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Rhino CHARGES and Attacks Car | Kruger National Park

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While driving through Kruger National Park in South Africa, one cantankerous rhinoceros didn't appreciate this unwanted visitor. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo LIKE us on FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on TWITTER http://twitter.com/JukinVideo FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/JukinVideo REGISTER on our WEBSITE http://JukinVideo.com TO LICENSE THIS CLIP, EMAIL: http://bit.ly/1oGvftr
Category: Entertainment
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Text Comments (2206)
Erick J. (23 hours ago)
I would have shit my pants
RootBear (3 days ago)
Lol dude this isn't your dog. You cant say "easy" and think it will calm down. If you see a rhino, give it space and let it move on.
triceratops Jurassic world (6 days ago)
Rhino's ain't got the number of horns i got i got three horns we may have the same diet but i lived in north America
Tabikoy der Wahre (12 days ago)
I'm a rhinoceros
justadrum (15 days ago)
Why does anyone go to Kruger? Like serious? Have you not seen Battle For Kruger...this just adds to me never wanting to be around real predators in THIER habitat trying to survive - they aren't friendly, they aren't pets - YOU'RE. JUST. FOOD. to them. I prefer to be buried traditionally; and not be animal shit next to a bush for "a once in a lifetime experience".
Stephen Ramnarine (20 days ago)
“0-60 times don’t matter they say”
Lebrun Jemz (1 month ago)
Damn nature ! You scary
Mgn (1 month ago)
Rhino's like to battle thats what they are about...now go listen to the song one less set of footsteps and remember them
Kevin Condna (1 month ago)
Explain that one to your insurance company
Matthew Wilson (1 month ago)
What did he mean by saying "easy"? I think it would be better if he just shut up.
eduardo arantes (1 month ago)
Why did you enter his *TERRITORY?*
The Rock (1 month ago)
This guy sucks at safari
Ziggy Wynder (2 months ago)
The guy should've just sat still and wait for the rhino to leave.
ツJasko (2 months ago)
AJaY LoNg (3 months ago)
Stupid ... you just step that rhino zone
AJaY LoNg (3 months ago)
Stupid ... you just step that rhino zone
Tounsi Behi (3 months ago)
No worries he just wants to charge his dead iphone .
tijmen131 (3 months ago)
Rhino's are like living tanks that aren't bulletproof
Mr. Rhino (3 months ago)
My favorite animal
slbrey (3 months ago)
This video isn't fake at all.....
Nazin Khan (3 months ago)
Hold your GROUND!!!!!!
Purovatis (3 months ago)
"When she says she wants someone like you but not you"
heena happy (3 months ago)
Hahhahah easy ki mom or sis krdi gai lol
Александр Доманин (3 months ago)
На бутылку?)))
Marineghost21 (3 months ago)
Punch it in the balls
Joseph Victor (3 months ago)
Peter Njiro (3 months ago)
Wow it did some feints then attacked
Kaden813 (3 months ago)
The rhino was like come at me bro
유시민을대통령으로 (3 months ago)
xxBobby Knowxx (3 months ago)
didnt realize how big the mf was till :03.....run mfs!!!!
TWM Playz (3 months ago)
I hope u died u fat ogre
rainy devil (3 months ago)
Sam Winchester (3 months ago)
The power of the rhino💪
Wess's Guitar Shredding Lessons (3 months ago)
Yeah, Easy Peasy, Car Squeezy!
Victor Delgadillo (3 months ago)
what a dumbass 😂
Alex Alvarado (3 months ago)
Alex Alvarado (3 months ago)
Slippy Malone (3 months ago)
Lmao obviously fake
wemcal (3 months ago)
He must have had a fire in the truck?
Misael Valle (3 months ago)
Y qué esperaban de uno de los animales más territoriales de África? ? ¿Qué les diera los buenos días?
Renee` Hill (3 months ago)
Easy? Put the pedal to the metal retard !
aauroraa (3 months ago)
holy shit I didn’t think they were that big
NyKk LaTenebra (3 months ago)
I'm Peng God (3 months ago)
I mean I'd be pissed too if I were being poached
CaT Vee (3 months ago)
Josh River (3 months ago)
That rhino was just sayin his horn was better than that car's!
Logan Cole (3 months ago)
Wouldn’t have even felt bad if his car got knocked over. What an idiot
XpertTae 1120 (3 months ago)
The car Dent have to get hit like that.
