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The Grand Theory of Amazon

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Text Comments (2047)
PolyMatter (1 year ago)
Come chat on our updated Discord: http://discord.me/polymatter Also: some things had to be cut for time, so I’ve posted my notes to Patreon
Rebecca Black (3 days ago)
@Robert Sterkeson https://youtu.be/u5kNP7tyhk8 alex jones vs amazon alexa from tefft pattern
Robert Sterkeson (21 days ago)
*Vote for me and I will put Bezos in prison. Click my username to see my 2024 presidential ad!*
Sean Spicer (4 months ago)
@wow this is a really bad channel. it's basically propaganda. u refuse to use the most accurate term for what amazon is: "monopoly". there is no need to argue why monopolies are bad - through experience we have decided that "certain things" and "balances" reach a state that necessitates *laws* forbidding it. amazon, joff bozos, can afford to provide their warehouse workers with humane work pace and job security. that is, workers wouldn't have to walk 15miles a day, under constant onmipresent surveillance, and such fear that they shit their pants. @polymatter just make videos, but each and every video you make, each word you say, reinforces and promotes real harm to real people. it's by proxy, but *you* cause immense pain and suffering to normal everyday people. behind your computer making fluff propaganda videos. please remember, you cause harm to real people everyday.
J W (9 months ago)
Are you an independent youtuber or an advertiser? In the few videos I've watched here, but in every video, you do a TERRIBLE job distinguishing between content and advertising. Make up your mind and tell us. I did try to visit your "chat" on discord.me, but was only redirected to download the Discord app. I am able to go to other web pages in my browser without being FORCED to download an app. Another advertisement masquerading as an invitation? wtf, polymatter? There seem to be two options here: you suck (at separating content from advertising) or you suck (pretending to be an individual creator whilst you are really just Advertisements). p.s. Your About page, here at Youtube, says the only way to reliably contact you is by the email below. There is no email below.
Interdumensional Pie (9 hours ago)
I keep watching videos that tell me that Amazon is all mighty and powerful however the only thing I've ever bought from them is a kindle which I refunded because it was rubbish. Maybe the only reason Amazon is so powerful is because people keep making videos emphasizing how powerful they are.
Lombwolf (4 days ago)
Amazon is going to buy doller shave club next
TheBeybladeSport (7 days ago)
Amazon does what the government does not ! That is why people love Amazon. Ban Politicians !
Addust Channel (9 days ago)
The flying warehouse Hindenburg reference was hilarious.
TheBrexitBreakfast (11 days ago)
An Amazon ad was on this video :/
Cassie Yang (11 days ago)
I just go two amazon ads I didn't even know they made ads...?
faisal does everything (12 days ago)
Amazon : loses money because of vary vary vary low price Apple : the new cheap 750$ iPhone 11
the definition of gamer (14 days ago)
Welp the trees burned down
Siris Majestic (16 days ago)
In short they will be the real life equivalent of wayland yutani
Siris Majestic (16 days ago)
Also I still haven’t bought anything from amazon yet
Monsuco (18 days ago)
You admit that Amazon's biggest competitor may someday be the US government but you forgot to mention one of the companies that they own.: the Jeff Bezos Washington Post. 👌
Tavish M (19 days ago)
Background music is VERY annoying and distracting if you are conveying important information... Marketing 101...............
Scott Vanderzanden (19 days ago)
That ad transition was so smooth im convinced this guy has pick up lines that have a roofie effect on girls who wake up going hey where...the hell am i?... what’s this picture of me and this family ... oh damn hes good
corey Babcock (19 days ago)
I hate Jeff bezos
Amber Garcia (22 days ago)
Just a bit confused why in the Dollar Shave ad it has "toothpaste" above the body wash product. Don't know why that stood out to me... 🤷‍♀️
Simple Facts (22 days ago)
Thtz a very long ad
Alexander Sanchez (23 days ago)
This is undoubtedly the best content I've seen in a very decent time. Thanks for existing ✌🏼.
Kevin Bhasi (23 days ago)
1:23 I bet they own that just in order to use the Alexa name… 7:22 that "2 second shipping" really reminds me of someone's Amazon parody video titled "Yesterday Shipping"
James M (23 days ago)
That sponsor transition was so smooth I almost bought a razor, I’m only 10.
pitpotdeeerste (23 days ago)
If you kill off other bookstores you control which books are out
Rich Campus (23 days ago)
Amazon inc. The opposite of actual Amazonian people's principles related to life on this great earth.
