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UPS Delivery Guy HURLS Package At My Door and I confront him.

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I was in my house and heard a loud banging sound. Turns out it was my package slamming into my front door. The guy launched it at my door from about ten feet away. This was a Christmas present ordered from Amazon. Unbelievable! I went out and had a word with them. UPS said they were really upset to see this video and would contact me but never did. 🙄
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Mike McKay (6 months ago)
Just terrible. You rely on a service to be provided in a professional manner, yet that happens only so often.
Allen king (3 months ago)
That's not a ups driver he's a seasonal driver guys
Notinbutfights (4 months ago)
Definitely wasn't the first time that package was thrown lmao. Should see what happens when it gets sorted. Courier companies dont care about your shit. All they care about is numbers, numbers, numbers.
joe cairo (5 months ago)
It’s ok I’m sure I’m the hub it got a lot more abused then that people just want to bitch
Rebecca Guest (6 months ago)
I think I will use FED EX from now on. This is outrageous.
taskism (6 months ago)
that is a seasonal driver helper. he will be gone soon (usually the 2nd week of January but seeing as we have not had a busy peak season. i'm sure it will be last week of December). but yes he is a lazy s.o.b.
Nick Martin (6 months ago)
Lazy Bastard
UPS (6 months ago)
Thank you for letting us know your package was delivered in this manner. I would like to get this addressed for you. Please email help@ups.com with your tracking number and contact information. ^KS
Fry (5 months ago)
It has been six days. Any updates? You never contacted me like you said you would. I sent my contact info six days ago. Is this delivery person still working for UPS and destroying your customer's packages on a daily basis?