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The Grand Theory of Amazon

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PolyMatter (2 months ago)
Come chat on our updated Discord: http://discord.me/polymatter Also: some things had to be cut for time, so I’ve posted my notes to Patreon
BolinFoto (1 month ago)
The 2 dollar bill is no joke. A 1976 to 2003 is worth $2 yes but a 1928 Red Seal is worth $10 to $20 so it is only a bad deal if they are a 1976 to 2003 2 dollar bill. :D
Jonathan Laig (1 month ago)
Also without Google there's no Amazon cause Android and Chrome and maps and everything essential. Firefox won't support em and Microsoft will not support other companies unless you pay em ridiculous amounts or buy their license for like everything including use of their windows phone OS. Also google owns Asia everything here is Google even your very personal online shopping center Lazada or Grab asia owned by google here and bought out uber asia is run here by google no Amazon even in middle east, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Mongolia and so fort.
Bromoteknada (1 month ago)
I thought that you would fully detect Amazon's theory, but you didn't and here is why. (just to be clear, I love your videos and the level of work you bring on youtube) 1. Margin. Dropping your margin from low to even negative is a common competitive strategy. HOWEVER when competition is eliminated then the margin WILL increase and there won't be no Walmart or let's say FEDEX, to fight Amazon with lower prices. So what you will get as a customer in margin is : 1% (good for you) , 5%(still good for you) , but when competition is eliminated prices will go up for 15% margins (bad for you) , 30-40% (very bad for you) and there won't be a competitor to stop it, so basically your pocket will be defenceless in any oligopoly-industry. As you said it, scale. Selling 1000 pieces on a 1% margin is better than selling 100 pieces on a 5-10% margin. 2.I also think that you didn't describe the ad thing as it is. Amazon is actually moving into the "ad" business in order to develop its own tools (until now they would just retarget on adsense) and implement them into its products. Maybe the video was uploaded before these announcements. You also didn't mention that what Echo does is what other...sketchy sound monitoring companies do, gather data by keywords. I'm not saying that they directly listen to your...kitchen conversations however it is proven that they gather the keywords that you are using. Google does the same. If you start mentioning words like "tv,buy,samsung, 50 inches etc." then you will probably get tv-based ads google ads. So basically they may sell to you cheap products, but they will know your consumer behavior SO WELL , that you will end up buying dozens of shit that you don't need or will use. And that is just way worse than just buying some bucks cheaper. Oligopolies and monopolies are so bad for the global economy that personally I find the current and the upcoming situation way more dangerous than , let's say, Kim Jong Jun. And it goes without saying that such powerful companies will not be stopped by regulations and stuff, their influence is enormous and grows day by day.
Albino Gorilla (2 months ago)
PolyMatter Apple is trash and nothing but greedy just FYI
JMADMACHINE (2 months ago)
million dollar tax?
Garadexian (5 hours ago)
Yo, just subbed because of that final transition. I couldn't stop laughing my dude. Thanks for that!
Bike Vids (18 hours ago)
India did it.
Chazz Fisher (2 days ago)
200 IQ transition to that ad😂👌🏽
BrandMentality (2 days ago)
Most informative review on the web: https://www.hustlemillenial.com/script/amazon-business "We tried amazon business. Was it worth it??"
Szabolcs Mate (3 days ago)
AI is alive! It's called big business.
Devvrat Vispute (3 days ago)
Wow, its truly great to think about how to business world works! The world is so competitive...
Zoological Militia (4 days ago)
Jeff Bozo, That dirty slant eye reptilian fagit has stolen my inheritance while I was fighting the real Butch Cassidy troglodyte clone into the millions who's cave clone biochemist mother fucker invented HIV & AIDs virus. Don't deal with that feing soon I will bring it to justice, you may lose your investment!
privacy is key (4 days ago)
these damn segways to sponsors always sneak up on me
Mr_ Koala . Ray (4 days ago)
Why Pepsi?
Manjunatha H S (5 days ago)
lavaxxx2001 (6 days ago)
Dollar shave club razors are nothing like my Mach 3 😁
Elvis (6 days ago)
9:30 oh my god that was amazing
Lastlies (6 days ago)
Google is the same
Paul April Hollon (7 days ago)
Smooth transition into that shave!
Enter Shitpost_Here (7 days ago)
Black logo, orange text, looks familiar
Eli Wesley (7 days ago)
2:13 Conquer France 🇫🇷
Misael Ramirez (7 days ago)
Amazong* way to show a razer ad 😂
J Shelly (8 days ago)
"best customer support ?" sure.
