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10 Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World!

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Top things Americans do that confuse everyone else! These are the confusing and weird customs of americans and things americans do that confuse the rest of the world! #5. “Hollywood Smile”-- Another place that foreigners think Americans are wasting water is at the Dentist’s office. While dental hygiene in other countries may not be as bad as it is stereotyped to be, like in England, they aren’t quite as obsessed with attaining or maintaining the perfect smile in the way that Americans have. Where Americans have been known to spend thousands of dollars on braces and whitening procedures in order to get a pearly white Hollywood grill many foreigners are content with crooked and discolored teeth as long as they aren’t falling out or making them look like Nosferatu. Most foreigners from first world nations care about their teeth, they just haven’t become indoctrinated with the intense beauty standards American society has made a part of its culture in regards to dental perfection. In many countries, having a brighter than normal smile that is unnaturally straight is viewed as superficial to the point of being unattractive or off-putting. #4. “Dining Out”-- Tipping your server and taking home leftover food. Two habits that are so ingrained in the American dining experience that they can be hard to kick, but rest assured if you try doing these outside of the US you are sure to draw confused looks and reveal your Stars and Stripes. In most Asian and European countries a service charge is either already included in your bill or it is not customary to leave a tip. In many places if you do try to tip you can offend your waiter, this is because a tip can be seen as a person having pity on their server or offering some sort of charity. In some countries giving good service is expected whereas in the United States the food industry has become a sort of meritocracy. Foreigners see this as absurd, why should a server be rewarded for something they should be doing in the first place? However, In places where tipping is insulting waitstaff aren’t ridiculously underpaid like they are in the U.S. The other habit that can draw the scoffs of onlookers at a restaurant outside the United States is asking for a ‘doggy bag’ or ‘to-go box’. In many countries, especially European ones the idea of saving a hot meal at a restaurant in order to reheat it and eat it at home is a disgusting prospect. Many dining cultures believe that the food is meant to be eaten exactly how it is prepared by the chef or cook at that moment, not to be consumed after the various sauces and meat juices congeal or have their perfect grilling or baking sullied by your microwave. A lot of the reason that Americans have developed this custom of bringing scraps home with them is due to portion sizes being generally much larger in the States than elsewhere. This may be a result of capitalist consumers becoming obsessed with getting their money’s worth causing restaurants to have slowly battled to stuff people’s gullets.
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Laurie_Lynne (1 hour ago)
I’m American and I never understood the Apple pie with cheese thing?!?🤦🏻‍♀️😝
ghost 305 (2 hours ago)
Salt water taffy is not sweet/salty. And it's not made with salt water.
RazoE (6 hours ago)
Sounds like the rest of the world is uptight as hell.
JeffTheAntisocialPiano (6 hours ago)
Apple pie with cheese, wtf....... I’m American and even that confused me.
idoj654123 (7 hours ago)
"drafted into the military" That's a good one.
Agnieszka Skrobek (14 hours ago)
Wow.... The authors of this film are huge ignorants!!!!!
1 7 (15 hours ago)
The (((Globalists))) are capable of performing extreme measures on the hapless goyim. what we have been led to believe, by the media, Government Church and Schools is a LIE. **NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS** The CIA and FBI have been corrupt since before they killed Kennedy. And what your witnessing with Trump is the Deep State FINALLY being exposed......for the Satanic, baby blood drinking PEDOPHILES that they are. FACT. Blessings to all who read this.
Joe Ramos (17 hours ago)
I've had foreigner friends ask me why America has our flag everywhere. I simply say American's are very proud of the fact that we know we are the greatest and most powerful nation in the Earths history and that includes having Trump as our President and if you don't like it; F off !
Tahoe Wolf (5 hours ago)
Typical egotistical US person. The Japanese, Germans, Swiss, Swedish are far more intelligent, have far better educations, and more talent. That includes physicians, dentists, artists, etc. US folk are stupid. Excuse me, that was supposed to be STUPID! BTW, the Japanese are FAR better at electronics and the internet than the US could ever hope to be. The Germans and the Swiss are FAR better engineers and physicians. Oh yeah - How many slaves did your granddaddy own? I am a German with Jewish ancestry. Germany learned an important lesson about accepting all people as a result of WWII and has been making amends. How has the US made amends for murdering 65 million Native Americans just to steal their land. ZERO! Proud of the US for murdering Natives and promoting slavery for a century? You are one bad sicko.
