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The Grand Theory of Amazon

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Text Comments (1990)
PolyMatter (1 year ago)
Come chat on our updated Discord: http://discord.me/polymatter Also: some things had to be cut for time, so I’ve posted my notes to Patreon
Sean Spicer (2 months ago)
@wow this is a really bad channel. it's basically propaganda. u refuse to use the most accurate term for what amazon is: "monopoly". there is no need to argue why monopolies are bad - through experience we have decided that "certain things" and "balances" reach a state that necessitates *laws* forbidding it. amazon, joff bozos, can afford to provide their warehouse workers with humane work pace and job security. that is, workers wouldn't have to walk 15miles a day, under constant onmipresent surveillance, and such fear that they shit their pants. @polymatter just make videos, but each and every video you make, each word you say, reinforces and promotes real harm to real people. it's by proxy, but *you* cause immense pain and suffering to normal everyday people. behind your computer making fluff propaganda videos. please remember, you cause harm to real people everyday.
J W (7 months ago)
Are you an independent youtuber or an advertiser? In the few videos I've watched here, but in every video, you do a TERRIBLE job distinguishing between content and advertising. Make up your mind and tell us. I did try to visit your "chat" on discord.me, but was only redirected to download the Discord app. I am able to go to other web pages in my browser without being FORCED to download an app. Another advertisement masquerading as an invitation? wtf, polymatter? There seem to be two options here: you suck (at separating content from advertising) or you suck (pretending to be an individual creator whilst you are really just Advertisements). p.s. Your About page, here at Youtube, says the only way to reliably contact you is by the email below. There is no email below.
Chaleelaleela (7 months ago)
@JMADMACHINE My thought, they attract people to their platform. This means they need to spend money. They will profit later. The compettitor who has more money can try and experiment any ways it wants. This means the more money the higher tendency to win.
BolinFoto (1 year ago)
The 2 dollar bill is no joke. A 1976 to 2003 is worth $2 yes but a 1928 Red Seal is worth $10 to $20 so it is only a bad deal if they are a 1976 to 2003 2 dollar bill. :D
Bonnie Hundley (3 hours ago)
Wouldn't it be funny if Jeff Bezos bought the Amazon Rain forest?
thetsane thetsane (11 hours ago)
You guys really know how to slide in ads 😂
Michael Smith (4 days ago)
So after Bezos put's 95% of business out of business and the work force is now 90 unemployed, who's going to be able to buy his shit? Heck who will be able to eat. I guess Kissinger was right and called us all a bunch of useless eaters.
Rj Prevendido (5 days ago)
If you're in a foreign country shipping cost can go up to $100 when buying a $75 computer case lol
Nick Trice (5 days ago)
Diabolically clever. It's obvious. Jeff Bezos is Lex Luther, and he feels entitled to the entire world- and everything in it. Like Tony Montana, but with a trillion bucks and CIA backing. I'm sure it will be fine.
King Katura (5 days ago)
Apple is not a customer company btw as you have seen if you paid attention to what they have done, and how viamently how they are fighting right to repair, because they make their money off breaking their own products and making you buy a new one regardless if they could easily fix it.
PokeGeo1668 (5 days ago)
*Gets Amazon ad*...
Filip Georgescu (8 days ago)
I feel like no one is adressing the problem that a company this big is creating. By overtaking entire industries and automated those idustries Amazon removes a lot of jobs and DOES NOT create new ones to take their place, which is bad. And if anyone tries to point this out they can simply cut the persons internet access which in this day and age is really bad
Joy Augustina Petinrin (8 days ago)
love how he literally talks about the employees for one sec and the competitors for two. "we may never know why Amazon makes things so cheap" yeah we do. Its to raise prices later. Like they do on every single product after they've ran out the competitors.
I'mgonnashitinyacheerios (9 days ago)
Jeff bezos just wants to be emperor of the world that's why Amazon dominating of every industry they enter he wants to have a stranglehold on the world so he can be like the supreme overlord of earth no forget that he wants to be Supreme, Mega, Overlord, President, Premier, Prime minister, Leader, dictator, ruler king, god OF THE WORLD and he'll have have a black and orange crown and a black and orange cape and a black and orange Thorne which he sits upon
i exist (16 days ago)
Best sponsor tranzition
Matheus Dal (17 days ago)
I really doubt the strategy for Uber is anything similar to Amazon's. For Uber, I'm afraid it won't go anywhere.
