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Salvaged tiny homestudios: tin can siding, paper bag wallpaper

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On a standard-sized lot in Portland, Oregon, self-taught builders Jeff and Brad built two tiny cottages using mostly salvaged materials. Each home is 364 square feet and with gabled roofs and front porches match the Victorian and Craftsman homes of the neighborhood, until you look closely. Tomato sauce cans from the local pizza shop became siding. A neighbor's old chimney became brick foundation. A porch swing was crafted from a Dairy Queen bench. Window boxes from salvaged vent hoods. Rain chains from olive oil cans. Inside, wallpaper is old flour sacks and paper shopping bags (with their labels exposed). Terra-cotta roof tiles are sconces for lights. Phoenix lives in one of the cottages with her 20-something son Christopher. They share the 364 square feet comfortably, even managing to fit in space for Phoenix's yoga practice and her sons' art studio (in sitting-room only loft). Despite the at times cramped quarters, Phoenix feels much more comfortable here than in her previous home that was nearly 10 times the size. Portland Garden Cottages: http://portlandgardencottages.com/Portland-Garden-Cottages Christopher's portraiture/caricature: GotYourFace.com Original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/salvaged-tiny-homestudio-tin-can-sides-paper-bag-wallpaper/
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Mary Sanchez (7 days ago)
Mice and squirrels will just LOVE to chew easily through those tin can shingles and paper sack walls. Oiled paper bags will be delicious, to them. The cans probably still smell like food, with their sense of smell. They'll chew through it all in a New York second. Hope they keep every speck of anything edible in glass jars or the fridge, or things like metal bread boxes, and pots with lids.
Mary Sanchez (7 days ago)
I've been looking to buy my own small house, What stuns me, is that I've read the average American home today is 2000 sf! And I was online yesterday looking at supposedly Tiny Houses at Country Living, and many were, like, 1375-1400 sf! I've rented a 925 sf house for many decades, and it seems enough for me. If 1400 sf is still a tiny house, then what would they call mine??? And 925 sf is enough even though I'm a wildlife rehabilitator and require most of the space for the animals I take care of. Food, cages, treatment areas, incubators, storage... I use one bedroom as the quarantine and critical care room, and store medical supplies on shelving and in the bedroom closet; the second bedroom is a hospital room,with another closet for storage; my triage area is in the kitchen on the counter next to the sink, with IVs hung on the wall. The third, smallest bedroom is mine but it's also where I store hospital linens and towels. It's cluttered, but I need a lot of stuff for them. Sacks of different foods, a garage freezer for fish, quail and mice, flight cages in the back yard. I could live zen-like and simply, if I didn't do this work, but it's my calling... How can we be at a point where 2000 sf is considered to be downsizing? They have to heat and cool it, clean it... I don't understand. Does that make me ignorant or stupid? Or out of touch with the present? I've looked in Zillow at some extremely expensive mansions with huge kitchens for fun, but I suspect the people who own kitchens like that, send out for pizza for dinner, and hire caterers for their parties, ifmfheyre ever at home at all and not being workaholics. I think I'd be lonely in something that vast and fancy. I can't believe I'm wrong. Especially when I see how little others have elsewhere, or even here.
Julia Dawnyel (16 days ago)
Should have lowered the ceilings
Randian Winn (17 days ago)
Houses like these are best for people who either live alone or a small group that are gardeners and out doorsy .
Zita Lorna (18 days ago)
Not being able to stand up would get very old, very quickly.
Lee Dile (20 days ago)
Watchman (21 days ago)
These 24 year olds need to grow up and get off Mommy's hip. This generation is mentally impaired. Be a man, move out, get a job and stop thinking like a child. Mom is an enabler.
John F (21 days ago)
And still room for the millennial that never grows up and moves out.
John F (21 days ago)
“Movement”. Chill.
Grey Grim (22 days ago)
Her son looks like he is job hunting
Deidre Pyatte (24 days ago)
Works for you! yay! Hubby is 82..never bought a house before and we are looking to buy, so there is no 30 years from now for us..lol
Sonic Revolver (1 month ago)
What a mess.
TheRoseAlchemist (1 month ago)
I really like their house! It definitely suits them, I'm glad they enjoy it. I, myself seriously couldn't work in that small loft space hunched over like that. I need air and light, with lots of space. But if they are happy, that's all that matters.
Thora Wilson (1 month ago)
I think something like this house is workable if you live in a temperate climate, or love outdoors in heat or cold.
