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The Grand Theory of Amazon

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Text Comments (1898)
PolyMatter (11 months ago)
Come chat on our updated Discord: http://discord.me/polymatter Also: some things had to be cut for time, so I’ve posted my notes to Patreon
J W (3 months ago)
Are you an independent youtuber or an advertiser? In the few videos I've watched here, but in every video, you do a TERRIBLE job distinguishing between content and advertising. Make up your mind and tell us. I did try to visit your "chat" on discord.me, but was only redirected to download the Discord app. I am able to go to other web pages in my browser without being FORCED to download an app. Another advertisement masquerading as an invitation? wtf, polymatter? There seem to be two options here: you suck (at separating content from advertising) or you suck (pretending to be an individual creator whilst you are really just Advertisements). p.s. Your About page, here at Youtube, says the only way to reliably contact you is by the email below. There is no email below.
Chaleelaleela (3 months ago)
+JMADMACHINE My thought, they attract people to their platform. This means they need to spend money. They will profit later. The compettitor who has more money can try and experiment any ways it wants. This means the more money the higher tendency to win.
BolinFoto (9 months ago)
The 2 dollar bill is no joke. A 1976 to 2003 is worth $2 yes but a 1928 Red Seal is worth $10 to $20 so it is only a bad deal if they are a 1976 to 2003 2 dollar bill. :D
Powerfulshammy (9 months ago)
Also without Google there's no Amazon cause Android and Chrome and maps and everything essential. Firefox won't support em and Microsoft will not support other companies unless you pay em ridiculous amounts or buy their license for like everything including use of their windows phone OS. Also google owns Asia everything here is Google even your very personal online shopping center Lazada or Grab asia owned by google here and bought out uber asia is run here by google no Amazon even in middle east, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Mongolia and so fort.
Bobby Lee (1 day ago)
love the way you transition the ad lol
Biv Lab (1 day ago)
Amazon literally refers to their business plan for the year as taking over the world. Staff meetings were always really creepy
Wuety06 (2 days ago)
Bs with Apple. They lost that love of tech when they started trending twoards strong looking products with engineered internal issues like structural bonding adhesives over heatsinks and or the long screw design on most ip versions
Mark Fryer (2 days ago)
So just when is Amazon going to turn a profit? Shareholders eventually want to see not just capital gains but also dividends. Staff want to be paid a living wage and not have to rely on food stamps to make ends meet. Governments eventually need all businesses to pay their fair share in taxes to pay for and do the things that private businesses can't or won't do.
Ryde Mk (7 days ago)
Amazon: Let’s buy Youtube! Google: no Amazon: ok, let’s buy *YouTubers*
abdul rafay (6 days ago)
Ryde Mk 😂😂 tomorrow we log on to YouTube and see all the good ones banned 😂
Evan Silversun (7 days ago)
I love the whitisism and depth of knowledge! Great vid! Also the segway into the advertising at the end of every video is genuinely relevant & entertaining! This is the future of education, keep it up ;)
Silent D (11 days ago)
Amazon needs to die.. its a cancer to this world. A company that doesn't make money, holds the the market hostage, eliminating and destroying healthy competition. While staying afloat only because they dont make a profit. Capitalism has become an investors frenzy, where seemingly good ideas get flooded with money, only to realize decades later that the business model was unsustainable. While at the same time denying any alternatives to rise, due to its undermining nature. So whenever the company finally fails. The harm is done, and the competitors have already been destroyed. People clap their hands at amazon for selling cheap products while not realizing the harmful footprint amazon leaves behind. In a sense amazon operates like a communistic government taking over every business, making it state ownership. "if jeff was the president" But as long you get cheap shit you are happy right. Oh and then they get huge tax cuts, because they dont have any profits. I thought the model for how to sustain a country economics, was to have those who made the most money help contribute to its survival. But that is not the case when you actually dont have profits. Amazon gets all the benefits of the tax laws, while not paying back as intended, because well "we didnt make any money this year.. again" Instead the bill goes to the smaller businesses and regular people. "clap clap" praise be amazon. So those cheap products you thought you got from amazon, - well I hope by now you realized that you are paying a premium for through your taxes. Even if you dont shop at amazon. Youre paying for their existence. "capitalism? ehm no. america is more red than china by now. Congrats.
