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ROAD RAGE COMPILATION // POLICE CHASE & CAR CRASH 2019 Road Rage Instant Karma & Car Crashes Episode 10 Best Road Rage Compilation 2019 / Car Crashes & People Being Mad Karma 2019 , Compilation , Road rage America compilation 2019 Super Cars Show Off Their Exhaust Power 🔥🔥 ( Antilag Compilation ) Drive it Like You STOLE IT COMPILATION!! BEST OF SUPERCAR 2019 THE ULTIMATE SUPERCAR COMPILATION!! BEST SUPERCAR Exhaust SOUNDS Street Racing Win Compilation Best Exhaust Compilation Follow Us For More : https://www.instagram.com/kozmic_rider/ https://www.instagram.com/kozmic_rider/ https://www.instagram.com/kozmic_rider/
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Text Comments (69)
Logan Benedetti (2 hours ago)
I don't think you understand what road rage is.
Hayal (2 days ago)
3:24 fucking nasty arabs muslims
Юрий Маркович (2 days ago)
Я русский, нихуя не понимаю. Где перевод, блогеры ты ебаный.
Starving African Child (5 days ago)
Can somebody explain to me why everyone's siding with the lady with the baby????? She's jaywalking?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Rusaarules (9 days ago)
"HOLY SHIT!!!" films the road.
bjfdog (18 days ago)
and they shoot buffalo?
TCRS Towing (19 days ago)
Bikers are so emotional🥴
Mark M (20 days ago)
The scariest part isn't all these mentally challenged people on camera. There are so many more unstable drivers that weren't recorded.
James Gentry (21 days ago)
Bikers " you hit one of us we're dying" You won't be missed
James Gentry (21 days ago)
Lady leaves her baby in the stroller in the middle of the road too attack someone. She really didn't care about her kid.
bomguy999999 (27 days ago)
OMG!!!! That girls mother!!! Looks like she got hooked a few times and got away but the fish hook stayed!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Hell!
Tom Peters (28 days ago)
The stupid asshole messing with the buffalo should be in jail!
Tim Sheneman (30 days ago)
won't sub you may as well disable comments
christopher lee (30 days ago)
the motorcycle dude, I mean how fuckin fast were u goin any ways
Billy Nolan (30 days ago)
fucking bikers pain in the arse
Firham Ghoshali (30 days ago)
so there's a child in the stroller but yet you sort of ran across the road. listen lady, safety is everyone's responsibility. don't expect others to be looking out for you while you yourself don't practice road safety.
Joey Gegaj (1 month ago)
Look at that black kid in the beginning hahaha lil nigga shouldnt even be driving
James Conway (1 month ago)
I guess with a driver's license we need to give a mental competency competency test as well when you purchase a gun because whether these people realize it or not they're driving around in weapons the guy that attempts to run the lady over at the stop sign with the baby in the stroller needs to have his license permanently revoked and put into a mental institution for evaluation
James Conway (1 month ago)
Beam me up Scotty there's no intelligent life down here
Glenn Koch (26 days ago)
Well... the car is now mine so the roads are ALL MINE, so get the Fawk off them before l run you off !
Mark D (1 month ago)
You are just as bad or worse than the driver by leaving your baby out in the street. Great parenting!
Glenn Koch (26 days ago)
Well we's haven 6 babies in the back and our 4 grandmama's ana 3 grandpapas, and my step sister twice removed with her bunch of 10 kids is waiting down the road for a Home brew and BBQ awaiting for us, so getten the fawk offen my roads willya, or l'll sick my bitch onya
Joe Meehan (1 month ago)
First motorcycle guy was a real asshole. The kid was wrong but the motorcycle was going very fast and should have been able to react better. That’s why everyone hates motorcyclists.
Mephiam (1 month ago)
LOL at a motorcycle rider getting pissed at a car passing them at speed. I bet that car gave them a wider berth when passing than the biker usually gives.
Carnage11B (1 month ago)
She didn't seem to care that much that there was a "child" in the carriage when she hopped onto the car leaving the "child" in the middle of the road...🤔
Aviator Kayla (1 month ago)
I would’ve ran that breeder bitch over trying to jump on my car like that. If she gave a fuck about her kid she wouldn’t have started walking as the car was moving and she wouldn’t have left the damn stroller behind
Rakanarshi2 (1 month ago)
Why disable the likes for this? honestly...
chef rainbow blaunt (1 month ago)
that poor child DID not deserve THAT n i REALLY HOPE the police find THAT man!
Robin Holland (1 month ago)
Video quality is in the main terrible
MrVault (1 month ago)
Shitty click-bait garbage
Yamaha SR650 (1 month ago)
2:30: Nice autorotation! (landing with dead engine)
andrew phillips (1 day ago)
Fantastic control ,
wingmanalive (1 month ago)
@4:50............what.............the fuck..................was that?