Selena Bancrede (19 hours ago)
Ah, I hate that everyone thinks that us humans in England have awful teeth/ don’t really care about our teeth. Also, we are offered ice here in the UK, am I missing something?
Kristaps (20 hours ago)
2:12 wtf?!? Are you living in 90s? There are NO borders, when driving in europe(it is called schengen zone) There are only country's sign and road legal limits. It's been like this for over 10 years! Soo... get your fact's straight!
Fran Blek (20 hours ago)
2:58 you are missing Croatia on that map, I am very glad that you did your research...
Kitty4Paws (22 hours ago)
srsly dude? In South Africa you get ice in your drink, without asking, except for in beer. Plus you can get on the go coffee from any coffee shop! 😤
Kim Holtby (23 hours ago)
Ah yes, someone else pointed this out but still worthy of its own mention... the irony of a nation that fought a bloody revolution to separate from the British Empire being one of the very few holdouts (and only major holdout) of the British Imperial System of measurement....
Kim Holtby (23 hours ago)
I cannot speak for the entirety of the country, but in Southern Germany bottled water is very normal, including in the home. Tap water is still used for cooking or hot beverages, but just for a glass of water? Bottled. Switches on outlets are relatively rare, and although tips are lower and tipping too high can actually get you a nasty look from a waiter, there are still tips. Germany has the Abschlussball, and it is equivalent to Prom. And whoever put this list together seems to be unaware that Canada is part of 'the rest of the world' and yet has pretty much identical customs to the US with respect to everything on that bloody list. So cliche as it might be to say, I have to simply say that this list provides evidence of something Americans are often considered most known for, namely telling other countries what those other countries are like, rather than actually learning. The list does apply with respect to specific individual countries, but the rest of the world is NOT uniform.
Steven Nihipali (1 day ago)
apple pie with cheese? who the hell does that nasty shit!
Steven Nihipali (1 day ago)
the difference in Europe to the US on road trips... their countries are our states... it's that damn easy.
Christoph Wagner (1 day ago)
Strangest thing in America for outsiders: drive-through coffee shops.
Erica Eggers (1 day ago)
So if I go to Europe little Canadian me will be called American?
Tom Larson (1 day ago)
8:42 You can do it little guy! That person is going to starve before they finish that dish.
just joe (1 day ago)
Is Putting ice in your drink normal? I'm from England and I put ice in my drink.
Rosemary Williams (1 day ago)
Sooo my Ranch dressing dosent come with a free Pizza😱 whaaaat!
DJdefcon4 (1 day ago)
Ice - We have ice - UK :)
Jasmine Lash (1 day ago)
i didn't know the rest of the world was europe!
Jasmine Lash (1 day ago)
um we have iced drinks here new zealand
Abdullah Alshehri (1 day ago)
They just need to understand that they’re not the center of the universe
Jessie Ray (1 day ago)
Don't be dissing on the chicken and waffles 🙌
Qalleesya Korish (2 days ago)
A lot of this is wrong. Like most of the stuff mentioned, does not just happen in America.
Wouter H (2 days ago)
Missing "gun laws" on this list, first thing that came to mind
Vaultdweller117 (2 days ago)
Ice is weird in drinks i think. The cold makes the flavor meh and then gets even worse when watered down but im atill American haha
Anthony Raskin (2 days ago)
I love my country 🇺🇸
Sebastian Wixer (2 days ago)
In Germany, we don´t have a socket having a switch besides it!
Tahoe Wolf (4 hours ago)
I have not seen one myself. My father's family is from Lower Saxony and my mother's family is from Bavaria. So I most likely would have seen such a socket if one actually did exist.
Karoline Pinholt (2 days ago)
They even got our(Norway’s) drinking age wrong;-;
Charles Smith (2 days ago)
What is the strangest thing Americans are known for?  IMHO that we care at all about the opinions of the rest of the world, or consider their own eccentric ways as any better than ours.
