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StockX Sent My Kicks Back!!!

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Text Comments (336)
sinatra_vapes (3 hours ago)
Damn I was about to buy a pair of airforce one foamposites on stockx but now after seeing this video and a few others saying stockx are selling fake sneakers I don't know what to do.
Zac Zac (4 days ago)
And stockx passed sneakers I purchased and they were fake
Zac Zac (4 days ago)
I think the person who purchased them probably had a change of mind and told stockx they had signs of being worn
Classic Sneekz (7 days ago)
You look sexy
Carlos Vizcaino (15 days ago)
It might have been the smell of the shoe, that’s their first test.
NO U (17 days ago)
Due to signs of “were” BITCH WERE
Justweg (20 days ago)
This is why you shouldnt sell on stockx, their service can be douchebags sometimes, on goat, even if they aint deadstock, you can still ship a pair to em and sell it.
clap starz (27 days ago)
they should send a pic of the wear they claim..too much tech these days to not prove your rejections
Abe2Great (1 month ago)
Maybe the sole looked tried on from a store? That’s hella weird regardless of them not looking like a full on 100% state of the art business somethings up it might just be an excuse to not sale them.
BULL1TRC Jr (1 month ago)
Corporate America gotta chill with all these fees damn they about to charge fees for breathing mfs
Jorge Perez (1 month ago)
the box was all written on, maybe thats why
Sierra Dray (1 month ago)
Sent them human race china exclusive gold.they said they fake.and kept them
Shuruni (1 month ago)
Subscribe to my channel guys ;)
b (1 month ago)
idc if there worn a few times...as long as you didn't step in doo doo or jizzed on em I'd buy em...
henry brown (1 month ago)
Stock x be fucking up doe
John B. (1 month ago)
Damn and the ad before the video is from stock X
Zack T. (2 months ago)
Man I wore some pair of NMDs like 10 times in my home and still sold them bitches on StockX and they passed...
Exo & Blackpink (2 months ago)
Hi I have a question I mistakenly sold the wrong size on StockX in I’m not sure of what 2 do next tried getting in touch with them multiple times in no reply should I just send them any ?
Exo & Blackpink (2 months ago)
Lars Young ok thanks again for the help
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Exo & Blackpink I don’t know exactly...but I’m sure you can Google it to find out any more info.
Exo & Blackpink (2 months ago)
Lars Young ok thank you do you how much I’ll will have 2 pay?
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Exo & Blackpink I’m sorry to hear that. Send them an email. Hopefully they will get back to you within the 2 days you have to ship. If not it’s definitely going to count against you.
Alex Flores (2 months ago)
Stockx usually send photos of where there worn see email they will show u pictures where the signs of wear are
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Alex Flores this was long before they started attaching images to the email.
B Bop (2 months ago)
I think they mad at you bro they know after you sell so much they have to follow through with knocking them fees down and you make more money after you sold so much 🤦🏾‍♂️
Lars Young (2 months ago)
B Bop that’s deep
B Bop (2 months ago)
Somebody was a fucking hater and didn't wanna see that sale go through 😂💀 so what's going on I think the person bought em for 400 found em for cheap and wanted to cancel the order so bad and stock X did that, what imma do if I ever sell on there I'll be taking pictures of my shoes before I send em to them because thats straight bs
JohnsonBoy Sr (2 months ago)
Brother I know this is an old video but I wanna let you know that whoever look at the shoes & said they had been worn had to be partially blind or something cause those shoes are brand new from what I see. It wasn’t nothing but the devil bro that didn’t want you to make that money!
Lars Young (2 months ago)
JohnsonBoy Sr lol...tell me about it
Z Spot (2 months ago)
Bro, just resell them later. They’re not “worn” at allll!
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Z Spot I was thinking the same thing...but I don’t want to risk getting a bad rep if they send them back again
Henry Lo (2 months ago)
It’s human nature to makes mistakes. Its not you man.
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Henry Lo true
Justin West (2 months ago)
I got at least 20 pairs of sneakers from stock x I never had a problem
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Justin West lucky you
Cami T. (3 months ago)
Those definitely look dead stock, whoever must of looked at those did an ass job lmao 🤦‍♀️
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Cami T. Right
80sBABY (3 months ago)
Pull ya skirt down B
Lars Young (2 months ago)
80sBABY no skirts over here 💯
raypretty (3 months ago)
Dislike for having a stupid loud intro that hurt my ears
Lars Young (3 months ago)
raypretty my apologies. I will turn it down on my up and coming Videos. Thank you for pointing that out. I appreciate you. Thank you for stopping by my channel.
Jung Oh (3 months ago)
I sent my 1.0 ultra boost DS but my box I damaged badly lol would they send it back??
