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Ship Sinkings - watch them go down, down, down

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What could be sadder than watching some of these beautiful ships being swallowed whole by the ocean. Down, down, down they go! LOL. Here we present some unbelievable footage of ship sinkings that are sure to shock and maybe even thrill you. Enjoy! If you enjoyed this video, please remember to LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE. Thanks, Ship Files. ==================================================== Music credits: IN YOUR ARMS by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/tkYNuH1UrSY
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Text Comments (483)
Alan Mcneill (5 days ago)
Beautiful music, a tribute to all the dreams, work, and grandeur those ships gave to people. I have the same feelings when I see a home burning to the ground. For those of you who do not understand the sadness and how appropriate the music is to this occasion, I feel sorry for you, for you are not experiencing the feelings that make this life rich. Some hearts are filled with more than blood, and even though ships are not living things, they are, in this video giving out their last gasp of air, a finality that we all face.
Terry Shrives (8 days ago)
It's always sad to see a ship at the end of it's life. The memories shared inside, the work done and the building of these beautiful vessels. The great thing is, these ships will provide life and habitat for our marine wildlife for years to come!
Tristan Rosana (13 days ago)
poof!now its bedtime,sorry for the sandy sea bed.Poofy!
noodengr3 three (19 days ago)
5:00. Was there a sale on smoke stacks when they built that ship?
Steve Delcarlo (6 days ago)
The barrels are to help the boat right itself as it's going to the bottom so it stays right side up
Christopher Humber (11 days ago)
It is coral reef barrels if you didn't know
Severin Schlieffen (22 days ago)
Can anybody tell me what these big blue "tubes" are for?
Aimee Silvestri (27 days ago)
bye bye :(
Arkley’s Vlogs (1 month ago)
its sad to see them go down like costa concordia the picters wer so sad
Allegronaut (1 month ago)
How wasteful is mankind, when it's cheaper to sink these ships than salvage them, what a waste of steel!
Jeff Oelkers (1 month ago)
Most likely these ships were sunk to make a home for coral and fish to use.
Simon Vaughan (1 month ago)
Sea shepherd crew Whale Wars
Nick Renze (1 month ago)
6:36 Must be shallow, yeah?
Sakkie (1 month ago)
Yes...it is sad
yuriy kozlov (1 month ago)
Большая глупость топить корабли ---а сколько стоит его изготовление а сколько стоит деньг чтоб добыть 1-2 грамм металла
Calvin & Susan Webber (1 month ago)
I keep old junk cars in my back yard so wild life can live in them and the county gets pissed of [calvin]
Anne Schröder (1 month ago)
NooooooooooooooooooooOoooooo 😭😭😭😭😭😥😥😓😓😨😱😱😨😭😭😭😭😭
Mark Roworth (1 month ago)
And what are the large blue cylindrical things for?
Jim Cornwall (1 month ago)
Mark Roworth Probably floats to keep the hull upright as it descends.
Mark Roworth (1 month ago)
Where they are planned sinkings, why aren't the materials recycled instead?
C R (2 months ago)
No ships were harmed in the making of this film
Mark Socha (2 months ago)
Whatever floats your boat.
Marcos Morales (2 months ago)
Como Tiran Basura Al Mar.....
Hi there (2 months ago)
More shit 'dramatic' music showing a amateur video producer trying a bit too hard for effect.
Rocco Gant (2 months ago)
are those the Japanese whale harassing assholes.....
Passemoué Lapoc (2 months ago)
Où sont les environnementaleux qui nous achalent avec leur SAUVONS LA PLANÈTE...ahahahahaha
Terry Biker (2 months ago)
sad to see. At 17 seconds i saw Sea Shephards Crew chap,,,,,,,or someone wearing t shirt,,,,,,,wondered if he had any footage of Berserk2 sinking? A bit spooky to me,and possibly you, if you look up what happened,and/or told what happened. Rip.
Jack Frost (3 months ago)
The difference between a nun and a ship---the ship will go down on you...
desinfector (3 months ago)
1:45 THATS an engine quality!
Richard Simpson (3 months ago)
SAD: (Which This Isn't) A form of depression caused by the lack of natural light during the winter months!
Richard Simpson (3 months ago)
That was so Exciting I almost PEE"D Myself! i.e. BORING!
Sharon Scott (3 months ago)
glasslinger (3 months ago)
Some were purposeful sinkings. Sometimes the cost of salvaging a ship meeting environmental requirements of the country it is in is not worth it to the owners so they sink it "accidentally" to avoid the high cost.
john McCourt (3 months ago)
How sad!
David Lulasa (3 months ago)
sad.sea is Just like space
Bilal Ahmed (4 months ago)
Sad to watch...
Your HUCKLEBERRY (5 months ago)
US ecology
K Kuntapat (6 months ago)
Fhfhhh Hchcjjh (6 months ago)
The boat will turning into Rusty Gold
lucas ummels (6 months ago)
RIP titanic though.....