Susanne Bemis (1 month ago)
love the potty
Mona Ankeny (1 month ago)
looks uncomfortable and cluttered
Louis Bourbon (1 month ago)
"And THAT'S my 24 year old son!" LOL! Oh God, I almost died laughing. That's straight-up passive aggressive mom shade!
Echris123 (1 month ago)
did I miss the sleeping quarters?
Lydia Langford Joiner (1 month ago)
I had wondered about using cans— you did and it’s great!
Joan Meijer (1 month ago)
What is this woman laughing at? She has not said one amusing thing.
Lorrene Baum-Davis (1 month ago)
Move the frige door to open on the right.
Opy Brook (1 month ago)
Turned me off right off because of your comment of it being witches cottages. Very sad. You could not have said 'fairyland' cottage instead? Such a shame.
Echris123 (1 month ago)
Not entitled to make a light joke about your own home??
Raykenn1 (1 month ago)
Love the innovative ideas of recycled materials but, after having lived in a standard van then moving up to a Promaster with 6 ft standing room, I will not return to a hunchback lifestyle found in most lift spaces of tiny houses.
bad Good (1 month ago)
Did i miss the bed rooms? No because there is none. So i call bull shit, that and zero food in the house besides the few bulk drygoods specifically laid out for display and your 24 year old son lives in the loft the size of a bathroom.
Margo Hannah (1 month ago)
Not liking the cramped loft.
Janet Graham (1 month ago)
I can't have ladders. I have to have stairs! I have health problems with my legs and knees.
Fintan (1 month ago)
The whole movement is about originality? No it actually is people just trying to live basic lives and not work every hour of their lives, and own something not rent. Too bad the wealthy don't like the idea of cheap affordable homes, they will protest to their judge friends about how "distasteful" it is and it drives their property value down.
Tim Kneiski (1 month ago)
Always about the art SMH. Maybe that's why they starve cause they're art sucks and they've been brainwashed to believe liberal narrative. Lol😂
Tim Kneiski (1 month ago)
Why can't people be normal its either magamansion or small beyond reason too funny at the wackos .
Tim Kneiski (1 month ago)
Pretty stupid guy!
Spike Taterman (1 month ago)
I didn't know Woody Harrelson was leading a secret double life....
M Wright (1 month ago)
I like this house!!!! Great Job 👍 👍🙌!!!
Changing Things (1 month ago)
We have gone from 3300 to 2800 to 2300 and the final act appears to be 1100. Gotta have a Big yard sale soon.
Aika Papa (1 month ago)
The son needs more privacy. He is an adult.
susanlbk (1 month ago)
Cute home! What state is this little community of Tiny homes located in?
R Needham (1 month ago)
Did they decoupage the paper on walls?? And how did they attach cans to outside wall?? Would really like to know.
Cheri Caponetto (1 month ago)
I get the impression that this is not where this family lives but they probably live in an upper middle class home and this is a new business they are attempting to get off the launching pad. Maybe a little business for the son.
Hank (1 month ago)
There’s 2 of us and we live in a 3,400sqft home. I think it’s ridiculous to build a tiny home and you’ve out grown as soon as you move in...what kind of back problems are you son goin to have in that tiny cramped up space?!
Melanie Boe (1 month ago)
The artist is really good.
ginger bread (1 month ago)
Right on bro, glad your discovery. Wishing you an addition.
Kim Texas (1 month ago)
Her 24 year old, grown man of a son should get outta his mamma's house!
Giorge Leedy's English Mastery (1 month ago)
Nice.. but the son needs a shed/art studio out back.. and the loft can just be a bedroom. People are always getting rid of old sheds.
Natasha Fatale (1 month ago)
It seems to me like she is not doing this by choice.
Helen Holt (1 month ago)
I like the houses but the whole, "you're ruining the movement" I could do without. I am tired of everyone thinking they should be telling others how to do something "authentically."
Kimberlee Ponson (1 month ago)
True, and the funny thing is, if they truly had to live like that through no choice of their own, it wouldn't look so 'creative.'
anne neilsen (1 month ago)
Very nice.. Thank you for sharing
RevEvangelist JOHNSON (1 month ago)
Beautiful, and very creative.