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Jung Oh smh
Arturo Perez (3 months ago)
Who knows what's up with them they sent me a pair of Jordan 11s with a tore up box
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Arturo Perez I’ve got some very bad boxes sent to me
michele brooks (3 months ago)
stockx did you dirty .... they sent them back cause they had consignment pairs which woulda meant they got a higher percentage than the straight fee (hence why they ain't charging you) SMH
Lars Young (2 months ago)
michele brooks that’s deep
Bruce Cobb (3 months ago)
I'm from Detroit and all I have to say is, WOW!!! Those shoes is brand new!! TFU!
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Bruce Cobb real talk
MagnificentMurac (4 months ago)
Stock X denied a pair that I bought from them. I decided after a couple months that I wanted other things more and posted them. They sold. I sent them back in the same exact condition. They came out the box for about 2 minutes twice, to inspect them. I was given the reason of: "Too Defective from the Manufacturer". This shoe was made in 2009. I bought them in 2018 and sold them in 2018. So chew on that one... I've bought and sold nearly 30 pairs each from them before this incident.
Lars Young (2 months ago)
MagnificentMurac wow...now that’s super crazy
nuchii87 (4 months ago)
Goat did me like that. Never sold on stock x
Lars Young (2 months ago)
nuchii87 wow
AlexG3 (4 months ago)
My Off White Jordan 1's failed the verification process too. On the email the reason was "Your item has too many variances when compared to authorized, retail items." Can someone explain what this means?
Lars Young (2 months ago)
AlexG3 wow
Kevin Advincula (4 months ago)
StockX quality control, customer service are BAD.
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Kevin Advincula true
Kevin Advincula (4 months ago)
Did you get the same pair ?????
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Kevin Advincula yes
Kevin Advincula (4 months ago)
Broo!!! StockX just did the same thing to me. I sent them my top3 Air jordan1 and it was denied due to *variations* I personally bought mine at ShoePalace. StockX employees NEEDS more schooling.
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Kevin Advincula smh
david dropski (4 months ago)
probably cuz they are ugly as hell
Raw Loke (1 month ago)
david dropski 😂😂😂
Lars Young (2 months ago)
david dropski probably! Lol
david dropski (4 months ago)
what the fuck is boos?
John Curtiss (5 months ago)
Meanwhile, they authenticated and sent me JTH 3s with creases in the right toebox. It looks like Timberlake did his super bowl "two minute warning" kneeling pose in them. "creasing like that could easily happen at retail, too, but you can just resell them on StockX if you want," they said.
Lars Young (2 months ago)
John Curtiss wow
Kyle (5 months ago)
Just got charged $112 because the box wasn’t “identical to authorized retailers”. Not cool stockx
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Kyle wow...I’m sorry to hear that
NeeFMandO (5 months ago)
I got the olive 6s from stock x. They were fake as I opened them a month later since I figured they were legit off top. Well before I stepped out the house in em I realized left was different than right. I sold them fake as shoes right back and they sent me to someone else. Never again
Lars Young (2 months ago)
kdjz68 smh
vjv1975 (5 months ago)
I think stock x has its own inventory of shoes I believe they do this to people so they can make that money their self.
Skinny Sam (5 months ago)
Any update on this ? I would have been mad man!
It's Kyuu (5 months ago)
I think stockx sets up fake buyers and know they are gonna send people's shit back before they even get it. Get a free 15% and you can't do anything about it. Scammin folks.
Ant Die (5 months ago)
Hes so butthurt lmfaooo it was probably just a misunderstanding, misplacement, or just a big error
Ryan Astorga (5 months ago)
Just curious why not sell those on eBay.
whoami Pro (5 months ago)
I’m feeling you, from the buyer point of view it’s good that they check the Sneakers strictly. But these joints are brand new. I can only think that around the holiday season they must’ve gotten so many authentications to be made, and not enough people who do the authenticate job. So stuff like this could happen. It is what it is and i totally understand you . But since they didn’t charge you those extra 15% because of your selling history and didn’t suspend the account rethink the fact of quitting the StockX thing, cause a lot of people are waiting to receive their order. And sellers like you are seem to be correct and loyal, and that is what a buyer expects!
