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The Little Plane War

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Text Comments (6032)
Undercover Henry (1 day ago)
Boeing sound like a scumbag in this video.
Inderjit Kaur Dhanoa (1 day ago)
I flew once on a bombardier dash q400 of spicejet and it was very nice Bomabardier:I’ve built a good plane Boeing:I’m suing u for the low cost Bombardier:don’t be jealous Boeing:I will kill your plane Airbus:oh u better not because I’m with bombardier Boeing: oh sh** (A few months later 737max crashes killing everyone onboard)
David Lawand (5 days ago)
I hate Boeing They are so rude and selfish Like... who the hell does that... wtf
Atomicboi 76 (5 days ago)
It’s bomb-ba-deer
soccerguy2433 (6 days ago)
fucking Boeing... you were supposed to bring balance to Aviation... not leave it in darkness!
alexander graham (6 days ago)
Until they wanted to get out of commercial and sold there shit to Mitsubishi
Not a funny guy (6 days ago)
The only bad airline is ryanair and spirit air
ricardo soto (8 days ago)
Blame Canada!!! The irony it that now Boeing its going to need to ally with Saab and Embraer to compete after the MAX fiasco.
MultiJo11 (8 days ago)
Flown from Zurich to Paris by Swiss airlines Bombardier C series, had a great experience and it was very comfortable!
Ingleprop Noosegarm (10 days ago)
Boeing should stop suing people and concentrate on getting their own house in order.
Sabet Ibrahim (13 days ago)
Boeing is a theft cult , they don't like computation .
Scott Mclaughlin (13 days ago)
I feel like Airbus takes their time,but Boeing just...speed it
Michael B. (13 days ago)
Boeing keeps shooting itself in the foot with their business decisions
Derf Snevets (14 days ago)
This all sounds totally corrupt!
Francesco Bellringer (15 days ago)
Not to mention Embraer
Funny Weirdo (15 days ago)
Boeing because curvy wings
DJ Wise Pariah (18 days ago)
Don't fuck with Canada, or we'll destroy your nation \via its economy.
Bas schooneveld (18 days ago)
There is no c series jet overlaping an airbus plane a319neo am i a joke to you
Kees Manuel (18 days ago)
Great video thanks and greetings https://youtu.be/enSNpLHVW6w
Robert Klauco (20 days ago)
I like the plane - flew it with Swiss twice and it was very comfortable and quiet. Good job, Bombardier.
Pineapple Man (21 days ago)
*xXXA1rbusXXx joined the game* *MLG_Boeing left the game*
Robbie Hull (22 days ago)
And two years later Boeing sabotages Airbus...
Lionskyre (23 days ago)
get outsmarted
Paul McMullan (24 days ago)
Just because you say it, it doesn't mean it's true. This reminds me of Deepfake, I'm not sure it's real.
Putin The Great (24 days ago)
Instead of allowing engineers to built new small jets to service these small airports, Boeing Marketing people took over and banned Bombardier and relied on their shit old 737 with bells and whistle marketing shit
Putin The Great (24 days ago)
Fuck Boeing kills thousands of people everyday with their war planes.
Airbus A380 (25 days ago)
I have named my little brother A220 .. Boeing can go fuck Satan now . Good to see them rot .
Sled Splat (26 days ago)
Everybody loves airbus
FKM (26 days ago)
Hey Boeing, fuck you.
Lucas Ferreira (26 days ago)
Bombardier: Drops prices Boeing: Wait that's illegal Airbus:Lets join forces Boeing: aw shit here we go again
Kindanyume .Kindanyume (26 days ago)
Boeing also screwed themselves royally with their tantrums because is effectively eliminated them from selection for Canadas F18 replacement program... It hurt them world wide by their acting the part of a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum because someone else was doing what they were not and were poised to succeed... so crying to mommy wahhhhhh Meanwhile the F18SH that was to be a possible selection is essentially vanished... (despite it really NOT being a very good design overall and its flat out being incapable of actually doing what Canada actually needs) Reasoning is simple overall.. and to shortest ver is if they want to act like spoiled brats throwing a tantrum over a tiny commercial aircraft like the C100 why in hell would we want to give them billions for an inferior fighter design.. Oh and side impact is such also eliminated any other fighters from Boeing including the F15 (which in many ways is what Canada should have looked at far more seriously way back when the f18 was selected in the first place and when the sweeet Eagle was still made by a good company... aka MD). So by way of that tantrum one of the best possible selections available for Canadian needsgets a bump up... and to add insult to injury SAABs excellent little Gripped E/F would most likely licensed and build here by Bombardier!!! BURN again boeing... you ass hurtin more yet? LOL
MR. Darknight (27 days ago)
Say whatever u want about Boeing, boeing will always have a special place in my hearth.
