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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: "Just Tell Him You’re The President” (Season 7, Episode 1)

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Text Comments (22795)
mickeynotmouse (1 year ago)
Jerry motherfucking seinfeld straight up looked the president of the usa in the eye and told him he makes more money than him
kēromara (3 days ago)
javie793 (3 days ago)
Who cares? Point?
TheBigGuy3380 (3 days ago)
That we know of
TheNetWork (3 days ago)
Because this black devil-slaved president sold you alk out. Dumb american citizens had to wake up...
bipola telly (5 days ago)
+Yomama Bin Fartin pffft.... president Soetoro Hussein Osama made hundreds of millions on the side.
Cethys (4 hours ago)
I miss him so much.
sam bragg (6 hours ago)
Can’t believe that I’m this day in age a bee is meeting the president
sam bragg (6 hours ago)
10:14 women; I’m just sitting next to the president of the United States and jerry Seinfeld like any other day..
Garret Lybolt (11 hours ago)
Don't like him as a president but he is a guy I would invite to a BBQ
Ludix147 (11 hours ago)
Do another one with the Donald!
Spooky Gamer (12 hours ago)
That president was the best and rather this one right now
Pure Trash (13 hours ago)
U kissed the FAKE presidents asspathetic
imbadwrench (16 hours ago)
I would have done the burnout to end all burnouts.
crybaby (17 hours ago)
14:34 shit gets real. Almost like Jerry just insinuated something Obama took as a challenge and tactfully turned it around on Jerry haha! Football. This turned out interesting.
Mike351025 (22 hours ago)
I thought it was comedians in cars
Smack Talk (1 day ago)
Cars and comedians this black prick is and always be a failed president
Cory turner (1 day ago)
I was interested in watching this until I saw Obama... he’s a straight up clown.
O R E O (1 day ago)
im not even american and i want obama back :(
The Truth B (1 day ago)
One of the worst Presidents in American history.
MBM 3 (1 day ago)
do you know Jesus?
Lole Veimau (1 day ago)
MM Vidz (1 day ago)
Omg it's Barry from Bee movie
Dancing Swan (1 day ago)
bangmeister2012 (1 day ago)
Didnt louis ck day seinfield thought corvettes were garbage and that foreign cars were better? What a shithead
Kevin Corkery (1 day ago)
Now I love Obama! That was very cool!
videodudetv (1 day ago)
boy he stumbled @ 935
Avril Miller (2 days ago)
ITS NOT THE SAME KIND OF FAMOUS everybody adores jerry comedic style, he's not the most famous man people love to criticize
Jon Kron (2 days ago)
I wonder how hard it is for the cafe background woman to not look over. Bet they just saying gibberish to each other lol
Chocolatkake (2 days ago)
John Abrams (2 days ago)
kekchan biggest fan (2 days ago)
Jerry Seinfeld is so goofy looking lol
The Frickin' Fricker (2 days ago)
I never thought I would say that obama is funnier than someone
wernerkorv (2 days ago)
Why isn't the desk in the Oval Office in line with the seal, and the sofas? Disturbing!
Stapler (2 days ago)
Jazz bee man for president 2024
BasicYoutuber (2 days ago)
So Barack Obama is officially a comedian! It would be super interesting to see him to stand up
j o h n n y (2 days ago)
Obama is a cool guy. Don't agree with his beliefs, but you have to agree that he's pretty chill and outgoing.
keisreeman (2 days ago)
I just got duped into watching (well, mostly fast forwarding...) an f'ing 19 minute Obamacare ad.
MBM 3 (1 day ago)
sounds like a "you" problem.
Peego 1 (2 days ago)
Awesome! I miss you President Barack Obama!
Tuvillo (2 days ago)
I'm European and I still miss Obama on an emotional level.
