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Text Comments (142)
rapierwhip (6 hours ago)
You do not know what the situation was when half of these cars parked. If it was the case that there were other badly parked cars then those that parked incorrectly might have done so because there was no other option. Then that other car may have driven away leaving it look like these cars were at fault. (unlikely but possible). The conclusion being that there are bound to be one or two innocent parties out of 20 that park like this. Benefit of doubt !
J Douglass (9 hours ago)
There’s a lot more better bad parking revenge with big rigs in truck stops. Us truck drivers enjoy screwing with bad drivers
Rod Gozinya (9 hours ago)
The guy who TOWED that fucktards car. YOU ARE MY HERO!
michael Durr (23 hours ago)
All old clips
fotrikovo (1 day ago)
I am not sure which side has bigger stupid fucking dickheads...
RON B (1 day ago)
Person on the red car that blocked the Mercedes ,then got in when she finally climbed Into her car is the man.
Noe Lopez (2 days ago)
Im pretty sure the jeep ones are fake bc i seen i the same red jeep in alot of these videos
Madden 2017 (2 days ago)
the first one im dieing
Keith Sorensen (2 days ago)
This is one of my favorite videos. More like this please
Margie Cruz (3 days ago)
Bet none of them felt like they deserved it....
Thomas Agnew (5 days ago)
I've seen the picture that you use on another show called "Right This Minute", and it was proven to be staged
Tosha Crowthers (6 days ago)
what's that song at the ending
The stupid report With James O’Malley (7 days ago)
Cement truck filling a car is a classic.
TheRunemage (8 days ago)
The fucktards, doing the last stunt, should be shot.
Stu Pidity (8 days ago)
We aren't allowed to shoot them......YET. Take your medication before leaving home to help you deal with normal people that park properly, do you think your shit don't stink????
bayernsunnys.filme (8 days ago)
Great learning Effects... I hope this....
snow turtle (8 days ago)
All old clips
Benoît (8 days ago)
i had the best time watching this !!! please do more of this theme ;)
Scott Bond (8 days ago)
Troll (8 days ago)
Ha ha! I LOVE it!! It's a good thing they film it. b'coz I would be afraid they would damage my car. 0:42 That's hilarious. They should have waited until he crawled all the way up to the front seat, then got in the Jeep and drove away, like the guy at 4:05 did. 2:40 It took her long enough to realize all she had to do was get in the other side. She wouldn't get any sympathy from me.
NutKracker215 (8 days ago)
Most of the time ppl get butt hurt there are plenty of spaces, just says your a little bitch. Happen to me years ago, guy went out of his way to try this at a grocery store, there was no cars within 10 spots of me, I was also about 40 yards from the entrance. I keyed his car all the way to the metal about 6 times, still gratifying till this day!
Bruce Banner (8 days ago)
0:01 - black privilege busted!
STEVIE G4M1NG & Vlogs (8 days ago)
6:33 JDM Lyfe ;)
Дмитрий Ложкин (8 days ago)
Заняться им нехер больше
Daehawk (9 days ago)
I love all these. But poor women. Its as if God hates them and took away their ability to drive and park for the hell of it.
Stefan Stoilov (9 days ago)
Looks like that in the US there are a lot of hillbillys with tiny penises and huge jeeps and all of them are trying to sort out the issuess with parking.
Stefan Stoilov (9 days ago)
And the one on 6:30 was especially stupid ...
Cuauhtemoc Quintanar (9 days ago)
This I like to see, nota like others wvhere Karma comes from cops
Daniel Mores (9 days ago)
I love these :)
Tyler (9 days ago)
First one is fake lol
правильно парни на джипах поджимают этих мудил!так держать!!!
че тупая шлюха на пикапе нормально поставить свое ведро не может...
инвалид ебаный!!!!
Valhalla Knight (9 days ago)
The 0:43 video is fake. I've seen a video of it from a different angle where the driver of the red car sits on the curb waiting and watching while they park the off-roaders..
BuccaneerBruce (9 days ago)
Overreactions for the most part when they could park elsewhere.
alx gu (9 days ago)
Never one to stereotype, but it's usually the 4x4 drivers (or Mercedes 😂) who park across 2 spaces. Well done to the jeep guys, keep it up! 👍
Francis Grabetz (9 days ago)
And maybe people wouldn't park like this if others didn't damage your doors all the time. Those people should be shamed, not the double parkers.
