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Why You Wouldn't Want to Fly On The Soviet Concorde - The TU-144 Story

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While the Concorde is often hailed as a triumph of modern engineering, the first supersonic transport to ever fly was actually Soviet-built. The Tupolev TU-144 flew even faster than the Concorde and it carried more passengers. What happened to this aircraft and why have so few heard about it? Getting the TU-144 built before the Concorde (and therefore proving Soviet superiority to the world) was allegedly a high priority for the Soviets. The plane was developed under a tight schedule and relied on a few less advanced aviation technologies. The TU-144 suffered three known crashes, the most famous being at the 1973 Paris Air Show (there are conflicting theories on the cause of the 1973 crash). In regular passenger service, the TU-144 proved unreliable. Only one flight a week was permitted on a single route between Moscow and Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is rumoured that Soviet leaders were nervous about the 144's airworthiness and ordered it's chief designer Alexei Tupolev to personally inspect every 144. Supersonic travel proved expensive and could only be offered as a 'premium' product in commercial airline travel. In west, the Concorde could be marketed as a luxury product to serve the wealthy and airfares could be sold at prices well beyond typical airfares. In the communist Soviet Union, where egalitarian principles demanded that displays of wealth or class be subdued, the TU-144 airfare had to be set similar to the typical Soviet airfare. This meant that the 144 had to be operated at a loss for Aeroflot, and Aeroflot couldn't wait to stop flying it. The TU-144 was removed from regular passenger service less than a year after it began (although cargo service was offered for a couple more years). In the 1990's, a modified version of Tu-144 was utilized by Tupolev, NASA, and other aerospace conglomerates as a research testbed for a second-generation supersonic jetliner. #Tu144 #Tupolev #Supersonic #Airplanes Want to help Mustard grow? Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MustardChannel
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Text Comments (8431)
Stephen Astbury (1 hour ago)
It was a shite version of concord
IRON60 BITCH (14 hours ago)
One of the things that the Soviets didn’t care about was redundancy in a passenger airliner think about that one critical failure and this puppy bounces off the ground and the black box usually was lost after the accident wink wink
IRON60 BITCH (14 hours ago)
The dB level I was told was 75 OMG
IRON60 BITCH (14 hours ago)
The Soviet 144 was virtually use for cargo transportation because it was so so dangerous it started moving some people near the end of it’s life but I believe it crashed killing everybody
IRON60 BITCH (14 hours ago)
In 1981 I was in back of a passenger plane going from Moscow to Kiev and it was like being in the back of a U-Haul truck with bales of straw an animal noises coming from the rear of the plane
Apollo Brown (18 hours ago)
this never fall any way... white bastards
Евгений Лагунов (1 day ago)
Полное враньё ! Начиная от истории создания, заканчивая причинами закрытия полётов. Изучайте досоверные ресурсы, а не этот шлак.
Nick Suchyta (1 day ago)
In Soviet Russia Concord Carrie's Putin
Roland Lawrence (1 day ago)
3 interesting points. boeing facepalmed when kennedy announced mach 2.7 as the cruising speed. engineers knew that ruled out aluminium. Andrei Tupolev was forced by the party to make the tu144. he wanted to spend the funds on mass civilian transport which he was actually quite vocal about. the tu144 ate half the national airliner budget. lastly, the french insisted on making concorde a little bigger to fit in a galley. the british were thinking tea and sandwiches would be enough.
Derek Slade (1 day ago)
Russians make a blunder of everything. It's all about the image, at the cost of quality.
Andy Hua (2 days ago)
damn this video is so baised
InSlay IonStorm (2 days ago)
What a whole bunch of FAKES !!.. Almost ALL "facts" in this shit-video are LIE !!!
Roland Lawrence (1 day ago)
you really should cite what information is incorrect and then counter with corrections and official sources.
