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Swim in a luxurious quarry-turned-pool

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A beautiful 50-acre estate in the heart of the Berkshires has one unique feature: a luxurious, heated, self-cleaning pool that was converted from an old limestone rock quarry.
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Text Comments (1189)
James Mason (12 days ago)
All the cynical comments! I say this guy is cool and has great taste. But the poster down below is right when he says the kids will sell it.
burgerboy does some shit (23 days ago)
Damn if I had this place I’d fucking sell it and buy 30 acres in the desert
Amythyst Parker (27 days ago)
Sure this isn't located in Fairfield County Connecticut? Looks like house in the Stepford Community.....
Keith Newton (27 days ago)
Was that his wife organ aging manican or a ventriloquist dumbie. My goodness she was odd eve the angle she sat at was odd.
sCARFACEfrOm305 (1 month ago)
I can faux rock all that.
Doug Bourdo (1 month ago)
Awesome use of the property.
Steve Sud (1 month ago)
How the stinking rich spend their money, oh boy.
Perich29 (2 months ago)
could have made the pool deeper so you can jump off cliff top into pool. I would have make the pool deeper myself if I own that land.
Jonatas Silva Amaro (2 months ago)
Que uma dessa Para mim !!!
da ne (3 months ago)
you ready red ? i wanna see how fast someone closes on it dont over pay, if you think it will work go for it ! its just property there lots of it!
Calder Dryden (3 months ago)
too much time in the pool and you start to look like a fish.
Escaping to the Philippines (3 months ago)
*Another pretentious millionaire ddiicckk head* Where's your Grey Poupon?
Pweeky de Jesus (3 months ago)
And then a man gets drunk
M Imran (3 months ago)
Pool of dreams.
thefilthelement (4 months ago)
3,500 sqft=modest?
Eliza DoLot (4 months ago)
I think it really is a mannequin.
Bernardo Martinez (4 months ago)
“It’s a modest home about 3500 square feet” yes sooooo small I feel sooooo bad for you
John Sanabria (4 months ago)
This was built from poor
Bill Smith (5 months ago)
They found her in one of the strata levels when they were cutting the stone to shape the pool.
captain caveman (5 months ago)
That sex robot next to him has a glitch..?
The Blue Rose in Winter (6 months ago)
One word for this home and pool.....WOW!
Al Bundy (6 months ago)
I wonder this peoples what kind job they do ? He must own several Hotels or several factories which he can make easy money , easy come easy goes .
Aden Maulana (6 months ago)
Sultan mah bebas
waterandafter (7 months ago)
Modest home?
Thomas Madison (7 months ago)
Hopefully when they die their kids will sell it to me. Muhahaha.
Rod Z (7 months ago)
I bet her crevasse is dry as a bone.
Rod Z (7 months ago)
That gal looks to be as cold as the water. OK, that was my contribution.
maineking94 (8 months ago)
It's like Weekend at Bernadette's.
Муса Кесаџија (8 months ago)
deniska0 (8 months ago)
Christian Flores (8 months ago)
One person's construction site is another's luxury site
X-Ray 911 (9 months ago)
Am I the only person here who thinks its awesome? There again, if people saw what I built with cheap Asian labour they'd probably lock me up. So I guess the thinking is the same just this guy probably has a lot more money than me.
eerohughes (9 months ago)
This pool better be heated or it'll be freezing
TheTwitterpatedlove (9 months ago)
disgusting rich people
Catherine H. (9 months ago)
M7x BlueDragon (9 months ago)
WOW, what a dream.
Christian O. Holz (9 months ago)
"a modest home at 350,000 square feet...". Oh yes, that's real modest
suzannehuang (9 months ago)
I think I saw something horrible 😐
michael engleman (9 months ago)
Think about what it took JUSt to do this here.now tell me the pyramids were built by the Egyptians with there rudimentary tools. Yeah NO WAY
T Rizzla (9 months ago)
A modest home? Most people in there entire life won’t get a chance to live or experience a home over 1500 square feet let alone a 3000 square foot home.
SAM GH (9 months ago)
why this guy have Mannequin next to him ?
국모닝 (9 months ago)
tom SHADY (9 months ago)
modest home of 3500 sq feet, 50 acres, quarry pool... hope the acid from the quarry gives you rich turds cancer
tripjet999 (9 months ago)
...except that, more often, it's like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJA7AO8lKGs
Scoot Geys (9 months ago)
should have been deeper so people can cliff jump
ن (9 months ago)
I love it, it's beautiful!!
TheDesertwalker (9 months ago)
The lady has had too much plastic surgery, that is all. It ruins fine facial expressions.
