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10 Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World!

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Top things Americans do that confuse everyone else! These are the confusing and weird customs of americans and things americans do that confuse the rest of the world! #5. “Hollywood Smile”-- Another place that foreigners think Americans are wasting water is at the Dentist’s office. While dental hygiene in other countries may not be as bad as it is stereotyped to be, like in England, they aren’t quite as obsessed with attaining or maintaining the perfect smile in the way that Americans have. Where Americans have been known to spend thousands of dollars on braces and whitening procedures in order to get a pearly white Hollywood grill many foreigners are content with crooked and discolored teeth as long as they aren’t falling out or making them look like Nosferatu. Most foreigners from first world nations care about their teeth, they just haven’t become indoctrinated with the intense beauty standards American society has made a part of its culture in regards to dental perfection. In many countries, having a brighter than normal smile that is unnaturally straight is viewed as superficial to the point of being unattractive or off-putting. #4. “Dining Out”-- Tipping your server and taking home leftover food. Two habits that are so ingrained in the American dining experience that they can be hard to kick, but rest assured if you try doing these outside of the US you are sure to draw confused looks and reveal your Stars and Stripes. In most Asian and European countries a service charge is either already included in your bill or it is not customary to leave a tip. In many places if you do try to tip you can offend your waiter, this is because a tip can be seen as a person having pity on their server or offering some sort of charity. In some countries giving good service is expected whereas in the United States the food industry has become a sort of meritocracy. Foreigners see this as absurd, why should a server be rewarded for something they should be doing in the first place? However, In places where tipping is insulting waitstaff aren’t ridiculously underpaid like they are in the U.S. The other habit that can draw the scoffs of onlookers at a restaurant outside the United States is asking for a ‘doggy bag’ or ‘to-go box’. In many countries, especially European ones the idea of saving a hot meal at a restaurant in order to reheat it and eat it at home is a disgusting prospect. Many dining cultures believe that the food is meant to be eaten exactly how it is prepared by the chef or cook at that moment, not to be consumed after the various sauces and meat juices congeal or have their perfect grilling or baking sullied by your microwave. A lot of the reason that Americans have developed this custom of bringing scraps home with them is due to portion sizes being generally much larger in the States than elsewhere. This may be a result of capitalist consumers becoming obsessed with getting their money’s worth causing restaurants to have slowly battled to stuff people’s gullets.
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Breizh 29292929 (20 minutes ago)
This video is a load of shit.
isays (1 hour ago)
#9 people in the eurozone don't need passports to travel between countries. i've only watched the first two points so far and they're both wrong. did you even bother to do any research or did you just make this shit up??
isays (1 hour ago)
the explanation for #10 makes literally no sense as a consumer. All the store locations already have the tax info, because it applies the correct tax when you actually buy it. if they know the correct tax at the store, and they print the price tags at the store, then they can easily apply the correct tax to the price tags "making it appear less competitive"... it _is_ less competitive. what you said translates into "its ok for companies to hide the actual price from consumers to make the company look better". I live somewhere that doesn't include tax on price tags, so this isn't just a phobia to things I'm not familiar with... the justifications simply don't hold water.
Nathan (2 hours ago)
The ice one is absolute bull shit
amira laroussi (2 hours ago)
I live in Britain and we also tip a lot.....
SilasBNFromDK ! (3 hours ago)
Most of these our incredible are Wrong
Jawn_life11 (4 hours ago)
Our government
Jyn Dared (5 hours ago)
I'm in Australia and also drink bottled water. It's due to the tap water being strongly contaminated with chlorine. Maybe the Americans also do this?
yo yoniko (5 hours ago)
You compare culture between usa and europe , but you cant in your case because you compare little things like if tipping the server or drinking from the bottle or whatever. and this little things are so different from country to country in europe... To be fair there is a big lack of information ( like we need passport stamped thats just bullshit). You can say things like european tend to take the train more often but not european dont understand when you tip a server. For me this video is a big freestyle based on biased information like when you say that france and switzerland would be shocked how much cheese americans eat. french people are the one who eats the most cheese in the world. How do you know we would be shocked ? I just have the feeling you compare usa and uk.