Carlo Lim (5 months ago)
Goat is 100% better, no shady stuff the only thing i dont like about goat is the 2.9% paypal fee, stock x sometimes takes 5 days to authenticate, i dont understand why.. goat same day authenticate and u get payout quick..
uptown_enigma _ (5 months ago)
I had to send back a pair cement black 8s. because the suede was cooked in the front them and I don’t know how they sent them to me looking like they did in the first place
C. Dee (5 months ago)
The person that ordered the shoe, got the shoe, they just didn't get your shoes. StockX and the rest of those online companies are reseller's themselves. They have an inventory, and if the sale is that significant, they're sending yours back to you, and sending the customer a pair of their on hand inventory stock.
mike dodson (5 months ago)
C. Dee idk about that I just bought Jordan 11 pantone for 420 off stockx waited a week and then was refunded my money cuz they said the shoe didnt pass verification. Thought they suppose to find you the shoe at no price difference hmmmmmm.
cappachino007 (5 months ago)
If it sounds looks like a scam and sounds like a scam. Guess what?
hermy Johnsen Johnsen (5 months ago)
Thx for that. Like your vids
GRIZZ BONE (5 months ago)
I didn't c any close up visuals on the chrome. That shit could've been scuffed up or sumthin. Or there is something there we didn't c because u didn't give us a real close look at them joints. I've bought from Stock X so I am actually glad they r paying attention to the products that go through verification. If those shits are mint I'm sorry for you're issues.
Brendin Holder (5 months ago)
i’ll buy those 11.5 from you. no fees :D
Schmidt Lokz (5 months ago)
I’m on the other side, just bought some shoes, it said they didn’t pass the test now I got to buy another pair for more and I still got to wait a long ass time
aligboyakasha (5 months ago)
This man really came up with "vericate" tho
Suave sneakerhead (5 months ago)
Use goat to sell I like them better
Gio Sal (5 months ago)
if you bought the shoes before anyone tried them on at finishline, then you were right. if anyone tried it on, its not DS anymore. a process stockx uses is removing the insole. if the insole has any lint, dog hairs, or any kind of dirt, it wont pass verification.
jonnygunn100 (6 months ago)
9% of $400 StockX would’ve made $36 of that deal. But if StockX could come up with that same pair n size n sell it to the seller themselves then they would pocket the whole $400. That’s what think cause no company turns down money...Fr
Lars Kristian Johansen (6 months ago)
my name is Lars too!!!
Khoa Do (6 months ago)
what happens to the seller if they never ship the shoes ? i understand after 2 days they will get 15% charge penalty but what if they decide not to ship at all ? Probably banned for life but anything else ?
nickSx (6 months ago)
bullshit dude, just don't sell thru stockx
rickgsx1387 (6 months ago)
This is why I’m so hesitant to use these apps. You really don’t know who’s evaluating these shoes so, you have no idea what you’re getting. I guess if a shoe sells out, I’ll just be left out. I can’t mess with these apps!
daddybear2288 (6 months ago)
Wished there was a close up of the shoes or what part they said looked worn
clap starz (27 days ago)
they should send a pic of the wear they claim
M. Ben (6 months ago)
Damn they cleannn .. StockX is playing bruh
jansaa (6 months ago)
I really have second thoughs now selling at StockX. I mean, 2018 Jordan 1 x Off-White and if those don't pass the inspection the charge amount will be like a lot and shipping back to Europe. And I know for sure those have been out of the box just only for pictures and checking how they look in person. Good video, probably trying to figure some other way to sell them.
Melvin L (6 months ago)
Man wait for stockx manager or whoever is in charge see your video and be like "we did that". They got do way better then just open the box and say this are real or not. I've seen a video of what they do and I get it maybe there's a timing to checking alot of shoes through out the day but, people are looking money and customers just because of flaws. That shoe looks fucking legit. There's nothing better than doing things on your own.
Dwayne (6 months ago)
That's sucks fam, definitely DS pair of kicks.
Oe Masa (6 months ago)
sold a supreme gucci shirt that I personally purchased directly from the Supreme website and was returned to me saying that the shirt failed authentication smh
Juan Reyes Jr (6 months ago)
Glad I watched this cause I had my reservations about the entire authentication process. Never have done business with but I was even scare to send them my real shoes and have them keep them and send me some replicated pairs. I am willing to bet these middle men shoe distribution company’s will be on a 60 min report in years to come. Mark these words, one for the sneakers mania that’s been happening for sometime now and how some people have been scammed by some of these businesses. Thanks for the video
Nevan N (6 months ago)
Same happened to me with a pair of $820 bred yeezys. Was charged over $120 and got my account banned..
It's Kyuu (5 months ago)
Nevan Neerdaels i think stockx sets up fake buyers and know they are sending your shit back before they even get it to make that free 15%. Scammin.
Fernando Medina (6 months ago)
I sold 2 of the same supreme item on stockX that I purchased from the same seller. One passed the other one they shipped back because it "didn't pass authentication" and threaten too charge me 15% of the sale and suspend my account. I emailed asking where things didn't check out, Never got a response and made me stop selling on there too. I know how you feel.
