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StockX Sent My Kicks Back!!!

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Text Comments (858)
avthegod (4 hours ago)
Lol I wore my Jordan 12s and sold them to stockx and it passed the test🤣🤣
Dominic Pettway (15 hours ago)
Ray Charles must've checked those. They are definitely deadstock.
Weston Ken (1 day ago)
smell the inside of the shoe
Arturo Bolanos (2 days ago)
Almost lost me when you said "vericate"....
SolePatrol (3 days ago)
They don’t have a phone number for a reason. Stock x is going to end up going downhill.
John Saksa (3 days ago)
What the hell are you complaining about the same thing happened to me and they took the 15% charging me over $200 at least you didn't get charged back
John Saksa (3 days ago)
Shoes that were originally purchased off of stockx that had all of the stockx Authentication. they were good enough to buy from them but not good enough to resell on and basically called fakes even after being purchased from stockx before. Since they want to charge me $200 and basically accused me of selling fake shoes I'm re moving all of my listings and going to sell through Goat instead
luis rodrigues (6 days ago)
Fuck StockX sold me some fake Jordan retro 11
NICKY GLASSES (7 days ago)
Just to Varcade lol 😂
Brosef (7 days ago)
Goat > StockX
Gacha Queenz (8 days ago)
that's some bullshit. What ever happened? Did you send a letter to upper management at StockX?
MrsRandomMadeMeDoIt (8 days ago)
People make mistakes.. obviously a DS shoe the guy handeling the shoe at stockx just made a mistake.. happens
E.E O (8 days ago)
We fucking see it man. Goddam. Repeated that like a million times. YALL SEE THAT, YALL SEE THAT, LOOK, LOOOK. YALL LOOKING.. YALL SEE.. JESUS CHRIST
E.E O (8 days ago)
+Lars Young😂😂😂😂🤘🤘🤘🤘
Lars Young (8 days ago)
E.E O thanks for seeing and thanks for the comment.
kevin dellatore (9 days ago)
So basically. Stock X can decide if they want to say your shoes don't meet their standards and then charge YOU for it. Lol what? That's a great way to have someone charge back their credit card and force them to pay all fees.
Rawlf alex (9 days ago)
Lately StockX has been messing up
Lars Young (8 days ago)
Rawlf alex seems like it
Radar Rubenstein (10 days ago)
I purchased a pair of Jordan 3 Retro Chlorophyll and they were worn with creases and glue marks on the rear jump man tabs. One of the jump men had a glue eye. I contacted them and after 9 back and forth emails with photos they gave me a $20.00 off code. I wasn't happy so they gave me another $20.00 off code. I'm not happy, they suggested that I could sell them on their sight. They can kiss my ass. I'm unsure if I'm going to do business with them again. I purchased a total of 9 shoes from them all Jordans most of them J3's with creases. They're coming from shoe stores. The right shoe has the more defined crease. Thanks for the video. And the top of the box was split.
Grum Pee (11 days ago)
Last time I checked, ebay is still up and running. Wtf is a stock x?
sugershane420 (11 days ago)
be safe with stock x they funny and the owner is a weird guy
sugershane420 (11 days ago)
they banned me for no dumb reason dont trust them no they to big a company now no care or customer service
sugershane420 (11 days ago)
yea they trash I hate stockx
KR0WNTHEK1NG (12 days ago)
Bro i had the same thing happen to me with stock x with a new pair of retro 10 paris
Mathew Kelne (12 days ago)
I got a pair of zebras straight from the adidas drop. I sold them on goat first and they sent them back and said they were fake. I then sold them in stockx and everything went completely fine. I was so confused but idk lol.
Ericko (12 days ago)
They pulled the same bullshit and same email word by word and returned my AJ1 New Loves 2017. This company is tripping they’re a little bit too anal
Junior Zambrano (13 days ago)
They been sending fakes to people
Jordan Forney (16 days ago)
Little late, but I sold a pair of 2011 Concord 11s on StockX a few weeks ago. I was contacted and told that the materials were inconsistent with their authentic pair and that they were deemed unauthentic. I literally purchased the shoes while I was a Nike employee working at the Nike HQ Employee store in Beaverton, OR. The shoes were vacuum sealed from the day I purchased them until now. It doesn’t get more authentic than that. StockX is whack for that and I won’t be using them in the future.
marco marco (16 days ago)
Same thing happened to me with Nike sb they suck ...
