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UPS truck fast

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fast UPS truck
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (13)
Kevin Meno (3 years ago)
That was filmed at UPS Worldport in Louisville, KY (SDF)?
same (6 years ago)
@MirageScience not air but O ya alot bigger company then fedx....Do your research UPS is much bigger
Jae (6 years ago)
that truck is going to crash when it breakes
Mirage (7 years ago)
K1ll3rM4st3r (9 years ago)
i laughed my ass of when i saw the truck lol
Rodrigo Astorga (9 years ago)
u dumbass! evry 1 knows thats fake! but thats not the point! what? do we have to tell u that the movie speed racer is fake too? or that herby wasnt really alive?
Rodrigo Astorga (9 years ago)
OMG! what r u on? we all know that moron!
Roie Pozas (9 years ago)
are those pratt & whitney 4000's on that truck, hehe.
VladTheImpala (9 years ago)
no fucking duh its fake so are all commercials but its Hillarious
spacebandit (9 years ago)
zx100 your the dummest fuck i seen on here, lol..
Jbaker8390 (10 years ago)
no shit its fake Supposed to be humorous
Cesniper (10 years ago)
yo are a bit simple, aren´t you? amazing
Me, Myself und I Production (10 years ago)
UPS has really modify a p800 for racing (not the one of this ads it's just suppose to be funny) I think you can see it on Nascar sometimes