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StockX Sent My Kicks Back!!!

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Text Comments (459)
Miguel Labenita (19 hours ago)
I felt something like this I bought a pair of shoes off stock X but the seller never shipped them and Stock X never gave me an email or warning that the seller didn’t ship because it was gone on the pending page. They never emailed me that they were going to refund me. I had to email them. I legit thought I just lost 200 dollars.
JuggaloSupreme (1 day ago)
I had to stop watching 20 seconds in. I was getting nauseous watching him rock back and forth over and over and over... Nervous?? 😓 Remember when people bought shoes to wear them?
Lars Young (1 day ago)
JuggaloSupreme lol...I completely understand. I’m working on that. Thanks for the 20 seconds of your time and thank you for the comment. I appreciate you. 🙏🏾👊🏾
Wriickardoh (4 days ago)
It took 5 1/2 minutes to even open the box and you didn’t show the shoes up close.... waste of my time 👎
Jolin Adkinson (4 days ago)
Get paid today finna treat my self with some ds aqua 8s gs 🙌🏾
Shane Smith (5 days ago)
They did the same thing with my shadow ones said they where worn
Steve English (6 days ago)
What a drawn out video, get to them eat and potatoes and as a consumer of StockX I would rather them be safe than sorry for my protection. Get over it.
Axel Marino (6 days ago)
But they passed me off 3 pairs of unlaced, tried on human races and a pair was scuffed and they told me they were good. StockX is not whats up. 950 spent on shoes that i wasnt able to put my foot in first.
Cheeziemacaroni 23 (6 days ago)
bro that stupid THose obviously NEW.. your not tripping. . Ive heard people say that they don't take there time during there authenticating process, like they kind of just glance rush threw looking at the sneakers. . I bought a pair from stockX that you can tell were tried on maybe walked around the house a little with some like dried grass or something on the insole, some Jordan Banned 1's. with damaged box. Im like i just spent $400 on some Almost ds sneakers. wtf... Im hesitant to even buy from them anymore.. I wear size 11.5 i would buy from you though..
Jimmy Bacas (6 days ago)
I mean, they have online ads with that Yeezy Busta dude. RED FLAG all day
Tony Effin Nguyen (6 days ago)
Yooo that shit happened to me too!! Same email and all
Karan Bothra (7 days ago)
Same shit happened to me just last week. Ridiculous!!
French Carpenter (7 days ago)
They have sent me used shoes bro they are full of shit
Angel Hernandez (7 days ago)
Happened to me too with a supreme tee, but they have great customer service but it’s weird how they didn’t send it through
Nick Leone (8 days ago)
They refunded me 3 times in a row on a supreme red headband that said it was fake 3 times in a row now one time I understand but 3 times
Mello Minati (8 days ago)
LilFlakko_ (9 days ago)
Y’all is dumb theirs a big ass scuff on the right shoe
Ryann Simmons (10 days ago)
Somebody def dropped the ball on that
Fvshion (11 days ago)
Bro I bought a supreme shirt from the actual store they sent it back saying it’s fake like those people are clearly slow af
Kevin Lee (11 days ago)
I sold a pair of beluga 1.0s on stockx. they sent them back and said they didnt find anything indicating the sneaker was fake but they couldnt tell. I sent them my email showing they were legit and they blocked me from selling on stockx. sold the sneakers on goat with no issues.
Eric G (12 days ago)
I had shoes sent back because I had clear packing tape on the box lid about 2 by 1 inch tape that was from where I got them shipped out from
Ryan Bonilla (12 days ago)
When a hypebeast product is sold by a hypebeast company that has hypebeast employees, you get hypebeast quality of service.
JONxDON (13 days ago)
Sold a pair of DS retro concords from 00-01, and they shipped back because the box wasnt damaged... but for the fact that the box was fading.... NEVER AGAIN
MR. D Celstn (13 days ago)
the only thing is the paper on top was all crumpled up, they probably didnt even lift it up smh
Lucinda Gray (14 days ago)
It seems like it was an obvious rush job, 🤔! Send an email & see what they say & ask WHO inspected it! See if you can resell it on stockxx, if not then see if you can sell it somewhere else perhaps, 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️! I had recently bought the Air vapor max plus tn metallic gold a couple of days ago so I'll see how it goes!