Erika Russell (16 days ago)
It could’ve been tried on a few times if you went to a store in person to get them if you look inside they can tell by the lint if someone worn it or tried it on I like to get them online from the manufacturer site
Gui Serr (17 days ago)
so stock X sucks?
ALLFOOTBALLZ (18 days ago)
I got a stock x ad 😂🤣🤣
Lars Young (18 days ago)
daniel nguyen (18 days ago)
They actually stained a homies supreme hoodie that was brand new and sent it back and gave him that exact email smh
Cheech Chong (18 days ago)
Get to thr point god damn . This is cringy af
Lars Young (18 days ago)
Cheech Chong thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the comment.
AAG (19 days ago)
Stockx sold their own pair instead of yours. You said yourself it was a $400 sell. Stockx is full of shit they also post fake bids to drive the price up.
jrlecato1 (19 days ago)
Lars... What you waiting for.... Lars.com sounds like the answer?
jrlecato1 (2 days ago)
View my video... Please
jrlecato1 (18 days ago)
Hit me up.... jrlecato@gmail.com
Lars Young (18 days ago)
jrlecato1 lol...that does have a ring to it.!
Anthony Brooks (20 days ago)
That shows a humans error
Lars Young (18 days ago)
Anthony Brooks indeed
ebola moinkey 69 (26 days ago)
Stop fucking swaying
on god God (26 days ago)
That's why I don't Fuck with StockX to much bull shit bruh!!!! Shit bruh do you got some retro 16 or 17 !!!!
Evgeny Zbirun (27 days ago)
I sold one Nmd Pharrell with dusty bottom and they shipped me back, I cleaned them and sold again and it worked
Evgeny Zbirun (27 days ago)
And they never ship in used box
Evgeny Zbirun (27 days ago)
If they tell you that they are used they also send you pictures of the spots , you maybe did the fake video just to get hype
Evgeny Zbirun (27 days ago)
Lars Young oh , okey , that makes sense
Lars Young (27 days ago)
Evgeny Zbirun no need for me to do fake videos. This video is over a year old and they didn’t take pictures and send them back them.
Don Hrks (28 days ago)
This lets you know their process is flawed so you can imagine other issues
Marlik Evans (29 days ago)
If stockx feels like they can’t make money off the shoe or they already have enough pairs of that specific shoe they’re going to send it back to you
fuhjrvr (29 days ago)
I swear stock x isn’t perfect but they fuck up too many times. I see a lot of people being in the same situation. It’s getting annoying
Timothy Mack (30 days ago)
Damn someone VMware gonna buy those for $400.. that crazy
JMac The Fanatic (1 month ago)
he doesnt look like cube his voice is similar
Blink Da Link (1 month ago)
I'm going to go ahead and assume they sent them back due to the sticker and writing on the inside of box. The sneakers themselves look good but the box isn't "factory".
Vincent Lyles (1 month ago)
Obviously StockX a seller only seems like nobody sold something there as was paid if so please tell mev
See Forwards (1 month ago)
Well there is my answer I was about to use stockx but thanks for this video I getting 2nd guesses
robert alvarado (1 month ago)
I would be hesitant too. Unbelievable. They’re dead stock.
simon heywood (1 month ago)
Madness. StockX are a bunch of jokers.
Yusuf Baloch (1 month ago)
It’s because the box had writing in it!
Lars Young (8 days ago)
Yusuf Baloch 🤷🏾‍♂️
Pat Tvl (1 month ago)
I think it's because of the writing inside the shoe box.
Lars Young (8 days ago)
Pat Tvl 🤷🏾‍♂️
Gregory Cornett (1 month ago)
Same thing happened to me. Turned and sold same shoes on ebay!!!! Couldn't understand why since shoes were brand spanking new and unworn. Don't really fool with stockx anymore.