Nunya Bidness (1 month ago)
3:08 Fuck yeah! Edit: Bison can run up to 35 mph. Please don't ever approach them! I'm from Montana and you wouldn't believe the stuff stupid tourists do. I saw a woman in Yellowstone attempt to put her child on the back of one to take a photo!!!
Jeffery D (1 month ago)
13 do 50
Damien Dumouchel (1 month ago)
I wonder who the douche bag is that was challenging a bison. What an asshole!
Robin Kidwell (1 month ago)
Tylor Did (1 month ago)
pissing off a buffalo.... fucking white people... yes I am as well.
SethRN1 (1 month ago)
Screw you dumbass...keep filming!! We want to see that buffalo take out the drunk dude!!
David Upton (1 month ago)
Loved the car getting burned 😭😂😱 the fuck up, cause the bastard didn't know that straw was flammable!!!!!! Dumbass, learn something new dipshit!!!!!!
corona Bery (1 month ago)
Cop getting dragged is COOL. Shame he didn’t die
Ty johnston (1 month ago)
So edgy dude.
corona Bery (1 month ago)
WOW. Laderihana’s mother looks like a lovely sensible human being and an outstanding parent. Single parent no doubt.
Mephiam (24 days ago)
@Johnnywhamo nice try at trying to minimize the importance of the numbers, but those "statistics" you try to discredit are readily found at numerous sources such as the C.D.C., R.A.I.N.N and others. Do the minimal work of using your mouse and keyboard. Now to answer the question some do and some don't. You would have to look at individual methodologies. The majority do take in such factors. It's one of the many things feminists and others like yourself try to suppress because it shows the Tender Years Doctrine and policies built from it to be bullshit.
Johnnywhamo (25 days ago)
@Mephiam…...do your "statistics" applies to kids of divorce that are living with now toxic single parents?
John Gordon (1 month ago)
@Mephiam Yes indeed Mephiam another single mother with metal all over her face i feel sorry for the child
Mephiam (1 month ago)
@Emily Mansfield sorry sweetie, but the numbers don't lie. Statistically children of single mothers are the most likely to run into all sorts of behavioral problems and substance abuse. Sorry/not sorry if that breaks your little "I can do anything..." bubble. Make better choices.
Emily Mansfield (1 month ago)
Nothing wrong with single parents.... Just something wrong with you, clearly.
corona Bery (1 month ago)
Should have run screechy with the stroller down dead just to save anyone from ever having to hear her obnoxious voice again.
corona Bery (1 month ago)
Emily Mansfield go pick your cellulite skank
Emily Mansfield (1 month ago)
Ah yes because parents who want their children to live are crazy. I can see now that your parents hated you, troll.
aver797 (1 month ago)
longest cars ever
Ricky Perez (1 month ago)
"Yea we about that life been doing this shit since 5 yrs old".. Proceeds to crash into mailbox🤦
Disaffected GenX (1 month ago)
0:28 ....but then I got high
Michelle Coons (1 month ago)
Did they ever find the hit and run people that hit the little girl?
sandyfiveofive (1 month ago)
Stupid motorcycle driver was going to fast. Got less than what he deserved. Just because you're on a bike doesn't afford you saint status. When the cops arrive they will want to know why the man child on the motor cycle hit the car in front of him....News flash it will always be the fault of the driver hitting the vehicle in the back...Failure to maintain a safe distance and speed. It's a car world, if you can't deal with the extra danger, grow up and buy a car ass wipe!
petite fille (1 month ago)
the driver of the car wasn't supposed to be in that lane to begin with and was clearly high out of his mind
Disaffected GenX (1 month ago)
sandyfiveofive not always the fault of the driver that rear ends a car in front. Also car crossed over a double line and lastly he’s high as fuck
Gunny Clark (1 month ago)
Excellent auto-rotation landing by the helicopter pilot
Some Whitman (1 month ago)
I hope there wasn't actually a baby in that stroller. She just left it in the middle of the road. Edit: The chubby guy afterwards was really annoying.
rgrndu (1 month ago)
Distorted 👎
Carl James (1 month ago)
@6:37 hey dumb mother fucker.. I ride that canyon all day.. dont fucking cross the yellow
Andrew Dieu (1 month ago)
Joseph Velasquez (1 month ago)
Too bad that buffalo didn’t stomp that fool
Sarah Barton (1 month ago)
First driver looked high as a kite
RJ Myers (16 days ago)
Biker riding in the trash lane (center of lane) deserves to crash and fuck up his ride!
Glenn Koch (26 days ago)
He was on his first drive heading to the DOT to sit for his drivers licence now that he had turned 16 Y.O today..... ( Stevie Wonder ) Happy birthday to ya, Happy birthday
Farsan (1 month ago)
Stoned out of his mind... Must be some super duper weed to make you oblivious that after being rammed a dude is sitting on your trunk and bashing your rear window!
Mark Russ (1 month ago)
With his mobile phone on his lap... dick wad.