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Vita-Baby - Express Delivery. . . a cute and funny time-lapse pregnancy video

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This tongue-in-cheek but real, pregnancy time lapse video redefines the term: "Express Delivery". . . The vitamin powered super baby in the video is now a teenager. Retrieving this video out of storage after all these years, from long before YouTube, has reminded me of how much I have loved being his dad. . . Philip Emminger I arranged the music myself on a Kawai Concert Performer Piano using the Song Stylist feature. P.S. Don't forget to take your vitamins! Enjoy.
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Text Comments (10)
Avishek Acharya (3 years ago)
O good. And so sweet
RedNoir (5 years ago)
this is so cute! thx for sharing!
jet3529 (5 years ago)
1997 is 17 years ago and still a good video
Nicole Slater (5 years ago)
Oh my gosh, this is too cute!
WOW! that was really well done guys! And what a cute son, enjoy him.
Dinesh kumar Behera (5 years ago)
Izzy Thomson (5 years ago)
I wonder how the stomach grew so smoothly
nineteenthly (5 years ago)
Excellent! Our son's also called Daniel and was born on 3rd January 1997!
AutumnApril1989 (6 years ago)
heehee very cute :)
Sal fally (6 years ago)
Love it!