GamesPlayz (6 months ago)
2019 here
Alba luz Barroso (6 months ago)
Jørgen Nielsen (6 months ago)
Kai the red ninja #1 (6 months ago)
Rip : ships that sank in this video 2019 - 2019
Nick Tessin (6 months ago)
It’s sad cause it makes you think they have a mind & feelings too:(
nikolas farina (6 months ago)
estuvo bien que el thunder se hundiera debido a que era un barco de pesca ilegal
alma hall (6 months ago)
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 it's just so sad
alma hall (6 months ago)
Sad sad 😥
Michele Apruzzese (6 months ago)
Jacob Anthony Arig Guevarra (6 months ago)
2:30 when titanic sinks again
Marie-Marthe Tercy (6 months ago)
Sorry, looking at that, I will never go in boat again. Even I saw TITANIC before.
TheFartSmeller69420 (6 months ago)
Terry Biker (6 months ago)
when i saw sea Shepard crew, i wondered if they had sunk another vessel? Not convinced Berserk 2 went down due to the 3 crew who died leaving a safe haven of their own free will? With a storm due? Will never add up to me. RIP Tom Robert and Leonard.
Andrew Durand (6 months ago)
Would have thought the metal would be valuable for scrap
The Bonesaw .. (6 months ago)
The key to figuring out whether the sinking is intentional or not... look for flotsam. If there's a bunch of shit in the water, this is an unplanned sinking. Ships very rarely sink cleanly. If there's no junk in the water, the ship is most likely being sunk to create an artificial reef.
Boss Dog (6 months ago)
The first one looked like it was howling at the sky as she finally went under.
Edith Lewis (6 months ago)
They’re just metal, but sad to watch them sink slowly, like they’re being lowered into a grave.
Denis Felser (6 months ago)
Prima Umweltverschmutzung 👍 Nur weiter so, unsere Kinder werden auf unsere Gräber pissen und sich für uns schämen....
Dennis Pinpin (6 months ago)
The Thunder was a fishery opportunist boat. Good riddance!
stevie blunder (6 months ago)
press mute before viewing
TheEternalNow (6 months ago)
shit music,
Martin Chester (6 months ago)
Derrick Fitzgerald (6 months ago)
I hope there is no people on there
stoffersd (6 months ago)
Lifeboats anybody
K Laz (7 months ago)
ItzClark2411 (7 months ago)
*This video has Recommended O Fish Viewers*
geoff collins (7 months ago)
Does anyone find that abit sad to watch those ships sink like me.
Serres Tileorasi (1 day ago)
Yes. I have to agree with you
Richard Simpson (3 months ago)
NO! Not me!
sting ray (7 months ago)
Halloween Jack (7 months ago)
The Fake Dragon (7 months ago)
That first one was an illegal fishing boat that was deliberately scuttled after running thousands of miles to avoid prosecution. Well done Sea Shepherd!! Keep up the great work
Horest Alers (7 months ago)
Sea Shepard, those assholes should be sunk!
Epsensieg 18 (7 months ago)
Gravity always wins.
Ryan Kisnics (7 months ago)
Funny You Can Afford To Build These Ships ...You Can Afford To have Them Manned. ..But to cheap to Dismantle Them....So you Cheap Fuks Sink your Old Garbage Ships Istead And Let them Rust Under water Causing more Pollution....BRAVO YOU DUMB FUKS
Haistaa Vittula (7 months ago)
yeah dump the poisons into the sea. hurrah
MrCR500AF (7 months ago)
they remove all dangerous chemicals/fuel etc before sinking them
We Own The Night (7 months ago)
There’s something so peaceful about seeing a vessel founder, especially with all souls aboard.
Stephanie Rose (7 months ago)
Patrick Springer (7 months ago)
I hope the first one was part of the Sea Shepherd fleet!
Don Le (7 months ago)
Michael KING (7 months ago)
why the damned music?
The Cat. (7 months ago)
3:04- I was on her for(USS A.W. Radford) 3 years. hated to see her go down. But better that than razor blades.
muddocktor (6 months ago)
I thought that was the Radford, but wasn't sure.
Gort Newton (7 months ago)
From 1:24 I can see why it is so many men drown on ships sinking at sea. That inrush of water is HUGE and water is heavy which is not often thought about.
Louis C. Gasper (7 months ago)
What's sad about them? All but the second appear to be deliberate sinkings to re-purpose superannuated vessels to provide fish habitat and recreational diving destinations. Instead of being sad, rejoice that the old girls found a new reason for being.
Emilio Greenwood (7 months ago)
What a waste all that that steel could be recycled to build something new
JACOB LUMACAD (7 months ago)
It's like titanic
Neil (7 months ago)
I wonder how many ships, planes, cars, motorcycles, shipping containers, garbage, trains, not to mention the cargo ship with 2,200 cars AND 2,200 gallons of oil along with hundreds of thousands of gallons of sulfuric and other kinds of acid that ship had.. And it sank just a couple of weeks ago (Off the coast of France) I think.
bluzeblast (7 months ago)
Why aint they salvaging them? Look at all that steel hiting the bottom of the ocean. what a waste.