John Foltz (2 days ago)
It's A Russian inwension
Bhorin (3 days ago)
tu 144 was before concorde
Roland Lawrence (1 day ago)
kinda. the tu144 that flew before concorde was pretty much ground up redesigned for the production models.
Lachlan Bagshaw (3 days ago)
Mustard: "The problem was the TU144 had clearly been RUSHED in it's development" Boeing has left the chat Mcdonnell Douglas has left the chat
Zsolt Raduska (3 days ago)
0:54 She was loud XD Because Concorde is a silent plane
Paul Anthony (3 days ago)
0:20 Starts squat dance with AK-47's.
Vroom ZOOM (2 days ago)
Wow seriously? Now after talking a couple days ago to one of the people that knows the plane pretty well like seriously guys this is all bullshit. Yeah on takeoff it was noisy near the back but dumbass when it goes supersonic you physically can't hear the engines-its impossible. The 144 is not a ripoff, it's a totally different design. It crashed not because of shot design but because the pilot wanted to do an aerobatic maneuver and after 6g yeah of course it broke. This of course would never happen in passenger service. If you calculate by the km it's actually cheaper than regular aircraft. 144 had improvements over the Concorde in terms of weight and efficiency. You know how grandpa's ol stories spread... First a lightbulb burned out, then they turn it into a control, then an indicator and after a few times the story is passed you come up with something crazy. Very entertaining but unfortunately not quite true. There was what seemed like a very official story that the il 62 w had a nose full of concrete to fly properly. Like seriously a president would never fly in that, yet that was their choice of aircraft. So unfortunately no concrete in the nose. Ok someone found a video of them testing the drag chute on the 144 and thought oh it was so bad it needs a drag chute.... Seriously?
Vroom ZOOM (23 hours ago)
@Roland Lawrence jeez man I don't know where you get ur info from, but I got it first source. It crashed because of an intentional high g aerobatic maneuver intended to show off the plane and yes, there was quite a bit of gs and it broke. During the entire flight time it was doing high g maneuvers intended only for jet fighters which stressed the frame out and caused it to break.
Roland Lawrence (1 day ago)
the tu144 was fragile. it crashed in paris doing a "bunt" to get the engines started again after avoiding a french jet that was unofficially in the air looking at how the canards worked . the fact that for its entire service life, a senior technician had to be on board from the manufacturer had to be on every flight and the fact that tupolev requested to have the aircraft removed from service should tell you about the tu144. also that it ended up being used for cargo and 7 planes over a number of years massed only around 100 flights. the tu144 was different in that it was meant to operate from harsher climates you find in the ussr and also more austere airports.
Vroom ZOOM (2 days ago)
@Sailor Man ok so now the drag chute shit theory we now add the fact that am shit too because of a typo. Stupid spell corrector on this phone is not aero friendly. And yeah Lego blocks is the only word you can say
Sailor Man (3 days ago)
The fact that you used the word 'acrobatic' instead of 'aerobatic', illustrates just how much of a wannabee aviation expert you are - stick to your LEGO little boy, lol. Perhaps you could make a TU-144 with your blocks?
Vortex Sam95 (3 days ago)
TU-144 blyat Hardbass express БЛЯТЬ
Vortex Sam95 (3 days ago)
Happy ussr noises
Tony Boloni (4 days ago)
In,the Paris show, a fighter jet,it was responsible for the 144 crash, this people dont say the truth.
Madwolf 096 (1 day ago)
No it was the pilot's trying to impress because a similar aircraft did.
Dp1 Deltic Prototype (1 day ago)
Tony Boloni Could you please elaborate a bit?
Tony Boloni (4 days ago)
The T144,it was a plan far more superior, from Concord.
Sailor Man (3 days ago)
No Tony, you are COMPLETELY WRONG.