Epilef Rodriguez (21 days ago)
Beautiful animations.
AJ Fiore (24 days ago)
My girlfriend now works for ATS (amazon transportation services) at Amazon, which is basically a new sales team/division trying to basically undercut Fed ex & UPS & USPS. My gf thinks she’s good at sales bc all she has to do is sell someone a price slashed service. Any time you can offer the same or similar service for half the price it’s unfair. This is Amazon’s game though, price cutting while being non profitable. Mind you she was working in a division called Amazon Restaurants at first which just recently got shut down bc amazon couldn’t compete with doordash and Uber eats, just saying.
HasanXD (25 days ago)
çøттøηçαηðуçнαη (26 days ago)
Wew before I watch this video,A Google advertisment showed up -.- (Nice try Google but not today).
BAD VIBES (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does life feel so dull when you get a package from a beautiful country or something, like that water bottle you just bought from morocco has seen more than you will ever
harry Esses (1 month ago)
Amazon needs to do comriachal flights
tu_nonna_emiliana (1 month ago)
Monopolies though can't possibly ever benefit demand in the long run... Even If you can save a few bucks buying from Amazon right now, in a couple of years, Amazon is just going to raise prices up by an order of magnitude (as it has already done in the past, when the competition went bankrupt).
The gamer On steam (1 month ago)
5:38 if they have a god damn cargo hub in Kentucky then why does my shipping take so long
Logan R (1 month ago)
at 1:30 my echo had a seizure
cesar garza (1 month ago)
Amazon P4P #1
Retro Electro (1 month ago)
Could you do grand theory of google at some point?
Piyush Parmar (1 month ago)
Amazon that includes A to Z that's -amazon- Amazing
Piyush Parmar (1 month ago)
When Amazon CEO don't need to do shaving and still selling razors. Ironic combination of video and ad in that case of coincidence.
NicoBellic (1 month ago)
amazon is a monopoly
Richard King (1 month ago)
Amazon is going to own your house and your car tell you what doctor to go to what Dennis to go do what phone do you use Amazon will control everyone's lives
Mirik Kla (1 month ago)
amazon is for fat idiots!
Kilercole 2101 (1 month ago)
I like that tier zoo reference
brent grubbs (1 month ago)
That segway was on point!
Becoming Financially Fit (1 month ago)
The animations in this video are amazing, keep up the good work!
Bread (1 month ago)
Omg I watched this 2 years later and I just saw the tierzone reference
JFB (1 month ago)
Never heard of 3 of those shows at 0:15
Matthew Maldonado (1 month ago)
Kian Docherty (1 month ago)
Amazon NEED to be broken up. These fuckers are scary.
Jimmy Hayat (1 month ago)
I love Amazon as a company. Unless they have some evil agenda to control all of us and everything
wllot (11 hours ago)
they already do. and their agenda isn't evil, it's simply to continue to do what they're already doing, since that's what makes them the big bucks.
Refuze2Lose (1 month ago)
heres a new one. The way you slipped in the ad was so cool it actually shaved time off... i not as good as you. but im buying shave club and im only 13
Ramanvir Sodhi (1 month ago)
Great explanation!
canuckleaf (1 month ago)
Amazon kills stores in the downtown, underpays it's employees... They are not paying any taxes everywhere. Nowhere. These tactics need be scrutinize more than to be celebrated. But everyone wants "more comfort".
Mariel Ang (1 month ago)
this was a PR video for amazon
Ahmet Omer Ozgen (1 month ago)
Lazershit is running everything good on amazon. Or shall we name it greed?
Lua Tran (1 month ago)
I quit Amazon 1 month ago =). Still living
vitaminhoshi (1 month ago)
good job. I'm still trying
Anakia a (1 month ago)
They make products cheaper to gain market share. They sell the kindle for cheap, because they gain so much profit from the sales that follow.
Brandon Stennett (1 month ago)
Can you explain why Sweden has no bail ? Would help us understand ASAP.