Dakiniwoman (1 month ago)
Those are very darling Tiny homes next to each other... I like the designs as I do love the whole Victorian era everything... I think the idea of the tin cans on the exterior is excellent... so many great ideas were incorporated here... I would love a home using many of those elements... but much larger.... :) For me, my studio alone needs to be much bigger... but I love tiny houses.
Grace Njuguna (1 month ago)
It's a pretty house but the lady sounds defensive.
gary gerard (1 month ago)
'nice place, the kid should have been on his own 5 years ago, but heck he's got a nice place and free food, he'll be around till you do give him Da Boot
Heidi Weimar (1 month ago)
24 year old still living with parents? The house is cramped and messy. Claustrophobic. But if they are happy , good for them.
Santina Rainey (1 month ago)
Anne Bradley (1 month ago)
I love to see all the trees in the neighborhood. No mention of pest control, how they manage that.
Holly Hocks (1 month ago)
Not much privacy for the parents or the adult son.
Spiritual Casino (1 month ago)
I feel for their son... that's all I can say...Better planning would have been nice. Thank you for sharing. ❤
Emilie DeLeon Reyes (1 month ago)
where does that poor kid sleep? I only saw one bed.seems a bit small for 2 people.I like the concept but I would not want to be unable to stand in the loft.its not for ever body.I would change the design I guess
Patti R (1 month ago)
I don't understand why she laughs about everything.
Helena Chase (1 month ago)
Inspiring ! Thanks
Sheila Broad (2 months ago)
instead of running around your kitchen...you are running to the store every day for groceries because your fridge is too small to hold squat
John Hora (2 months ago)
Is the wood behind the paper bag & painter's paper walls plywood?? What kind of wood on the walls behind the paper? Thanks!
Netty Abbott (2 months ago)
zita csőszné szabó (2 months ago)
jane jan (2 months ago)
Why is it always so trendy for rich yuppies to pretend to be poor? Tiny houses were initially about being economical, both budget wise and environmentally. It was never about "feeling cute" or "making art". That's only how rich people see it when they buy themselves one of these trendy new novelty toys. It was about surviving and making the best out of a difficult financial/environmental situation. This rich yuppie woman will never grasp the situation of NEEDING to live in something like this. Instead she will just sit there on her piles of money in her new toy house, complaining about how homeless people's tiny homes - the only thing they could ever have for themselves - are too cookie cutter and not "fun" enough for her. Well I'm so sorry for her inconvenience, since they couldn't afford anything fancy in the Portland area because rich people keep buying up property for their 'cute' novelty play houses!
J. Flaner (2 months ago)
They're just hoarders.
J. Flaner (2 months ago)
I hope that 24-year-old son has a job.
Andrea Phelps (3 months ago)
romancandlefight (3 months ago)
She laughs adorably at everything
Queezle Macnamara (4 months ago)
If they are so free & readily accessible please consider building a dwelling out the back for your kind, talented son. It would be awesome for you to recognise his need for a small amount of independence as well as a place that reflects his individuality. Be the great rolemodel you see yoursef as on a social scale, to this gracious young soul you are sharing your lives with.
Linda Dial (5 months ago)
Cool I like itI wish I had the money to get some property that my little tiny house which is a dream Friday God bless you and keep it
Rose Storm (5 months ago)
Very cool what they have created but I don't like the notion that tiny houses are supposed to be one way ... the whole thing is that it can be whatever YOU want. Creative? Sure! Streamlined? Great! Minimalist? Awesome! Eclectic? Fantastic!
Lorene Knight (5 months ago)
I love the tin can cladding!! Also enjoying all the coverings on the inside walls. This speaks to me in sooo many ways. I've always known we could be using alternative materials for almost everything, example: paper sacks, onion & potato bags, dogfood bags, lg flour sacks, tin cans, boxes, rope, yarn etc. Creativity & needs can determine what we do or who we are, right? AMAZING!!!!
Kimberlyn Hughes (5 months ago)
She (the homeowner) is so pretty & looks so young!! She had to start young if she has a 24 yr old. I thought I was going small when I got an LG 15 cu ft fridge a month ago. But it is for my family of 4. It is small but I can fit a 12 lb turkey in the fridge & lots of vegetables. We shall see how it goes over the next few months, so far so good. It is a bottom mount freezer. I actually love it. Nothing is getting forgotten or lost in the back. Before I had a 21 cu ft fridge. Their son is a great artist!! Their house is tiny but it doesn't feel as tiny as some I've seen!!
Donna Neville (5 months ago)
She said they were cookie cutter, but they are as cute as cookies and even beautiful. I love them!