AviaryGarden (7 hours ago)
Proms in the USA may gone Officially Overboard. But still, it's a coming of age ritual for both boys and girls as how it is celebrated in Europe for girls' 16th or 18th birthday. If you are looking for something more meaningless than a prom - there is the Australia's SCHOOLIES for you. Cannot get any more MEANINGLESS and USELESS than that "tradition".
Ram Grandhi (7 hours ago)
Don't' agree with healthy teeth. Healthy and straight teeth are not just a vanity. Studies have shown that gum increases the chance of heart attacks and several other medical conditions. I do agree with high school graduation. Let's not forget that the graduation rate here is poor compared to several other countries. For the majority of the world, graduating from high school is expected. There is another thing the world is confused about us. Our habit of calling our winning sports teams "World Champions". How did we became world champions when we play within the country.
Roy B (9 hours ago)
Sounds like ur just talking a lot of shit bro
sbjkd (9 hours ago)
Ice in drinks is in most countries, and takeaway coffee is also in other countries. You have more public holidays than us. The rest of it was spot on. It’s always funny to see a Yank ask to take food home from a restaurant.
SJHHES050804 Yay (10 hours ago)
Is Europe the only other place in the world for you, what the hell is this video
SJHHES050804 Yay (10 hours ago)
Why are u constantly saying ‘in Europe’, also this is so incorrect
Sebastian SeBasTiaN (13 hours ago)
Of course we use ice
Sebastian SeBasTiaN (13 hours ago)
You are talking out your ass
Sebastian SeBasTiaN (13 hours ago)
In EU we don’t need passports to get to other EU countries and in Europe we don’t get stamps to go to different Europe countries
Erin Butterfield (13 hours ago)
Did you forget Canada exists? Also Africa?? Cool cool cool.
Jennifer Aguirre (14 hours ago)
Sorry I rather have white straight teeth 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ spent a lot on my teeth and I’m glad.
Schoorstijn (17 hours ago)
It is very interesting. How you stop. So many times within. One sentence.
Karen Guistino (21 hours ago)
50 yrs ago when I was in college our french teacher told us they drink bottled water in France. Water was polluted
Karen Guistino (21 hours ago)
That's why we revolted. We wanted to think for ourselves.
TheBritishLion 08 (21 hours ago)
At my school in England we have prom which is a fairly big celebration and I once saw someone arriving in a helicopter 🚁
Oliver Hepplewhite (21 hours ago)
A lot of these things are incorrect such as tipping in the uk and many European countries is normal. Getting a take away coffee is normal.
Oliver Hepplewhite (21 hours ago)
We celebrating graduating with a prom sooooo... we do not have a ceremony per say but we have special trips in England like at my school hook there is a very good prom on the river Thames
Euphonium-San :D (22 hours ago)
lmao I hate my braces, I liked my crooked teeth. I also don’t have a problem with yellowed teeth Edit: also this overall is completely untrue? jeez, research much?
Teacher Advice Hanoi (22 hours ago)
Number 11: Eat until they are a big ball
JakePlayz (22 hours ago)
1 dollar burgurs that taste good vs 5.99 dollar salads that taste bland, but hey lets blame fat disorders on video games
Mark Lopez (23 hours ago)
The ice one is just incorrect
Surviver 68 (23 hours ago)
This is so bollocks!
Eddie Christie (23 hours ago)
Having lived in Germany, Americans stand out like a sore thumb. You can pick them out on the plane in tourist areas, et cetra firstly by their clothing such as sweatpants. Secondly by their rudeness and demands. Thirdly, by assuming that every where they go someone will speak English to you. Fourthly by not knowing the customs of the country, admitted some you wouldn’t know because they are minor enough to not be mentioned in traveling books. An example would be flipping through a magazine or book before buying it. Not only do you get strange looks from everybody, they consider it weird, especially if you don’t buy it. Traveling is fun but learning the culture is something that will last for a lifetime of telling stories and having great (or horrible) memories.
