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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: "Just Tell Him You’re The President” (Season 7, Episode 1)

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Text Comments (18510)
mickeynotmouse (1 year ago)
Jerry motherfucking seinfeld straight up looked the president of the usa in the eye and told him he makes more money than him
your majesty (10 hours ago)
ItsFullofSTARs this is like having conversations with retards
your majesty (10 hours ago)
ItsFullofSTARs jerry earns his money fair and square. Obama make 20 times more than jerry Seinfeld as a servant of corporate America and the military industrial complex which is a kleptocracy funded by tax dollar's
ItsFullofSTARs (10 hours ago)
exactly, illegally obtained fortunes don't count, lol
ItsFullofSTARs (10 hours ago)
thought he was a half breed
ItsFullofSTARs (10 hours ago)
you mean living like that because of fart sniffing elitist liberals, dumb college kids and fools
Pizza Jedi (1 hour ago)
Obama Care sucks! Way to expensive. 10,000-20,000 deductibles! Fines if you do not participate! Total CRAP!
Mike Blouin (1 hour ago)
Comedians in cars getting coffee: except every time there's a pouring coffee scene change speed increases
Jake Morris (1 hour ago)
Coming soon: comedians in cars getting covfefe
Sandile Mtolo (2 hours ago)
Should've taken a ride with Corey Holcomb!
TigerShark (2 hours ago)
they should call the show Comedians in Cars kissing the ass of a corrupt con artist
nena vanzuela (2 hours ago)
How did America get from this.. to Trump?
cometpowell (3 hours ago)
Too many cringey coffee pours
MagCynic (6 hours ago)
Obama doesn't seem like a very self-deprecating guy. I don't like that about people in general, but it comes off even worse from a President.
Grant Frisbie (6 hours ago)
You pisss me off and i dont even know why you're f****** scumbag millionaire that doesn't understand how even the normal human Works Jerry Seinfeld should go f****** put a bullet in his brain because I hate him I don't care if that's trolling or favoritism or hatred but kill yourself because I think you might be an Android goodnight and Goodluck Jerry f****** Seinfeld
Feline Therapy (6 hours ago)
He's a nice man. I bet he's enjoying being free now. World misses you though.
Joey (8 hours ago)
TRUMP 2020
Joey (8 hours ago)
Not president anymore, MOTHAFUCKA
ALEJANDRO :of the Varela Family (8 hours ago)
I like him more on the Caddy
Probe Konto (9 hours ago)
He is a Comedian not a president !
kevindoc84 (10 hours ago)
3:21 Obama reaction when he bites the apple lol
Mickey Breezy (11 hours ago)
After he tells us all about his Chevy Corvette we get the title sequence... presented by Acura.
Calous 43 (12 hours ago)
Seinfield probably had 20 snipers aiming at him
monkeyman123321 (12 hours ago)
Oh dear god no Obama Care, No Please god No
monkeyman123321 (12 hours ago)
Okay I KNOW Jerry didn't write that car intro. It sounds so wrong coming out of him. This show would of been better with Jay Leno or someone from the UK top gear.
RunDCM (13 hours ago)
Trump is funnier. Hey Trump on it would be the greatest show ever.
Alaina pullock (13 hours ago)
Seinfield is an ass...
Jane Kihm (13 hours ago)
Salinas_Bani (13 hours ago)
Hol up... is he the voice actor of the bee movie main character?
Salinas_Bani (13 hours ago)
I wanna see trump or obama ride in a 1000+whp supra or even scarier, an evo
Lotus Sutra (14 hours ago)
Too small a show for POTUS. And Obama is so not Rushmore material -- he did absolutely nothing! Trump has done more in a year than Obama did in 8!
Patrick Hayes (14 hours ago)
Political beliefs aside. Obama is one cool dude.
Danzka Vodka (14 hours ago)
so many nice comments about the war criminal and a member of the pedophilia ring, our society is at its peak :)
TonI Ane (14 hours ago)
Who watch this in 2020 thumbs up! lel
Dogma (15 hours ago)
Obama was never actually a president but he sure was a comedian.
Michelle Gulden (16 hours ago)
I miss Obama.
JB MAX (16 hours ago)
No shit, Obama's entire term was a JOKE, comedian yes he was.
