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Defusing the Population Bomb

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Thank you to Bill and Melinda Gates for supporting PBS Digital Studios. If you’d like to take a look at the 2018 Annual Letter, you can check it out here http://b-gat.es/2Cfph0j ↓↓↓ More info and sources below ↓↓↓ Don’t miss our next video! SUBSCRIBE! ►► http://bit.ly/iotbs_sub Is overpopulation real? Is Earth filling up with too many humans? How many people can Earth hold, anyway? As our species approaches 8 billion, human overpopulation is a major concern for many people. How can we reduce poverty and our impact on the environment? Do we need a forced one-child policy or something? Maybe not, because when we look at the science and history, populations seem to control themselves. This week we look at all these questions and more. READ MORE: https://ourworldindata.org https://www.sciencemag.org/site/special/population/ http://science.sciencemag.org/content/346/6206/234 https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/are-malthus-predicted-1798-food-shortages/ ----------- FOLLOW US: Merch: https://store.dftba.com/collections/its-okay-to-be-smart Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/itsokaytobesmart Twitter:@DrJoeHanson @okaytobesmart Tumblr: http://www.itsokaytobesmart.com Instagram: @DrJoeHanson ----------- It’s Okay To Be Smart is hosted by Joe Hanson, Ph.D. Director: Joe Nicolosi Writer: Joe Hanson, Ph.D. Creative Director: David Schulte Editor/animator: Karl Boettcher Producer: Stephanie Noone and Amanda Fox Produced by PBS Digital Studios Music via APM Stock images from Shutterstock http://www.shutterstock.com
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It's Okay To Be Smart (9 months ago)
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Marlon Mohammed (19 days ago)
Globalization. One world.
Eduardo Barrezueta (1 month ago)
there are not 7.6 billion people, there are just 7,600 millions
Pax Americana (1 month ago)
Here's my idea. End all humanitarian and peacekeeping missions to the Third World and let the subsequent outbreak of famine, disease, and endemic warfare manage the population, saving the First World countless man hours and untold billions in aid spending.
Quig Pig (1 month ago)
Humans are the most invasive animals on the planet, destroying the habitat, polluting the ocean, and made animals extinct.
Haloguy YT (1 month ago)
There should be a day where no one gets born. We just kick them in the stomach.
aninhapmr (16 hours ago)
You are so optimistic...Im very desperate. And Im a woman that got married and had 2 kids after 30 y. Im scared of what can happen to the world.
Mohamed Ameri (1 day ago)
If all humanity was rules by one ruler who have access to all earth resources then we won’t have a problem at all. Todays world is petiful. Some countries are drowning in wealth NATURALLY without even working for it, while others have no resources.
Fly Oz (2 days ago)
Who cares what Bill Gates does. He rips off the world with his expensive software and only gives back a miniscule amount compared to his wealth WTF
Micheal Chythlook (2 days ago)
over population a problem you say? solution every country declare war on china, china has more people then any other country, soo every country declare war on china
Cernumospete (5 days ago)
Defusing the population bomb so that we have to import people from elsewhereto work for us. Surely nothing could go wrong with this, right? RIGHT!?
Maniae Magna (5 days ago)
Unfortunately family/ religions/ society teachs that not having children makes them a failure.
CogitoErgoCogitoSum (6 days ago)
What we should do is stop helping the third world and just let them die off naturally.
gatorrulers (7 days ago)
People, please do what you can to fight overpopulation. Stop having so many children and spread the word of the world's condition! The whole world needs to know about this and take action.
awesome models (8 days ago)
I am so worried Iraqs population is growing so bad 😭😭😭its increasing 1m every year its one of the fastest in the world and it really needs to stop !
yazisAlright (8 days ago)
go vegan y’all
Landon Roy (9 days ago)
We need everysingle Chinese and Indian scumbag subhuman rat to be killed/die off either by plague or war. The world and the rrmaining 5 billion will be better off by getting rid of those 2 billion degenrates
Michael Tkaczevski (10 days ago)
Could climate change (refugee crises, worse crop yields, and even wars) cause big populations to become a problem?