Eddie Christie (23 hours ago)
At 5:07 marker stating that the USA tap water is just as healthy or better because of the extra minerals ... you mean the hazardous waste Fluoride and the pesticides from run off as well as sulfic acid and caustic soda to give the water a neutral pH or what about all the places in the USA that have tap water that is undrinkable? You didn’t do much research on this one or you are propagating the governmental and elitist propaganda and falsities.
Matt Toll (1 day ago)
Is it me or does this guy sound like he is bitter against America? Strange video and most of the time he says "other parts of the world" he really means one other place.
Lucy We (1 day ago)
In Australia you don’t have prom you have a formal dance formal dance
Nathan Ciancio (1 day ago)
What a load of shit hahaha
Kyto Bytes (1 day ago)
Well that settles it, I really was born in the wrong country. From their power management, the metric sustem, and to not being seen aas a freak because I *refuse* to use ice cubes (as well as around 100 other reasons) I really do belong in the UK.
Beppo1953 (1 day ago)
In Great Britain It is illegal for people under 18 to buy alcohol in a pub, off-licence, shop or elsewher. 18 is the age as you formally become an adult. As in the US its also the yougest age you can join the army to fight and die for your country. We think its a bit strange that in the US you can be old enogh to die for your country but not old enough to oreder a beer. (Young people aged 16 or 17 can drink beer, wine or cider with a meal if it is bought by an adult and they are accompanied by an adult. It is illegal for this age group to drink spirits in pubs even with a meal)
Uwe Moyela (1 day ago)
that video is trash and its not true... it only shows how ignorant and unknowing americans are.
Staci Jack (1 day ago)
The ice thing is bullllshit... i travelled all round europe for 2 months and had ice in near on all my drinks
sangton terria (1 day ago)
why American put sugar in their tea?
Jon R. (1 day ago)
It tastes better.
Justin Shemluk (1 day ago)
Uhh canada has this to
Jacky Chan (1 day ago)
all the units such as inches, ac, ft, oz, ... like wtf
Jon R. (1 day ago)
Zoli Korda (1 day ago)
Guys you should really do some research next time. Just saying. :)
Arthur Pendragon (1 day ago)
Everything that the self-righteous Americans do confuse the rest of the world. #notallcanadiansarenice
Arthur Pendragon (1 day ago)
+Jon R. when i feel like it lol.
Jon R. (1 day ago)
Wow. You're a really big asshole, aren't you.
jimcle mctson (1 day ago)
You don’t need passports in EU
Beau Leavitt (1 day ago)
Drinking Tap water out here Nevada is super dangerous. This video sound more like opinions, than facts.
K D (1 day ago)
#8 is wrong. In India we have 6 working days and most of the schools and colleges are open on Saturday also. and we dont get so many paid holiday and if a National holiday falls on Sunday l, then thats gone, we dont get Saturday or Monday off that.
Caroline Freeman (1 day ago)
Why would you want warm drinks like sodas. Gross.
Caroline Freeman (1 day ago)
Apple pie with cheese is not that uncommon.
Cam Burke (1 day ago)
Lol. The rest of the world knows what tipping is. 10% is my bare minimum, always. As a waitress too, it's mostly always expected.
Rainbow llama Corn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1 day ago)
Canada does like the same things tho
TheMata1121979 (1 day ago)
Most off this is BS . Things sed about Europe is a big BS
Joe Soap (1 day ago)
Electricity leaking from outlets which don’t have an on off switch WTF??
Alex Linos (1 day ago)
this video is such bs
JDM Imports (1 day ago)
maybe he was talking about Americans putting ice in beer and wine
Jon R. (1 day ago)
Where do we do that?
