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I hope all UPS drivers don't do this.

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Text Comments (24)
mekani phiri (15 days ago)
You should see what happens at the terminal
Audrey Williams (23 days ago)
A pile of Mess !!!!
Chris Cooper (29 days ago)
my dads a ups driver and he doesnt do this stunt
fred (3 months ago)
dave miller (3 months ago)
what did he do wrong,nothing that I can see
AWD V8 (4 months ago)
This is nothing! I did fleet service at a UPS center and witnessed the parcels bouncing out of one truck across a platform when they were transferring them from one truck to another with EVERY transfer!
James F (6 months ago)
God Damn. This driver is a piece of shit. Lazy with a capital L He's definitely not following procedures.
Hamaish Hassan (6 months ago)
i have the royal mail
Mike Franco (11 months ago)
lololololol......good job... why is the guy filming working....his worried about somthing else
Tone Def. Sounds (1 year ago)
fire this person
Standby760 (1 year ago)
This dumb ass doesnt deserve 130k
soulkeeper (2 years ago)
Or you can go help him. Instead of just watch him.smh.
soulkeeper (2 years ago)
Or you can go help him. Instead of just watch him.smh.
dogpetdog (1 month ago)
it's not his job to help him, so you can syh in another dimension
James Scott (6 months ago)
nothing was damaged. packages take more bumps on conveyor belts
Steve O (2 years ago)
What a slob. Well I guess that's how the company is run. His managers managers manager should be fired! Poop runs down hill.
thomas macrae (2 years ago)
most drivers i have seen do it like this.    yes all companies (dhl,fedex, usps and ups) do what you just saw in the video.
Vaida D (3 years ago)
who the fuck cares, retard customers will complain anyways
dXprimeXr11 (2 years ago)
I hope this happens to your next package
hauxone (3 years ago)
While it really wouldn't have taken much more effort to step one foot over and set them down- If this type of treatment could damage the contents of those packages, then they are not properly packaged and would have been damaged long before they ever made it to your shop.
pete smyth (4 months ago)
hauxone absolutely correct..no big deal how he did that - parcels cop worse than that during transit processing and they have to be packaged properly - anybody that thinks he's mistreating those parcels is living in a dreamworld.
efrain martinez (5 months ago)
hauxone you sound like you work for ups lolzz. this is just the tip of the ice Berg what your seeing.
TOAB17 (3 years ago)
Well done fuck 9.5 and most importantly fuck the Fucking customers!!!!!!! Hahhahahahahahahahah
Pamzion (3 years ago)
As a 5 year driver, I can assure you most don't work like this. This man is a lazy P.O.S.
Steven Tyler (6 months ago)
LIES, if there isn't any customers or anyone around to see, this is how MOST of them do it, guaranteed!!