Hehehehehe (2 days ago)
4 is completely wrong. I’m Swiss and live in England and have relatives in France. Having gone to all of those places doggy bags aren’t weird at all and not tipping in Britain is seen as snobby, impolite and arrogant
Haya Sheikh (2 days ago)
You missed the most important thing: open bathroom stalls!
LA’s Totally Awesome (2 days ago)
Always wanted to travel around Europe but then I saw the first hostel movie and now I get iffy every time the thought comes up
Sir Wolf (2 days ago)
Amazing how this channel did no research and has no clue about the rest of the world. Any sane shut in probably knows more about europe than this.
Miss-zero Gaming (2 days ago)
so alot of these things happen in england you dumb nut haha
Yes No (2 days ago)
Your money system , Ur mph , like wake up U guys are using imperial
skilled roc (2 days ago)
America is known for extra seasoning... 😂
Draugo (2 days ago)
As most lists, this too is only so and so accurate. Many of these things are actually common in countries outside USA, just not maybe everywhere.
Murlock2000 (1 day ago)
Coming from a Dane living in Denmark but i have lived in many contries of Europe ! Why do you think there is a need to get a passport stamp when you travel around in Europe ? you barely ever use a passport in Europe, i have taken the plane more then 200 times in the past 10 years throughout europe and have only been asked to present it when i was i was going to an island for a vacation in the mediteranian and once when i took the train to Sweden. oh and about the bottle water, we ( in the majority of europe ) just have clear and clean tap water and use our brain, it is only in the south / eastern contries where they someplaces add bad stuff like clorine to the tap water in Athens. Stupid yes. oh and yeaaaa the American electrical plugs are unsafe and dont stick well in the wall and a kid with knitting sticks can easily get hurt. Again not true what you say about the bracers it is very common in most of Europe even in southeast asia. And no, its not hard to get icecubes in your drink if you request it in most decent restaurants. Coffee 2go is EASILY found in ALL of europe, southeast asia and even the middle east - wtf are you talking about ?????
cbeartv00 (3 days ago)
Well it's common sense if you live in a young country then off course you will still be in process of forming your traditions 🙂 although as British holiday makers I do wish you would do something about paying and tax,,,it's soooooooooo annoying.
ana-mari (3 days ago)
This is sooo wrong...and dumb
Taylor Kapioski (3 days ago)
I'd feel offended and disappointed if we didn't have graduations. We're done, we made it, let's celebrate!
CatFuzz71 (3 days ago)
The strangest thing Americans do is feel inferior because other countries do things differently than we do.
anntagonist (3 days ago)
The ice thing is so dumb no ice in drinks in other countries?! The fuck haha i mean starbucks is everywhere like a virus do they not have ice?! McDonald's too
CatFuzz71 (3 days ago)
I've always been perplexed by the false concept of "wasting water". Unless you actually live somewhere where water is difficult to get, you can't waste water. Just because it goes down a drain or onto the ground doesn't mean it's gone. It's still there, dripping down into an aquifer, storm drain or evaporated back into the atmosphere. You flush a toilet, it goes to a treatment plant. The water doesn't cease to exist.
ΛUTOMΛTIC JΛCK (17 hours ago)
When you're billed for it you're actually wasting money, but I'm sure this is what they mean. That and the false concept that individuals are responsible for eco-friendly conservation efforts and not the huge fucking companies who use billions of gallons a second.
uzzie88 (3 days ago)
We get it, americans are weird.
UpAndOut (3 days ago)
In America, we can never just say "Hello." We always have to ask people if they are doing well. Is it that way in the rest of the world?
ΛUTOMΛTIC JΛCK (17 hours ago)
Disagree, it's optional here. When it does occur, it's usually just a convenient way of saying "Do you have anything interesting you wanna share?"
Steph Wise1 (3 days ago)
1.Our Tap water in America is not healthy , it contains fluoride and chlorine ...2. America is rooted off of lies hence the taxes being added after & not having switches on outlets. Their agenda is to keep us in the dark literally.💯💯💯
MyGonLily (3 days ago)
I saw tipping is bull
1989Nihil (3 days ago)
At #1: you guys have clearly never seen Männerballet being perfromed at Abi Ball and it shows. Hell, you guys have clearly never attended an Abi Ball, _and it shows_ . Also at #3, coffee to-go: Germany is not soo far behinde the US when it comes to the consumption of coffee to-go. Don't wanna go too much into the rest of the video, because you got a hell of a lot of things wrong.