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Gregory Cornett wow
Russ Anthony (1 month ago)
They just did this to me and took the 15% because my hoodie I sent them had a miniscule hair on it. cunts. I wont use them again now.
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Russ Anthony smh
Xbox lIErroR (1 month ago)
They Take Yours and put Fakes from wish in there ..
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Jeremy Stöhr oh no
John Rayez (1 month ago)
I've heard nothing but negative stuff about stockx
John Rayez (1 month ago)
+Lars Young i cant say much but all the videos I see are bad.
Lars Young (1 month ago)
John Rayez StockX is more Good than bad I’m my opinion
Matthew Wiley (1 month ago)
This is NOT Ice Cube ?
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Matthew Wiley no
matt shoots fadez (1 month ago)
i hope they punish the idiot who reviews this shit imagine having to pay 15% to get it back ? GTFO FUCK STOCK X
Syed Ammar Abbas (1 month ago)
Vericate 😂
Adam deSousa (1 month ago)
Happened 2 times with sz 13 Kobes for me, graffiti and Bruce lee, both ds and they said signs of wear. They also randomly sent me a fake pair of bred 11s sz 11.5. I tried to sell back and they sent back to me saying they weren’t authentic...I don’t get what they are doing over there sometimes!
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Adam deSousa smh
Jose Rios (1 month ago)
How can we buy shoes from you man ? Would love to !
Lars Young (1 month ago)
I also sale on eBay. Seller Name: 2FreshOutTheBox
LAnewyork (1 month ago)
I honestly think they might of had a charge back from a customer and had to send it back with some excuse. I know a legit check guy and they don’t give a fuck when they working. they supposed to legit check 50 pairs an hour.
Lars Young (1 month ago)
LAnewyork wow
Yorkshire Pudding (1 month ago)
Even matches your outfit too
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Yorkshire Pudding I didn’t even notice. lol
Yorkshire Pudding (1 month ago)
Probably sent them back because they don't want you to sell them lol
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Yorkshire Pudding lol
Mannsy83 (1 month ago)
Busta Rhymes into kicks?
22k 22k (1 month ago)
Stockx accepted my shoe I sold to them. Nike off white zoom fly I wore it for 1 hour foam was creased lol even though it worked in my favor fuc stockx is sketchy
Lars Young (1 month ago)
22k 22k wow
kongzillagod (1 month ago)
This sneaker game is stupid already I rather buy balenciaga before I give Adidas 400 bucks
Lars Young (1 month ago)
kongzillagod 🤷🏾‍♂️
Marwen Kinga (1 month ago)
Dude the music sucks
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Marwen Kinga thanks
nat cope (1 month ago)
They did the same thing to me on a pair of sesames.
Lars Young (1 month ago)
nat cope wow
Mind Faq (1 month ago)
I can't even get any card to work on their site, it just keeps saying "Invalid or missing attributes on Credit Card" even though everything is correct..
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Mind Faq wow
ramosisaac1 (1 month ago)
Good feedback been on the fence about some of the authentication process taken there. Shoes are clean as hell thats forsure 😂
Drew C (1 month ago)
Did he say "vericate" ?? Lol
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Drew C yes I did...it was pretty funny. Lol
SNUBZ (1 month ago)
They dumb
deonfenbauer comments (1 month ago)
Stock x trash, never sell shit on there
SDAWG (1 month ago)
Another thing about stockx's bullshit is there box policy. I've gotten shoes where the box to the shoes had holes and tears in them. On the other hand I've had deadstock Jordans I wanted to sell but I can't, not through stockx because I'm not confident the shoes will pass there box requirements. I don't really care if the box is slightly damaged when I buy from stockx or anything but they should stop the double standard bullshit with the boxes!
SDAWG (1 month ago)
Man them obsidian's are NICE though!
Tong. 134 (1 month ago)
Just bought from stockx and got a flaw. They are suck!