Michael Tkaczevski (10 days ago)
4:33 In 2099, a time paradox will shift Earth back 100 years.
paul drummond (10 days ago)
So the solution is giving women in deprived countries education? Wishful thinking but not gonna happen. Those countries would have rethink their entire belief system overnight. I doubt they'd ask us to change our systems.
mastercheif1989 (10 days ago)
Microsoft - the company that could very well be behind the terminator future Skynet apocalypse wants us to have less humans. Mark Zuckerberg, Gates, Bazos, they are all Skynet... Watch Out!
Daniel Steger's Twin (11 days ago)
"forced population control"
The true Genius (12 days ago)
What I’m on a different video how am I commenting on this video?!?!?!?WTF
Nikhil Sukumar (12 days ago)
People stop sex ban sex its evil.
Zane Miller (12 days ago)
Overpopulation is impossible because of the mouse utopia experiments
gingaguy (13 days ago)
3:55 GOLD
captain skeptical (14 days ago)
just because people crowd in the cities, it doesn't mean that earth is overpopulated. Terra can sustain at least 1000 billions people, but with some tech advancements for food production, air filtering and waste conversion.
mbear1 (15 days ago)
I am a firm believer in Malthusian dynamics. People are increasing exponentially. Food increases arithmetically. We're screwed. The end.
WolfsbaneFilms (16 days ago)
Fun and games (16 days ago)
Vegenism would help for the food problem and we wouldn’t be producing as many greenhouse gases and methane gas
Lucas Johnson (18 days ago)
The demographic transition model shows that human population will equalize around 10 Billion. Even the United Nations has stated emphatically that there will never be a 12 Billionth person no matter what. Combine that with our increasing technology and adaptations and we will be just fine.
Nevermore (18 days ago)
Problem is your message likely won't reach the people who need to hear it in India and African countries. Most people watching this likely live in countries with reasonable or even low birth rates.
disgruntledtoons (18 days ago)
Worrying about overpopulation is how the left expresses its racism.
Simon Moore (19 days ago)
Population gowth is only a problem if you view people as liabilities rather than assets. Stop looking at more people as more mouths to feed and you'll realize that there is no such thing as a Population Problem.
Lets get to 5000 subscribers without a video! (20 days ago)
Lets take a lesson from Japan. Lower population growth combined with lower elderly mortality rates is not good. In most developed countries, there is starting to be less poor people to support to elderly.
Calico Jack (20 days ago)
All videos like this do is convince nerdy intelligent people not to have kids. Overpopulation wouldn't be a problem if we had an abundance of smart people, the problem is the number of low IQ people breeding like rabbits in Africa and India. A video like this does nothing but harm. Modern Whites are naive fools.
Infullbloom Time (21 days ago)
If people stopped eating meat it would be the biggest benefit
N BOR (22 days ago)
Well, those statistics actually overestimaye fertility rates. In fact, it made a systematic error. In upper nations it's more of 1.7 per woman. Furthermore colonisation of space is the solution. Maybe it's there already, yet (nearly) no one knows about it. What is it called?
Ascended Weeb (23 days ago)
What about third world countries?they have too much kids
Well Folks (23 days ago)
field north (24 days ago)
Too much Liberal Left wing talking. Third world religious shitholes keep breeding. Imaginary border lines? The population graph has 2100 actually listed as 2000. And Europe and North America EARN their advancements. Everyone want to come to these place WITHOUT the sacrifices that were made in the past. “Education of women” another liberal word speak. Everyone wants Right but looks over the Responsibilities. Global Warming is not a fact. It’s a theory so stop talking about it like it’s factual. One volcanoes- not man made- can up load tons of Carbon. Btw the Earth is the greenist it’s ever been. Plants feed on Carbon. Close the borders. Share technology. But OVERPOPULATION IS THE CRISIS! You don’t limited your population you don’t get the benefits of advancement of your “imaginary borders.”