Tails (3 days ago)
Aside from the drinking age difference, almost all the things mentioned are applicable to Canada as well.
vvv vvv (3 days ago)
This video makes me realise how Americanised the U.K. has become.
Euan mcg (3 days ago)
Ye number 4 is just made up bullshit we both tip our servers and if we want to take leftovers with us then that's completely normal,3 isn't true most restaurants give u ice and if they don't no one would b the slightest bit concerned and most of us don't think take away coffee is strange we Litteraly have machines in most shops for it
Your Grandma (3 days ago)
I don't know why they say "the rest of the world" but then they only refer to Europe. Like have u forgotten Asia, Africa, Australia...?
Destiny Fan (3 days ago)
The on/off switches are specific to UK who are not EU members. It's an old cost saving measure. It's not common in mainland Europe.
Destiny Fan (3 days ago)
In EU there are no borders as they cost too much and inhibit free trade. You can cross from country to country without a passport at all.
Mono Nightmare (3 days ago)
Not to be THAT American, but literally the world runs on the "crazy" shit we do here. Like- McDonald's? Hate it,but they're everywhere in the world ,,,soooo, we're doing sumn right 👀
Destiny Fan (3 days ago)
1. Morbid obese, low IQ and everything that comes with these two things 2. Carry massive luggage as if they would be taking all of their belongings with them, moving house or something 3. Literally ask for 'a burger' every where they go. Can I get a burger? 4. Think if they book a hotel room they can take up 5 of their friends with them to sleep on the floor. 5. Go abroad to experience what they are used to at home especially McDonalds and strip clubs. It's not a thing in Europe. 6. Have serious mental health issues like they start shouting for a fire engine and shit. Probably because many are veterans or take drugs.
ΛUTOMΛTIC JΛCK (17 hours ago)
1: You have those too. 2: Fools better save room for shit they're bringing back 3: Generally trustworthy, as some countries thinking eating insects is just fucking fine 4: Only at conventions 5: These dullards are the unworthy idle rich and we usually pray that they don't come back 6: If there's a fire there better be some shit to put it out
_maxvictor _ (3 days ago)
Im living in Germany. I have never seen a socket which you can switch off.
Mohomod Bilol (3 days ago)
I was literally arrested for trying to buy a beer in india (tvm) im 18 and their legal age is 21
Mohomod Bilol (3 days ago)
Bullshit 😂
mikey green (3 days ago)
... Who the fuck out here eating Apple pies with cheese? I've lived in New York all my life and visit South Carolina regularly and I've never heard of that shit
UpAndOut (3 days ago)
That stopped decades ago.
Al B (3 days ago)
Sounds like the rest of the world sucks
Brandon York (4 days ago)
High school graduation? Try every year graduation here in the states. Smh...
rodney radhoe (4 days ago)
The electricity is the same in the netherlands you need to unplug it aswell
Kim Worm (4 days ago)
The strangest thing that Americans are known for? Thinking that they are more important and better than the rest of us despite their general lack of knowledge of the rest of the world. I don't know how many times I've heard, "but I'm American" and expecting to get special treatment. And hearing your education and health system is the best in the world is just cringeworthy. God's own country and the land of the free is such a joke...
ΛUTOMΛTIC JΛCK (17 hours ago)
It works, tho, teach people they're special for no reason and make them believe everywhere else wishes they were as good. They literally teach us that in schools growing up.