Wael Nabbout (23 days ago)
what dose he use to make is presentation
Tran Son (26 days ago)
thank you Amazon for your low prices
jesus david torrenegra anaya (26 days ago)
For some reason now I just want to shave my face. I dont get it.
christion bandy (27 days ago)
At 9:26 was this an Ace Ventura reference?😂
Michael Fox (27 days ago)
I don't know, Reddits redesign is still 1000x better than the old site
Chris Dawes (1 month ago)
Amazon is the internet... #misleading and completely wrong. Talk about Apple type hype...you know the company that quotes units shipped as sold even if they are sitting in stores or warehouses.
Magic_Zach (1 month ago)
I remember this. I used the web just fine that day, and thought all these people were off their nut lol
robo9876 (1 month ago)
So funny I was working for Amazon that day and the computers all stopped working and we could not get any work done
Tony R (1 month ago)
It is my belief that Amazon actually owns the companies they refer to as 3rd. Party Sellers. I also believe when your when something goes wrong with your order they draw interest off the payments received till a refund is issued 5 plus days later. This could be quite a sum if you think about it.
Charlie F (1 month ago)
Without Buzzfeed, sounds wonderful.
Jose Colon (1 month ago)
Bezos wanted to grow large enough to the point where the government would be forced to subsidize its expenses not because they wanted to but because they had to. That's why the US gov is now trying to break these tech companies.
Cole Kitchen (1 month ago)
So the background music... Sean Kingston? For some reason I keep singing.... You're way too beautiful, girl That's why it'll never work You'll have me suicidal, suicidal it's those background beats
Mister Jay (1 month ago)
Oh my days I know his plan (kinda) drive the competition bankrupt to become the one and only. Their profits isn't this (Amazon) it's the other things they do like servers
imhere solook (1 month ago)
satan needs control of everything amazon will do it for him satanist
Julia Lerner (1 month ago)
So when will we have an Amazon Wind/Solar electric grid?
Alex K. (1 month ago)
It's not the Internet of Things. It's the Amazon of Things.
Laurent Thibault (1 month ago)
I like how u slid in tht sponsor add. Normally i dont like those but i like the way did it
Cameron (1 month ago)
Amazon is a monopoly and I cannot wait until they’re broken up.
DiploidDudnyk (1 month ago)
This is some actual cyber punk shit
Tomtomwarwar (1 month ago)
“Apple is comfortable charging more for the very best experience” yes... a $999 stand....must give a much better experience than a $20 one.
Egon (1 month ago)
You are biased. You fool your own audience. Its disgusting. You are degenerate.
Toshiyuki Ota (1 month ago)
Fuck Amazon
BlackShampoo75 (1 month ago)
Segway 7/10
LaQuinn Rap God with the Rah-Rah (1 month ago)
bruh its real estate duh.....
Ilovefeet and feetususes (1 month ago)
Apple and quality....
Unlawful_Falafel (1 month ago)
this, ladies and gentleman, is what we call "late stage capitalism".
ferrarienzo564 (1 month ago)
4:33 The business community calls it the fly whell effect
José Varela (1 month ago)
no te lo vas a coger bro
Wally West (1 month ago)
Slick transition
Viet ChuXuan (1 month ago)
Is this a theory vid about that burning forest :'( ?
Jonathan Stewart (1 month ago)
I figured out how to clean my shaver with water and a brush and it is still sharp after 10 years
Hunter Koopman (2 months ago)
3:44 Hehe
Zane B (2 months ago)
Is anyone else talking about tier zoo's logo appearing when he mentions gaining xp?
Nana Kwaku Akrofi (2 months ago)
It's funny an advert for Alibaba preceded this video.😂😂
MrJohnisthename (2 months ago)
Amazon outbid Trump to buy Greenland
r1deftone (2 months ago)
F* Amazon.
664 TheNeighborOfTheBeast (2 months ago)
Fuck Amazon.
Bonnie Hundley (2 months ago)
Wouldn't it be funny if Jeff Bezos bought the Amazon Rain forest?
thetsane thetsane (2 months ago)
You guys really know how to slide in ads 😂
Michael Smith (2 months ago)
So after Bezos put's 95% of business out of business and the work force is now 90 unemployed, who's going to be able to buy his shit? Heck who will be able to eat. I guess Kissinger was right and called us all a bunch of useless eaters.
Rj Prevendido (2 months ago)
If you're in a foreign country shipping cost can go up to $100 when buying a $75 computer case lol
Nick Trice (2 months ago)
Diabolically clever. It's obvious. Jeff Bezos is Lex Luther, and he feels entitled to the entire world- and everything in it. Like Tony Montana, but with a trillion bucks and CIA backing. I'm sure it will be fine.
King Katura (2 months ago)
Apple is not a customer company btw as you have seen if you paid attention to what they have done, and how viamently how they are fighting right to repair, because they make their money off breaking their own products and making you buy a new one regardless if they could easily fix it.
PokeGeo1668 (2 months ago)
*Gets Amazon ad*...
