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Car racing with Handy Andy and bandits. Cartoons Kids Funny Cartoon Videos

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Car racing with Handy Andy and bandits. Cartoons Kids Funny Cartoon Videos https://youtu.be/V7RPHGw6OM0 Cartoon about Handy Andy - Whose car is it? - Animation for kids - https://youtu.be/xdNK6py0YI0 Handy-Andy (inspired): I’m ready! Head of the jury (enthusiastically): Great! The head of the jury’s voice behind the frame:3,2,1 Start! (the sound of shot) The car is turning on a high speed. Handy-Andy goes round the obstacles like a snake. Then he speeds up and drives to the springboard. The car flies over the pile of tires. Razer (approvingly): He is great! Rocko pushes Razer and shakes his head dissatisfied. At the same time, Handy-Andy drives very fast in the loop and copes perfectly with it. (applause) Razer (predicting something bad): Wouldn’t it be better to leave? While it’s not too late… Razer and Rocko start to move but police officer blocks their way. Police office (ironically): Not so fast, guys. You need to race and then go. Head of the jury (inspired): Now it’s turn of our second competitors to drive through the obstacles! 3,2,1 Start! (the sound of shot) The car turns insecurely. Starts to drive around the obstacles course. Knocks down some triangles. Goes fast to the springboard and the motor stops. Rolls down. Manages to pass the springboard only from third try. Didn’t fly to the rings and falls down into the pile of tires. Tires fly apart all over the place. There is a smoke over the car. Rocko and Razer getting out of the pile. Rocko (ironically, sad): I think something went wrong… Razer (not sure):Well. We will go… Police officer (with mockery): Sure will go, to the police station! Guys croak and sigh. Head of the jury (solemnly): Jury conferred and made a decision. The winner is Handy-Andy! (applause, shouts “Hooray”!) Handy-Andy (happily): Thank you! (kindly, edifyingly) Remember, my friends, if you try very hard, everything will be grate and you succeed!
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