Dennis Vu (3 months ago)
It's called a horn
MultiKushie (3 months ago)
Yo dumbass just gonna sit there and wait smh
⚡TØXĪC⚡ (3 months ago)
*o o f*
12on12off - (3 months ago)
Looks fake
Ben McDonald (3 months ago)
Rhino: Get Off My Lawn
brayden McMahon (3 months ago)
ohh shit a rhino is about to hit my car lemme just drop my phone fora second
ISCRIBBLEFAN Selena (3 months ago)
Nathan Roberts (3 months ago)
What an idiot!
G Toyadha Tagya B (3 months ago)
"Get off my lawn you shit!"
Kuda Kwashe (3 months ago)
These things are huge in person......and they're very territorial
Ancient Aliens (3 months ago)
i would love my car to be hit by a rhino, i would love that. i would laugh so hard. what an experience.
Carlos Hernandez (3 months ago)
I don't blame it. Rhinos may be going extinct after all.
bernie kline (3 months ago)
The beast gave them a warning the idiots didn’t move! Tell me how smart are these tourists!
Marc Casteel (3 months ago)
That guy is an idiot
Jailbreaker 1981 (3 months ago)
CTO Information (3 months ago)
just send those la fitness muscle builders to there
ByeBitch 《 (3 months ago)
Idiot's for rolling forward so close when they were behind him and fucking retards for CONTINUING forward when he came close. You BACK UPyour fucking car.
Michael Schwager (3 months ago)
Better call the auto body shop after that hit.
LEGO TUBE (3 months ago)
Great camerawork 10/10
84montecarlonazi (3 months ago)
Hell flip that little turd car right over
Breathe Wrestling (3 months ago)
How could you even think that this is real?
Nel (3 months ago)
Yeah because telling a rhino “easy” is going to stop him or her from charging. Lmao
Michael (3 months ago)
Rhino is like "That's my pile of mudd and I'm gonna protect it!"
Leo Solis (3 months ago)
Size is everything in the animal kingdom and this is one animal not to be messed with
Thomas Denham (3 months ago)
stop filming and drive when you have the chance
Bill W (3 months ago)
Should be asleep. Instead I’m watching a Rhino charge at a Jeep. (Just realised that rhymed so edited to clarify) 🚙 🦏 😴
MR BP (3 months ago)
man i thought the camera rolling around was the car at first lol..
Line NSE (3 months ago)
Very stupid driver
MrMATAMOSKAS (3 months ago)
JBennyA14 (3 months ago)
Rhino: Fuck out my hood nigga 😂😂
Gary Cannon (3 months ago)
What an idiot lol who gets that close to rhino? what did you think was going to happen?
A Frustrated Gamer (3 months ago)
Closest you’ll get to Jurassic Park IRL.
Amit Mangat (3 months ago)
This guy had plenty of time to get away, but no he decided to stick around and get his car fucked up
Ntrakit Six (3 months ago)
0:27 HEY!!!
Hafiz Jumat (3 months ago)
0:41 second video have 4.3 mil viewss!!
1furryboi (3 months ago)
Aaahhhh so this is why rhinos are endangered
Joshua Rivers (3 months ago)
Should've got out of his territory
Son Kyler Gamez (3 months ago)
The guy says HEY! Lol Get Tf outta his way!! Lol
Linda McPherson (3 months ago)
I have no sympathy for people that get hurt or attacked.. People go in cars or open vehicles.. idiots
Chance1957 (3 months ago)
“EEEasy, eeeasy” why don’t you give his space you idiot. “Eeeasy” my ass.
Bryan Arthurs (3 months ago)
Looks CGI
Patrick Castro (3 months ago)
Bryan Arthurs that's what I kept thinking
ClickBrickStudios (3 months ago)
At the moment you knew You fucked up
Lil naily XD (3 months ago)
Maaifoedie De La Rey (3 months ago)
The rhino whisperer .... easy easy .... hahah that's not going to work pal - pedal to the metal is all that'll save your arse
pyramid architect (3 months ago)
That Rhino gave that idiot plenty of warning time he decided too say "easy".. EASY
Psyondrax1 (3 months ago)
Rhinos - the only animals fearless enough to attack cars. That's why white people be like, "African, go kill dem so I can take snappy snappy photos"
Spiderman Simbionte (3 months ago)
que clase de loco no se da cuenta que ese rinoceronte buscaba pelea
Lord Beerus (3 months ago)
This is legit scary if that were me inside
T R (3 months ago)
youre supposed to stop your car and wait for the animal to pass. whoever shot this was either really stupid or really trying to provoke a wild animal.
Dillon Nolan (3 months ago)
Lol thug
8888rionts (3 months ago)
( ´,_ゝ`)クックック・・・( ´∀`)フハハハハ・・・ (  ゚∀゚)ハァーハッハッハッハ!!
Smart Cat Collar Project (3 months ago)
You should add a pic of the car after the attack, at the end of the video !