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I hope all UPS drivers don't do this.

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Bill Hunter (5 months ago)
I didn't see anything wrong here. Sure he tossed boxes but it was fairly gentle. If these guys had to carry each package and set down they would never get done.
Daniel Sandoval (5 months ago)
He is saving his back so he can keep working. Can you imagine bending over and squatting for each package 12 hours every day no way you wouldn't have a very long career.
wy wybulldog (7 months ago)
Love how there is always somebody telling another how they should do a job.... Like they know what the fuck they are even talking about, or even have A JOB to begin with!
MJ (8 months ago)
I would of done it a little more organized, but i saw nothing that would potentially damage anything. All those packages went thru worse going thru transit, on the belts ,in and out of bins ect ect.. I always tell my customers to package their parcels to go thru the worst of the worst. I personally would of never done this, as it looks totally unprofessional, BUT nothing could of been damaged from this, and if something did wound up broken, then the shipper should of packaged their shit better IMO.
Jaafar Kazim (8 months ago)
I feel this drivers pain so very much. What a heavy bulk stop that he had to delivery to. These customers just don't know the time crunch and quotes we have to make. Most times I skip lunch just to stay on schedule if I can. I just take my 1hr lunch when I get back at the hub at 8 or so
No this is Patrick!! (5 months ago)
I feel you dude... Ive worked for ups for about 3 weeks now and its not a easy job... Im not condoning this guys behavior but what i can say is that this job takes a lot of hard work....
becky yu (8 months ago)
I think this is totally FINE😂😂😂
cobain/ vedder (8 months ago)
Yeah so? Not a biggie
Wayne Woodward (8 months ago)
I have lot's of dents in my packages
GodsHolyChild (9 months ago)
I hope there wasn’t anything valuable in that box....
Bill clinton (9 months ago)
He's making $30 an hour and protected by a union I'm sure he cares lol
TheDay Cometh (1 month ago)
Bill clinton Almost $40/hr now 😀
therealAK ALASKA (9 months ago)
thats alot of stuff at one time i bet that driver was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME
A Broked Fidget Spinner (10 months ago)
Did anyone else notice the "ouch!" on the side of the red box at 1:35? Poor box... #BoxLivesMatter
Penelope Pitstop (10 months ago)
MyztikGMD lmao
Jay Chung (10 months ago)
Honestly its alot worse in UPS hub. They throw stuff around and kind of forced to. Workers have to sort like 5000 items per shift. Unhealthy and very toxic work environment.
BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose (10 months ago)
Oh lighten up!!! It's probably just expensive electronics!
Nicholas Smith (10 months ago)
report his sorry butt. Throwing your items, how rude
ReadTheShrill (10 months ago)
What exactly is the problem here? Packages can survive a fall from 2 or 3 feet, FFS.
Robert Wayne (11 months ago)
If these guys get found out and caught doing this they should have to pay for damages plus an inconvenience charge and get fired from the job and marked so they can't get a delivery job again .clearly they don't give a dam about other people's property
Michael Knowles (11 months ago)
I am a UPS driver. you need context before viewing this video. i had a route where in the same plaza, I had a small parts factory, a taxodermist, a wholesale cigar shop, and a deburring facility. so 2 out of 4 of those companies were receiving packages that I could literally lay on the ground and stomp on with my foot for 10 minutes and their product would be fine (i wouldnt do that anyway btw). and the other two i would treat like gold.
Michael Knowles (11 months ago)
and a lot of the time the driver learns how to treat the package from the customer. if i am on a new route i treat every package as fragile....then after carefully placing the package on the dock i see the dock worker hurl it across the factory lol...