Egor Eremin (11 days ago)
That's how cyberpunk starts
IndustrialDonut (17 days ago)
I wish you talked more about how the only thing to give them 'competition' is or will soon be just the government. That seems kind of important regarding the brief mention of world domination.
The Union Jack (18 days ago)
Biggest empires 1:British 2:Amazon 3:mongol
Kevin Kim (15 days ago)
The Union Jack lol your good. Sorry for dogging you
The Union Jack (15 days ago)
Kevin Kim mate I made a SATIRE comment I’m not an Anglophile I’m not Evan old enough to drive and my name is jack and I’m British so I made a pun I meant by pure size ok
Kevin Kim (16 days ago)
Um....I see by your user name you must be some Anglophile donut. In terms of wealth and influence it is the usa number one. The British have waded by the backsides
Spike FanBoy (18 days ago)
I will be really glad if someone tells how this video is created... I mean the software used
skilecco (18 days ago)
TWF CHANNEL (19 days ago)
Justin Xin (20 days ago)
8:40 Am I the only one who sees the wing on the plane really messed up?
otis The music (20 days ago)
yeah amazon needs to get broken up
That Local Pessimist (21 days ago)
I just barely noticed that the Kindle reads out the beginning of Animal Farm.
IndustrialDonut (17 days ago)
what exactly? I don't have a kindle but I've read the book
77 % pro (21 days ago)
4:00 sponsored by tier zoo
Ashleyapples (22 days ago)
lol, you have to add the shave pun at the end
Christian Conrad (22 days ago)
So does this mean that Amazon is making it even more difficult for new entrepreneurs simply because of how far reaching their services are?
21Strikerz (21 days ago)
Not yet actually, but it is taking over one niche at a time. So sooner or later there are gonna be problems for newer folks.
Miguel Miquel (28 days ago)
Uber is illegal.
Woody W (28 days ago)
Absolute nonsense! PolyMatter seems to be churning out trash 10min+ videos for the revenue.
Ryan Tart (1 month ago)
When your Echo comes on everytime he says "Alexa"
DerpToni616372 (1 month ago)
Dollar shave club has a monopoly on cheap shaving
Savage Exposer 59 (1 month ago)
Wait amazon owns twitch??
Bárður Joensen (1 month ago)
Jeff is like a supervillain taking over the world, and everyone is fine with it :p
Brady (1 month ago)
5:45 Amazon communist confirmed!?!?!?
12squared Network (1 month ago)
Wow a non-iPhone/china PolyMatter video? Getting a little ballsy there aren't we?
Spoopy Lucy (1 month ago)
The Right Circle (1 month ago)
*I can tell you how to create the next Amazon! Just have a peek*
Beast The Bot (1 month ago)
Sooryaunshu Mulawkar (1 month ago)
4:04 whatt! Amazon owns dropbox?!!!?
Kyuso KK (1 month ago)
Snoothest sponsor transitions in the game
Pranav Joshi (1 month ago)
Amazon is the Buy n Large of wall E
Radu Mihai (1 month ago)
It might sound weird, but here in Romania, nobody buys from Amazon, we have a similar website that also sells anything
Wi Tu Kay (1 month ago)
lol teir zoo logo
Carlos Romero Fernandez (1 month ago)
Podéis registraros aqui: https://amzn.to/2S4MGdb
Xuan Tan (2 months ago)
Such a suddenly ad!!!
paul Smith (2 months ago)
Amazon burns books.
Kasanga Ahmad (2 months ago)
click the link bellow to easily search for products to sell at amaon https://affiliate.junglescout.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=4491&url=1901
J Tech (2 months ago)
The real world buy and large
Jake Broe (2 months ago)
Fascinating... Amazon already has me, I don't see any way out of their connivence.