Well Folks (23 days ago)
field north Now I don't disagree 100% with your statement, but climate change is a fact. Maybe not every single part of it, but chemically speaking: the ozone layer (O3) converts to oxigen (O2) and back to ozone, this happens naturally through the sun rays and thus forms a chemical equivalent. However, this balance can be tilted by using a catalysts(ODS) such as chlorin(Cl) which helps the (O3) to convert to (O2), but not the other way around. With that the amount of ozone depletes and dangerous UV rays are enabled to get to the surface of the earth, where we live.
Jayna Kelly (24 days ago)
But doesn't earth have a carrying capacity?
Dr m (25 days ago)
Eliminate China and Africa, ps kill all muslins
Alleyup1994USA (27 days ago)
Cut all the foreign aid to the 3rd world And cut all the income taxes in the 1st world You'll see the increase of poulation in the 1st world And decreased population in the 3rd world
fasaso (27 days ago)
Since when does 2000 come after 2050? (4:34)
Dan Waters (27 days ago)
This guy is using all our resources
lisa vernon (27 days ago)
I think we should stop having children for a while and start adopting children . In this way our population can be in control and we can save children and give them better life.
Nikita Webber (27 days ago)
The first world is obese and we throw out a third of all food from the farm. As soon as that gets expensive things will adjust. Plus huge parts of the planet are dessert and a bit of nuclear power and desalination could change that.
ambushyo420 (27 days ago)
I wish I was never born
Rim Woldetensae (30 days ago)
One of the best videos in my opinion
Citizen Goose (30 days ago)
It's like that movie Idiocracy. The more civilized people have less kids and the less civilized people have more.
Neptune Neptune (30 days ago)
The thing is that most arguments that claim that "Earth can't hold this number of people" are pessimistic and don't seem to know or care about the idea of human progression. What needs to happen is for food to be equally distributed and the production of resources in environments beyond Earth (the Moon and Mars, for example). We could also promote the production of meat by way of stem cells rather than factory farming and then decrease the amount of meat consumption to a smaller portion of resources consumed. We _could_ also find a way to get farm-to-table calorie preservation much more efficient, but "lab meat" would be the way to go.
Aweo Here (30 days ago)
Again of again, more proof that when some men are educated to not be selfish and ejaculate outside allowed to have CONTROL of their own bodies, it is better to the world. I just mean, dont blame everything on women
Kalle Lellacévej (1 month ago)
Where are Adolf, Mao & Josef when you need them?
Mr. Meme (1 month ago)
Too many people hold up getting the infinity gauntlet
s1m0n3ch (1 month ago)
Awesome episode and congratulations for the work with the gate fundation! Great job!
Kaisser's Maid Cafe And Knife Sparring Club (1 month ago)
Malthus is an idiot we have an overproduction/underconsumption crisis
Cheeseball (1 month ago)
My idea for overpopulation is the hunger games
CactusGaming YT (1 month ago)
**calls thanos** Me: ey thanos can u defuse the population bombs for us with ur infinity gauntlet Thanos: k mate Me: thx mate u saved humanity
OnlyBeGamer (1 month ago)
Thanos did nothing Wrong
WOOMY (1 month ago)
Use Robots in a way that would get you demonetized and banned... ...Oh yeah
Miguel Mif (1 month ago)
If we stop producing meat we can stop climate change and get food to lower prices. of course, i won't be the first one to stop eating meat :)
Melody Campbell (1 month ago)
Just snap your fingers.
antsolja (1 month ago)
we are twice as over populated as we should be already, the whole world should be using japan as an example
Hjernespreng (28 days ago)
No we shouldn't. Japan is having a CRISIS of demographics, and the reason they are so rapidly having fewer kids is because the societal expectations set on Japanese youth are so enormous that even people that would want to have a family don't start one, because their work life is HELL.
anna (1 month ago)
4:05 where is denmark!? did you just cut denmark off. i know its a small country but!?
Professor Oak (1 month ago)
When will these Thanos memes die?
SourLemon (1 month ago)
Lets kill babies
Zezolia The Queing of mortals (1 month ago)
This video is quite interesting because in school they always taught us that we have the opposite population problem. They do this because in some European countries they are starting to have a reverse age pyramid because people don't have as much babies and elders live longer. In Spain they are warning us about the problems that this will cause us in the future, but they are not giving any racional solutions. They acknowledge that immigration is one of the reasons why there is still some balance on the pyramid, but when given the opportunity they prefer to scare the teenagers telling them how they should have babies rather than let refugees inside the country.