2way bklyn (14 days ago)
Wow that's some madness. I wonder if you sent them back under someone else name and another address if it would pass. I say that cause i feel who ever checked those boost was high as hell and dropped the ball but didn't drop the blunt i bet. No joke real BS
Gerber Blue (15 days ago)
Stock X has the worst customer service EVER! never spending money on that site ever AGAIN.
jim smith (16 days ago)
Ya fucked stock x. Ppl do t know shit there. Don’t fuck with them bro.
Larry Dogan II (16 days ago)
Around the holiday they get busy. What they most likely did was mix up yours with some one else's...but because yours are tagged to your account. You recieved your exact pair back. It's just a case of haste...I would have put them right back up on the site for sale.
dennis hernandez (16 days ago)
Your fit hella matches those shoes too. 🌀🌀🌀
dennis hernandez (16 days ago)
You sold beaters bro?
BetterThanIt (17 days ago)
Weird- it’s tough when you have people authenticating anything. It’s subjective. I’ve heard stories about StockX authenticating fake shoes. A couple of we’ll know sneaker heads Corgi Shoe and Witherspoon accuse them of authenticating fakes.
Fat Papi (17 days ago)
do youtubers get paid for longer videos?? this didn't need to be 13 mins... but yea i think they sent it back and sold the customer a shoe they had in stock.... they do keep their own stock right???
ThatDudeHippi3 (17 days ago)
Dirty shoes if you standing back over 5 ft from the camera. Turn down that trash music too bruh
supreme._. sale (20 days ago)
I sold a dead stock supreme box logo in original packaging to StockX and they sent it back saying it was fake. About a month later I asked my mom to make an account and I sent it back and attempted to sell it again it was perfect then I had no issues and got my pay check. StockX messes up a lottt.
drew weber (20 days ago)
glad i found your channel. I’m glad i’m not the only one that stock X has pulled this type of crap on. I sold the og Off White prestos for 2 bands and got charged the 15%. it was almost 300
lilczey6 (21 days ago)
Happened to me too Nan goldin Supreme tee still in bag unopened and they said it smelled like cologne
Richard Swanton (22 days ago)
Fuck resellers and fuck this guy
dredark day (24 days ago)
I don't fuck with stock x no more, too many of these stories, I got a buddy that got fakes from them, they got those stupid weird charges, FUCK STOCK X, this video put me over the top, those DUMBASSES. don't know what they doing, yo, even finish line sent me used Ultra Boosts, they're taking them back but damn, just to many of these stories and stock x is the worse, as far as I've heard and experienced, peace boss
karldelta (25 days ago)
Stockx is Con Company they sell me fake supreme hoodie
djsmoovcuttz (26 days ago)
Bruh the messed up part is they just sent me a used CREASED pair. Crazy just crazy.... smh
Wontonsoup _ (26 days ago)
This is why i use goat
SlobberTV (26 days ago)
When you opened the shoe box I saw some writing and stockx is super super sensitive to little things like that. They will take a cut if the box is damaged. Like look on the bottom left on the inside of the lid when the shoe box is open. Idk if that was originally their.
Techy Tomboi (27 days ago)
4:30 to the unboxing - your welcome
Indo Chimps (27 days ago)
Man, I sold a Bape/adidas shirt on StockX. I sent the shirt as soon as I received it from adidas still in the original plastic unopened. I got an email a few days later it failed authentication due to odor. When I received it back, first thing I did was smell it and it smelled like a new shirt. I just sold a pair of Supreme Nike Gato on StockX and I hope it goes well this time.
harry adam (27 days ago)
I sold my supreme Jordan hat for 300 on stock and it was dead stock and they said it was warn
resk Smith (27 days ago)
Stock x was hating they didn't wanna see u make profit that's bullshit I'm glad I don't buy / sale shoes from them or goat
Joshua Singh (28 days ago)
Ive sold worn shoes on stockx lol they stupid
Tony Tone (28 days ago)
How much you wanna bet some idiot at stockx thought the toebox was bent meanwhile that’s the shape of the shoe
Jordan Fowler (28 days ago)
VERICATE .. u just made a new word my dude.. VERIFIED AUTHENTICATE
kensta2468 (28 days ago)
Because you’re a theif.
