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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Flight Attendants

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How to Get the Most out of Your Flight. Maybe you love to travel by plane, or maybe just the idea makes you clench your teeth in terror, but we bet you didn’t know all of this. It’s time to ask the experts who fly all the time: flight attendants to reveal their secrets and tips on how to make your flight more comfortable and safe. Many of us consider ourselves experts at navigating departures, flights, and takeoffs almost as naturally as we get out of bed in the morning or take a walk around the block. But however experienced you are, learning some of these insights about airplanes can make your flights more pleasant. It might also make the experience better for the pilot and crew of flight attendants who have to do this all day, every day. TIMESTAMPS All-male crews are a thing of the past. 1:21 Not waiters, but captain’s assistants! 2:36 The crew is just as frustrated as you are. 3:25 Don’t sleep during takeoff or landing. 4:05 Sleeping when cruising is a great idea. 5:13 Chicken or fish? 5:47 Follow instructions — or else! 6:42 Sit toward the back. 7:45 Rely on your flight attendants. 8:49 Flying tips straight from the pros! 9:18 Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music SUMMARY -Before 1930, the crews of airplanes were 100% male, including the pilot, ground crew, and all of the flight attendants. Over a hundred years, the gender roles reversed, and many now see this as a primarily female profession. -In reality, a flight attendant’s job is to assist the captain by managing the cabin during a flight. -Airline crews are typically paid by the hour, but only the hours spent in actual flight are paid. A flight doesn’t actually start until the door is closed. -Experienced flight attendants recommend avoiding falling asleep on take-off, descent, and landing. Not only will you not be attentive during these dangerous parts of the flight, but it can impinge on your comfort. -Attendants encourage passengers to sleep on night flights, deliberately delaying food service to let people fall asleep. -Some flight attendants use a trick to get more people to choose the fish: they say that the fish is a “special” from the “chef,” reserved exclusively for this flight. -Some airlines supply their flight attendants with tasers to deal with passengers who don’t comply. Safety is very important on planes, and they’ve got to be able to control a situation. -Especially if you’re a nervous flier, you’ll be pleased to know that the back seats tend to be far safer, statistically speaking. -Flight attendants are trained in first aid and CPR. They can treat small wounds, assess symptoms of common traveler illnesses, and even deliver babies in-flight. -Never take your shoes off on a plane. Lots of passengers use fold-down tables for all sorts of things: as writing surfaces, pillows (with drool-catching action!), or places to change a baby. Use antibacterial disinfectant, and clean the tray for your own safety. Flight attendants have very little free time during a flight. If you’re thirsty, rather than pressing the call button, consider going up to them to ask for a glass of water. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (2 months ago)
Hey guys! Are you afraid of flying?
Cyril El Haddad (11 hours ago)
John Boudreaux (16 hours ago)
Yes i dont wanna be tazzzzzed
Bloob Blob (20 hours ago)
Vikash Giri (23 hours ago)
neilbodle (1 day ago)
Bob Jackson (22 hours ago)
These days flight attendants are on the look out for excuses to get stroppy and throw you off the plane, be very cautious with them. They have power and some are itching to use it.
J J (1 day ago)
That was good video! Thanks!! good points
Kamruzzaman Kamrul (1 day ago)
Never knew the fish and chicken fact.
KMF Haque (1 day ago)
excellent excellent nothing less than excellent , very nice narration & emphasis.'myself from aviation, airline marketing training.
U F (2 days ago)
I wish that the beds were like in this video... LOL. Thank you for dealing with us.
Unexpected surprise (2 days ago)
Service doesn't always start at the rear of the plane...also if u r a nervous flyer, the worst place to sit is the back of the aircraft if there is turbulence....
Sebastian Sacilotto (3 days ago)
on some seats there are triangles I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE FOR
Nona Games (3 days ago)
I’m so scared of airplanes
Taz mania (3 days ago)
I always admired them. Apart from all the responsability they cary on their shoulders during a flight. They have to deal with much more than just food and drinks. And justremember how tired we sometimes end up after a long flight just sitting, being served and sleeping...just imagine working standing and running around, and sometimes dealing with complete idiots.
AMP Squad Adventures! (4 days ago)
Nimbot Ethan (4 days ago)
another fact about planes, you have to sit in your brought seats during takeoff and landing because if the plane crashes they know where to send what body parts
Nimbot Ethan (4 days ago)
5:21 So if the plane is going down youll be dreaming
Nisay Heng (4 days ago)
Urghhh sometimes I wish we have tasers on our flights... would be very handy while I’m on duty hehe jk
Steven C (4 days ago)
mostly BS
William E Rowland (5 days ago)
What is this crop dusting I hear of?
วัลภา บุรุษพัฒน์ (5 days ago)
when the planes wheels touch ground , i always wake up
Geoffrey Weiss (5 days ago)
I can't get this time back. delete your terrible video.
Jodie Buddle (6 days ago)
before I got a Picture in a Thomson dreamliner with a Captain flyer just because I was polite ! It does pay of!
Jodie Buddle (6 days ago)
I never and I mean NEVER sleep on planes I DON'T SLEEP HEAR ME!