Lily Todd (8 days ago)
long story short, amazon basically own the internet
ByTheWayOut (9 days ago)
... e corp
Rich3060 (9 days ago)
Amazon is full of shit! Pay prime for next day delivery and every single order takes over a week!! Complete rip off.
xXpistonXx ! (9 days ago)
amazon is cool
Peakay (10 days ago)
I disagree, the Amazon is shrinking everyday because of deforestation. Do some research next time.
paperpancakes (10 days ago)
god this video is a capitalist nightmare
Jack Li (10 days ago)
The transition to ad's are so smooth, if you started to instruct me on how to jump off a cliff, I would probably be 3/4th way down already.
IC23 (10 days ago)
Mobile peasant here, but why is the Reddit redesign so bad? The mobile isn't the beat version quite a few bugs actually, but tge one time I used the redesigned Reddit (I've never used the old one) I didn't have it too hard.
Krayz Mitchell (11 days ago)
dude... I almost didnt realize your sponsor lol... Integrated transition flawlessly
Michael Lyga (12 days ago)
This is so sad alexa play despacito
RiseFar (12 days ago)
That transition to solar shave tho
Sev'er Dislike (12 days ago)
Said it before and will say it again, Amazon is the second coming of the east india trading company.
efcben (12 days ago)
The book industry would be more powerful if people bought them, you can resell and resell and resell. They never run out, and that is sustainability, same with video games.
Traveling Barilisons (13 days ago)
nice ad transitions. subbed!
Finn is a Weirdo (13 days ago)
If I could go without BuzzFeed my entire life I would kill for the privelege
Ramprasaanth PV (13 days ago)
Does amazon own Dollar Shave Club too ?
Retro Mammoth (14 days ago)
in other words they are a shitty company but they mass market their shit, and people are stupid so this is a win win for both stupid people and a very corrupt company that implements sweat shop labor. That is literally what i heard.
Stefan Aguinaldo Soerensen (14 days ago)
- Are you gonna pay for that? - Are you gonna make it available in my region? - mmmmmmmm.... No
Jacob Godfrey (14 days ago)
Seriously, the way your videos transition into the ad at the end is flawless.
misidee (14 days ago)
I wonder what this means. YouTube suggests this video to me in September 2018 - same day the headlines show amazon like Apple has become a trillion dollar company. Ok maybe I'm overthinking - any correlation between Apple & Amazon? both company's founders were rejected by their birth fathers...hmmm
Vedrit Mathias (15 days ago)
Something that comes to mind is a phrase someone said on an analysis on why IBM used to be a tech giant. (I'm probably misquoting a bit) They buy customers, not suppliers. The biggest and fastest growing companies do this if you take a close look. They buy companies that already move things for them, which slims down on time and expenses on getting goods or services from the parent company to the consumer.
Felenov-official (15 days ago)
How about ivona?
Subliminally Multicultural (15 days ago)
That was the smoothest fucking ad transition I've ever experienced in a video. Well done
Taylor Smith (15 days ago)
apple does not care about the customer XD
Bryant A (15 days ago)
Nope. Apple unlocked the San Bernardino iPhone. That story from the FBI of a third party hacking the phone was made up to cover for Apple. It was part of the deal they made. Apple unlocks it, the FBI covers their image to the public.
CZHO (16 days ago)
Amazon = buyinlarge
CZHO (16 days ago)
Amazon = buyinlarge
Jonathan Bartley (16 days ago)
The most seamless ad in the west
Waseem Belushi (16 days ago)
You forgot to mention Amazon 's, recent employee abuse
Zamir Pestano (17 days ago)
That sponsor transition made me a sub
Watema 3 (17 days ago)
Thats why I love Amazon *48 hour shipping*
Bailey Henderson (17 days ago)
Shld JCP shld will conquer amzn going shopping is not that bad shld JCP frsh are about themselves yes but I like to know they are doing better than me Amazon apple can't sell shares for 10.37 20 57 like shld JCP can amzn price rounds down to 2 k per share apple is 200 dollars rounding down
Bailey Henderson (17 days ago)
Sell the out of amzn stock don't use products
wout aerts (18 days ago)
Since nation primarily date racial bold.
Kamrul Ahasan (19 days ago)
TheUnnamedGent (19 days ago)
I subscribed because you said "raises the question" rather than "begs..."
healthfashionstyle (19 days ago)
free shows and movies>>https://amzn.to/2C3MgRe
Richie (19 days ago)
Seamless dude, fist bump.
CreeperMaster88 (20 days ago)
That sponsor transition was clean af
Ondra Žižka (20 days ago)
Lol. A 9 minutes hypnosis to make you want buy an electric shaver because it reminded how blades suck.
boombapboom (20 days ago)
And that’s why Amazon is going to get broken up.