D H (2 days ago)
Hussein is a criminal.
lucaspenido (2 days ago)
I love the fact that Seinfeld tried as much as he could to "outsmart" President Obama and just couldn't.
united bmx (2 days ago)
Ive seen cooler civics
Michael Doster (2 days ago)
Obama proved to be congenial enough, and just the guy next door (in a really good neighborhood), but I still think he's the Anti-Christ. We will see him in the spotlight again at some point, I think.
Michael Doster (2 days ago)
Excellent! I really didn't like Obama, but he was great in this. A car stretch from what he's supposed to be doing... 😳 but this is one of the most honest things I've seen come out of the White House since the Kennedy administration! It was who they both were, and funny. They were relaxed, and candid, and convivial. Obama driving the Vette was classic ecstacy! The gate guard the coolest. Proving Obama really was a prisoner in his own house..., But what a house. Thanks for sharing the NASA footage and NASA produced the video as well, apparently. Nice to know the 54 million a day NASA is getting some of which IS accounted for in this film....😵. Good bless you, and God night. God bless the tattered United States!
BARKMA (3 days ago)
"because thats how i do it and i dont need a reason"
Phillip Lemen (3 days ago)
sneakers with a suit looks so dumb
Ayush Kumar (3 days ago)
What if the comedian suddenly lost his mind and tried to kill the president inside that car?
Ray Domenech (3 days ago)
Loved it!
Penguin Thor (3 days ago)
Obama is pretty cool and charismatic as well as funny but the only thing is that he just didn’t do his job as president
declup (3 days ago)
Overall, I appreciated this officeholder's temperament and enjoyed his sense of humor. Still, his comedic overtures only exacerbated the longtime theatricalization of American politics. The occupant of the oval office (or any other high seat of government) should be an adept public servant, not the fulcrum of a cult of personality. All other considerations aside, I hope the next U.S. president is as drab and earnest and uncharismatic as can be, and not another Zaphod Beeblebrox buffooning about for the citizens' and media's entertainment.
TheBigGuy3380 (3 days ago)
Democrats wonder how the rich get richer with higher taxes, while everyone else suffers.
Bryson the Mad Pencil (3 days ago)
The only president cooler than Obama is Vladimir Putin
Earth Traveler (3 days ago)
4:18 some crews hurrily stay away from the camera xD
Danny D (3 days ago)
God Obama was such a joke. And they say trump is the reality tv president lmao
AmericanRX (3 days ago)
Just couldn't get through that gate. XD
Debra FireHighdrent (3 days ago)
What’s up with the cut scene of coffee pouring every 5 seconds 😂
HabsFan10 (4 days ago)
obama letgitimately didn't know that seat-warmers are a thing?
sminthian (4 days ago)
1:16 Omg, we had a Country Squire wagon when I was a kid...
KT Reznin (4 days ago)
15:20 Hello I'm John from Foodwishes.com wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith....
Frost (4 days ago)
If you close your eyes its like a bee is having an interview with the president.
Waluigi (4 days ago)
Man I love Obama as a character, but God! I hate his politics.
Deandra Owens (4 days ago)
You didn't sell it!💀
Angelo Russo (4 days ago)
2 counts who think they matter
joey wheeler (3 days ago)
I can like my own comment to!
Angelo Russo (4 days ago)
howardgreenwood (4 days ago)
When the White House meant something.
dalton watts (4 days ago)
Obama is the best person for this show, hes the biggest clown of them all😂
Dankrupt (4 days ago)
Jerry gets so triggered when people say they think he doesnt work, even with the president!! jeez
TripleViktor (4 days ago)
Inside the Beast is a lot narrower than I thought. Kinda weird, but it makes sense given how much extra space is taken up by armor
maceinurface (4 days ago)
Obama may not be a comedian, but he is a fucking joke.
Jalen Levenberry (4 days ago)
Trump would never do something like this
Jesse Silver (4 days ago)
When Brits say his name it is Barrack "O-Bam-er-ah."
jasric1 (4 days ago)
I would give this two likes if I could. I don't really like Obama in general but this was great.