Rhett A (1 month ago)
Thank you for this video. I think many DO NOT think about overpopulation - religious and uneducated peoples tend to scoff at it or take offense to the suggestion that we should be socially responsible where having children is concerned. Message delivery style is often as important as the message itself - this is likely one of those cases.
Nic Tanghe (1 month ago)
WTF are you an idiot ? This hasen't proven to be the case ? are you for real ?
WeirdVideos (1 month ago)
Or.. let people be gay
Markus Villum Grevsen (1 month ago)
Population bomb doesn’t sound good
Blind Chinese (1 month ago)
Ryaken (1 month ago)
Why not just introduce a virus/bacteria that makes women infertile that can only be cured with a vaccine or introduce birth control into all the developing nations?
bsburchwood (1 month ago)
Maybe if the people that believe in overpopulation went somewhere else we wouldn't have a problem
Garlicjr Made (1 month ago)
no, we will never go to live on mars, unless we find some like rare minerals there that we can use for something really important like finding fossil fuels deep underground, as far as moving to mars for over population adverting...very unlikely. It would be much cheaper and safer to figure out how to cultivate and inhabit lands on earth that are already unused.
Joseph Bondarenko (1 month ago)
One word one solution..... abortion
Driftar (1 month ago)
xclaim oresnia (1 month ago)
Don't come with that BS in Africa also keep Bill In your border of the world...
kingkaga898 (1 month ago)
If we stopped giving so much foreign aid to underdeveloped countries this problem wouldn't exist.
Helvett222 (1 month ago)
According to the economist-Simon Kuznets, the population increases the consumption of environmental resources with the advancement of civilization, but it is not an exponential process. The consumption of the environment increases only up to a certain moment when the environment becomes a value in itself instead of only a factor enabling development. After reaching this point, the resource consumption decreases. The curve in the shape of an inverted "U" is called the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC). The historical values ​​of sulfur dioxide emissions, for example, are in line with the course of the Kuzniec curve. According to the physicist - David Deutsch - the only "resource" that is needed for humanity to survive in the long term is intelligence and knowledge, while the availability of natural resources depends solely on the finiteness of the universe. Deutsch notes that since extinction of species is a phenomenon that occurs all the time, the only survival option for humanity is the use of the only feature that distinguishes it from other species - or intelligence. The solution is not limiting the level of industrial production, postulated by movements of sustainable development (eg the Kyoto Protocol for global warming), because it will degrade everything that we define as the achievements of civilization and will be a catastrophe in itself. In particular, it will make it impossible to stop the potentially negative effects of global warming. -Hans Rosling- believes that population growth is not a threat but a chance for humanity. Rosling, studying demographic and social changes in the history of mankind, shows that periods of rapid, exponential population growth are short-lived (on a historical scale) and slow down after a given population reaches a certain level of civilization (which is observed in developed societies). Rosling also indicates that during the twentieth century, the quality of life of almost all populations in the world has improved significantly, not decreased, while the fertility rate decreased, which in 1963 was on average 5 children per mother, and in 2012 only 2.5 children per mother. Rosling also conducted knowledge on overpopulation - in the United Kingdom, the majority of respondents, including people with higher education, reported drastically inflated fertility rates, which Rosling says indicates that the problem of overpopulation is mainly the problem of perception in developed Western societies, not a real problem in developing countries, such as Bangladesh (fertility at 2.5). According to Rosling, this fall in fertility, with the simultaneous extension of life, is also one of the most important demographic changes in the history of mankind.
Not Just Dinosaurs, but MORE!!!! (1 month ago)
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loacal lodal (1 month ago)
BoMb wAt YoU SaY
Ohee Mohammad (1 month ago)
getting vsauce-y
Akash Sandhu (1 month ago)
Just use a fuckin condom
Truth Hurts (1 month ago)
Wipe out all of the overpopulating undesirables, as in negroes, muslims, chinese, and indians, leaving everyone else that live civilized, evolved lives that don't for the most part have way too many worthless kids. There you go, all the ugly creatures gone, leaving a much more beautiful, manageable world.
grumpy old fart (1 month ago)
Muslims and blacks are still breeding like rabbits, and we gotta feed all of them.
