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FedEx, UPS and USPS put to the shipping test

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FedEx, UPS and USPS put to the shipping test
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bryan hippler (7 months ago)
fuck fed -ex go ups
Gene Havermann (1 year ago)
They couldn't get your package to you if they lived next door to you. the last three shipments went everywhere in the U.S. except to me in Oregon. I ordered and had it sent express.... it took two weeks as they sent it elsewhere. and they let it be signed for be a person (not me,&I ordered it here in Oregon. they sent it to California and then say I'm the one that signed for it in CALIFORNIA. FUKTARDS!!!!
jeffw1267 (2 years ago)
News 5 Cleveland: Comparing Apples to Oranges
Dustin Duffie (2 years ago)
you really can't compare priority mail vs FedEx Ground. FedEx Express shipping would have been a more accurate comparison and I garuntee the results would be different.
idontno0 (2 years ago)
U use priority vs ground. Packed urself, badly when for a couple bucks they pack it right. Some flaws in this
jeffw1267 (2 years ago)
Just because you wrapped something in bubble wrap doesn't make it unbreakable. It appears you used cheap, thin-walled boxes which crush easily. I would bubble-wrap the items AND pack in newspaper into the first box so the items can't move at all. Then, I'd place the smaller  box into a larger box, with enough space in between to pack in newspaper so the first box can't move inside the second box. I'd also pay to designate the box for "special handling". This costs extra at USPS but in theory the clerks are not allowed to throw those parcels. Are you reading this, Amazon?? Because you package everything the same way no matter if it's fragile or not.
william montes (2 years ago)
usps is the best
Andrew Taylor (3 years ago)
They forgot Dhl
Ada Zamora (3 years ago)
USPS: The worst service in the entire world!!!!!!!!!###
Musique3579 (10 months ago)
Yes, they should do a 2018 version now. Things have slid down the tube but good for worthless USPS.
C B (4 years ago)
FedEx Driver pissed on my package and left it by the garage.
xp2000 (4 months ago)
Kenneth Voytell (4 years ago)
You Know That FedEx Charges A $5 Dollar Service Fee For Gas It Does Not SHow Up On Estimated PRice But IT Does Show Up On BIll
James Wynn (4 years ago)
Really informative. Thanks!
Esraa Fouad (4 years ago)
Fedex and DHL is the best, the rest SUCKS
xp2000 (4 months ago)
fedex sucks
GuruAidTechSupport (4 years ago)
Don't use UPS ever! Horrible/ non existent service, slow, will purposely delay a package to make sure it will not get there early.
diamondbackunderground (5 years ago)
The USPS is a piece of garbage entity, and is absolutely useless. I have nothing but contempt for them.
Ada Zamora (3 years ago)
You are absolutely right. It's garbage and much more. They are out of control and they have license to do wherever they want with our mail and we still have to pay them to mess up our mail.
Izakokomarixyz (5 years ago)
I never got a UPS package with the box so fucked up like theirs was... Choose UPS.
Midnight Project (5 years ago)
can the usps ship toys to canada? plz answer because i was tracking it and its in the same location  and beside it said acceptance 
Midnight Project (4 years ago)
public mailbox
Midnight Project (4 years ago)
i got mine along time ago it came in the mail
maokaka (4 years ago)
we are in the same boat here mine is also stuck some where not in my house
TnRuralCarrier (5 years ago)
Newspaper is not a good shipping wrap. Bubble wrap or better yet use shipping peanuts.
xp2000 (4 months ago)
RogersVLG (5 years ago)
ok so obviously it's UPS
abdclfclumpqrsttt123 (6 years ago)
so while usps is the fastest, highest, and least dependable. fedex is the cheapest, slowest, and most dependable. id rather get a package slow and in one piece for cheap than get a fast package that got fucked up for a high price. i think the choice is obvious.
sk8tards (6 years ago)
In all Ups is better
TheKidzcomedy (7 years ago)
@rehndawg they don't ship domestic in the US, only Europe and Asia.