Sy Xs (1 day ago)
The ice thing was a load of bollocks I’m a Londoner and we have ice with our drinks
Robin Banks (2 days ago)
Salt water taffy did not it its name because of salt. Look it up. Its quite a tale.
stefan pålsson (2 days ago)
The dummest thing America has as we in Europe dont hve is the titts thing wy? Wy are nudety tabu its redikulius
Jon R. (1 day ago)
Can people walk around naked in department stores in Europe if they want? Why not?
Error_404 PL (2 days ago)
I think that most commenters didn't graduate primary school. There is a thing called statistics. And when reffering to some group of people (eg. Americans, Europeans) you say what's most common. F.e. yes many places in Europe serves drinks with ice. But there are way less places than in US. Or other example. You may be European and you may have white clean teeth. But most of Europeans got "worse" teeth than Americans. (Mostly because of Eastern Europe I think where braces can cost yearly salary) And yes. Some places in Europe can show price with and without taxes. But most of places include price with tax counted (I think in some countries it is even the law that shops need to follow) Remember. Loud minority won't change statistics by just being loud.
jude fenson (2 days ago)
this guy needs to do some research. I have lived in England for 17 years and I don't think I have ever not received ice in my drinks when ordering from a bar or restaurant.
Waddinxslayer (2 days ago)
Doggy bags are a good thing. It starts to appear in The Netherlands too. And it's not uncommon to have standard ice cubes in your drinks here 🙂
BÄM OIDA (2 days ago)
You dont need to get ur passport stamped in europe
silverwess (2 days ago)
10 Things Americans Do That as an American I have zero issue with.
henry frith (2 days ago)
everyone tips in the Europe , its considered disrespectful to not tip
StackOfPixels (2 days ago)
What? I don't know how common the practice is in America, but In Finland we usually take home at least leftover Pizza, grill food and sometimes even food from the fancier restaurants. Also, most restaurants here put ice in your drink automatically. For the free refills, we have that in at least Burger King and a Finnish pizza chain (Kotipizza).
Chloe or ‘CC’ (2 days ago)
Whenever I am in America I always purchase bottled water to drink because water in America tastes totally different to how it tastes in the UK... 😊.
Phil Kleingeld (2 days ago)
Eating with the fork in the right hand and placing the other hand under the table is not done in Europe. I used to be a tour director for thousands of Americans and I always started with a 'lecture' on habits and culture. The first one always was: 'Don't put ice in your glass of wine! And McDonald's is not a restaurant but a cafeteria!
Mstr Twice (2 days ago)
10:02 This is totally no true. There are countries like the Netherlands where it is common to get coffee to go or take coffee with you on work/school etc.
Zane Zinn (2 days ago)
All of this applies to Canada
Angela Mota-Cortez (2 days ago)
8:40 to 8:50 dude can't pick up his pasta?
Talking Tina (2 days ago)
I say yes to a national sales tax instead of this bullshit
Haydz Menz (2 days ago)
I am a Brit and i leave tips and take food home there’s nothing strange about that
Diedert Spijkerboer (2 days ago)
I think at least some items on this list are false or outdated at least. For example : throughout Europe, you can buy drinks on the go. Maybe it's less common, but you definitely can at places like railway stations.
Gregory Butler (3 days ago)
Who the hell puts cheese on apple pie?
The Dhestroyer (3 days ago)
I live in America and I have never heard of cheese on apple pie. That just sounds disgusting.
louise rayner (3 days ago)
yes, i, as a european, am soooooo confused when i see americans driving.
miss scapegrace (3 days ago)
In Germnay we tip the server and can take overlefts with us. This is completly normal.
Kallii146 (3 days ago)
I don't mnie what kind of foreigners they took that info from...
Sloseagull89 (3 days ago)
So much lies so little time...
yasin al fahham (3 days ago)
hmm half of what u said has some backing but the other half is just ignorant speech googling countries doesn't mean you know how life is in them
Freshmeat (3 days ago)
Strangest thing Americans are known for: Voting Trump for President.