Jiibo McDinonald (4 days ago)
you had me sold at soviet
체리 (4 days ago)
Fuel ? High
체리 (4 days ago)
5:55 Space airlines Engine power over Speed max TU-144
Mao ZeDong (6 days ago)
Damn soviets always bragging
nock radqkdak (6 days ago)
The soviet „Concorde“ was the first concorde
Mohamad Kaakati (6 days ago)
The TU-144 Had: 102 Scheduled Flights 226 Mechanical Failures 80 Critical Failures Aaaand now let's not talk shit about the Concord, like it never had any of these; while it was the reason to stop the supersonic flights. ROFL
SOSA (5 days ago)
you know the only crash of the concorde is the result of a piece of tire who was on the runway right? + it's crash accelerate the process but that's not the reason
infinite monkeys (7 days ago)
1:56 "Good old Soviet ingenuity". Today, it's known as the theft of intellectual property.
Graham Reeve (7 days ago)
God knows how long will the USA be fighting the cold war of propaganda. Save your money and get a health care system that isn't third world.
Rawdog268 (7 days ago)
Wouldnt want to ride anything Russian, all junk
Shufty (7 days ago)
Did'nt even call it a Cocordski once, disappointed.
Abraham Atticus (7 days ago)
The death of Soviet is good for the world.
Алексей Башкиров (5 days ago)
Russians saved this ungrateful world more than once
Rafael Fernandes (7 days ago)
Seeing all the comments is funny how everybody makes a shot at being funny in the Internet and makes his hapiness dependable on how many likes one gets.
Moses Gitau (7 days ago)
I would not fly the American one neither.... Ohhh,sorry..did not even leave the ground.. Lol!
omepeet2006 (6 days ago)
@quality content Spot on bro, but he refers to the American SST, which not even left the drawing board.
quality content (6 days ago)
Its French/ british I think
aliucd08 (7 days ago)
where can I find the soundtrack at the end of the episode? would love to add to my spotify list
alilfast (7 days ago)
Went straight to comments cuz I know its gonna be better then the vid.
bmused55 (7 days ago)
You got one thing wrong: Concorde was slated to sell quite a few frames. There were orders from the likes of PanAm, Continental, Thai and others on the books. It was the ridiculous "Sonic booms will make women miscarriage" movement that kicked up such a stink in the US that led to confining supersonic travel over open water. Thus limiting the concordes super sonic routes and thus it's appeal. All but the orders from Air France and British Airways were dropped as airlines did not want to be painted as the bad guys. It's no small coincidence that stupid anti-sonic boom movement kicked into high gear soon after the US Supersonic program failed. Protectionism at its worst.
Evan Brace (6 days ago)
those booms would get annoying though...
Him Adri (7 days ago)
Fakin' & lyin' ended the Soviet Union. Russia under dictator Putin is doin' it again. No one should trust the Russians.
tsitsileofo ar (7 days ago)
cold war has end but almost half of the videos i watch on yt are talking(with a classic cool american accent) about how usa was far beter than the soviets. and yes the tu-144 was a propaganda tool, but concorde also was, just the same way every new technology is presented as a progress ,but in the end of the day, and after a few lives lost, only the rich can actually afford to use it regurally
thanksfernuthin (8 days ago)
Sounds like the bureaucrats that stopped the American Concorde knew what they were doing. A broken clock is right twice a day.
thanksfernuthin (6 days ago)
@omepeet2006, he is.
omepeet2006 (6 days ago)
@quality content The SST projects (by Boeing, Lockheed an NAA) that didn't make it were American methinks. Sounds like he's referring to these.
quality content (6 days ago)
The concorde is British/French im pretty sure
Olivier Stefani (8 days ago)
5:27 Funny trolley, look like something you can find on grandmas dinner party
MΛS (8 days ago)
“ According to western journalists” enough said...
infinitecanadian (8 days ago)
'Cramped seats'? Them seats look a whole lot less cramped than the seats of today's airliners.
