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Sebastian Vettel funniest moments in press conferences!

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Text Comments (329)
Antonino (1 month ago)
and we continue to follow these overpaid assholes just because they drive well. we are just a bunch of poor idiots
Luke Welch (2 months ago)
5:16 3 years later... Ferrari destroy Mercedes in qualifying at China
Nils Breitenstein (5 months ago)
5.43 Schumi immer für ein Späßchen gut 😂
Eric Winkler (6 months ago)
I agree 100% with everything the reporters said @ 2:09 Alonso is no doubt a hugely talented driver, but I’ve lost sooooo much respect for him over the years. It’s a shame really.
SF7PAKISTAN (6 months ago)
Oh the burn at 0:17
T Mac41603 (6 months ago)
1:28 Spain 2016
Anindya Tejomartoyo (7 months ago)
There are two kinds of drivers in Formula 1. The boring people and the 'trying to be funny but failed" people. And then there's Sebastian Vettel
Hari Tan (7 months ago)
Seb is like the bro stuck in between a couple's fight HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Nadine Elena (7 months ago)
ZunZo (7 months ago)
5:38 to 5:48 Watch at Rosberg
Nam And Viet (8 months ago)
MCFoultier (8 months ago)
Ok, Vettel is a funny guy.. Didn´t realize it due to his whining, he´s probably just totally under fire in the heat of the moment
Wolf Alshehri (9 months ago)
honestly what are we doing here
An Ngo (9 months ago)
who the fuck was that guy asking Fernando all those questions?
Spas (11 months ago)
Rosberg is a shit bag
AL3X2580 (1 year ago)
Damn I never used to watch the post race interviews. I thought Seb and nico would have gotten along since they're both German lol
Kevin Prior (1 year ago)
Vettel is cocky but he is funny
Sam Poulos (1 year ago)
vettel is my favourite f1 driver. the guy is always trolling people hahah
FCBFan (1 year ago)
3:27 best moment
Jérém K. (1 year ago)
What a good moment to see Schumi joking with Vettel (11 titles) at the end...
Felix O. (1 year ago)
what happened in that race before the press conference where alonso was accused of not having deserved the titel.
Felix O. (1 year ago)
He is quite cringey but thats what makes him so likeable.
Klaus Kinski (1 year ago)
1:52 That's a move which is very critical for us Germans, Seb!!!
viniciuscronin (1 year ago)
Kimmie is a duch
911gp (1 year ago)
German humour vs. German humour vs. German humour
Maximilian Kreher (10 months ago)
911gp do you not like German humor😂?
Henry T (1 year ago)
Sebastian alwasy has the best joke at the right time especiallyt at 2:45. he knows the mood to well. love this guy
Belinda Asante (1 year ago)
Sebastian vettel is sexy and Lewis is also sexy 😍😍😍😍❤️️❤️️💯🙏🏾👫👫
Doctor Manhattan (1 year ago)
nico has a stick in his arse
Thomas S (1 year ago)
that dirty trick that was germany 2010
Ridewith Manny (1 year ago)
Michael Schumacher, Vettel and Rosberg - some of the greatest drivers that have ever been in Formula 1 in one podium row in an interview... damn.
I-VaDeS-I (1 year ago)
1:52 'Room number 708 eh? i know you're waiting' - Funniest seb quote
Fernando Mancino (1 year ago)
Salad Fingers (1 year ago)
Vettel might not be my favorite driver (although he surely is one of the best ever in F1), but damn, he is by far the greatest personality in years! Can't have enough of him
el3xtrosky (1 year ago)
i just burst when he said "take both of u out so i can go through" hahahaha
el3xtrosky (1 year ago)
vettel is freaking hilarious lol
TimReeve93 (1 year ago)
of all the drivers you'd want to meet Vettel I think, at least he tries to crack a joke
Jo U (1 year ago)
Honestly Vettel is the funniest F1 Driver by a mile
Gem Ruisch (1 year ago)
Beat twenty back initiative only lecture comfort constant Mrs cool.