Rap Kritik (2 months ago)
The problem is the way the people think about shopping and consuming...
Ernest Tsui (2 months ago)
god that segue was smooth
Tate Corbridge (2 months ago)
I didn’t even hear the transition because of the dick in your mouth
Cj James (2 months ago)
InnerWorks (2 months ago)
You sound like a non amazon hater
Crazy Rich Wu Mao (2 months ago)
Wait, wut. You shave? You sound like my 14 yrs old brother. Thumb up on the video tho.
Targaryen Dynasty (2 months ago)
Imagine watching Buzzfeed
Luc Donderwinkel (2 months ago)
Interviewer: How many companies do you intent to buy? Jeff Bezos: Yes.
michael ndegwa (1 month ago)
Alexa play "Buy back the block by Rick Ross"
ballzack57 (2 months ago)
8:02 you said Bono and not Bezos lol.
M Boychi (2 months ago)
What does everyone think of the digi . Me app? Any downside?
trixysvinyl music for djs (2 months ago)
shave butter?! wtf?! Ive used foam for 20 years and dont need anything else...
Devin Crum (2 months ago)
Fantastic content!
Nico Peruzzi (2 months ago)
This whole video is a fucking ad
Plainjupiter724 (2 months ago)
Hey I noticed that teir zoo reference
Zues Adam (2 months ago)
Literally bought a razor before realizing it was an Ad
SquareB0t (2 months ago)
8:00 You said Bono instead of Bezos lmaoo :D
anthony (2 months ago)
Amazon is taking over the world
Raj Wilson (2 months ago)
At this point the main reason I watch your vids is to see how U transition into your ads 😂😂😂
Ben Stevens (2 months ago)
That sponsor at the end was shameless
Rocket Number 9 (2 months ago)
2023: Amazon changes its name to Weyland 2027: Weyland partners with Yutani
Al Sam (2 months ago)
This shows how much we need to break up amazon, you know anti trust laws.
lkoadil1 (2 months ago)
best ever pull based marketing ..
Cynn (3 months ago)
I truly and utterly hate companies like google and amazon. They invade privacy, and profit off of incorporating their products into everything we do. Google is much worse than amazon in privacy invasion, but I digress. I just wish for a future in which we can have all of our information private and safe.
Optron Cordian (3 months ago)
The last minute of this video remain unwatched!
bamdadkhan (3 months ago)
still fucking hate amazon since the bookstore days. also i'm not sure people outside the US are so satisfied with them - i mean they can't even hide products that don't ship to my address in central europe.. xD
Antsy (3 months ago)
9:30 smoothest transition into an add ever..... EVER!
lombax (3 months ago)
think you forgot google cloud services..
Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald (3 months ago)
Didn't expect it to be this philosophical...
The Combat Wombat (3 months ago)
They will replace us all lol
Rebel90x (3 months ago)
I honestly think that Amazon and Coca-Cola need to be broken up.
Aaron TV (3 months ago)
When Amazon's business models stop benefitting the customers, they will be forced to break as a monopoly to ensure competition
Hyoroemon Meto (3 months ago)
"No matter how much our life improves, our expectation adjust". This
Breeze Aissa (3 months ago)
That's really what it is all about, we have to get rid of this consumerism mentality they convinced us that our happiness is in buying more and more goods, recently i watched a documentary called "century of the self" it's about the beginning of marketing and the use of mass psychology by big companies to sell more you look it up, after all if you want to understand today you have to search yesterday, have a good day btw
Austin S. (3 months ago)
chopin2712 (3 months ago)
And you have LINUX
tubagus prakasa (3 months ago)
Thumbs up for ad
Dubu Dahyun (3 months ago)
Comment Section Percentages: 90% talking about the smooth transition to the ad 8% talking about how awesome PolyMatter is 2% saying the percentages of the comment section
Blu Dude (3 months ago)
Damn that was smooth
Zesty Salad (3 months ago)
Amazon on a Sunday: Books Amazon on a Monday: Website Amazon on a Tuesday: Shipping company Amazon on a Wednesday: Streaming service Amazon on a Thursday: Grocery Store Amazon on a Friday: In-home assistant Amazon on a Saturday: Controlling the internet Amazon in 5 years: Human production
lily slo (3 months ago)
are we not gonna talk about that transition for the ad at the end omgg
CommunistLamini (3 months ago)
Amazon is slowly abusing its power. Basically a modern monopoly, except it owns part of the market in almost everything.