Leaders Of The Old School (9 months ago)
burymedeep 2093 (9 months ago)
Was she alive?
M S (9 months ago)
Another super rich jew bastard with millions of dollars while regular people have to work 2, 3, 4 jobs just to pay their basic bills.
Todd Coutu (9 months ago)
"Modest", only 3500 square feet.
Beet (9 months ago)
Youtube comment section is cancer. Heres a video about a nice pool and instead of commenting on that you make fun of the woman...
Olivia White (9 months ago)
Wow just wow
Robert Bryant Lock (9 months ago)
((( Goldstein )))
Kimm 65 (10 months ago)
Love it. Want one.
chaps (10 months ago)
Its awesome but why only seven feet deep I would have made it 20 feet deep
Berht Ulf (10 months ago)
i used to work in a quarry like that , this idea is awsome !
Robbie Jack (10 months ago)
It’s Massachusetts (my home state), I can only imagine what the “quarry pool tax” is. He’s probably also required to wear a hard hat in the pool.
Joseph Stalin (10 months ago)
Old rich lady trying to make herself look young just ended up making herself look like a corpse.
Fernando Gutierrez (10 months ago)
Beautiful pool
tipperary links (10 months ago)
I want a pool. And a quarry.
Aron (10 months ago)
If you live in such a place surrounded with stones you will also become a stone like his wife
Reinhardt (10 months ago)
I believe I'm the only one who gazed at the pool....It looks decent...not extraordinarily beautiful I'd say...
LBlush (10 months ago)
Wow. Lovely.
Alex (10 months ago)
Is the wife alive ?
avery neal (10 months ago)
Adopt me!!
afonsords (10 months ago)
legend has it the woman is still standing on that very rock
thomas wenzlawe (10 months ago)
----------- TIP TOP -----------
1hayes1 (10 months ago)
the hosts on westworld look more realistic than this woman
Haven (10 months ago)
modest home = 3500 square feet. JfcI hate rich people.
Aaron Hock (10 months ago)
20 bucks, best offer
Chloe Ng (10 months ago)
bet you he doesn't even swim in it
CriticallyObjective (10 months ago)
Imagine if this pool was made into a natural pool! Beautiful, but since it is kept clear with chlorine, still a no go for me.
Sam Lawrence (10 months ago)
Amazing what money can achieve...😐
Phyllis Budgeon (10 months ago)
Omg im in love with this beutiful place its heaven 😊
kisuna mayan (10 months ago)
the pool is actually stuning....good work
R P (11 months ago)
Mannequin Challenge
BookOfSuga (11 months ago)
Truther 48 (11 months ago)
Absolutely divine !
Earth Kitten (11 months ago)
You ruined it i liked it before it was green and natural. You spent all thst money to make it look cold and stuck up
Bruce Lee (11 months ago)
Dangerous pool LOL
Jeff Walsh (11 months ago)
I'll buy it!!!!!!!!
Judy Neptune (11 months ago)
This reminds me of a tomb raider level, it's soooo beautiful, i want this 😍😍❤️❤️👌👌
MiloYellowknee (11 months ago)
So many shitty comments - the man is lucky and really appreciates what he has - well done mr.!
JT 1200 (11 months ago)
Who said money don't buy u happy Ness it can also buy u a trashed mute wife lol
bizotically_yours83 (11 months ago)
That is an awesome pool!
Umitalia nyan (11 months ago)
This video is called CNN money because he did nothing and he is displaying his thousand dollar fake wife with that very very modest house and a pool (that I don't think he'll ever swim in it's probably just to show how rich he is)
LORDE 2729 (11 months ago)
lol womens just glitched
Andy Peterson (11 months ago)
You know that pool rarely gets swam in
Andy Peterson (11 months ago)
Bob Silver (11 months ago)
A Man and a Mannequin
Michael Fish (11 months ago)
A very modest 3500 square feet and a not so modest 350,000 in cosmetic surgery.
Vishnu K N (11 months ago)
Is the water coming from under ground(natural) or is it filled like conventional pools?
Luke Yellowtail (11 months ago)
3500 square feet is not modest. Your view of the home is modest
Gediminas Jesinas (11 months ago)
Old man has also expensive hooker
لا قناة (11 months ago)
You ha a 666 in the like
Mrs. G (11 months ago)
So this is what money can buy... beautiful. Gd 4 them
thingschange (11 months ago)
The most beautiful pool I’ve ever seen ❕❕❕
Humble one (11 months ago)
Wow nice , but why?
Andre Nedospelov (11 months ago)