Josh S-TV (8 days ago)
Can it vtol?
omepeet2006 (6 days ago)
Yes it can..! As long as you are flying it...
x5x (8 days ago)
german title but no german in the video??? disappointment.... i was in booth planes, concorde and tupolev (both standing in sinsheim in the museum). i must say concorde looks more luxury compared to the tupolev.
omepeet2006 (6 days ago)
@Skulldetta Da liegen Sie recht. Hier ist es noch schlimmer: weil mein PC auf Holländisch eingestellt ist, wird den Titel in Holländisch übersetzt. Tja, wie soll ich das sagen..?
x5x (7 days ago)
@Skulldetta muss am pc liegen. Jetzt beim handy stehts oben in englisch
Skulldetta (7 days ago)
Das muss an deiner beim PC/Smartphone eingestellten Sprache liegen. Passiert mir bei Android auch immer öfter, dass englischsprachige Videotitel automatisch ins Deutsche übersetzt werden, ich diese anklicke und dann erst draufkomme, dass das ja gar kein deutschsprachiges Video ist.
Ima Pseudonym (8 days ago)
For the same reason you wouldn't want to fly on ANY russian built aircraft; they're poorly designed, badly built and are far more likely to kill you than get you where you're going. Same goes for Russian cars. Or, in fact, anything built in Russia.
2007 Honda Fit (8 days ago)
Mom I want concorde Mom: we have concorde at home Concorde at home:
Piotr Majchrzak (8 days ago)
ile Ci mendo zapłacili za ten film, czy jesteś zwykłym brytyjskim trolem? może czas zablokowac ci konto , chyba ze sypiasz z szefami youtube?
veinss vise (8 days ago)
Nitwit channel
The Cereal Guy (9 days ago)
Zephod Beeblebrox (9 days ago)
Not so much why you wouldn’t want to fly it but why it was cancelled.
Shehan Jayasinghe (9 days ago)
"Wait a minute...this isn't concord..." Cue the old russian sounding music!!!😆
KateLicker (9 days ago)
Why you would not want to fly on a Soviet anything..even Gagarin was eventually killed by a MiG21, I think..
KateLicker (6 days ago)
so you reckon they fucked with his plane? lol..
omepeet2006 (6 days ago)
That happened when he got too popular in the eyes of those in power.
SH HS (9 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8yizEzRDzc BUJA!
SH HS (9 days ago)
How meny passagers kild TU 144?? How meny kild Concorde? ;-)
KOBUN40 (10 days ago)
Because it's full of commies. That's why.
Tim Smith (10 days ago)
"The Americans ruined their shot by tying themselves up in bureaucracy and cost overruns". It is great to see that Boeing has FIXED THAT CULTURE UP! lol
Tim Smith (8 days ago)
@Tetragon 213 Agreed. I have worked for Boeing as a contract maintenance engineer. I am too young for the B747 program, the B787 program had the same problems. It is the nature of the aviation industry. Especially when the accounts have more say than ever. The 787 was a quantum leap, using so much carbon fibre in the build.
Tetragon 213 (9 days ago)
It's a weird case where Boeing decided that their Boeing 2707 would fly at Mach 3 and be way bigger than Concorde. The problem was, modern engineers with 2019 technology would find it one hell of a challenge, even with our modern materials. Those engineers only had 1960's technology to work with. They bit off way more than they could chew.
Александр Стерхов (10 days ago)
Кто от кого позаимствовал большой вопрос?
Sir Podgy (10 days ago)
Ah the Russians... Crappily engineered but they built it anyway
bipola telly (11 days ago)
Unadulterated garbage.
Funeral enthusiast (11 days ago)
Well prior to Apollo 11, the Soviets were superior in space exploration. First satellite, First earthling to go into orbit, first man in space, first woman (20 years before the us), first poc, first living animals to leave earth and return alive, first space station, first pics of the dark side of the moon, only pic of the surface of venus, first rover prototype. One of the space dogs had puppies and one of the pupniks was given to jfk: That pup went on to have puppies with jfk’s dog, their decedents are still alive today.
