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Fruit Roll-Ups Ad- New Flavor Strip (2002)

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3 kids fight over the next flavor for Fruit Roll-Ups. Peach! Berry! Fruit punch! Credit goes to N Sands! Affordable Dental: Save up to 80%, $19.95 a month! Visit http://www.realdealdiscounts.com for more information!
Category: Entertainment
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Text Comments (26)
pbscraze (11 days ago)
Berry Blitz
Buttin Specter (6 months ago)
Does anyone know where the prequel to this is?
Heroine Reychelle Moya 537 (7 months ago)
Berry blitz
fluminesesoc (9 months ago)
Damn I remember this commercial when I was little *cries*
Benjamin Rogers (10 months ago)
0:25 The girl that makes blue berry blitz is all covered in red fruit punch and yellow peach potion, because red and yellow make orange all over her. 0:19 The boy that makes red fruit punch is all covered in blue berry blitz and yellow peach potion, because blue and yellow make green all over him. 0:26 The boy that makes yellow peach potion is all covered in blue berry blitz and red fruit punch, because blue and red make purple all over him.
sissy moushka (1 year ago)
I vote for berry blitz,peach potion,and fruit punch!
markdpane (2 years ago)
I remember this. It's been years since I last saw it.
JoeDanielMitchell (2 years ago)
I voted for the hot chick lol
Heroine Reychelle Moya 537 (7 months ago)
Berry blitz
YTWarrior100 (1 year ago)
Hot chick? She's like 10 years old you freaks.
ButtercupFan 01 (2 years ago)
What did they use for the liquid?
BTC (2 years ago)
The winner is...Berry Blitz.
PsiPaula4 (2 years ago)
I voted for peach and to this day, 14 years later, I'm still mad that it didn't win. We have tons of fruit punch AND berry flavored fruit snacks, but none of peach. I don't get why they couldn't just make all of the flavors.
Headset Guy (3 years ago)
I voted Berry Blitz. I was really happy when it won... BUT I never actually tried it when it came out, and then I realized I probably should have voted for Peach Potion instead. By the way, do you have the one where the winner was announced?
Headset Guy (3 years ago)
that90sguy (3 years ago)
+Headset Guy Nope. But someone else does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDUqdw8OM30
Darryl Thompson (3 years ago)
Why not all of them together? They all taste great together anyway
Billy Price (3 years ago)
+Darryl Thompson I agree
Darryl Thompson (3 years ago)
+The BigJ​ FYI I already know that
Daphne Chandler (3 years ago)
Peach, Berry, Fruit Punch, who will win?!
Graeme Pischke (4 years ago)
I voted for Fruit Punch.
Heroine Reychelle Moya 537 (7 months ago)
Berry blitz
Matthew Austin (3 years ago)
+Graeme Pischke I voted for Berry Blitz.
angusyjr (4 years ago)
Ugh...I remember this commercial. ... Peach potion should've won damn it!! We already had fruit punch flavored fruit roll ups, and berry blitz....well..... Lemme see, applejack cereal with blue carrot pieces, spring oreos making your milk turn blue, jesus! What is it with kids and the color blue?! Peach should've won because its a fruit roll ups flavor we've never had before. Damn you berry blitz flavor....
klimmr3021 (1 year ago)
This may have something to do with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWmF_2u-9nk
Matthew Austin (3 years ago)
+angusyjr I remember this commercial too. I also remember the second part of this commercial where they announce the winner of the new flavor, and it was Berry Blitz.