Tim Calvit (3 months ago)
Well it seems Amazon has a really long term vision and plan for the future. Wouldn't surprise they become the most powerful company in the entire world in coming years
Aditya Bonar K. (3 months ago)
that ad transition was so smooth, makes me forget everything i just watch about amazon
Bongos (3 months ago)
Amazon should buy Venezuela
Bobby Lee (4 months ago)
love the way you transition the ad lol
Biv Lab (4 months ago)
Amazon literally refers to their business plan for the year as taking over the world. Staff meetings were always really creepy
Wuety06 (4 months ago)
Bs with Apple. They lost that love of tech when they started trending twoards strong looking products with engineered internal issues like structural bonding adhesives over heatsinks and or the long screw design on most ip versions
Mark Fryer (4 months ago)
So just when is Amazon going to turn a profit? Shareholders eventually want to see not just capital gains but also dividends. Staff want to be paid a living wage and not have to rely on food stamps to make ends meet. Governments eventually need all businesses to pay their fair share in taxes to pay for and do the things that private businesses can't or won't do.
Ryde Mk (4 months ago)
Amazon: Let’s buy Youtube! Google: no Amazon: ok, let’s buy *YouTubers*
The gamer On steam (1 month ago)
Pewdiepie: no
abdul rafay (4 months ago)
Ryde Mk 😂😂 tomorrow we log on to YouTube and see all the good ones banned 😂
Evan Silversun (4 months ago)
I love the whitisism and depth of knowledge! Great vid! Also the segway into the advertising at the end of every video is genuinely relevant & entertaining! This is the future of education, keep it up ;)
Nik Skjøth (4 months ago)
Amazon needs to die.. its a cancer to this world. A company that doesn't make money, holds the the market hostage, eliminating and destroying healthy competition. While staying afloat only because they dont make a profit. Capitalism has become an investors frenzy, where seemingly good ideas get flooded with money, only to realize decades later that the business model was unsustainable. While at the same time denying any alternatives to rise, due to its undermining nature. So whenever the company finally fails. The harm is done, and the competitors have already been destroyed. People clap their hands at amazon for selling cheap products while not realizing the harmful footprint amazon leaves behind. In a sense amazon operates like a communistic government taking over every business, making it state ownership. "if jeff was the president" But as long you get cheap shit you are happy right. Oh and then they get huge tax cuts, because they dont have any profits. I thought the model for how to sustain a country economics, was to have those who made the most money help contribute to its survival. But that is not the case when you actually dont have profits. Amazon gets all the benefits of the tax laws, while not paying back as intended, because well "we didnt make any money this year.. again" Instead the bill goes to the smaller businesses and regular people. "clap clap" praise be amazon. So those cheap products you thought you got from amazon, - well I hope by now you realized that you are paying a premium for through your taxes. Even if you dont shop at amazon. Youre paying for their existence. "capitalism? ehm no. america is more red than china by now. Congrats.
Egor Eremin (4 months ago)
That's how cyberpunk starts
IndustrialDonut (4 months ago)
I wish you talked more about how the only thing to give them 'competition' is or will soon be just the government. That seems kind of important regarding the brief mention of world domination.
The Union Jack (4 months ago)
Biggest empires 1:British 2:Amazon 3:mongol
Kevin Kim (4 months ago)
The Union Jack lol your good. Sorry for dogging you
The Union Jack (4 months ago)
Kevin Kim mate I made a SATIRE comment I’m not an Anglophile I’m not Evan old enough to drive and my name is jack and I’m British so I made a pun I meant by pure size ok
Kevin Kim (4 months ago)
Um....I see by your user name you must be some Anglophile donut. In terms of wealth and influence it is the usa number one. The British have waded by the backsides
Spi kee (4 months ago)
I will be really glad if someone tells how this video is created... I mean the software used
skilecco (4 months ago)