Dharmesh Singh (20 days ago)
this guys transition to ads is so smooth!
jcast1224 (21 days ago)
Mock my words AMAZON will be the downfall of all world economies by taking out huge companies and being a monopoly then people will realize it and that will be the downfall of AMAZON all governments will ban or restrict companies to ever grow like that again
Johnny Wulff (21 days ago)
Bruh the way he smoothly puts in ads
Dee Pee96 (21 days ago)
Matthias ELISEE (24 days ago)
Clicked on the dollarshaveclub thing just to support you. Lots of love from France
Bazzralic (24 days ago)
Now introducing Amazon Government! -Better Ratings -Lower -taxes- fees -More -surveillance- data collection -Transparent -Emperor- CEO President
WILD WISDOM (24 days ago)
One word which amazon equals to is quantity
Jakulus HD (24 days ago)
Eye opening.
Allyouknow5820 (25 days ago)
While it is a very well done and interesting video, I think you underplay (by a lot) the problems that comes with that scale. The issues with how Amazon treats its employees (that you do mention but in passing) the toxic over reliance on AWS (which is a fundamental problem about the web I'd say) the fact that they've basically killed a lot of small independant libraries and so many others small businesses in every domain they are or are rumoured/announced to get into. And I will do the polite thing and not even mention the awful, awful CEO that's heading that whole empire. I don't like the Google / Facebook duopoly but even them I hate less.
abhishek das (26 days ago)
All I want is discounts
Macklin Regan (26 days ago)
If jeff bezoz split 100 billion of his dollars (while keeping 10 billion on the side) between all of his warehouse workers, each worker would get a check of over $150,000
Arberthecool (26 days ago)
Apple and quality don't go together
War Head (26 days ago)
Great video and love the cut in bro
War Head (26 days ago)
Yooo just watched a vid on successful Amazon is.... *audible van pulls up beside me*...a amazon company... Now I'm scared
Joshua Martin (27 days ago)
I wish I could set everything to be the style of your videos, it's awesome.
a b (27 days ago)
amazon biggest criminal
Vyrkhan (27 days ago)
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phoenix live (28 days ago)
Man I just found you channel and it’s really cool instantly subbed
MusicalCharmander (28 days ago)
Smoothest sponser transition ever.
Samuel Smith (28 days ago)
Jeff Bezos is still a dick to his staff though
Ilya Kamenshchikov (28 days ago)
Too many slippery ads and mixed in ideas to my taste.
Kiran K (29 days ago)
Dude, your transitions to the sponsor are the smoothest I've ever seen on all of YouTube. Seriously awesome.
TroniicGamiing (29 days ago)
Amazon is the new BuynLarge (BnL from Wall-E)
Joab Carr (29 days ago)
Please do a vid on alibaba
Andrea D'Ercole (29 days ago)
Wrote this article pretty much at the same time as the video https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/amazon-taking-over-world-shouldnt-we-start-worrying-andrea-d-ercole/
Jedijazz4 (30 days ago)
I want to know more about polymatter. The man like who is he.
fxvbm (1 month ago)
3:26 iS tHis LoSs
Atomik Laser (1 month ago)
lol, this was all just an elaborate and very informative advert for dollar shave club.. well done ;)
Ham Spam (1 month ago)
Watched video
Bruno Vic (1 month ago)
OMG you tricked me on that last one! Dollar shave really?
Isabel Kleijberg (1 month ago)
I got an ad to go start selling things on Amazon
Niti10 Ni (1 month ago)
I really enjoy your video, No clickbait, short and simple.
Suneson (1 month ago)
LMAO so suttle how you bring your sponsor into the video at he end! Nice video man
saa82vik (1 month ago)
The video is of course preceded by an Amazon ad which tells me not to forget our anniversary. With the correct date. Love big brother.
G3 CaptainCool (1 month ago)
Amazon is going to become buy n' large from pixars wall e where they take over the world
Karwash Blark (1 month ago)
Was waiting for him to say "oh, by the way, Amazon owns Dollar Shave Club too" at the very end
Oscar La vista (1 month ago)
lol I really like how you interjected that add man.
Daniel Leroy (1 month ago)
Your segways into sponsor promos are as impressive as your videos... Nice work actually.
Summer Bradford (1 month ago)
One time my boyfriend ordered 2 tires and sent them an email bc they sent two different ones ... They sent him 3 new tires and a 20 dollars gift card 😂😂
Eamon Shields (1 month ago)
Amazing video !! Love these
J W (1 month ago)
You forgot Alibaba.