Francis Grabetz (9 days ago)
Wow. This is childish. Damaging people's property. Just call by law and have the vehicle towed.
dedalliance1 (9 days ago)
Because tow truck companies never have any issues or claims against them about damaging peoples vehicles or stealing their property when being towed. And, if I were to 'revenge' a double Parker, I'm not looking to take food out of their children's mouths by making them pay a 200-400 dollars towing bill, I'm simply trying to get them to realize, with no harm done that they should park correctly. But I also agree with you, actually damaging someone's vehicle is a dick move, which didn't happen but maybe 1 of these videos.
john Baldock (9 days ago)
Excellent!! Love it.
Ruisu Bravo (9 days ago)
2:06 She says literally "I didn't hitting" Like if don't hitting car gives you the right to park that way
crystal homan (9 days ago)
I'm so satisfied right now. God I hate these idiots
Mwangi Ichung'wa (9 days ago)
The Jeep guy at 7.25 is an ass. Yes, the BMW jacked the spot, a dick move, but it is a public spot. He didn't have to tow the thing.
Jacob Schuh (9 days ago)
I have a question that I would really like answered. So I'm a volunteer firefighter for my town and our fire station does not have a parking lot so the church lets us park in their back half. We got a bad call one day and when I Rolled up to the station I parked opposite angle. 6 hours later when we got back to the station I found a wooden wall blocking me from all sides and a note threatening to smash my windows if I do it again. Was I in the wrong or was someone just looking for something to be pissed about?
Chena H (10 days ago)
2:02 did you really think that was okay and no one would say anything..lol
The Car Crazy Guy (10 days ago)
Hilarious 😂
Derpity Derp (10 days ago)
Those were some badass Jeep Wranglers!
genxer711 (10 days ago)
0:43 Mind your business inbred rednecks. That Mercedes alone is worth more than your piece of crap jeeps
Reynaldo Llana (10 days ago)
Recicling old videos
Derek Anderson (10 days ago)
This is what jeeps are good for
Brovo Fruado (10 days ago)
Second video is faked
M RO (10 days ago)
6:34, revenge denied
Michael Vechnak (10 days ago)
I love it when people get what they deserve!
Billy Darley (10 days ago)
one time i was parked correctly in a spot like i always do, a tiny brand new blue car parked 6 inches from my drivers door and i had to climb in thru the other side but not before i keyed the fuck out of their paint.
dedalliance1 (9 days ago)
That's a dick move to key someone's car, I hope yours get totaled.
Get Schwifty (10 days ago)
Quite a lot of these are set up though, where all parties are in on it.
Carl Hult (9 days ago)
I guess so, they are probably based on real events and presented like this as both a warning and entertainment
Tuhina Holt (10 days ago)
Would have loved to have seen the owner's face when he/she saw his/her car had not only been moved but filled with concrete!! Great videos!
Speedin Speedy (10 days ago)
All the people that were recording this as bad drivers or bad parking spots and blocking people so they can't get in their cars that they blocked you on our bunch of babies and self-entitled brats whoever is behind the cameras are idiots and child like
altec8100 (10 days ago)
i deeply enjoyed this one. this was the best yet. more
Chris P Bacon (10 days ago)
Those jeep drivers would come out to find all their tires slashed wide open!
olsmokey (10 days ago)
Excellent collection.
Sarah Lise Kristensen (10 days ago)
2:33 I have parked like the red car quite a few many times and take great pride in parking correctly within parking stalls.
FNAFKING87 (10 days ago)
The last clip, he pulled out some wwe moves, awesome
klavier285 (10 days ago)
That's a sweet ride at 6:04
Bunny Elise (10 days ago)
I got a feeling some might be staged but nice anyway :D
Pip Pipster (10 days ago)
Would have absolutely loved it in that first clip if the guy turned up to his car covered in the blue paper, in a wheelchair ... Crowd would’ve been very quiet.
Jeremy (8 days ago)
Yeah in the U.K we have badges that you put on your dashboard.
flavio fabrizio (8 days ago)
In most of countries you need a special ticket or something in your car that they give to you to prove you have a disability, for example in the US there are special license plates, so people there knew he wasn't in a wheelchair
Jeremy (10 days ago)
I have seen this footage before, and I think people in the shops saw him park there so then did that. They must of had plenty of time on there hands to do it, but hats off to them. And perhaps they have seen him before and thats why they were able to organize that.
melissa Lauko (10 days ago)
Cool. Love it.
Team Ski (10 days ago)
This is hilarious!!!
A Buff (10 days ago)
Эгоистичные недоумки. А как их по-другому лечить?
Человек (10 days ago)
я бы им еще колеса спускал и колпачки с нипелями выкидывал нахуй...пусть поебуца
IICLUII (10 days ago)
Best one like this I've ever seen! Great video!
Jdwarfer C (10 days ago)
Ha ha great video. All well deserved.