Rafael Costa (6 days ago)
Wright brothers?! Sorry but Santos Dumont flew first.
Tarn Buppha (6 days ago)
dont waste your time on this total BS
Elijah YaYa (7 days ago)
Tarmac... why.
Max Dempsey (7 days ago)
Thumbnail of the video has nothing to do with the content
Hamza Ahmed (7 days ago)
i am afraid of flights
PetricK. K (7 days ago)
Thank god I always sit at the back
Armz73 (7 days ago)
Awesome video. Thanks for sharing! Love it!
Stand Tall (7 days ago)
4:43. of course take off and landing are the most dangerous parts of a flight. i mean. have you ever heard of an airplane that had hit the ground flying at 40 000 feet????
kentang menjengkelkan (8 days ago)
give me a plane ticket *NOW.*
lol gamer 12 (8 days ago)
Before the crew give me free first class!
Jay Voltron (8 days ago)
Flight attendant fancy name for busboy and waitress.
Daniel Danicon (8 days ago)
How can they not get payed when the flight is delayed and they still need to be there? Is that even legal? I mean if they can go home and wait there until they get called in and can come to work when needed ok but they probbably have to stay with the plane and be ready for action any moment. Probbably some rich F with friends in the govermnet that mannaged to push this through some time in the past..
peter grahame (9 days ago)
Trolly dolly out, captains assistant in
Pavel Zhegulsky (9 days ago)
check out this video for copyright https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gWVG0wVmSo&lc=z22pf1raruriibyox04t1aokgbhg3ehhqewecugclhw1rk0h00410.1539421732337500
Valerie Nilsson (11 days ago)
Can not imagine one airline that supports tipping the flight attendants. Sound ridiculous! I work for an airline and have never heard of this. Your actual commentary says they are not waiters or waitresses so why would they be tipped?
spaceflight channel (13 days ago)
I have never been on a plane
Elizabeth Armada (15 days ago)
Tips?? I didn't know it...
Michel Mihanny (15 days ago)
do u know that there is no row # 13 in any aircraft ? they consider it is unlucky number u should never have it onboard ....
elizabeth barnes (16 days ago)
I offered a tip to a flight attendant on United Airlines, I was told very politely that she couldn't accept it, company policy...
Gwen Simmons (16 days ago)
Love the taser info!!🤣😃😂👍🏾
Girish Yenigalla (16 days ago)
Why can't people smoke in planes? What is main reason for it?
Tim Thomas (18 days ago)
I gave the flight attendant a 4 dollar tip when she gave me a drink, she acted surprised, an about 10 mins later she came to me an said there was a open spot in first class an asked me to get my things, I was moved to first class
Leighton Winter (18 days ago)
Sleep but dont snore.... I did and the attendant asked my gf to wake me cause i was pissin people off. She wouldnt wake me either. Opps
James Ellison (19 days ago)
Do you always find that at the beginning or end of a flight they will tell you to turn of your laptops iPads and all electronics. Some people think it is because it interferes with the airplane but it is because it makes an annoying buzzing sound so when the pilot is talking to someone else they can’t hear them properly.
David Ward (19 days ago)
25 years with the airlines, and NEVER once heard of tipping !
Andrew Smith (20 days ago)
Clickbait😂 how u gunna tell me a proportion of the plane at the back that only has two windows in its part have like 60% airline staff smd
Hippy(Bboomer) (21 days ago)
On a flight from Seattle to Chicago, we got stale sandwiches, and a couple of the attendants would have had to work at it to be more snotty. United Airlines = the anti Christ
Baby Bae (21 days ago)
hello people, how can one find a job in an air line firm? I am a meteorologist by profession.
Jorge Corletto (22 days ago)
Nice video. I´m Flight attendant instructor
Vladyslav Hryhorenko (22 days ago)
Taggik (23 days ago)
From the whole video tipping the flight attendant was the most surprising one! I didn't know we should do that🤔👍🏽
Final Boy (23 days ago)
Bright Side constantly crashing Firefox so Algo soomewhere else.
Sofia Ying (24 days ago)
I never know flight Attendants would accept tips, thank you for sharing the info.  Now I know!
ChillThrone Kempa (24 days ago)
On WIZZ Air , there are a few male flight attendants on the Airbus A320/21.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
t 1 01 (24 days ago)
I am a pilot it's a great job.
Patrizia Brincat (24 days ago)
Runway is not called tarmac
machacha jatta (24 days ago)
great imformation worry not of what people say great job
rexgamer361 husk36 (24 days ago)
greenie kay (25 days ago)
who tf tips on an airplane?
Ryan Lee (25 days ago)
I was a former flight attendant for 7 years and i truly agree to what this video is all about.. Take note guys! Cheers!
Stef (25 days ago)
Things you didn't know if you were born before 1930 or under a rock. Same difference.