Nicholas Crumble (29 days ago)
They sent me some fakes smh everything passed except for TWO THINGS the tag was missing a group of numbers and the jump mans on the back didnt match and werent stitched well. They also obviously bad wear. I EMAILED STOCK X. INSTEAD OF ASKING FOR PROOF! OR SAYING SEND THEM BACK THEY ONLY ASSURED ME THEY WERE AUTHENTIC. GOING BACK AND FORTH NOW I DONT BELIEVE THEYRE REAL NOR AM I HAPPY WITH THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE KINDA FEELING LIKE FUCK STOCKX RN
Nicholas Crumble (29 days ago)
I got some shoes from stockx Powder 10s they were fake...smh i kept the tag on how do i send them back?
Nol de Roos (29 days ago)
Change the music up for topics like this'.
Kami Gonads (30 days ago)
They sent me a supreme bag in just a packing slip had glue all over it from it melting into the bag because they took it out og packaging first & last time with stock x
Arberthecool (30 days ago)
Why is your continental tag all messed up if its 'ds'
Mark Brown (30 days ago)
This is the exact reason I haven't sent my Air max Sean Witherspoon in to them yet. Because the corner of the box has a small dent straight from Nike and I don't know if they will refuse
Smurf Sti (30 days ago)
ESTE D (30 days ago)
Stock X need to start drug testing employees
j Chief (1 month ago)
what an inconvenience.. shame. Wish stockX woulda sent my dude back his sale, got some kicks w a pinkish stain on light swede 💀 they hating out there fr, got Ray Charles on the verification floor 😎 lmao
Jersey Mac (1 month ago)
If you’ve ever seen the videos of how stock x operates, you gotta know there aren’t nearly enough eyes in that place to make their authentication process error proof. It’s impossible. I ordered a pair of Human Races recently and idk how tf these shoes got pass their verification. Soon as I opened the box I was like man hell naw lol. Somebody definitely wore them and then cleaned the shit outta them. Sent them back ASAP
s1ckkkKKK (1 month ago)
sickkkkkkkkkkkkk music bro !
— AdidasGawD — (1 month ago)
Makes me nervous I just sold my nike off white zoom flys on stock x they have had them 2 days and I know they are ds, I couldn’t try them on they were 2 sizes big so no foot in them... no money yet or communication from them.. fml
Thahorseyy (1 month ago)
Ive sold yeezys with hella sock lint and they accepted
Drew xP (1 month ago)
Stock X are frauds, they shipped my Pirate Black 350's said they were authenticated. I sent the pair back to sell and said they are fake. I had RIF LA/SF and Solesupremacy legit check this pair and it was confirmed fake. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH STOCK X!!!
sparkymike83 (1 month ago)
How can you tell it’s deadstock from this camera angle. Even if you were in the same room across the table you wouldn’t be able to tell without closeups.
stephen mondala (1 month ago)
My account got suspended for buying a jordan 5 wings and not providing a id
Zac Zac (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/O-LMYh8dX4k I purchased fakes from stockx
Austin Edwards (1 month ago)
Need to asked what indication made them looked worn
K1ney (1 month ago)
Never gonna be selling on stockx anymore.
K1ney (1 month ago)
That's so bullshit from stockx side. The should be People working there that knows something
all things world of warcraft (1 month ago)
its because of the box bro xs
gerald dorrian (1 month ago)
probably a paid video meant to instill confidence in the authentification process for new stock x customers
Alexplayzz 123 (1 month ago)
This is what happens to us resellers out here! I just text with people and negotiate, and then send the shoes
Chris G (1 month ago)
First time I bought from them last week, the seller didn't even ship. Waited a week just to receive an email that the seller is on some B.S. and didn't ship. They gave me a refund so I have to wait another week and hope this seller ships this time.
sinatra_vapes (1 month ago)
Damn I was about to buy a pair of airforce one foamposites on stockx but now after seeing this video and a few others saying stockx are selling fake sneakers I don't know what to do.
Zac Zac (2 months ago)
And stockx passed sneakers I purchased and they were fake
2way bklyn (14 days ago)
Are serious they passed you fakes?????