Cayaun Moore (4 days ago)
“I’m a cool president” yes you are and will always be
Per Christmansson (4 days ago)
goodroach (4 days ago)
Man Obama was such a charismatic person. Then he got replaced by a Donald but he ain't that bad.
Mr. Waffle_pancake (4 days ago)
George Washington: a president must all be serious Obama: let a comedian take me out for a coffee
Esri Arc (5 days ago)
whose watching in September 2018,lickin our Trump wounds-this is sweet
Elliot Woo (5 days ago)
The secret service must've been so stressed tho
murdy1975 (5 days ago)
Joseph Cirella (5 days ago)
Hey Jerry did the Barry drink from a cup or did he drink from the spigot???
Augsif (5 days ago)
Just because you have a nice charismatic personality doesn't make you a good president you fucking dinguses.
z lariviere20 (5 days ago)
man how our country has gone down hill when people say they miss obama... it is like successively having abusive relationships each one worse than the last and every new relationship you look back on your last one and think "man i guess i had it good"
Sunset Shimmer Gaming (5 days ago)
I would love to spend just 5 minutes talking to former President Obama. It would make my life feel complete
RecordPlayerz.com (5 days ago)
last words of the segment, do you notice ...obama thinks jerrys name is gary seinfeld
big boy. (5 days ago)
"Ill have guacamole coming out of my eyeballs." ~ Barack Obama 2015
Bashe Kassim (5 days ago)
Cool has never been this cool!
usctrojans001 (5 days ago)
Prez: I like shaving before a Working out. Jerry: Shave then working out? Prez: Yea, I believe in shaving before working out..because that's how I do it..I don't need a reason HaHa!
The McCreary Cousins (5 days ago)
love this show. we do our own take on it on our youtube channel.
burgerking (5 days ago)
Crack some jokes about the People you killed in Lybja and Syria
ILMatt (5 days ago)
Libtards are so stupid. Because a guy is likeable as a person they assume he is just as good with their futures running the country. Obama had 8 full years to turn the economy around and failed. Trump is doing it in mere months. I don't give a damn who has the best personality. Personalities don't create jobs.
Potential x10 (5 days ago)
Those parts where they try to get past the security gaurd 2 times is scripted right?
bipola telly (5 days ago)
I'm pretty sure you have to be born in the USA, before you can be President. So Bruce Springstein, I mean steen, could be President.... President Osama, i mean Obummer. I mean Obomba... President Soetoro is a funny guy. haha
Danny V (5 days ago)
Stop pouring coffee!!!
YamiPoyo (5 days ago)
why does it say by nasa?
Flug (5 days ago)
Comedians in cars driving over White House grass.
Bifftop Johnny (5 days ago)
Jerry: What's your most embarrassing President moment? Obama: ..This may be it. XD
BHDread (6 days ago)
presented by ACURA........THAT'S FUNNY AF
Byron KOuris (6 days ago)
Obama shoulda got four more years
CSXRockford (6 days ago)
two of the worst performers in history.
Charlie Dajoob (6 days ago)
what a cool ass motherfucker
Joe Bubba (6 days ago)
Didn't vote 4 him but he is cool.
Kryptie (6 days ago)
What they dont show you is the secrect service escort surrounding them
Charles Ferdinand (6 days ago)
Looks like we got in this comments sectin many liberal/Demotard beta-masculine pussy-whipped chronic-masturbating keyboard-tough pajama-soy-cuck snowflakes still butthurt because Donald Trump won the election and is President of the United States while that lying corrupt wrinkly hag Hillary Clinton lost and sunk into obscurity where she belongs. #MAGA
Charles Ferdinand (6 days ago)
Obama was a disappointing fucking bum.
Richard Kan (6 days ago)
Obama is such a nice bloke
Allan Hegyes (6 days ago)
Start at 2:53 to avoid the CRAPPY, ANNOYING MUSIC! (btw, Mount Rushmore has no room for anyone else, based on geology.)