B10K PlaysGames (1 month ago)
Its easy! Just stop fufing!
gatorrulers (1 month ago)
The people who bring up their pro-birth bullshit on here need to shut the hell up and stop spreading their personal anti-women agenda. Overpopulation-related videos is the last place we need to see that garbage.
gatorrulers (5 days ago)
Having children willingly is not anti-women. It's forcing us to breed against our will and condemning the women who do seek abortion that is. Pay attention.
Flan Flies (5 days ago)
>having children is anti-women This is why women should have never been allowed to vote.
Scott Anderson (1 month ago)
There’s no overpopulation. If you get ten miles outside of a city you could easily see that. Every human being on earth could sit comfortably inside a cube one mile on a side. It’s just an asinine, anti-human take.
mosquitobight (1 month ago)
Overpopulation has nothing to do with empty space. It's about food and other resources. If you get ten miles outside of a city, you see the land being fully used for agriculture, if it's fertile. We each have a few acres of virtual farmland somewhere with our name on it. You need your share of the farmland more than you need your own home.
gatorrulers (1 month ago)
Those who breed like crazy will all see the ugly light in the near future.  You large-family  having people will not get out of this unpunished. Mother Nature will see to that.
Chris Hansen (1 month ago)
Simple...mother nature is a wizz on taking care of population
Anonymous Person (1 month ago)
No matter what this guy says humanity is fucked
Harsh Jadav (1 month ago)
Professor Joe, how or whether we can regulate population? Or we should restrict every couple to have only one baby like China??
mosquitobight (1 month ago)
We can prevent most overpopulation just by giving all women their human rights and reducing the power of religion.
Tad Petrie (1 month ago)
So whattaya wanna do Joe?! Control the population?! A little selective euthanasia?! A LOT of selective euthanasia?!
mosquitobight (1 month ago)
We could probably prevent most overpopulation just by stopping all the religious leaders around the world from scaring all the poor couples away from using birth control with their BS about sin and damnation.
super vegeta (1 month ago)
what about that time bill gates said vaccines could lower the population very effectively
Hjernespreng (28 days ago)
What about it? It DOES. More vaccines means more children surviving to adulthood, which means less need for more children in order to guarantee that at least some survive to adulthood. You'll get an INITIAL population boom, but then it shortly starts to decline, JUST LIKE IT DID IN THE WEST. Did you even watch the video?
Daniel b (1 month ago)
Colonization of other planets will solve everything
mosquitobight (1 month ago)
Moving people into space is not economical. You can feed several people for life with the energy it takes to shoot each person into space.
Kevin Bandong (1 month ago)
The easy and classic solution is war.
Hjernespreng (28 days ago)
Except war creates poverty, which creates uneducated and poor masses that have more babies.
glasslinger (1 month ago)
Easy. Overpopulation is when mass migration of population occurs. LOOK AROUND YOU, YOU DOPE! (the guy in the video) There is starvation all over the world because the populations there are useless eaters that can't support themselves. Gates and his ilk figure that taxing the hell out of the rest of us will solve this. Bring everyone (except rich him of course!) down to some grovelling same low level so mass migration will not happen. No reason to flood into the USA because it is then also a S.H. (see Donald's excellent comment if you can't guess what the letters s.h. mean)
preben ølkær (1 month ago)
1 in 15 humans ever born is alive right now ? arrrrh ??
Darvin kovec (1 month ago)
His so cute
Neelistic (1 month ago)
Well all those people in developing countries want food and yeah we will be able to feed them but they're gonna want cars, access to constant energy and plumbing which it's hard to see " we just need to make more food and figure growth/distribution and we can have 12 b people.
Tt inc. (1 month ago)
BCE.... No he lives
Nester Beauregard (1 month ago)
Simple solution: let’s have a dictator kill all children of people under 30.
Nester Beauregard (1 month ago)
I will only date a woman who hates children