-__- (2 months ago)
ALike for everyone that gets the tier zoo reference in 3:59
Randy Fardy (2 months ago)
I subscribed, thank u, next.
somebody (2 months ago)
COMING SOON: Amazon GUNs- fit with over 100,000 manpower and up-to-date weapons Amazon OIL- gets oil from invading the middle eas- from getting gifts from foreign nations Amazon Planes- exactly what the name says Amazon drive- self-driving cars all over! Amazon government- a huge team of senators, lawyers, and politicians Amazon foods- food! Amazon watch- Lol we got Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Hulu Amazon PHONE- the Iphone's trash Amazon construction- pros at building stuff and infrastructure Amazon police- a highly trained police force... Amazon secret services- ok, why do we need this? Amazon news- what are you doing!?! Amazon states- calm down here- Amazon overthrow- look, I know you don't want any competitors but- Amazon research- Amazon missiles- Amazon film- Amazon education- Amazon prime- The empire of Amazon
J Tech (2 months ago)
somebody buy and large
Skating Commentator (2 months ago)
The hedonic treadmill is a lie. It just ins't true. Simple counterexample: So, if this "hedonic treadmill" really was a thing then you would expect that people who have been tortured and were abused POWs would be jumping with joy every living second of their lives. Sure, they were very happy to leave, but do you REALLY think that their level of happiness before and after went up? Would you say that they didn't enjoy life enough because they weren't tortured before? Would you think that if they were polled before they were tortured and a while after they were tortured their level of happiness would be higher because they have a greater appreciation of life? Torturing people will not increase their appreciation of life and therefore isn't correct. I may be missing the real def of hedonic treadmill so if this is the reason why it seems the video got it all wrong let me know.
Skating Commentator (2 months ago)
+khizer486 Sorry the POW explanation was a bit iffy to say the least. But, what I am basically trying to say is that if the hedonic treadmill worked so well and you will always return back to your average level of happiness, and that average level of happiness is never changed no matter what you do because every time something good happens you dont appreciate life as much and every time something bad happens you appreciate life more thus balancing out your happiness. Then why do people fear things like being tortured if they know that this hedonic treadmill will carry them through the pain and after the pain and torture they will greatly more appreciate life and you will experience an equal level of happiness. Wouldn't that just make life pointless meaning that everytime you work hard to achieve something good, you end up just hurting yourself just as much by making yourself appreciate life less. Overall, what I am trying to say is that I do believe that the hedonic treadmill is a thing, at least to a certain extent, but not to the extent in the video because this would just make everything people do in life not do anything for their happiness. Examples of hedonic treadmill to a small extent: Spolied kids, winning lottery etc. Examples of hedonic treadmill over-exaggerated like in this video: People can be tortured and then feel as much happiness as they did pain later.
khizer486 (2 months ago)
Dude ur own explication proved the Hedonic treadmill right... Once the based POW is released his expectation adjusts so that just being out of prison does not make him jump for joy forever. IF his expectation had not adjusted he would be happy 24/7 because not much can be worst than being a POW
KrisMcCool (2 months ago)
How about 2 minutes delivery? *2 SECONDS DELIVERY???*
Matheus Mancini Porfirio Nunes (2 months ago)
Which program is used to make this video's animation?
Fadi Hadi (2 months ago)
shave ur ass
ManBearPig (2 months ago)
6:36, something's off about that 'the' in the captions.
Bobe Wu (2 months ago)
Is amazon becoming real life buy n large?
who did see tier zoo logo? (on minute 4)
nico byrne (2 months ago)
Echo and the Bunnymen.
Stephen Bishop (2 months ago)
If amazon is taking a loss that's dumping, that's illegal as it's noncompetitive and unfair.
GregStickels (2 months ago)
'Amazon does not support the 1st amendment and supports censorship. Boycott Amazon
Ya Lee (2 months ago)
Expecting a 27lbs gummy bear python in a few days from amazon. SMH
Jan-Philipp Marks (2 months ago)
I wonder if you guys could analyze and make a video about the footprint amazon has
Chandrapal Nakula (2 months ago)
I use google to get to amazon
Mr. Mastery (3 months ago)
Funny part is Jeff Bezos Is now part of the Pentagon working with CIA
Shawn Crane (3 months ago)
seems like a long term investment.
KASHIF7 KATO (3 months ago)
A country owned
KolonaRulez (3 months ago)
RIP Movie Pass
Ryan Paton (3 months ago)
I love your content but I hate the fact that you stick advertising in your videos. I pay for YouTube premium so I don't need to be inundated with advertisements. You will drive subscribers away.