Tiberiu Tanasescu (1 year ago)
Looking at the 2016 season he would not laugh so hard but he still remains my favorite F1 driver. A true World Champion
NaZa Productions (1 year ago)
6:25 Timo Glock's reaction to Webber is priceless
BestOfEDM (1 year ago)
Makr 02 (1 year ago)
mark webber at 6:27 xD
Barrie Rodliffe (1 year ago)
Even if Ferrari is not up with Mercedes the Ferrari team must have the most laughs, Vettel and Raikkonen both have a great sense of humour. I hope Ferrari improve next year. I like Rosberg and am glad he won the title, Hamilton is a bit of a big head.
Komodo (1 year ago)
German vs German lmao
Bob Havertz (1 year ago)
I miss this vettel instead of him complaining about max
uak kau (1 year ago)
2:50 Felipe baby staycool
uak kau (1 year ago)
2:50 Felipe baby staycool
s power80 (1 year ago)
6:01 lol
GandiFaris (1 year ago)
I thought that Germans don't have any humor sense..
leopold (1 year ago)
@5:20 Seb is such a troll! Nico clearly doesn't realise Seb is pulling his leg over seeing the Mercedes garage at Malaysia. Watching his face, looking all smug at being so magnanimous at inviting one of the competitors over (even though his team would never allow it) while Seb chuckles to himself is one thing, but watching Lewis just sit there and laugh at his colleague is priceless. Poor Nico.
Usman Zubair (1 year ago)
Nico Rosberg is so. Fucking. Weird. Just looooooooool shut up m8.
Dudu Yxl (1 year ago)
Who else missed to see Michael in press conference? :(
Cory McNevin (1 year ago)
Nico Rosberg has a serious stick up his ass. Congrats to him though on his world championship win and his immediate retirement.
Marwin (1 year ago)
cheva leva (1 year ago)
honestly Nico is not honest!
0hn0haha (1 year ago)
I swear, Rosberg is like past 8chan levels of autistic
Aria J. knight (1 year ago)
rsrsrsrsrsrsrs vettel ♡
Nielles™ (1 year ago)
back when Vettel wasn't a dick yet
Nexus_AOR (1 year ago)
Nielles™ c'mon mate...he isn't Dick...
tz i (1 year ago)
Vetel is hilarious, yeah Rosberg is an asshole
gabrielemoro1 (1 year ago)
Do you check the radio volume? one, two, three,.......I died. :-)
Guillermo LC (1 year ago)
Lyle Clarke (1 year ago)
Rosberg's so fucking annoying, especially that first bit.
Benters (1 year ago)
Sebastian takes the piss out of Rosberg unmercifully! He's a funny guy. Never thought so until recently.
John T. (1 year ago)
What, no Abu Dhabi??? That's the funniest conference I've ever seen.
Inside Line (1 year ago)
1:32 nico's face.. so hilarious there
Mike Ramirez (1 year ago)
hamilton is like.. this is so awkward lmao
sport nerd (1 year ago)
Vettel is my favourite racer. I wish he was in the form he was when he was the champion at red bull. Nowadays I have lost interest in F1 because he is not the CHAMPION. Like if your favourite driver is Vettel
ACTION DAN (1 year ago)
We see some of the same moments 2-3x
Rosario Verano (1 year ago)
vettel trolling rosberg is the best
Dim Kourt (1 year ago)
Can I..go?
Luca Ferrarozzolo (1 year ago)
Awww 5:44 , little tears come along.. :(
transformersbannana (1 year ago)
5:25 was so awkward
tom alexander (1 year ago)
Hamilton and vettel reli get on teamn mates for 2018 or when ever
Ricardo (1 year ago)
Is that driver Loras Tyrell?