Sailor Man (2 days ago)
@Funeral enthusiast And the rest of my comment?
Funeral enthusiast (2 days ago)
Sailor Man listen buddy, I don’t care. It’s just a dumb colloquialism.
Sailor Man (2 days ago)
@Funeral enthusiast Yep, tell me something I don't already know? Incidentally, I'm wondering if your knowledge extends to knowing why it's actually ironic that the far side of the moon is wrongly referred to as the 'dark side', when in fact, the far side of the moon actually receives fractionally more direct sunlight than the near side does? How does the far side receive more direct light from the sun? And yes, the Soviets achieved those milestones mentioned in your first comment, ahead of the Americans, but who was first to develop a 'large' rocket capable of lifting enough payload to enable a mission to the moon and back, involving astronauts and associated equipment? The ultimate goal of the 'space race', was to get a person to the moon and back - do I need to remind you of who won that race? The Russians couldn't even get out of low earth orbit, lol.
Funeral enthusiast (3 days ago)
Sailor Man ok “Far side of the moon” happy? About 18 percent of the far side is occasionally visible from Earth due to libration. The remaining 82 percent remained unobserved until 1959, when it was photographed by the Soviet Luna 3 space probe. The Soviet Academy of Sciences published the first atlas of the far side in 1960.
Sailor Man (3 days ago)
Tries to sound all 'knowledgable', but then uses the term 'dark side of the moon'? LOL.
Анике Бо (11 days ago)
Никогда бы ни сел на этот гавнолет, вот красавец Конкорд другое дело
Dmitriy Goryainov (11 days ago)
Зто потому что ты гей?
Jim Geiger Music (11 days ago)
In Concorde you break sound barrier. In Concordski, sound barrier breaks you.
@Jim Geiger Music _It rushed B to fast_
Jim Geiger Music (9 days ago)
@Ivan Bukhoi 3 June 1973 Tu-144S production airliner (77102) crashed...the aircraft broke apart. Destroying 15 houses and killing all six people on board the Tu-144 and eight more on the ground. 23 May 1978 TU-144D (77111) The crew managed to belly land the aircraft in a field. On impact the nose cone collapsed under the fuselage, penetrating the compartment in which two flight engineers were seated. Cause of crash was a ruptured fuel line which caused an engine fire and systems failure. Two engines were shut down then, a third engine failed due to overheating. 31 August 1980, Tu-144D (77113) unrepairable hull and systems damage due to uncontained compressor disc failure during supersonic flight. Read for yourself what a monumental piece of shit this idiotic aircraft was: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tupolev_Tu-144
Ivan Bukhoi (9 days ago)
@Jim Geiger Music BS.
Jim Geiger Music (9 days ago)
@Ivan Bukhoi Concordski beat Concorde 3 to 1 in complete loss crashes.
Ivan Bukhoi (9 days ago)
In Concord, you will die immediately after takeoff ...
James Bryerton (11 days ago)
you would fly in outer space going that fast .
Moone (11 days ago)
1:43 the United States with basically everthing
db20 (11 days ago)
tHe SoViETS dId IT fIRst
SCREAMIN' LORD BYRON (11 days ago)
It really grinds my gears how they call it the soviet concorde when it is a different plane ...a tupolev. Of course they are going to look similar because that shape works for supersonic flight.. well in the case of the tupolev 'works' might be overstating it but still
Michaël Paradjian (11 days ago)
Yet the Soviets were able to build such things. Imagine Africans or Mexicans building supersonic aviation....HArd to imagine.
Galimah (9 days ago)
africans are far more developed than us pigskins
Лётчик (12 days ago)
You idiot! Tu-144 took off earlier ,it's bigger,faster and it's a copy? his engines are more powerful and he's a copy? takes more passengers and a copy? And if it is a copy why the developers of Concord came to the Soviet Union? Yes, they came and watched as the Russian create and test new technologies.