Raquel Class (5 months ago)
A little too eclectic. Not very functional and the tin can siding will eventually rust
ExperiencedGhost (6 months ago)
I could easily live in a tiny house and I come from living in a big house. It's getting smaller and smaller now, I moved 10 times now. Probably I'll move again this year. I'll sell my house and I'll have enough to live on for at least the coming 10 years. So I live without working until I die. Fuck the system!
Valentin Garcia (6 months ago)
their son is going to have severe problems with his joints in the knees and feet....for sure...it looks very cool, but that is not good for that young man.
Good Toy (6 months ago)
linseed oil on paper.. "When linseed oil combines with air, the oxygen molecules cause a chemical reaction that creates heat. According to the article, if the linseed oil is on something flammable (like a rag you might use to clean your patio furniture), it can catch fire with no outside spark at as low as 120 degrees."
tamcon72 (2 months ago)
@chadzwife1 I wonder if their tiny house is insured . . .
chadzwife1 (3 months ago)
Guess linseed oil is unusable? Lol
Rachel Pitt (7 months ago)
I would love to be updated on this family and their lives. Their son Is so so talented
Лена Захарова (7 months ago)
Gee Speller (7 months ago)
Troy Adler (7 months ago)
cool place, talented son
Lynn Duvall (8 months ago)
I do love the “witch’s cottage” look of the exteriors and the contrast between the fairytale look outside & streamlined inside.
Strapgod 30 (8 months ago)
His 28 now realy move out
Strapgod 30 (8 months ago)
Thats a man his all ready a wizard he lives with his parents for free
Hi new friend great video
scarlett king (9 months ago)
wish they had tiny houses for low income seniors,,, but instead, get HUD SENIOR, LOW INCOME APT,,,,, FULL OF ROACHES,,,,,,,,,,, SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW,, OH WELL,,,,,,,
Cindy Nathaniel (9 months ago)
Which state is this? What about the snow? Doesn’t it get colder in winter & hotter in summer?
Lanora Ruiz (10 months ago)
You will never see a 500lb person living in one of these houses!
Aaron Defelice (10 months ago)
Excellent ❤️⭐️❤️
CyanideLollipop (11 months ago)
Jesus, when is that kid gonna move out?
B. Greene (11 months ago)
The 24-year old has some serious skills for a fellow his age. I teach character and creature design for a major art university, and most of my graduate students don’t have his draftsmanship skills. Illustration Master Class in Amherst, MA son; just do it!
Tifu (11 months ago)
I get tiny houses and reasons why they make sense (and I'm not talking about the cuteness factor). To me, however, cutting costs and leaving a smaller footprint in various ways, does not outweigh basic comforts like being able to stand upright. Is the tiny home loft the equivalent to your parent's basement? From the looks of this, it looks like it is, and a worse version at that!
Foxiepaws ACAnderson (11 months ago)
I really love this one too... they're beautiful... I wanted mine to look like a witches cottage I would be stoked to have a witches cottage!
Helena Chase (1 year ago)
I thouroughly enjoyec your home tour. I live in a park model home in the summer . 526 sq ft and too much space for just me. But mine is kinda prefab looking. I would love to build a tiny home. There is a lot of work in this tiny house make no mistake....
Naima Haviland (1 year ago)
Oh rich people, you're so cute. Meanwhile, the rest of us have always had small kitchens with -- gasp! -- no wine/champagne caddy!!! LoL Ok I'll continue watching; I like the idea of recycled material to build houses and these cabins are cute. I just couldn't help remarking on their apparent wonder at an environment considered normal by those of us who have never bought a house with 7 entrances.
Ceil Constante (1 year ago)
I absolutely love this tiny home! Love the creativity, simplicity and materials
J P (1 year ago)
The lady is awfully stuck up and is a really bad advocate for the tiny house movement
Marie C (1 year ago)
Oh boo whoo I had to navigate my 4,000 square foot house. Poor me.
Renelephant (1 year ago)
If they were going for "Cute and Adorable" like they said--a BIG CHECK. Their son is so amazingly talented! WOW!!!!! I haven't even left the front part of the house yet! I just didn't want to forget to comment!
lenlu007 (1 year ago)
WTF is that “Grown A** Man Child” doing living in the rafters?!!! Dude! You’re 24! Get your OWN Tiny House for Christ Sake!
Osvaldo Vélez (1 year ago)