
Paul Alvez happy Valentine’s! Late but here
Evariste Galois (1 month ago)
Video starts: “Think your Valentine’s Day plans are special?” Instructions unclear: _valentine not found_
Thomas Bruneau (1 month ago)
roberto dantas (1 month ago)
hello!! i from brazil..
Akhil Singh Khyalia (1 month ago)
+roberto dantas what do you think?
roberto dantas (1 month ago)
+Akhil Singh Khyaliayou are from which country?
Akhil Singh Khyalia (1 month ago)
+roberto dantas wow that's wonderful. I have a very small kitchen garden myself. Now days I just at home preparing for my upcoming exams. What kind of vegetables do you grow?
roberto dantas (1 month ago)
+Akhil Singh Khyalia i am at home, watering a vegetable garden, and you?
Akhil Singh Khyalia (1 month ago)
Hello from Brazil. How are you doing today?
-4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction (1 month ago)
Umm statistics HELLO???