Gerard Ramos (1 month ago)
this video out of focus asf u cant even tell, but looks blurry n new sure
david S (1 month ago)
Sell on your own 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻stock X... Why ya wanna give them a cut of your money anyway??? Makes no sense.
david S (1 month ago)
It was kinda good video, but it's not 😅🤣😁jk😜stock X is not 100% on the up and up. They've been well known for selling fake shoes. The shoe game has a creep on every corner. One out of every 10 people in the reseller market is a crook.
Christian Monreal (1 month ago)
Them look clean I see no sign of wear
Paige Walden (1 month ago)
I want them! They are sweet!
Golf Daily (1 month ago)
Man this is ridiculous that they would do it to a seller as loyal as you.😑
SmOkEmOnKeY9999 (1 month ago)
I sold an off white shirt on their for 170 and it wasn't worn, I did try it on and hung it up but I never threw anything away and when it sold they sent it back saying that it had an odor and it had a stain. I was pretty upset from that because it was still new and didn't have a stain or an odor. Im not sure if its because i forgot to reattach the tag but regardless it was a new shirt 100% clean.
Fire Heart (1 month ago)
My only guess is the bit of writing on the inside of the box, but 🤷‍♂️
Konkes (1 month ago)
ugly shoes in my opinion
Luke Kennedy (1 month ago)
They did this to me with two shoes
True Tunes (1 month ago)
Man StockX got their own Hidden Agenda 🤔
Kaden Rama (1 month ago)
I did have an incident similar to this I was the guy who didn’t receive the shoes. And it was right before my birthday
Dzyn (1 month ago)
dude i literally watched the vid for 1 min, and its not about the topic but damn dude you are sooo positive thats insane, i love it. <3
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Dzyn thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you
Big chungus (1 month ago)
Just open the god damn box
Lars Young (1 month ago)
It’s Me ok
Res GT (1 month ago)
Fk stockx man
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Res GT they cool
Trueminati (1 month ago)
The tissue paper looks old and used
From Chicago For Chicago (1 month ago)
Didnt happen to me but I seen my guy send them legit shoes straight from footaction and got back supposedly fake ones. I think stock x employees swap them for fakes or worn ones.
DRL Gaming (1 month ago)
Same thing happens to me
Ebram Fahmy (1 month ago)
Never had a problem...
Sam McLaurin (1 month ago)
same thing happened to me, i sold a pair of ultra boost 2.0 core blacks in dead stock condition that i bought from footlocker and they sent them back to me and i got the exact same email that you received.
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Sam McLaurin wow
begs100 (1 month ago)
Just went through this kinda crazy, I think they should show us a indepth look at the inspection process
Lars Young (1 month ago)
begs100 true
cruzandread (1 month ago)
You say you got them pairs from who? 🤔
Lars Young (1 month ago)
cruzandread true
cruzandread (1 month ago)
Lars Young yes Sir and considering some of the things being mentioned lately maybe them telling you they were worn was their way of not saying something wrong with these, due to you having a good seller history. Just saying, pure speculation.
Lars Young (1 month ago)
cruzandread FinishLine
junito crespo (1 month ago)
Amazing how real stock x can be. I never purchased shoes from them and won’t based off bad reviews.
Lars Young (1 month ago)
junito crespo StockX is actually very good. I’ve sold 145 shoes with them. I love StockX
myra de leon (1 month ago)
Stop shopping at FA, they may be the problem.
Lars Young (1 month ago)
myra de leon I did not get them form FA. I got them from FinishLine
Jeremy Jackson (1 month ago)
Ive never had stockx send shoes back, granted i only have 8 sales or so. Ive even sent a pair of AM 90 OG infrareds that i got on a random 2 pair restock off JimmyJazz that i could swear were display models. I also just sold a pair of Laser 1s 30th anniversarys that had slight yellowing on them, i was expecting these ones to come back but i got paid the same day they recieved them. Thats weird AF that they canceled your pair. I think some sneaky shit goes on behind the doors there.
Lars Young (1 month ago)
Jeremy Jackson keep up the great work.
Toronto416 (1 month ago)
Womp womp! You look like a guy that would get knocked for fugaga shit!