Иван Барсов (12 days ago)
Как работает политическая пропаганда.
Сергей (12 days ago)
Ту-144 был намного лучше, надежнее , красивее . УРОДЦА КОНКОРДА
V Ad (10 days ago)
Сергей это ты в старой совковой газете вычитал? )) Почему же таком случае он был таким прожорливым, и почему летал так недолго?
Nikolay Grachev (12 days ago)
Пиздабольство для лохов, и людей далёких от авиации. Особенно про первую катастрофу!
Nikolay Grachev (9 days ago)
@Лефрут • если ты настолько ленив и нет стремления самому пошевелить своими извилинами, то всё очень прискорбно.
Ivan Bukhoi (9 days ago)
Информационную войну никто не отменял.
Лефрут • (10 days ago)
Ну так расскажи в чём дело, мне интересно
Jo Ho (13 days ago)
In Soviet Concorde sound breaks you
江湖传说 (13 days ago)
In Soviet Russia, the concorde flies you.
AB Ba (13 days ago)
Soviet Concorde: Bathrooms NOT Working...!! Requires Toilet paper Update... P.S: Passengers please bring Your own Diapers...!!
george waite (13 days ago)
Bristol Olympus engines.
mystique (13 days ago)
Soviet Concorde or British/France TU-144?
Benjamin Taylor (11 days ago)
Concorde by far
Brian Crawford (14 days ago)
Damn Russia has copied so many other designs lol. Just a lot more crude
Ivan Bukhoi (9 days ago)
Ильяс Немешев (14 days ago)
Автор дешевка-лишь бы грязью полить
Serge Stodolnik (14 days ago)
Дебил! Каждое слово в этом ролике 100% ФАКТ!
Георгий Петенков (14 days ago)
mihael Martsinovskiy (14 days ago)
А поконкретнее,в чем и где,какие то великоскрепные Вами и Коли просмотрев ролик ,пишут пиздеж,после пару бутылочек бояры,и это круто,скрепы в жопе,патриотизм нужно поддерживать.
jlundy (14 days ago)
She was a little dangerous? Unlike the last flight of the Concorde...
Pro & Contra Deutschland (12 days ago)
The cause of the concorde desaster was a piece of debris lying on the runway causing a tyre to break. Could have happened to any plane.
Alex balls to you (14 days ago)
The droop snooped
Asat Alymkulov (14 days ago)
Дааа позорише российской тупости сореановатся с европой
Роберт Ка (15 days ago)
The Soviet Union made on the basis of the TU-144 military aircraft TU-160, which flies so far. And the concord until 2003 did not cover the cost of it. So who is farsighted?
Serge Stodolnik (14 days ago)
TU-160 COVERED IT'S COST????????? What kind of bad shit you've been smoking, boozing or shooting?
Sanel Šabanovič (15 days ago)
And again it did't killed so fucking much people like Concord did.
Serge Stodolnik (14 days ago)
Retarded Child! ICAO and the rest of the world determines safety of any plane considering MILEAGE flown. In your native cave rules may be different .....
Sanel Šabanovič (15 days ago)
Still had bether service history. Bay that i mean it did't killed so much people like Concord. So which one is bether?
Serge Stodolnik (14 days ago)
Retarded Child! ICAO and the rest of the world determines safety of any plane considering MILEAGE flown. In your native cave rules may be different .....
emrezo (15 days ago)
Physics rules are the same all around the world... If you make a supersonic passenger plane , it will look similar to those planes too. All passenger planes look very similar, are they copied too?
Nishiwakiayaka (15 days ago)
Hope it will be available on next flight simulator : )
Игорь Грищенко (15 days ago)
Ох уж это догоним и перегоним а что в итоге? Углеводороды как были так и есть......