25k Subs with No Videos Challenge (3 months ago)
Amazon is the company from wall-e
25k Subs with No Videos Challenge (3 months ago)
Porter Colville (3 months ago)
Flawless ad transition
VeryStableGenius (3 months ago)
What are you belaboring about ?
Jake Cadwell (3 months ago)
The sponsor slides in lik ice
Abhishek Dev (3 months ago)
Wait....good reads is an Amazon product?
TheSFMgineer (3 months ago)
I have to dislike this... your pictures depict the hideous mac.
kukuliic2 (3 months ago)
Enough with the God damn dollar shave club, everywhere I look it's the God damn dollar shave club. Just shit off would you
Gordon D (3 months ago)
Stumbled upon this video, really well done. How do you acquire all these cool looking graphics to create a video like this for example the Amazon airplane, Alexa and so on?
Aki Kimura (3 months ago)
Those fuckers scammed, closed my account and didn’t return the money
CNN (3 months ago)
A beautifully crafted, well executed, highly informative video. Well done!
SkinnySwag7 (2 months ago)
No fake news
Tyco Tech (3 months ago)
At 8:03 you call Bezos, Bono.... Lol
Davy Ker (3 months ago)
>february 28th 2017 >circles 9th-to-last date on calendar
m1ksu (3 months ago)
3:57 luckily reddit's getting a redesign so the site won't look shit anymore
philipcy (3 months ago)
Fantastic content
Ryan Williams (3 months ago)
I am distrustful of centralized power, both governmental and corporate/private. Amazon is too powerful and should be broken up. Yes that requires strong governmental power to do that, but the govt is more beholden to the public than a private corporzte monopoly is.
Joel Diekmann (3 months ago)
dude....when teleportation becomes real....amazon will have "instant delivery" think about that my guy....would we ever need to leave our house then? Buy food and items online...bruh....
SimKiller (3 months ago)
Smooth sponsorship
Otlob Review (3 months ago)
قصة نجاح عملاق التسوق موقع أمازون. كوم 🤩 https://youtu.be/xPVkh6RSmfQ
Akshesh Doshi (3 months ago)
A company can specialize in "bad website design" - Redditesign 😂
tommy aronson (3 months ago)
Coming up with ideas doesn't mean they're good or well executed.
Henrique Silva (3 months ago)
lol this is video is so wrong about amazon, I loved how you ignored facts like amazon make partnerships with different business just to get the know-how of the business and after that sink prices just to destroy them
romanvampire (3 months ago)
wait, imdb? the imdb.com?? how is that an amazon thing? most of those marks i only know from american tv shows :) alaxi appearance sucks in dutch, is difficult to buy even you would want it in english, en why the fuck would you want to allow a simple voice command to fix any order at all.. and since it does, how much more of what the mic hears is send to amazon.. so why ever get such a spying device willingly in your house??
Pat W (3 months ago)
well id be damnnnnned
Gregory Worona (3 months ago)
Was that a mistake - "Bono" for "Bezos"?
Jerome Alday (3 months ago)
Anyone think of Wall-E Buy'n'Large
Father Stalin (3 months ago)
*DHS didn't like that.*
Namiix _13 (3 months ago)
>rm server Lmao
Kyle Hankins (3 months ago)
Kirill Sokur (3 months ago)
Great video! BTW, I saw a brilliant article about it on fbamonthly.com you should check it
kike villa coronado (3 months ago)
Apple is not what it was, now its stupid and boring
Cameron S (3 months ago)
"Apple is comfortable charging the most for the best possible experience." This is wrong on many levels. Apple is an egocentric child comfortable with calling itself luxury while extorting their stockholm customers. What other company has allowed a known GPU issues through multiple models? Or tells the customers "your just holding it wrong," when their overpriced cell phones stop working? Think different. Ha.
MaeLSTRoM1997 (3 months ago)
Wait a second, Amazon owns Goodreads? I had no clue I was dilligently giving away free labor for the benefit of fucking Jeff Bezos.
Eduardo Vargas (3 months ago)
I understand that the purpose of this video was to talk about Amazon, but the amount of times that my echo turned on is infuriating.
Wasay Khan (3 months ago)
That TierZoo reference though!
Jason Sapp (3 months ago)
If I had a dollar for every dollar shave club ad I've seen I could afford a lot of dollar shaves.
trollbreeder (3 months ago)