James Smith III (11 months ago)
Oh stop crying
MrFenceBuilder (1 year ago)
dang, he sure had allot of packages for that stop, hope the preloader didnt place any of the pkgs on the wrong shelf , or maybe on the wrong side of the truck , mixed in with 300 other pks,,,, that you have to dig through , while on a time crunch, hungry, tired, sweating your ass off , and then you get customers that sit around in the air conditioning just watching you like,, drop a pkg and youre fired. .... not saying i treat the pkgs like this guy in any way at all , this guy goes too far , but you gotta look at it from his point sometimes, theres 300 + other pkgs and many more stops to do , all on a time crunch, so when you have 30 pkgs for one stop it helps to hustle , but in the right way , you know?
Daniel Sandoval (5 months ago)
MrFenceBuilder hustle without throwing out your back
mekani phiri (1 year ago)
You should see what happens at the terminal
Deplorable American (1 year ago)
mekani phiri 😂😂
Audrey Williams (1 year ago)
A pile of Mess !!!!
Chris Cooper (1 year ago)
my dads a ups driver and he doesnt do this stunt
fred (1 year ago)
dave miller (1 year ago)
what did he do wrong,nothing that I can see
Blazidog (9 months ago)
dave miller He threw boxes around without care. These boxes contents can get damadged.
AWD V8 (1 year ago)
This is nothing! I did fleet service at a UPS center and witnessed the parcels bouncing out of one truck across a platform when they were transferring them from one truck to another with EVERY transfer!
James F (1 year ago)
God Damn. This driver is a piece of shit. Lazy with a capital L He's definitely not following procedures.
klazzikk (9 months ago)
James F at least he's not gonna have busted knees.
Mike Franco (2 years ago)
lololololol......good job... why is the guy filming working....his worried about somthing else
Tone Def. Sounds (2 years ago)
fire this person
Standby760 (2 years ago)
This dumb ass doesnt deserve 130k
soulkeeper (3 years ago)
Or you can go help him. Instead of just watch him.smh.
soulkeeper (3 years ago)
Or you can go help him. Instead of just watch him.smh.
Blazidog (9 months ago)
klazzikk true
klazzikk (9 months ago)
Blazidog that's true, im sure that driver knew that though as he just overtly tossed his packages right in front of him. Judging by the amount he received in this video I think they get bulk of 15 or more on the regular as well. could be said that the receiver could be just as annoyed by the pieces as the driver is.
Blazidog (9 months ago)
klazzikk yeah,but some people dont need to. Courtesy is for some people. Not Everyone has to be Courteous.
klazzikk (11 months ago)
dogpetdog its called courtesy, its is something that exists. remember its your package not his and he still gonna get paid.
dogpetdog (1 year ago)
it's not his job to help him, so you can syh in another dimension
Steve O (3 years ago)
What a slob. Well I guess that's how the company is run. His managers managers manager should be fired! Poop runs down hill.
Vaida D (4 years ago)
who the fuck cares, retard customers will complain anyways
Edwin Medrano (1 year ago)
Vaida D I have a problem I don't like you I am a good friend to me I just got to see your face on my phone but thanks to the developers I love
dXprimeXr11 (3 years ago)
I hope this happens to your next package
hauxone (4 years ago)
While it really wouldn't have taken much more effort to step one foot over and set them down- If this type of treatment could damage the contents of those packages, then they are not properly packaged and would have been damaged long before they ever made it to your shop.
pete smyth (1 year ago)
hauxone absolutely correct..no big deal how he did that - parcels cop worse than that during transit processing and they have to be packaged properly - anybody that thinks he's mistreating those parcels is living in a dreamworld.
efrain martinez (1 year ago)
hauxone you sound like you work for ups lolzz. this is just the tip of the ice Berg what your seeing.
TOAB17 (4 years ago)
Well done fuck 9.5 and most importantly fuck the Fucking customers!!!!!!! Hahhahahahahahahahah
Pamzion (4 years ago)
As a 5 year driver, I can assure you most don't work like this. This man is a lazy P.O.S.
Steven Tyler (1 year ago)
LIES, if there isn't any customers or anyone around to see, this is how MOST of them do it, guaranteed!!