Filip Georgescu (2 months ago)
I feel like no one is adressing the problem that a company this big is creating. By overtaking entire industries and automated those idustries Amazon removes a lot of jobs and DOES NOT create new ones to take their place, which is bad. And if anyone tries to point this out they can simply cut the persons internet access which in this day and age is really bad
Joy Augustina Petinrin (2 months ago)
love how he literally talks about the employees for one sec and the competitors for two. "we may never know why Amazon makes things so cheap" yeah we do. Its to raise prices later. Like they do on every single product after they've ran out the competitors.
I'mgonnashitinyacheerios (2 months ago)
Jeff bezos just wants to be emperor of the world that's why Amazon dominating of every industry they enter he wants to have a stranglehold on the world so he can be like the supreme overlord of earth no forget that he wants to be Supreme, Mega, Overlord, President, Premier, Prime minister, Leader, dictator, ruler king, god OF THE WORLD and he'll have have a black and orange crown and a black and orange cape and a black and orange Thorne which he sits upon
i exist (3 months ago)
Best sponsor tranzition
Matheus Dal (3 months ago)
I really doubt the strategy for Uber is anything similar to Amazon's. For Uber, I'm afraid it won't go anywhere.
Epilef Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Beautiful animations.
AJ Fiore (3 months ago)
My girlfriend now works for ATS (amazon transportation services) at Amazon, which is basically a new sales team/division trying to basically undercut Fed ex & UPS & USPS. My gf thinks she’s good at sales bc all she has to do is sell someone a price slashed service. Any time you can offer the same or similar service for half the price it’s unfair. This is Amazon’s game though, price cutting while being non profitable. Mind you she was working in a division called Amazon Restaurants at first which just recently got shut down bc amazon couldn’t compete with doordash and Uber eats, just saying.
HasanXD (3 months ago)
ɑlmond milk (3 months ago)
Wew before I watch this video,A Google advertisment showed up -.- (Nice try Google but not today).
BAD VIBES (3 months ago)
Is it just me or does life feel so dull when you get a package from a beautiful country or something, like that water bottle you just bought from morocco has seen more than you will ever
harry Esses (3 months ago)
Amazon needs to do comriachal flights
tu_nonna_emiliana (3 months ago)
Monopolies though can't possibly ever benefit demand in the long run... Even If you can save a few bucks buying from Amazon right now, in a couple of years, Amazon is just going to raise prices up by an order of magnitude (as it has already done in the past, when the competition went bankrupt).
The gamer On steam (3 months ago)
5:38 if they have a god damn cargo hub in Kentucky then why does my shipping take so long
Logan R (3 months ago)
at 1:30 my echo had a seizure
cesar garza (3 months ago)
Amazon P4P #1
Retro Electro (3 months ago)
Could you do grand theory of google at some point?
NicoBellic (3 months ago)
amazon is a monopoly
Richard King (3 months ago)
Amazon is going to own your house and your car tell you what doctor to go to what Dennis to go do what phone do you use Amazon will control everyone's lives
Mirik Kla (3 months ago)
amazon is for fat idiots!
cole svuba (3 months ago)
I like that tier zoo reference
brent grubbs (3 months ago)
That segway was on point!
Becoming Financially Fit (3 months ago)
The animations in this video are amazing, keep up the good work!
Bread (3 months ago)
Omg I watched this 2 years later and I just saw the tierzone reference
JFB (3 months ago)
Never heard of 3 of those shows at 0:15
Matthew Maldonado (3 months ago)
Kian Docherty (4 months ago)
Amazon NEED to be broken up. These fuckers are scary.
Jassim Hayat (4 months ago)
I love Amazon as a company. Unless they have some evil agenda to control all of us and everything
wllot (2 months ago)
they already do. and their agenda isn't evil, it's simply to continue to do what they're already doing, since that's what makes them the big bucks.
Refuze2Lose (4 months ago)
heres a new one. The way you slipped in the ad was so cool it actually shaved time off... i not as good as you. but im buying shave club and im only 13
Ramanvir Sodhi (4 months ago)
Great explanation!
canuckleaf (4 months ago)
Amazon kills stores in the downtown, underpays it's employees... They are not paying any taxes everywhere. Nowhere. These tactics need be scrutinize more than to be celebrated. But everyone wants "more comfort".
Mariel Ang (4 months ago)
this was a PR video for amazon
Ahmet Omer Ozgen (4 months ago)
Lazershit is running everything good on amazon. Or shall we name it greed?
Lua Tran (4 months ago)
I quit Amazon 1 month ago =). Still living
vitaminhoshi (4 months ago)
good job. I'm still trying
Anakia a (4 months ago)
They make products cheaper to gain market share. They sell the kindle for cheap, because they gain so much profit from the sales that follow.
Brandon Stennett (4 months ago)
Can you explain why Sweden has no bail ? Would help us understand ASAP.