Robert Piers (10 days ago)
I really liked the segment in Prescott, Arizona.  Parking in that parking lot is already difficult without idiots parking over line.
SmokeDogNY420 (10 days ago)
Jeeps are typically a polarizing vehicle. Either they are guys who now how to drive well, may go offroad and are very helpful....or those who are massive tools. It's unwise to provoke or annoy the first group.
PenguinF (10 days ago)
It's also unwise to challenge the stupidity of the second group.
Katty Vok (10 days ago)
Rick hctep (10 days ago)
Plenty good enough for them ignorant fucks.
Julian Titov (10 days ago)
good video. good people)))
kaiser lmnop (10 days ago)
RDC Tarantula (10 days ago)
JEEP SMASH!!! Lolooooo. Fuck those faggot rice runners. 🤣🤣🤣
Enduros5 Endy (10 days ago)
While I normally HATE jeepers with a passion, I have to hand it to these guys! Well done! Fucking LOVE the audacity! lmao!
Enduros5 Endy (10 days ago)
Indeed! I loved it when the jeeper winched the car out of the parking spot! Man, I wish more jeepers were like these guys.
RDC Tarantula (10 days ago)
Enduros5 Endy Jeep smash 🤣🤣🤣
Sn00zeDog (10 days ago)
Fake as
Frankie Bleddyn (10 days ago)
I loved that the one driver had a car that he brought over from Japan and so had the steering wheel located on the right side of the car. Something the justice warrior did not factor in. It sucks but when you get right down to it, what can you really say when the car that is blocking you in is perfectly centered in his spot and you are parked over the line. You suck it up, and you crawl in through the trunk or passenger side and you move on.
dedalliance1 (9 days ago)
I live in Montana, we had fires last year that destroyed a bunch here too, and I've lived in Washington state for years that has also had devastating fires. Don't take the 'horrific tragedies' as in the fires too personally, it's just a joke to say Karma's a bitch to those that believe in it. And maybe Cali should stop destroying our country.
Frankie Bleddyn (9 days ago)
God is real of course. And I don't see what your problem is as far as gun laws go. I own a Glock 19 and a Russian SKS. Took an easy to pass test and bought them. So I had to wait a couple of weeks to take possession of them. But you are basically right and I have to admit it is hard being a Republican living in a Democrap state. Anyway, as soon as you used horrific tragedies to justify your hate, your true colors came shining through. We...are done.
dedalliance1 (9 days ago)
Your picture means nothing to me, it's the internet. And yes, California is ruining our country in many ways. So you did shoot yourself in the foot with that one, although you obviously don't care because you left it there. Anyway, I think all the fires are paying you back for destroying our gun laws and our politics. Maybe God is real.
Frankie Bleddyn (9 days ago)
57 year old white Californian, born and raised in the good ol U.S. of A. I hope the fact that I am using my Marine Corps Son picture did not sway you into thinking my comments were nothing more than my daily ramblings. Wait....did I just admit I am from California? Shit, I just won your argument for you. Doh!!!
dedalliance1 (9 days ago)
Not sure why you're so overly enjoying this fact that he has a right hand drive vehicle and these people didn't realize it. Sounds like you're upset or venting un-realistic hate towards Americans for no reason. We have the freedoms to do what we please here, and live our lives as we see fit, it's honestly a what's the word, A sign that America as a country isn't as bad as you believe they are, to even let a vehicle with right hand driving legally register in this country. I'm not sure about other countries, but some may have issues with that. Just lighten up, you seem a little angry, and immature at best.
cpt nordbart (10 days ago)
0:46 This clip with the red suv and those off road trucks was staged
Calyo Delphi (10 days ago)
If I were that cop in the first clip, I'd not only have ticketed them for illegally parking in a handicapped spot, I'd also nail 'em for littering if they didn't clean up any of the sticky notes they threw on the ground, and if they tried to pull off recklessly like that I'd also nail 'em for that as well as driving with severely impaired visibility due to removable obstructions of the vehicle's windows and mirrors. Give 'em a REALLY frustrating day for losing their patience over a bit of non-damaging vigilante justice vandalism as a consequence of their self-centeredness for parking where they're not supposed to be~ :>
dedalliance1 (9 days ago)
You forgot a Felony fine of evading the police if he left before receiving his tickets.