Sam Sung (7 months ago)
It's errey and sad watching a boat slip beneath the waves
Walter Davis (7 months ago)
At 4: 40 that ketch in the backround looks like my boat. Gotta ask the previous owner if it was him
Stuart Cooper (28 days ago)
Did you get an answer?
mark harris (7 months ago)
Music sucks
Nigel james (7 months ago)
Well it's sad to say that there are over Three MILLION ships,Boats,Submarines in our oceans and Seas no wonder they are all Dying with all the crap we put into them !
Bob Biggley (7 months ago)
A very happy occasion for some fishies
The Orange Tabby (7 months ago)
That was strangely sad.
Infidel7153 (7 months ago)
This music turns the whole video to shite !
PALANG NAR (7 months ago)
People saying different things watching this, nobody saying we human again and again in a different way rusting bottom of oceans /seas, making this world (water specially) full of metal and plastic, send garbage in the sky and down in the water people , but guess what it is coming back to us as a flood, hurricane, tornado's ( global warming)...and more.
Just Looking (7 months ago)
This showed up because I watched Cameron's final word on the Titanic.
Just Looking (5 months ago)
@Tammy Austin I'm not sure what you are asking here.
Just Looking (5 months ago)
@saltydeathbygun vlogs What a peach.
Tammy Austin (6 months ago)
Just Looking why use me name for?
saltydeathbygun vlogs (7 months ago)
Just Looking so?
John Johnson (7 months ago)
Those dumbasses from the Sea Shepherd should be in prison for the dangerous way they hazard their ships. The "skipper" is the biggest a$$H0L3 on the ocean.
dave lee (7 months ago)
2.11 looks like a giant shark !
saltydeathbygun vlogs (7 months ago)
dave lee you mean 2:11
Harald Schurr (7 months ago)
who can tell me what these upright standing blue barrels are supposed to be good for? Are they some kind of markers that show the position of the sunken ship on the ocean surface?
Harald Schurr (7 months ago)
@MrCR500AF ok - thank you - this time your answer is satisfiing.
MrCR500AF (7 months ago)
they give enough flotation so that the boat settles on the bottom in an upright positiion@Harald Schurr
Harald Schurr (7 months ago)
@MrCR500AF I don't understand the meaning of your answer. How so?
MrCR500AF (7 months ago)
they allow it to sink hull down,nice safe position for recreational scuba divers
TitanFighter (7 months ago)
anyone know the ship at 2:08
dark souls (23 days ago)
TitanFighter garbage ship😂
Heystraw (7 months ago)
Now do a video with these in reverse.  Call it "Ship Births - watch them go up, up, up"
Boomer1941 noname (7 months ago)
As a former Sailor (USN) it's like watching an old friend die.
TheFartSmeller69420 (6 months ago)
I watched my friend get his throat sliced in prison and I think about it everyday pushing me to stick my fingers up my ass
Samuel Gazzo (6 months ago)
I couldn't figure out that sick feeling I was getting in my stomach while watching this. Thank you for making it clear, that's it exactly!
ap xpandy (7 months ago)
Perhaps you should choose friends who aren't old, rusty and full of holes? rofl!
ahcariel (7 months ago)
runekidk0 (7 months ago)
i gotta work in the morning and im watching ships sink wow....
Jamal Nash (2 months ago)
100 my life too😉
amcqueenboxing (7 months ago)
This is so sad... and I've never even been on a ship before
Robert G (7 months ago)
Intentionally sunk to create artificial reefs for fish. Not sad.... notice, no flotsam, none. No oil, no fuel. Giant cutout on the side of the ship. talking about the first one....
👁️ (7 months ago)
Wonder how many have gone down carrying illegal nucular waste
Sturmgeschutze (7 months ago)
Exactly 0.
Raymond tovo (7 months ago)
all the sips sunk in the many wars luxury etc, since sailing days have lifted the ocean up to a foot higher over a century by displacement not global warming!111
StonyRC (7 months ago)
Weatherboi (7 months ago)
Watching this gave me a "sinking" feeling.
Sturmgeschutze (7 months ago)
I guess this comment sunk beneath the waves.
Matthew Martone (7 months ago)
No trash.oil or anything..that's impressive..
Chimp Chowder (7 months ago)
Matthew Martone they appear empty. The seas are calm too. They are just sinking them for reefs and underwater structures. Some countries wolill do that to help improve fisheries. Especially back in the 80's and into the 90's. See the ones with the blue floats like barrels? Those are so the ship lands flat and upright on the bottom.
The FBI & DOJ colluded to cover up hillary's crimes (7 months ago)
Watching this video is like watching paint dry
Psy-Locked (7 months ago)
What a pointless waste of resources
Sturmgeschutze (7 months ago)
I know, absolutely none were wasted. So pointless.