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The Chase is On - 2016 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Recap

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It all started with 16 drivers on the streets of Chicago culminating with an epic ending on the beaches of Miami. See how the entire Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup went down! #TheChase
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Text Comments (719)
Benji destroyer 199 (19 days ago)
Are these real drivers
leostarchat Nim’s (23 days ago)
5:24 wat ? NOOOOO
leostarchat Nim’s (23 days ago)
Best n•2
Al Mcwhiggin (1 month ago)
2:26 XD
LJ Tolito (1 month ago)
They need to do this again
BENNEY (1 month ago)
2:28 😂😂😂😂
Mikes LaNd [B.S] (1 month ago)
WHAT IT IS?????!?!?!?!?
Brandon Wright (2 months ago)
more exciting than the entire 2019 season tbh
Evan Williams (2 months ago)
This has got to be stunt men, I don't think the drivers would do this.
Caleb Loera (2 months ago)
Do this if Jimmie Johnson makes the playoffs next season
Panda (2 months ago)
2:04 is no one going to point out how Kyle barson fell off a 6+ story building and everyone acts like nothing happened
Jack does GLMV (2 months ago)
They took the sprint cup championship name really seriously the drivers litteraly sprinted everywhere
DALIJA GYURITY (2 months ago)
tAmEz ZoDiAc (2 months ago)
Wish they would of done this again. And who were the people running cause the look very similar to the drivers too.
christopher elegbusi (2 months ago)
Jerry Tame (2 months ago)
Watched this after hearing Johnson is retiring at the end of 2020. Got a little tear in my eye at the ending. Seen Jimmie win 5 times at TMS and all 7 championships. This man is a living legend. Can't wait to see him in 2020.
Madden Miranowicz (2 months ago)
If you are watching this in 2019 and Kyle Busch one the final four we’ll KYLE is my favorite racer
Mason McGinley (2 months ago)
Who is still watching this
Retarded Productions (3 months ago)
Can they just make another one of these things plz!!!
Fast Racing Network (3 months ago)
im still watching this 3 years later Nascar u need to make these again
Stockcraft1011 (3 months ago)
Me and the boys doing the mile run
David Jolliffe (3 months ago)
Nathan Joscelyn (3 months ago)
Jimmie Johnson is stupid
David Jolliffe (3 months ago)
Do this again this was great
TheKligerFan (3 months ago)
Kyle Larson fucking fell off of a building and Brad Keselowski got attacked by a fucking bear
RIA Events (3 months ago)
were any of these drivers harmed in the making of this video?
JustThis Lucha (4 months ago)
Best thing I’ve seen all day 😂🤣💖
FIREBALL Games 09 (4 months ago)
Why cant thibgs like this happen every year
a dog (4 months ago)
Celeste Coggins (4 months ago)
I think this is 2019 at forever of the earth for up for the playoffs
SharpShark (4 months ago)
Did it happen for real?
Alpha Storm (4 months ago)
I guess that’s one way to keep your cardio up and test how far you can go
Nadia Khamo (5 months ago)
This is great
Georgie Narekat (5 months ago)
Where’s a behind the scene
Mrucz Nation (5 months ago)
I've watched this every season around playoff time since they released this. 😂
Beroslos (5 months ago)
Why did NASCAR stopped making these. This was so awesome
Beroslos (3 months ago)
@dhan kuber no they didn't do it for jimmie they started upload each round after round finished. Like: R16 ends = R16 Video got uploaded Examples: Round of 16 Round of 12 Round of 8 Championship 4
GSwizzy17 (5 months ago)
Remember when Stenhouse was fat
Prototype Dogs (5 months ago)
The Final Four is just perfect Kyle Busch Jimmie Johnson Carl Edwards and Joey Logano
Arturo Rodal (6 months ago)
Kyle Larson is Death
Snazzy Dogs1 (6 months ago)
That looks like fun
Private Dakota (6 months ago)
Dead 42 11 Possibly dead 20 1
Kyle 3725 (6 months ago)
Human Nascar
Brett Weisbrot (4 months ago)
That's Crazy But I Like It!