Calyo Delphi (9 days ago)
In hindsight vandalism was the wrong word to use. Sticky notes amounts to little more than a prank than actual vandalism since their adhesive leaves no residue (like some sticky tapes and especially stickers can do; I've had to deal with the long-term effects of advertisers leaving flyers stuck to my car's windows in the past). Also, you forget that cars don't have just paint on the surface. There's also clear coat that protects the paint from damage from a whole lot of environmental and man-made factors. Except for acetone. Acetone ruins clear coat and paint like nothin' else. I've seen pictures of cars utterly ruined by it when someone sought revenge against someone else, and it's not pretty. And expensive to fix.
Cobb (9 days ago)
Hell No I use vandalism because OP specifically used that word. Sticky notes don't have a strong adhesive compound but it could still ruin paint. Additionally, its no concern of anyone's what someone else does, if your not the police then just go about your business.
Hell No (9 days ago)
Cobb, placing sticky notes on a vehicle is NOT vandalism. Nothing was damaged. The ONLY crime here was the illegal parking.
Cobb (9 days ago)
Calyo Delphi so you are condoning vandalism, which is still a crime regardless or moral justice.
Derek Roach IG: durek_roche (10 days ago)
Lmao!! The Mercedes driver keeps trying to get sympathy from other people.
Jeff Laflamme (10 days ago)
I had that 300zx and Someone park that close to it. You will be walking back to a fucked up vehicle!
Jacob Contreras (1 day ago)
If u had that 300zx we already know u are a pussy so what's the point
lwolf1952 (4 days ago)
I'd have you on dashcam and you would go to jail, blowhard. Lalala Flame!
Jeff Laflamme (9 days ago)
zDaMeeko Gaming see thats the problem with you ppl these days. Grow a set of balls and deal with your own problems you lil pussy bitch. I'll be waiting. And if your american dont be a pussy and bring a gun lmfao
zDaMeeko Gaming (9 days ago)
HA! You'd have my boys at your door step before you even got home.
Ian Hausser (10 days ago)
Wow! what a tough keyboard warrior...i´m feeling intimidated as of now.
eiji iida (10 days ago)
Miguel Zepeda (10 days ago)
7:25 ... cool .. half jeep half tow truck hahahahahahahahahahaha
Silver Sky (10 days ago)
Steven Kenzou (10 days ago)
6:52 just sparked my love for jeep
Mahesh Odedra (10 days ago)
Nice hai
Michael Williams (10 days ago)
Someone blocked my car in before because the way everyone parked I was crossing lines, but they left. So these a holes pulled up and saw my car there but not the others and did this to me. So I took permanent marker and wrote across their windshields "I was forced to park here, jokes on you assholes I can crawl through the back" and just left lol.
Anthony A (12 hours ago)
NO ONE CARES Yep, it does. They can’t drive
8ftbed (8 days ago)
dedalliance1 I agree. In a parking area with only horizontal lines delineating rows, most people pull in straight, between "imaginary lines" leaving about the same space between vehicles as in a regulated area with painted lines. The lot fills (think about a count fair or something), cars come and go, a space suitable for 2 cars (as evidenced by the 2 in the facing row between imaginary lines) opens up. Enter dickweed who proceeds to pull in at an angle, occupying 2 spaces... because there's only imaginary lines. No class, no respect and a lack of social skills. Get off your phone, stay in your lane and play nice... or Karma for you.
dedalliance1 (9 days ago)
Acting as if drawing on a window with a Sharpie does any damages, Zdameeko.
zDaMeeko Gaming (9 days ago)
soooooo when they harmlessly blocked you in, you decided it was a good idea to draw on their car? My 2 year old nephew draws on things too.
dedalliance1 (9 days ago)
8ftbed, That's not a scenario you can use the '2 wrongs don't make a right' saying. There's nothing 'wrong' with parking over an imaginary line, in some parking lot. They are there as 'suggestions' basically that we should all follow, however, it hurts literally no one if you don't, and if you need that spot for whatever reason and have to park 'over the line' to get it then that's fine. I wouldn't mess with anyone's vehicle or block them in unless they're legit double parked, not just 2 inches over the line.
Steph Mongrain (10 days ago)
I Really like the first 1, I'm sitting in a wheelchair and it's really frustrating when it happens, a big thank you to this gang well done! 🤣
Dreaded Kitty (7 days ago)
The cop is a fucking idiot in that clip. Lets let an angry guy who can barely see speed out in a busy street.
Just start Talking (9 days ago)
The first one isn’t even from 2018 but I do agree with you
Steph Mongrain (10 days ago)
indeed I admit it!
Coonotafoo (10 days ago)
While I like it in spirit, and the asshat deserved it, it sucks that all that paper is going to end up as litter strewn across the streets and highways.
mike hardwick (10 days ago)
Great video,keep them coming
Thomas Polzin (10 days ago)
Nice Fairlady fast car 300h