Exceed Time (4 days ago)
Ever heard of Flint Michigan? We tried giving them tap water and look what happened
Urielectric XD (4 days ago)
Where on earth did you get your facts from? Half of the things here are definitely incorrect. Ice in drinks is very common especially in Europe, a lot of people do take it out when they dont want their drink watered down but thats beside the point. Your drinking age isnt confusing, its a nuisance And prom is nowhere near confusing, we all understand the concept, a lot of countries have the concept and use it. I've seen so many proms in European countries so that is definitely not a standard you designed. Also, 'coffee to go', you do know that most of Europe,and im sure asia does too, have Starbucks Genuinely, you should delete this video because looking at the comments, people are pisseddddd Also the things that confuse outsiders are actually: America's Outrageous gun laws Not using the metric system And how disconnected the majority of the country is from the rest of the world, as proven by this video
Mockingjay Unicorn (4 days ago)
The biggest thing the narrator gets wrong is saying that the US has a culture 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Mockingjay Unicorn (3 days ago)
Triggered American has entered chat
CatFuzz71 (3 days ago)
Right. We have multiple cultures depending on where you are. But, nice attempt at being smug.
Happy Dental (4 days ago)
Is it just me that thinks Americans are soo dramatic and exaggerate everything
Happy Dental (4 days ago)
7:01 oh my god that was Brooklyn and bailey (McKnight ) CGH kids !!
smokin ace (4 days ago)
omg number 4 happened to me abroad. I got laughed at a restaurant because I wanted to take my left overs back with me..
Eveolution (4 days ago)
could you imagin getting a paid month vacation working at mc donalds or KFC? that be nice.
If you're buying bottled water, and not in an area where the tap water is poisoned with lead or chemicals (like Flint, Michigan), then you're an idiot. Water is fucking free. You just know that if you grow up on a farm: it comes out of a well, you don't even pay fractions of a cent in electricity to pump it up, and it tastes better than all the bottled water out there. It's city people who make water taste bad with floridation and recycling their piss into shower water. If y our water is undrinkable in your area, it's because you and your neighbors and or your ancestors have ruined it by taking a big frosty dump on mother nature.
Tanya Mckinnon (4 days ago)
Not bringing home food is wasteful
Tanya Mckinnon (3 days ago)
+UpAndOut true. We have a thing about getting our money worth.
UpAndOut (3 days ago)
The American food portions are wasteful. It starts there.
xwoodsyx (4 days ago)
This video is so embarrassing to the world
Nicole Nox (4 days ago)
You don’t need to get your passport stamped travelling across most of Europe.
anime_ pellington (4 days ago)
Ewwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!Chicken and waffles???????????
UpAndOut (3 days ago)
It's a southern thing.
exexpat11 (4 days ago)
I really like Euro shirt and pant sizes. One they are in cm. Then they tack on a extra number. 115-90-65. Ok, what exactly is each number meant to represent?
Javier (4 days ago)
How much we love guns
exexpat11 (4 days ago)
Sales Tax - The World is Correct on this one. Australians will not hire Truck Drivers from Europe but will hire Truck Drivers from the US. Euros think driving 50 miles is a long drive. US could not afford to take 35 day vacations because our wages suck balls. Salt and Sweet comes from Scandinavian country tastes and we took it to the next level. Drink the water in Italy or some 3rd World Country and you will get sick. Between sewage and toxic waste you'll die. Dental - someplaces have healthier people thus better teeth. Singapore - tipping will think you are a prat or get you treated badly as you go out the door. Doggie Bags - US is cheap. See our wages. Warm US Beer overseas is horrible. Best have the native beer made to be drank at room temperature. Coffee - Starbucks will change that. Drinking Age - Families serve their kids wine and beer at meals. Not to excess. Graduations and Proms - Mexico has more events and really go all out.
UpAndOut (3 days ago)
Yes, our bosses arranged our wages that way.
BORAT 2.0 (4 days ago)
Why would u put bacon on pancakes?
exexpat11 (4 days ago)
Have you tried it? You should.
Galactic Shadow (4 days ago)
literally america doesnt care
The SickTruth (4 days ago)
The strangest/dumbest thing the U.S. does is send foreign aid to countries that hate the U.S.
The SickTruth (3 days ago)
+exexpat11 I could not agree more! Poland is one of the few allies we actually have. The U.S. is the "rich kid" of the world who everyone pretends to like to get things, but now they're true feelings are coming out. Our blood and treasure is spent for their ungrateful and hateful populations.
exexpat11 (3 days ago)
+The SickTruth I was addressing my comment to our Euro friends. LOL! We should move all of our German Bases to Poland as they actually pay for us to be there. Germany won't buy their guys guns (running around holding broomsticks) and hate us these days.