Jon R. (3 days ago)
HeyitsMeaghan (3 days ago)
The coffee and ice thing is hilarious and so untrue :')
HeyitsMeaghan (3 days ago)
This isnt true at all and i have never seen those plugs with an switch in my life in any EU country where I have been. do more research.....
TailGunnerB52 (3 days ago)
Screw them. We run the world. Get over it.
Rick Via (3 days ago)
You Americans are so seelly...
Jon R. (2 days ago)
No we're not.
jayorfm Fitz (3 days ago)
Most of there things are completely wrong
Марио Андонов (3 days ago)
Couple of good explanations why Americans are dumb
Jon R. (3 days ago)
You're full of shit.
Ryn sullivan (3 days ago)
Every country in the world has ice cubes and we also have coffie to go... geez
MyStuffedRabbit Liu (3 days ago)
Wasting food
MyStuffedRabbit Liu (2 days ago)
Jon R. No a lot of stores and restaurants end up throwing away food that are still good because it grows in odd shape looks bad but still good to eat and throwing away food that can feed hungry because of new shipment that come in. Good food that can feed the hungry. That what I mean. In other countries like Gemini odd looking vegetables can be sold in stores just like normal vegetables because they can still be eaten and food that are still be eaten are given to the hungry or schools
Jon R. (2 days ago)
That's why Americans like to use To Go boxes in restaurants.
Rie Rie (3 days ago)
You should rename this to 10 things that Americans do that confuse Europe. I live in Australia and we're basically the same size so the driving thing is mute.
BaLrImNyK fan (3 days ago)
Canada 10. Same 9. Same 8.same 7.sameish(I eat pork with apple sauce) 6.we don’t use water bottles only if we go out for picnics 5.we care about our teeth too 4.same we tip a lot depends on how entertaining u were and how nice you were 3.ummmm... we have ice too... like who doesn’t want ice and we have free refills too 2. Hell ya I’m close to being 18 1.we have ceremony’s for graduates lol anyone who is 18 can drink with the teachers😂 one time my school chose a club for the after party and my gym teacher and art teacher got wasted with the graduates😂
Paul Bowden (3 days ago)
That's wrong Australia put ice cubes in some beverages an restaurant do provide ice here
Steven Knorr (3 days ago)
Compared to EU we are doing great nowadays.
BPZ (3 days ago)
The strangest thing americans are known for is putting ketchup on everything.
Jon R. (1 day ago)
+BPZ I've never seen that, and I'm American.
BPZ (2 days ago)
+Jon R. heard it from several people so thought it might be true lol
Datruth Hurts (2 days ago)
Nutty_Bara not in Chicago you will be shunned
Nutty_Bara (2 days ago)
Hot Dogs too
Jon R. (2 days ago)
No we don't. We put it on fries and burgers. That's about it. Where'd you hear that?
Elora R (3 days ago)
Literally every one of these except the drinking age is the exact same in Canada
LaraD (3 days ago)
What makes you think others are confused? Your ideas are either of things others do too or what we aren't confused about, it's just that we think you do lots of idiotic or terrible stuff.
Jon R. (3 days ago)
You're full of crap, then.
iam acounterparty (3 days ago)
So, all European countries don't have take away boxes and ice.... This is far from the truth.
iain lyall (3 days ago)
their OBSESSION with boobs.
Jon R. (1 day ago)
Where? About all I ever see in American movies and TV shows is actresses who have smaller size boobs than average. They're obviously making some look smaller than they really are. What's that all about?
Jasmin Barnickel (4 days ago)
You talkin Shit about Germany?
Jasmin Barnickel (4 days ago)
I hate road trips i always get car sick so.. NO THANK YOU Mother: hey wanna go on a car trip? Me: NOPE! LIKE A BIG NOPE NOPE!