Austin Wille (1 year ago)
That last one was Schumacher's idea lol
Georgus (1 year ago)
What did he say at 3:52
DJWolves97 (1 year ago)
"Are you low again?" referring to Nico's low tire pressures at a previous race
Angelo Rodrigues (1 year ago)
Rosberg is a hypocrite. Just compare 0:01 and 4:45
jason tsai (1 year ago)
if lewis wasn't nico's teamate he will laugh Rosberg more obviously XD
KeeJW 29 (1 year ago)
4:40 Jules 😢
uak kau (1 year ago)
LOL at 1.50 hahahaha
i2Them2 (1 year ago)
Schumacher and Bianchi _ O _
Mai Mazur (1 year ago)
"I don't know how much you like each other, but Kimi and myself we get along " .. burn
chonkhongduocnick (1 year ago)
0:54 Hamilton: God..., please make him stop talking!!!
Matthew Hoyland (2 years ago)
Nico is slower than Seb when it comes to WDC's, and mental capacity
Eric Zion (1 year ago)
werewurst There is a huge difference between being educated and being intelligent. Some people have both, but Nico is well educated. Not more, Not less. Greetings from a German (;
werewurst (1 year ago)
Well, Nico fluently speaks 7 languages, so he hardly can be stupid.
heultdochalle (2 years ago)
6:00 is the best
Pure Shqiptar (1 year ago)
Rosberg thinks Seb likes his teamates to crash, Rosberg not every driver is a fucking ashole like you and only has the championship in mind.
fake roonaann (1 year ago)
Truth has been spoken
Taha Rguibi (2 years ago)
without vettel in F1 will be a little boring he's the funniest one
Wouter Bisseling (2 years ago)
5:45 epic xD
Blue Heron Guidance (2 years ago)
Love Seb. Nico needs to lighten up! Maybe that's why he hasn't won a world championship yet.
David Besemer (2 years ago)
4:41 Bianchi😞 RIP💪
xevious2501 (2 years ago)
i just dont see peoples angst with hamilton when its clear Nico's the one with an childish attitude all the time. when Vettle was cleaning house under read bull his only non-team challenger came from Hamilton and never once did i see Hamilton with an outrite prissy attitude even when his seasons were plagued with bad luck. Nico's biggest enemy is Nico. I mean i get it, last thing you could want is the new guy to come into your team and nab a championship besides you the longstanding team driver, and even worst two championships, but no matter what anyones angst is about hamilton, he got the job done. Twice under the new banner. I agree pompous vanity speaking the sport would do well with Nico winning a championship, for all the racist minded peoples in the world but if you really consider the drivers that really were champions ya gota look at the wins, and even moreso the teams behind their cars. because with only tenths of a sec difference in the top 5 drivers their all champions but its the cars that really bring home the bacon. Cause in F1 a driver is only as good as his car enables him to be.
shadowuser00 (2 years ago)
I love the clip at the end when Seb moves the mic closer to Nico and everyone just starts cracking up lol
Zidny Zidan (2 years ago)
since he move to ferrari he was a very humble guy
JICM25 (2 years ago)
5:20 What is Vettel talking about ? caras becomes public in Malasya ??
imHziq4real (2 years ago)
+MoneyPlease and sebastian win on sunday lol
RickyRicardo80 (2 years ago)
Garage. He wants to take a look why the Mercedes are so outperforming Ferrari. A bit of hinting to foul play.
ALi Mohammadi (2 years ago)
Ah how refreshing it is to see a German with a sense of humour and one whos well German
Stryke (1 year ago)
+Hail Tristus why not?
Hail Tristus (1 year ago)
Stryke (2 years ago)
That's a funny stereotype, but most germans have a great sense of humor
Jaime jesse (2 years ago)
damn that save by Sebastian vettel when alonso was getting destroyed by those questions during the 2010 German press conference
samcroniermusic (2 years ago)
why is vettel the only driver who isn't a total dick lol
memegod (2 years ago)
1:26 Spain 2016 anyone?
Gian-Luca Nardini (2 years ago)
0:19 look at that waist of air sitting in the middle
DJWolves97 (2 years ago)
1:25, he predicted the 2016 Barcelona GP lol