2ndAndNotOnly - Gavin (6 months ago)
You want to know what’s sad? This is the reason I became a nascar fan
Chase fan 9 (6 months ago)
NASCAR you should do this for the 2019 season
Ethan Roy (6 months ago)
Imagine we had this in 2015 Matt kenseth wrecking Joey Logano at martinsville. 😂😂😂😂😂
Cash Munson (4 months ago)
5:33 when I don’t look where I’m going In a 2 block room 8:41 something wrong with your voice
creator Space (6 months ago) We made it well. (WOW)
David Pitonyak (6 months ago)
Make a 2019 one
Diamond Loves Technology (6 months ago)
Awesome can you continue doing that
Just a regular person (6 months ago)
They all should have been screaming vrrrrrrmmvrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmvrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm
Christan Daniels (6 months ago)
Denny Hamlin literally squeezed in at 5:56
Brandon Hindsley (6 months ago)
Love this video and love it even more that jimmy won that year
Ummm28 (7 months ago)
Wonder if anyone was injured doing this
Barry Prevost III (7 months ago)
can they do this for 2019???
Default (7 months ago)
The chase a show for money
Superboy545 tt (7 months ago)
Do one for 2019 season
The ScienceGuy (7 months ago)
My boi Jimmy Johnson
The ScienceGuy (7 months ago)
5:33 Rip Chase Elliot
KnifeCaptian Payback (7 months ago)
Branden Rios (7 months ago)
I’m gonna be honest, Kevin Harvick has some slick moves!
OB_TUBE (7 months ago)
I wonder what the street people thought when they saw this...
Ryszard Ochodzki (7 months ago)
Johnson77774444 ___ (8 months ago)
We want more of these
Jose Resendiz (8 months ago)
Congratulations Jimmie Johnson
LJ (9 months ago)
Where is Dale Earnhardt Jr.?
Rashimir Fieros (6 months ago)
LJ Dale Jr. was out for the season with a concussion.
pro gamer. •80 years ago (9 months ago)
RIP jimmy mcmurray
Schyler Nies (9 months ago)
cool video
Nha Do (9 months ago)
I really want to see a behind the scenes of this video who agrees...
Blade 2018 (9 months ago)
2:29 is awkward silence
Racing Fan 37 (9 months ago)
Really cool!!
First Name Last Name (9 months ago)
NASCAR needs to bring this shit back
Samet Özkan (9 months ago)
This video is forshadowed Jimmie Johnson to run 2019 Boston Marathon.
European Mapper (3 months ago)
Samet Özkan *facts*
Mayjia miles (10 months ago)
Were these the actual drivers or are these people improvising for them
Kayden Paydo (10 months ago)
You need to make more of these!!!
Cam Ficklin (10 months ago)
I wish they made it for every year
Samet Özkan (10 months ago)
They should make prequels in 2014 and 2015 and sequels in 2017 2018 and 2019.
Silver Addie Fun Pack (10 months ago)
That’s why they call it *sprint cup.*
Rashimir Fieros (6 months ago)
NinjaGamer514 (10 months ago)
I was hoping for Kyle Busch to win
Matthew Kent (10 months ago)
shadowshark 2008 (10 months ago)
Joshua Boston (10 months ago)
You really should do something like this again for the 2019 season, NASCAR.
Heather Brooks (3 months ago)
Anankin skywalker Wars (6 months ago)
Yeah please do it this year nascar
Satyurn Automated Comet (10 months ago)
They look like Power Rangers.
Not Aky 1 (10 months ago)
Ha wow
Clare Atkinson (10 months ago)
Omg 666 comments help😰😰😰
Justin Williams (10 months ago)
Why was Tony eliminated from the Chase just for an autograph
bobb (10 months ago)
Landon Beamer (10 months ago)
I still think Nascar's playoff system is gay, what's wrong with a points system?
GnarledHornet 10 (11 months ago)
This is awsome. Running on foot race. I love nascar.
Kyle Busch Has over 200 Wins In NASCAR (11 months ago)
There are two things chase Elliott can’t do, that’s drive and run.
RACER 136 (11 months ago)
Matt Holmes (11 months ago)
Nice dudes
。〜 。 GloriousGrunt (11 months ago)
Are these the actual drivers?
。〜 。 GloriousGrunt (10 months ago)
Hahaha hehehr
bobb (10 months ago)
Realityisawesome: The Home of SRW (11 months ago)
Who thinks that they will do this in 2019?
TEAMRACERGAMERYT Castrejon (11 months ago)
Nice but I wish Kyle bush won.. but it's ok...
Racer Gamer (11 months ago)
This was funny as heck
WWE Clay Sculptures (11 months ago)
Do one for 2019
DJ Stickly (11 months ago)
I feel bad for the people who actually have to run
Brian Nesselrodt (11 months ago)
Love it do it again for this year pls
Hunter Gines (1 year ago)
The Roasted Toast (1 year ago)
cringy but good
vegasanimatudo RV (1 year ago)
Two champions Jimmie Jonnson and Joey Logano
Hunter Gines (1 year ago)
until 2045 we cool with that