The SickTruth (3 days ago)
+exexpat11 I am an American tired of paying for countries that hate us. But I see your point with regards to military installations.
exexpat11 (4 days ago)
The only reason we still have bases in Europe is to stop you lot having another Big Scrum with Germany in the center of it. You are basically occupied for your own good.
keira pethugs (4 days ago)
Ahem. My whole family lives in England and we tip waiters, waitresses etc, my Nanna asks for doggy bags to take home and we usually put I will in our beverages. Coke, water, juice anything! We don't call it American! Honestly I feel kinda offended that people think that it's ONLY AMERICA that does this and that the English don't do these things. And when we do ask for ice in beverages, no matter what restaurant we go to, we NEVER get the 'oh your American look'. These are stereotypes and offend me!
Faith Brewer (4 days ago)
the drinking thing and where they dont even have an age at all in china caught me off gaurd big time.so do they just have there kids walking around DRUNK?! oml.someone help those poor drunk babies
UpAndOut (3 days ago)
There are official drinking ages, but they're ignored.
Jeremy Inthichack (4 days ago)
Southeast Asia had no drinking age?
exexpat11 (4 days ago)
Has no drinking age. If you have the coin and can reach the bar... Here's your Guiness or Anchor Beer son!
Totally Unfocused (4 days ago)
11. the fact that americans will sue over anything
ericlogos (4 days ago)
Fuck Europe.
Ivy Jessie (4 days ago)
All your events are commercialised so you spend lots of money on shit. It’s consumerism
Alex Muller (4 days ago)
- On/off switches on electrical plugs are rare in most homes in Europe. But for sure you'll find it in every hotel room. - No coffee-to-go outside America, no possibility to get ice cubes in your drink?..... seriously you never been out USA? - We dont need passports to cross borders in Europe, I mean i live near German border, I just walk the bridge to buy cigarettes and back. Doesnt even need an ID card... - And yes we drive a lot too but our transport system like trains are well developed throughout Europe. - Giving a tip is more than expected in Europe, traditionally 10%, but if you really want to offend someone then just dont let a tip!
exexpat11 (4 days ago)
On off plugs are also a safety device on the outlets. I like how trains seldom cross roads. Most go over, below, or around roads. Smart set up.
Numan-Aus (4 days ago)
Americans 🤦‍♂️ you don’t need passports stamped in Europe.
stana javor (4 days ago)
Are you dizzy brof
Ghady Khalil (4 days ago)
About the taking food home that is where i drew the lone and stopped watching this is so off... 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ the strangest thing we find about Americans is how egocentric most of them are such as shown in this video and how uncultivated they are that they resort to fallacies in order to accentuate their Americentrism 🤦🏿‍♂️
Bruce Roger Morgan (4 days ago)
Strangest things about the USA: Still using the archaic imperial system of measurements, including the ridiculous Fahrenheit temperature scale: Their obsession with hiding breasts on everything, including movies, etc: Their obsession with guns, and showing appalling levels of violence in movies and on TV. They find it more acceptable to show people shooting each other than for a mother to breast-feed her child in public. This is truly obscene! I also feel sorry for children in schools in the USA that still have to learn to add and multiply fractions. So Stupid!
Jon R. (4 days ago)
+Bruce Roger Morgan https://www.popsci.com/why-hasnt-us-adopted-metric-system
Bruce Roger Morgan (4 days ago)
+exexpat11 Fractions exist, or are used, in mathematics and science only in the USA, the rest of the world doesn't use them at all. A stone is an old English weight, it goes 16 ounces (oz) = 1 pound, 14 pound (lb) - 1 stone, 12 stone (st) = 1 hundredweight, 20 Hundredweight (cwt) = 1 ton.
exexpat11 (4 days ago)
We can convert fractions to decimals and back again. What in the Hell is a Stone? "Eeee she be 5 stone me thinks." WTF is a stone?
Dylan Brokenshire (4 days ago)
This is not fact. Most of these are bullshit
Michael Newell (5 days ago)
Im Canadian and I didn’t need a passport to travel from country to country in Europe