Ильяс Немешев (14 days ago)
Еще один
Bengali Warrior (15 days ago)
Bangladesh is building a super super Concorde, we call it SS Concorde and is bigger and better and your women will be married to Bangladeshis soon
Сергей Попов (15 days ago)
Особенно концовка про пенсию конкорда порадовала! Я лично видел в аэропорту Хитроу как конкорд на пенсию унес сотню жизней пассажиров! :) Пропагандисткое видео! :) Especially the ending, about the retirement of the Concorde was pleased! I have personally seen at Heathrow airport as Concord retirement has claimed hundreds of lives of passengers! :) Propaganda video! :)
Сергей Попов (13 days ago)
@mihael Martsinovskiy плохо сосешь - не насосал на гейропу! Иди учись правильно насасывать на красненькие машинки! :)
mihael Martsinovskiy (13 days ago)
@Сергей Попов а разбившийся Прогресс ты случайно не наблюдал лично,в союзе они почему то не разбивались,а сгоревшие трупы из супер мупер джета ты лично не вытаскивал,нет,а ныряющий глубоководный Миг с авианосца под кличкой Кузя ,случайно не ловил,идиот.
Сергей Попов (13 days ago)
@mihael Martsinovskiy слышь дедок из ума выживший у тебя третья стадия сарческого маразма! Иди отсюда старость умалишенная не мусорь своим мусором тут! Блять ебаная! :) Отсос не засчитан на гейропейское гражданство не насосал! Иди учись правильно отсасывать! :)
Serge Stodolnik (14 days ago)
@Сергей Попов "16 лет назад конкорд разбился в Хитроу"??????? Дебильная малолетка из путлерюгенда! Единственный фатальный инцидент Конкорда: On 25 July 2000, Air France Flight 4590, registration F-BTSC, crashed in Gonesse, France after departing from Paris-Charles de Gaulle НИКАКИХ ДРУГИХ С ПОТЕРЕЙ САМОЛЁТА НЕ БЫЛО! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concorde#Accidents_and_incidents Ты брехливый кремлебот. Бреши дальше. Трепло ты пустобрёх!
Serge Stodolnik (14 days ago)
@Сергей Попов Дебильная малолетка из путлерюгенда! ICAO и остальной мир определяет безопасность самолёта учитывая его налётaнное расстояние. Согласно им Конкорд имеет однy из самых ЛУЧШИХ ОЦЕНОК в истории. Но в твоём родном мухосранске конечно свои правила и законы. Ты брехливый кремлебот. Бреши дальше. Трепло ты пустобрёх!
nobby roberts (16 days ago)
Ive recently been told that originally the French / British plane was a bomber design ?.......don't know if any viewers can add anything to this !
Nica Holly (12 days ago)
It was a passenger aircraft from the outset. But the French did utilise delta wing technology to develop various versions of the Mirage series of aircraft that served as fighters and bombers.
Doc T'Soni (16 days ago)
Passengers: But we can't talk! USSR: Do YoU GuYs NoT hAvE pEnS?
Roman Kilin (16 days ago)
"TU-144": the first flight - 12.31.1968 "Concord": the first flight - 02.03.1969 Russians were the first!
Jutta Steinmann (14 days ago)
Oh yeah. That's a fact many people ignore. The Concord ist the french version of the TU-144!
Dave Coyle (16 days ago)
The difference between capitalism and communism !! Cars the same, with capitalism you get the BMW with communism you got the trabant !!
Jutta Steinmann (14 days ago)
May be, but did u know: there was a trabant-prototyp, looks like the golf 1 and has the same technology as the golf 1....BUT it was ready for production 1,5 years before the golf 1. The government of GDR decided: our citizen dont need it.
WSupp DoubleSupp (16 days ago)
Единственную пропаганду здесь можно услышать только от вас. ККапиталистические свиньи
WSupp DoubleSupp (16 days ago)
Как же любите принижать все Советкое, тошно.
WSupp DoubleSupp (16 days ago)
Он был удобным, враки для бедных!
over speed 30 (16 days ago)
Sneaky fucking Russians