DaRk _NeWt (26 days ago)
You might be asked to leave? Mid-flight!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Susie Arviso (26 days ago)
Susie Arviso (26 days ago)
"Before 1930, the crews were 100% male." Uh ....... I wonder what the crash rate was between 1914 and 1933? I can't seem to get information about it. By 1917, the U.S. government felt enough progress had been made in the development of planes. ?? Then why have there been many many crashes over the 104 years? Rhetorical
Aidan McFarlane (26 days ago)
Flying bus!? Now youre making me think of Fortnite
Albert Tseng (27 days ago)
how do you even get a taser on board
Raymond J (27 days ago)
always order 2 mixed drinks at a time they are real small and it will be a while before you get a 2nd one lol
Flora Verances Plans (27 days ago)
I never thought we could tip the flight attendants. Well, now I know, because I'm a fun of tipping a good service.
Jeffery Williams (27 days ago)
Extra fizzy EVEN when compared to other drinks.. Well what else would you compare it to? AND if you did not compare it then it would not be extra fizzy it would just be fizzy. Extra implies that there is a baseline (Comparative analysis) Good grief.
Jeffery Williams (27 days ago)
174% of the plane being covered here.. Impressive. Would that make the plane overweight or out of balance?
Jeffery Williams (27 days ago)
BRIGHTSIDE, they are covering 174% of the plane, that is awesome math right there.
Jeffery Williams (27 days ago)
Well they are waitress jobs really and those are mostly held by women so it makes sense that it would carry over.
Will G (27 days ago)
Boy, what a horrible shill video for the horrible airline industry!
Josh Leffers (27 days ago)
As a modern day flight attendant, everything in this video is 100% true, with the exception of one thing. They do not provide us with tasers. Lol
Tour Bird Buddy (27 days ago)
Chicken or fish? Go the fish!
William WAGENER (27 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EUV1WC3Pgs&t=1164s WHAT Bille Rene Powers said , in Fed. Court July 30th, 2018 this will affect all home mortgaged folks.
Jarek Jellison (27 days ago)
This is approaching CNN-level of false information.
Saru EMS Education (28 days ago)
jesus on a stick.. video take 90 seconds to get going.
Avi Moyal (28 days ago)
The day you ware conceived is the day your death was decided. That's why its written "never be afraid"
Rian2008 Fitzsimons (28 days ago)
That's why I wouldn't find Kim Jon Un in a aeroplane. 10:21
Peoples KarmaSquad (28 days ago)
Too many ads
kary ann Fontaine (28 days ago)
When I used to fly, the flight attendants were lovely and always checked to see if anyone needed anything. I am sure much has changed since 9/11 and if they cary tasers what does that say about the current passengers. How awful.
adrienne benoit (28 days ago)
Santos Dumont invented the airplane, not the Wright Brothers. That's a fact.
AUXILIARIES AUX (28 days ago)
You can never sleep if you are scared siiiirrrrr......dumbest thing ever heard
Virtual Blizzard (29 days ago)
I'm afraid of planes but I suddenly wanna be a flight attendant as a guy lol
Christofer Riche (29 days ago)
A few made sense & are understandable, but others I didn't know.
themotownboy1 (29 days ago)
Tipping a flight attendant? Really?
caeden morris (29 days ago)
“you can fit hundreds of sleepy people into a flying bus..” sounds familiar.
Graham DeShaz (29 days ago)
Yeah, I work in the industry and FA's are there to serve drinks and make people less uncomfortable. They do get a lot of training in evacuation, but let's be honest, they are very unlikely to utilize it.
Lars Bishop (29 days ago)
1:20 you're welcome
a scrapped e2 tank engine (29 days ago)
what do i say instead of flying now, Kaboomers And boom-boom's?.
LIGO (1 month ago)
@3.37 this video lost all credibility using the T word. Sorry..
M Media (1 month ago)
I always, sit in the back.
John Stone (1 month ago)
A few other things. It is not the job of the flight attendant to help you lift your bag into the overhead bin because of insurance issues, many will do it if asked just to get the line of people moving faster to their seat but they probably aren't going to be happy about it, also a flight attendant is not a baby sitting service, if you have to leave your seat for some reason don't ask them to look after your children.
William WAGENER (27 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EUV1WC3Pgs&t=1164s WHAT Bille Rene Powers said , in Fed. Court July 30th, 2018 this will affect all home mortgaged folks.
bj Riktor (1 month ago)
What airline does this guy fly for? I’ve been a flight attendant for 28 years and half of this information is wrong! Flight attendants have been issued tasers? I wish!
William WAGENER (27 days ago)
that is only on Arabian Airlines [ Tasers ]. THIS is more important: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EUV1WC3Pgs&t=1164s WHAT Bille Rene Powers said , in Fed. Court July 30th, 2018 this will affect all home mortgaged folks.
Maricris Santillano (1 month ago)
Now I now the flight attendant’s job role!....we have to respect them more!....thanks for the bright side idea....
Ellisha Izham (1 month ago)
2:46 dont look at the girl
Krow (1 month ago)
7:30 Jumpscare warning !!!! Haha
Steve Daniel (1 month ago)
Hostess / waitress... whatever, most of them are women or men that act like women.
Steven Smith (1 month ago)
Actual useful content starts at 1:20.