Baasandorj Ulziibileg (17 hours ago)
They never went to the 🌒 though
Jim Manngard (18 hours ago)
This Obama is so arrogant and full of himself! It's so unattractive! It never ends! Who does he think he is? A king? Haha! No! God will judge this guy in the end, Let's see if he still so arrogant then. God sees and hears all. And remember the most important thing, God gave us all free will to do right or wrong, I hope he choose the right path and if not, You only have himself to blame.
Art's Bobcat (19 hours ago)
the best President Ever. !!! really cool guy !! I wish wish wish he was still president
MyUTF4 (19 hours ago)
Seinfeld should do KFC bucket in a limo with Trump.
Alexy (21 hours ago)
you ever go on ebay? ... no.
raymondperdomo54 (21 hours ago)
Too bad there's no more *Obama care*
Dana Leigh (22 hours ago)
Oh, I miss him so much. The last real President this country will ever have.
Nick Parker (23 hours ago)
hands at 12 and 2?? niqqa what
Nick Parker (1 day ago)
President: “Wow that was a good question i’m impressed.” Jerry: meh
Zachary Menking #texit (1 day ago)
President Trump please!! His self-deprecating humor would fit perfectly!
PlayTogether 76 (1 day ago)
worst black president ever :D
Rylan Loewen (1 day ago)
All I imagine is fricken Berry Bee Benson chillin with the Obama
Ali Ahmad (1 day ago)
Anthony Castillo (1 day ago)
*talking about suits* Well I'm a cool president soo
LegoNull Plays (1 day ago)
Barack Obama is the best president!!!
Andrés Jiménez (1 day ago)
Obama is funnier!
brandon faris (1 day ago)
as long as Jerry has any show im watching it, don't care what it is. Love Jerry
Angus The Beast (1 day ago)
The Bugatti Chiron does the split rear window well, the 1963 Corvette Stingray did it first.
david Felix (1 day ago)
only homos would like this video
Nick Roberts (1 day ago)
the thing i never liked about obama was that he seems so fake. At least to me it seems like he is thinking something completely different while putting on an act. over calculating and too careful of his actions.
terryjackson8 (1 day ago)
you could tell seinfield doesnt agree with him was kinda cringeworthy.. welp bet his shorts arent as starchy as he thought they would be
Nathan Relles (1 day ago)
He forgot to mention that Teddy Roosevelt was also kind of a racist.
T3AM _ DISTURB3D (1 day ago)
Look at these 2 fucking pussies. This Oscumbagger is the worst piece of shit ever. He said he was a constitutional scholar, try and find his credentials?????? U wont cause he lied.
Doris Myers (1 day ago)
I miss, you, President Obama. PS- Mr. Jerry Seinfeld, that car KICKS ASS. I will never be able to be in a car like that or afford one in my life, but f*ck that car is fantastic.
Nuno Soares (1 day ago)
Aside from the sweet Corvette, this was a waste of my time.
Littil Avindar (1 day ago)
God, I miss Obama in the White House. Great personality, kind and funny as well!
Andy Trevor (1 day ago)
I am from GB and this president is the most down to earth, smart, funny and normal man ever.
GGPast (1 day ago)
I'm a "republican", and I loved this video, it was hilarious.
MrTruth111 (1 day ago)
''Don't shoot him'' :)
MastodonManiac (1 day ago)
I'm Canadian and I don't care about left or right American shit. However is this were an episode with Trump, it would be so cringy. Where as Obama was comfortable and relaxed as well as funny!
Joseph Falco (1 day ago)
"He's gonna' be looking through the bushes? Don't shoot him."
freedom (1 day ago)
I miss Obama so much....
Mohamed Saadat (1 day ago)
"It's not cool, generally wandering around in my underwear" Hahahahaha xD
Pratyut Tit (1 day ago)
don't care for some of the bad things that happened when he was president, but he is likeable good try with obamacare
Ronald Kloof (1 day ago)
lol chump CANT do this
Ronald Kloof (1 day ago)
townman1 chump cant do this ....... , KkaaaaDoooof i fell out mt chair.
Sound Gardener (1 day ago)
3:30 - riffing on 'biting the apple' at 3:30 (aka 33) in....sigh. Ain't it *_ALL SO DIFFICULT TO FIGURE OUT...?_* Bite the apple. Adam & Eve, Garden of Eden, Original Sin, The Fall, blah de blah blah.... Cunts in cars *(CC:33)* blathering bullshit. Don't crash and burn to death or go over a cliff now girls ;p
jimbo D (1 day ago)
We didn't see them but secret service was watching
ac ff (1 day ago)
I used to dislike Obama's policies, but then Trump came along and made Obama seem like an all time great.