Islam Magid (27 days ago)
HAHAHA boeing
andy duong-nguyen (27 days ago)
Boeing: airbus and us don't have short haul aircrafts Airbus: yeh Bombardier: airbus can have our short haul airplane Airbus: ok Boeing: boloni as hell
Majorohminus (28 days ago)
Fuck Boeing.
Rita Christie (29 days ago)
Tom Tim (29 days ago)
1.1K thumbs-down all from Boeing employees? Bwaahaahaaaaaaa!!!!! Suckers!!!
Amjid Khan (1 month ago)
Boeing sucks
Asim Malik (1 month ago)
What is #Bombardier got out of this deal absolutely nothing! #Canadiantaxpayers left out in cold with tariffs! #AllforOne
Michiel Vorster (1 month ago)
Bombardier: Makes good plane Boeing: *sues Bomardier* Airbus: Hello gamers
Ahmed Ibrahim (1 month ago)
The c series was about to end the 737 Max’s whole career but then it did the job itself
Papa Tango (1 month ago)
At least Boeing is going to have a 80% stake in Embraer.
Ewan Harris (1 month ago)
SirSalmon YT (1 month ago)
It’s now marketed as the airbus A-220
Gavin Cleofas (1 month ago)
Truck Boeing
Borys Krupa (1 month ago)
Why Boeing is damaging free market with communist regulations instead of building planes which airlines would like to buy?
Balloon Cast (1 month ago)
Wow So many Bombardier knows this
Michael500ca (1 month ago)
94 in service as of Oct 31, 2019.
SirSalmon YT (1 month ago)
Yea but it was rebranded as an airbus a220
Henry Airconcepts (1 month ago)
I smell corruption in Boeing and US department of commerce
nukestrom (1 month ago)
So the US wants communism at the request of its giant cooperations? What the fuck happened to free market economy?
The Lord of Reddit (1 month ago)
Airbus: *laughs in French*
Fabrizio Herrera (1 month ago)
Bombardier: *makes airplane* Boeing: I'm about to end this mans whole career Airbus: I'm about to end this mans whole career
then benagcz (1 month ago)
Canada should tariff American shit
Evil Dave of Canada (28 days ago)
We did when the illegal tariffs were brought in by #45 May he be impeached and put in jail. It will take a generation or more to forgive the US for being called a security risk. Ever heard of NORAD?
Alexander Gorbatschow (1 month ago)
0:41 B717 is actually not Boeing, but McDonnell Douglas
Nick Adultas (1 month ago)
Boeing is acting arrogantly american while being beaten by airbus Ups your 737 maxes don't fly what a pity
0of_man 1234 (1 month ago)
airbus is also making the a220 and it looks like the c series twin
Jaskaran Singh (1 month ago)
Did Boeing try to acquire Bombardier's C series program?
Max Headrom (1 month ago)
I'd love to see an update on this video and an analysis of the Embraer/Boeing joint venture. Thanks!
Ricardo Pesenti (1 month ago)
Great move from from Bombardier & Airbus. F*** Boeing! Who killed hundreds of people with their 737 MAX. A death trap which was foreseeable for any expert. One sensor, whithout any security or secondary sensor, can crash this plane!
Mike Brase (1 month ago)
wow the business version of a bitch slap.
Adriana Storoli (1 month ago)
embraer is brazilian ok then i did not know that but i want to fly whit it as I am brazilian
Виктор Бребант Якович (1 month ago)
Boeing have a mouth bigger than its stomach. It's already one of the world's biggest commercial plane manufacturer, it also building planes for the US army… and receive tons of US subsidies + tax exemptions… but it act like a big greedy douchebag who bully the little companies in the school's backyard (companies who aren't even competing with Boeing by their products, their costumer niches, nor by their incomes. Also, as a Québécois, I'm glad that Airbus came to rescue Bombardier, as French cousins, we help each other :)
Pat Shozo (1 month ago)
Hats off to Airbus for capturing the small jet market and saving Bombardier. Glad to see more choices to fly into smaller airports. Boeing did the same thing recently and is merging with Brazilian aircraft company Embraer.
Peter Zak (1 month ago)
What a bullshit video full of lies and 💩 Canadian plane
Zak Jansen (1 month ago)
Boeing are bad losers cos their rivals make better cruisers. BOMBardier is a dubious name for a plane maker. Those Canucks always had a goofy sense of humour!
Evil Dave of Canada (28 days ago)
Yes, we thought it was funny as hell when Canadians from the colonies of Upper & Lower Canada along with the British burned Washington DC to the ground. The only buildings not put to the torch were the libraries & personal property.
LJ 7006 (1 month ago)
Embraer is #weirdlyyoked
Zmey Confusenych (1 month ago)
corporate douchebagery at its finest
richard carr (1 month ago)
WELL NOW BOEING JUST GOT its peepee slapped for their shitty plane to the MAX LMAO . THANK YOU AIRBUS for seeing the need and making a reality for BOMBARDIER .
ebarsan (1 month ago)
now Boeing and Airbus increased their duopoly. Boeing got Embraer and Airbus got Bombardier. Only the Chinese can end this.,
TheFanguy123 (1 month ago)
Why is Boeing so mean
ChocolateMilkMonster (1 month ago)
Boeing is that kid from class that tells the teacher everything to get someone in trouble.