G0BLiN (6 months ago)
Why am I watching this I only use GOAT
isma ruiz (6 months ago)
looks pretty wore out to me in my opinion 💀
frawley sales (6 months ago)
I sold a supreme t shirt that was still in the bag that was still sealed that I got directly from the app and I got them back with a email that said that it was used and when I got it back it was taken out of the bag
frawley sales (6 months ago)
I sold a supreme t shirt that was still in the bag that was still sealed that I got directly from the app and I got them back with a email that said that it was used and when I got it back it was taken out of the bag
frawley sales (6 months ago)
I sold a supreme t shirt that was still in the bag that was still sealed that I got directly from the app and I got them back with a email that said that it was used and when I got it back it was taken out of the bag
R L (6 months ago)
I have a lot of respect for you. Though I do not have nearly the amount and quality sneakers you have, but I have enough and I’m passionate about every shoe I chose to purchase because it’s just my thing. I love your passion for sneakers! Keep doing your thing!👍🏽🙌🏽 I’m not much of a social media person, but I’m on here from time to time and I enjoy your content because of your passion. Keep giving us authentic.👌🏽 Much respect.🙂
Nuhxy (6 months ago)
Had to have been some mixup lol some autistic nigga must’ve checked those shoes if it wasn’t a mixup 😂
Jay Walker (6 months ago)
It's a conspiracy man! Lol but seriously what a bummer knowing that you missed/got scammed for your sale. But If I were you I would try to send the XI's and some money! Great video and content, but sorry for your situation.
Frozenfire2244 (6 months ago)
You Fr read every comment I like that dedication keep it up man
Atro 2000 (6 months ago)
Check rn there’s a bid for 440 try it again😂
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Atro 2000 smh
Jeffrey Garcia (6 months ago)
If ice cube was a sneakerhead
Raw Loke (1 month ago)
Jeffrey Garcia 😂😂😂
Lars Young (2 months ago)
Jeffrey Garcia lol
Alex Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Jeffrey Garcia he looks more like Lil Eazy E
O MRNO (6 months ago)
I got tge same letter on some GS jordan fear 4 that I sold for 350. Said that it was fake I bought these from "mike the compass" "a sneaker life" they fucked me over their mistake
illskilled1 (6 months ago)
O MRNO or he sold you fakes
Xavi Kousemaker (6 months ago)
I bought 2 timed live"s jordan 4 ones for 1.0 k and for 1.2 k I got twice a email that they were fake
Jb_1999 (6 months ago)
They sent my stuff back to even when they came with retail receipts fuck stock x
Kyle K.S. Startin (6 months ago)
Bro, they've sent back two DS pairs of Jordan XI's. Something with the glue blah blah. Stuff I have no control of, so that was disappointing. But, took a pair of IX's that I was certain weren't going to pass due to age yellowing, but did. Just never know, I guess.
billy raine (6 months ago)
hahaha VERICATE Lars you had me rollin! but they def need to step their game up if they call these worn.. I'd repost on stockx and see if they authenticate/vericate them as DS the next time
James Tucker (6 months ago)
they look pretty perfect ..stock x dumb ass employees
nalong55 (6 months ago)
Still got these!? I’ll buy them!
Javi Bece (6 months ago)
I tried on a yeezy i sold on stock x and it passed lol
evan schneider (6 months ago)
Same thing happened to me, twice they rejected one for the same reason as you meanwhile they were ds and were turned around & sold on goat the same day. Another pair they rejected for missing a shoe tree. Meanwhile goat doesn’t care about shoe trees. As far as goat between stock x there’s no comparison. Goat customer service is awful. Takes them days to get back to you and it’s like they don’t even read the emails. Stock x customer service gets right back to you same day. Trying not to deal with goat as much anymore.
Gmaxxx (6 months ago)
Crazy to think they claimed it wasn’t “fit” for deadstock condition. Who do they got working in the authentication dept., Ray Charles? Hope you got a chance to sell em though. It’s cool to see how you cared more about the person who didn’t get em then selling them at all, that’s mad humble of u! Subscribed!
makinemshweet (6 months ago)
Looks like a StockX employee swooped on the sale.
Lars Young (2 months ago)
makinemshweet smh
kenzo Hipster (6 months ago)
Thats crazy bro,
TheDaego23 (6 months ago)
Never had an issue with stock x, one time authentication took 2 days during Christmas time. But with over 20 sales never had an issue!
Lars Young (2 months ago)
TheDaego23 nice. Keep up the great work
Khoa Do (6 months ago)
what happens to the seller if they never ship the shoes ? i understand after 2 days they will get 15% charge penalty but what if they decide not to ship at all ? Probably banned for life but anything else ?
JAMAR - P (6 months ago)
Yea bro first time i did I try to sale some space jams 11s send right back to me so I just stick with eBay now
David Coyote (6 months ago)
Do you have the same shoe in 9 or 9.5?
Lars Young (2 months ago)
David Coyote I wish I did for you