Farmwife (1 day ago)
Yeah, Teddy Roosevelt did cool stuff like turning back a ship full of Jews who then had to return to Europe and were slaughtered by the Nazi's . Thank God Obama was really cool and didn't do that, unlike Trump who sends refugees back to Central America to face horrific threats of death by gangs and reckless government forces. Lack of compassion is the least cool thing a leader can display.
Jai Bhimadevi (1 day ago)
Wrong Roosevelt. Teddy was the crinkly-eyed, face-full-of-teeth Roosevelt who once continued a speech after being shot, and coined the phrase "speak softly and carry a big stick". He was President from 1901-1909. FDR (Teddy's fifth cousin; FDR's wife Eleanor was Teddy's niece) was President in 1939 when the MS St. Louis was turned away.
patriotpizzaman (1 day ago)
This is why Trump inherited such a mess. Obama was such a disappointment. We hoped for change but, when it didn't come, we voted in an absolute change for the better! Our government has needed to be shaken up for two decades and finally, we have the man for the job! Thank God for President Donald J. Trump!
LΞGΞND (1 day ago)
17:35 LMAO
TranquillShot (1 day ago)
"Black's too rough for a president" 10:45 hahaha
Dracon Bacon (1 day ago)
15:29 and as always, eennjoy
Ayden Johnson (1 day ago)
Personally I like the 1970 corvette stingray it’s my dream car
Satan (2 days ago)
3:16 me when I hang out with Jesus
chris paul (2 days ago)
Forgot to ask O about Larry Sinclair.
Pamela La Roda (2 days ago)
When tf did Seinfeld lose his hair?
High Lander (2 days ago)
Trump is the only president who is actually doing some work. All those clowns were spending more time in front of the camera, than working!
Dan Pinckard (2 days ago)
Once I heard/saw the worst president in US history I didn't care to watch any further. Out!
psyched.reggae.vibes (2 days ago)
So much product placement with jerry and those ridiculous fucking Nike’s
Saint Preferred (2 days ago)
Sienfeld isn't funny anymore, and they're both demo-socialists.
smosh lover (2 days ago)
I've always respected Obama, not as our former president, but as a regular down to earth family man. I'd love to sit down and have some coffee with him
l y m a x (2 days ago)
Why couldn’t Obama leave his own place?.
Bill M (2 days ago)
Jerry looking more jew as he gets older.
BOB ROTHWELL (2 days ago)
Thats just a littel gin I take midday. Is that cool? and people hate this guy. I don't get it.
BOB ROTHWELL (2 days ago)
Fucking pres has the same kinda shitty coffee break room, note the fire extinguisher behind him, that we did at the Big VA tertiary medical center.
Raymond Patrick (2 days ago)
Obamas a liar. Biggest failure in history
Mc Taco (2 days ago)
fuck this guys voice.
Notmi Relnam (2 days ago)
Obama should have Jimmy Carr on next.
Saymos E (2 days ago)
With an open mind just think about this. Do you think the president is guarded and kept from the public because there afraid his life is in danger?.. Do you think being the president limits your freedom even more as far as where/when/how you travel? if that last question's answer is yes, than you are correct. Being the president would be like being a kid again, who wants that?.. nobody.
bigblocklawyer (2 days ago)
Jesus Christ. This putz can't ever be president again, and the witch won't either. Winning.
Justin Berry (2 days ago)
hold on...so, C.O.O. says the government is like football. Well, football (U.S. version) is like taking advantage. This is the problem with the U.S. before the 19th century version. The condition worsens...
silvio santapaola (2 days ago)
nice music dude
JP Patches (2 days ago)
This is a great show!!!
John Pritchard (2 days ago)
How did we go from this sensible normal person to the crazy guy that is Trump!,,
Will Ferland (2 days ago)
Presented by Acura *drives a corvette anyway*
Don White (2 days ago)
*How About Musicians on Motorcycles, Imbibing?* Rappers in Race Cars getting Resuscitated? Singers in Sedans getting Sedated? Ventriloquists in Vehicles getting Vanquished? Mimes on Minibikes getting Mowed Down? Actors in Airplanes getting Ass? Trannies on Trains getting Tricks? Assholes in Autos getting Annihilated? Hotties in Hotrods giving Head? Ukulele Players on Unicycles getting Undressed? Youtubers on Youtube getting Youtubed? (TM. (c) All Rights Reserved)