Igor Fioli (1 month ago)
And now Boeing bought Embraer and the game is on!
Hagmof (1 month ago)
Igor Fioli Boeing didn’t buy embraer, they pulled out.
bademoxy (1 month ago)
WHAT should be examined is any changes to Boeing's leadership just before they began screwing up. the 737 line BEFORE the MAX was record beating in terms of safety and efficiency . So was there a change in management? or was there some "diversity" appointments that the media is ignoring?
Raymond Licon (1 month ago)
Are you guys high Quebec is part of Canada.
Evil Dave of Canada (28 days ago)
They don't teach geography in US schools any more.
Wachatoey (1 month ago)
Boeing what were you thinking?
JimzAck A380 (1 month ago)
Hello A220
Bryce Covell (1 month ago)
Wendover need to talk about general aviation.
granskare (1 month ago)
Bombardier Cseries great for USA
Lin and Travels (1 month ago)
But now A220 is grounded on Swiss air due to engine problems
Cagefree (1 month ago)
Crony capitalism at its best. I’m becoming less and less of a Boeing fan.
Nick Stalburg (1 month ago)
Boeing partnered with Embraer
Glorious Delta (1 month ago)
It’s sad, because of Boeing the only plane made by Canadians and Quebeckers is now own by France. Now bombardier needs to rely on the private market.
Victor Parreiral Xavier (1 month ago)
Boeingis buying Embraer...
Rahul Rachamadugu (1 month ago)
Cab you make a video on ATR 72?. I am just curious why there is turboprop plane in the passenger market.
Soyinka Seguin (1 month ago)
What do you mean Canada and Quebec it's just Canada
Soyinka Seguin (27 days ago)
Evil Dave of Canada good point
Evil Dave of Canada (28 days ago)
Quebec is a Province of Canada just like North Dakota is a state in the US. They don't teach geography in US schools any more.
ebarsan (1 month ago)
because Canada is a confederation. the federal government and the Quebec government helped Bombardier with money.
Duane Bidoux (1 month ago)
Hate to be picky but it is not a minor mistake: the airline industry IS NOT a duopoly. There are many airline companies. The commercial aviation manufacturing industry IS. Maybe Squarespace has a course on the aviation industry?
Sydnick (1 month ago)
Boeing sold their 787 to Air Canada so low that Air Canada resold them for a profit. Same with the 737max.
Sydnick (1 month ago)
Disagree that the Emb is a good aircraft. Air Canada can't get rid of theirs fast enough.
Feynman981 (1 month ago)
I truly love to fly with the CS100 and CS300! It's an amazing plane. It flies absolutely stable, has good legroom, is very silent, good air conditioning. And with the home-airport ZRH I can even jump in the Swiss-Business lounge upfront flights to get a decent meal cooked by a chef in front of me.
Ricardo (1 month ago)
The c series is t series, boeingdiepie is better
Ott Miller (1 month ago)
I wonder this is why Delta is replacing 767s with A-350 and A-330?
igotanM16 (1 month ago)
In the beginning of your video: you mentioned the A318 and B712 but you failed to mention the fact that Boeing had a 737-600 (736) that was a 108 seater that was to compete with the A318 and DC-9-30. But then Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas, Airbus slowed and eventually ceased production of the A318, and Boeing rebadged the MD-95 as the "717". The 737-600 itself was a commercial failure with only 69 units sold. Compare that to 1,138 B737's and 1,479 A319's
robert frederick (1 month ago)
you really have to ponder the competency of Boeing management. It appears that hubris is rampant at Boeing. Its a shame that Airbus has used Boeing's foibles against it but a quite predictable outcome. Maybe Boeing can market the 737 Max as "Tiny Tube" Homes to recoup a fraction of their loss.
Heckie 15 (1 month ago)
even when airbus renamed the cseries A220 i still call it Cseries 100/300. and the security Cards arr Cseries 100/300
AltF4Gaming (1 month ago)
The Bombardier C Series is an amazing jet to fly with. It was really easy to relaxen in it on my flight with to Switzerland.
NjK (1 month ago)
My Uncle worked for a company called Diamond Aircraft that specialized in personal aircraft, they were apparently working on the worlds first personal jet a 2-4 seater though it seemed stuck in development hell, I wonder what ever happened with that
tom mulliner (1 month ago)
Will Mac (1 month ago)
Boeing are screwed, long term. Airbus has nearly every segment covered by more modern planes than boeing
UseFreeSpeech (2 months ago)
How Boing even figurt it out
Rob Curios (2 months ago)
Airbus took A, Boeing took B, I guess C was what Bombardier settled for poor fellow..