Zac Zac (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/O-LMYh8dX4k fakes from stockx
Zac Zac (2 months ago)
I think the person who purchased them probably had a change of mind and told stockx they had signs of being worn
Zac Zac (1 month ago)
I don’t think so they sent me same email after I sent fakes back
dadephatstax (1 month ago)
This would have happened before they shipped them to the buyer
Classic Sneekz (2 months ago)
You look sexy
Carlos Vizcaino (2 months ago)
It might have been the smell of the shoe, that’s their first test.
NoYou (2 months ago)
Due to signs of “were” BITCH WERE
Justweg (2 months ago)
This is why you shouldnt sell on stockx, their service can be douchebags sometimes, on goat, even if they aint deadstock, you can still ship a pair to em and sell it.
clap starz (2 months ago)
they should send a pic of the wear they claim..too much tech these days to not prove your rejections
Abe2Great (3 months ago)
Maybe the sole looked tried on from a store? That’s hella weird regardless of them not looking like a full on 100% state of the art business somethings up it might just be an excuse to not sale them.
BULL1TRC Jr (3 months ago)
Corporate America gotta chill with all these fees damn they about to charge fees for breathing mfs
Jorge Perez (3 months ago)
the box was all written on, maybe thats why
Sierra Dray (3 months ago)
Sent them human race china exclusive gold.they said they fake.and kept them
Shuruni (3 months ago)
Subscribe to my channel guys ;)
b (3 months ago)
idc if there worn a few times...as long as you didn't step in doo doo or jizzed on em I'd buy em...
henry brown (3 months ago)
Stock x be fucking up doe
John B. (3 months ago)
Damn and the ad before the video is from stock X
Zack T. (3 months ago)
Man I wore some pair of NMDs like 10 times in my home and still sold them bitches on StockX and they passed...
Exo & Blackpink (4 months ago)
Hi I have a question I mistakenly sold the wrong size on StockX in I’m not sure of what 2 do next tried getting in touch with them multiple times in no reply should I just send them any ?
Exo & Blackpink (4 months ago)
Lars Young ok thanks again for the help
Lars Young (4 months ago)
Exo & Blackpink I don’t know exactly...but I’m sure you can Google it to find out any more info.
Exo & Blackpink (4 months ago)
Lars Young ok thank you do you how much I’ll will have 2 pay?
Lars Young (4 months ago)
Exo & Blackpink I’m sorry to hear that. Send them an email. Hopefully they will get back to you within the 2 days you have to ship. If not it’s definitely going to count against you.
Alex Flores (4 months ago)
Stockx usually send photos of where there worn see email they will show u pictures where the signs of wear are
Lars Young (4 months ago)
Alex Flores this was long before they started attaching images to the email.
B Bop (4 months ago)
I think they mad at you bro they know after you sell so much they have to follow through with knocking them fees down and you make more money after you sold so much 🤦🏾‍♂️
Lars Young (4 months ago)
B Bop that’s deep
B Bop (4 months ago)
Somebody was a fucking hater and didn't wanna see that sale go through 😂💀 so what's going on I think the person bought em for 400 found em for cheap and wanted to cancel the order so bad and stock X did that, what imma do if I ever sell on there I'll be taking pictures of my shoes before I send em to them because thats straight bs
JohnsonBoy Sr (4 months ago)
Brother I know this is an old video but I wanna let you know that whoever look at the shoes & said they had been worn had to be partially blind or something cause those shoes are brand new from what I see. It wasn’t nothing but the devil bro that didn’t want you to make that money!
Lars Young (4 months ago)
JohnsonBoy Sr lol...tell me about it
Z Spot (4 months ago)
Bro, just resell them later. They’re not “worn” at allll!
Lars Young (4 months ago)
Z Spot I was thinking the same thing...but I don’t want to risk getting a bad rep if they send them back again
Henry Lo (4 months ago)
It’s human nature to makes mistakes. Its not you man.
Lars Young (4 months ago)
Henry Lo true
Justin West (4 months ago)
I got at least 20 pairs of sneakers from stock x I never had a problem
Lars Young (4 months ago)
Justin West lucky you
Cami T. (5 months ago)
Those definitely look dead stock, whoever must of looked at those did an ass job lmao 🤦‍♀️
Lars Young (4 months ago)
Cami T. Right