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Lose Weight Fast with LEMON, GINGER Weight Loss Detox Tea

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Hi Family. In this video, I will be showing you a great way to lose weight. This is quick, refreshing, and yesss, it will help you to lose weight.. Here is a link to my latest video with body shots. These were taken April 28th 2016. https://youtu.be/_dNJly4dqUA Cucumber, Lemon, Mint Detox Diet https://youtu.be/5hjR1qP-bQE https://youtu.be/z35mVABEvcQ Body shapers https://youtu.be/EkM1_DMzygw Rant video on this video.. https://youtu.be/tvBjJHIFBrY
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Quick and Realistic Way to Lose Raw Body Fat (7 days ago)
Read my name to see what helped me personally. 👆 It changed my life to be honest. Tea looks delicious. Thanks!
Evlyn Promise (12 days ago)
We're can I get cinnamon
Marlena M Rendon (18 days ago)
How much water do u boil?
Mary Oliver (29 days ago)
Tank you, for this valuable information / Detox Weight Loss Tea. 👍🏾
IG:DominicanFitness413 (30 days ago)
This will definitely help as long as you burn more than you consume. Let's keep each other motivated and connect !
MsSmart0707 (30 days ago)
Are you supposed to drink the tea cold in the morning & bedtime?
Velvet Lox (30 days ago)
MsSmart0707 you can warm the tea if you prefer it warm. 👍🏽
Pamela Barge (30 days ago)
Can I use limes in the place of lemons
Tricia Williams (1 month ago)
Before you do a video you should probably figure out what the words are going to say mean
Kent Butler (1 month ago)
She is the best
Velvet Lox (1 month ago)
Kent Butler kiss 😘 😘 Thank you. ❤️
delores Childs (1 month ago)
When you finish with the first one do you just add water or do you make a nother fresh one?
delores Childs (1 month ago)
Thank You.
SolarEX (1 month ago)
i make another fresh one
Hari Nihi (1 month ago)
How to use full drink will intake not understand using method
Chevelle Senior (1 month ago)
When you leave it for 24 hours do you leave it out or you put it in the refrigerator
Review TV (1 month ago)
Mm Cheema (1 month ago)
how many days ican save this water??
Roger's Reviews (1 month ago)
Velvet Lox, this looks like a tea that would lose weight for you.
Alip Qasse (1 month ago)
Hello mum if iboil is it good pliz reply
swinderby (1 month ago)
Steeping not seeping.
Velvet Lox (1 month ago)
swinderby Here is a video explaining why I said seeping. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/tvBjJHIFBrY
Velvet Lox (1 month ago)
swinderby Hi there. I hope you enjoyed the video... and I wish you all the best on your journey. 👍🏽😊
Cassandra Disiere (1 month ago)
Hey, great comment, I have a friend that struggled to lose weight and a lot of it has to do with the types of food you are eating.  She came across this 100% FREE book that I am happy to share with you for FREE, just email me at weightlossqueenzzz19 @ gmail .com (minus the spaces of course).  Just say “Please send me the free ebook”, and I’ll have it sent it to you right away.
Danielle Maroney (2 months ago)
Girl, my mom makes it from the stove, you doing too much.
Velvet Lox (2 months ago)
Danielle Maroney I also boil my lemons too. Lol
Renuka tv (2 months ago)
Mam iam feeding mother can i take it
Linzee Smart (2 months ago)
John James (2 months ago)
You drink this cold or hot? Does it matter?
Ciz (2 months ago)
Just wanted to let you know that if you have LOW BLOOD LEVELS/ANEMIA DO NOT ATTEMPT doing this. I drank this and the next day of waking up, every thing was spinning around due to extreme dizziness and I almost passed out from this.
MsFirst Class (2 months ago)
@velvetlox can I use limes instead of lemons?
NEW LILLY (2 months ago)
Puree not purified Spatula not spatular
Melanin Piece (2 months ago)
Wait so you have to drink it warm??😳
Grace Darko (2 months ago)
Very nice
Nellie Chappell (2 months ago)
Ewe could of put the hot water in the cup of the bullet and added all the left over ginger ... lol ... then add it to the other water and ginger ... lol ...
love7 loyalty (2 months ago)
Making this tomorrow 😁
Nellie Chappell (2 months ago)
Honey would help the cinnamon properties
Chris Shaw (2 months ago)
Acin Mirjana (2 months ago)
Nice,ok as a recepy...but too long presentation
Yvonne Neri (2 months ago)
Must try
Rosie H (2 months ago)
I would put the cinnamon in the hot water so it dissolves properly.
Joy Ooty (2 months ago)
Thank you mam for the wonderful receipe to reduce their weight. God bless you and YouTube groups for giving this type of good programmes.
Miranda (2 months ago)
I need to try this. But I’m 14 and I live with my parents and they will now get this for me. "Your fine nothings wrong with you!” Obviously there is. My birthday is next month and I wanna loose weight.
Julie Madronio (2 months ago)
I'll try that.
linda glendenning (2 months ago)
Common sense, Stop eating fat, and sugar, exercise, drinking this will flush out toxins but that’s all. Toxins inhibit a healthy liver and pancreas this keeps them healthy.
Hey new subscriber
asmara eritrea (2 months ago)
for how long do you leave the ginger in the container? if it was me i will leave the ginger for hour may be for a day... what do you think?
Sandra Allen (3 months ago)
Boil ginger and sliced lemon in a pot, drink it as a hot tea first thing in the morning or before bedtime.
Sandra Allen (2 months ago)
@Shara Zahir meaning, let this drink be the last thing you put in your mouth before you go to sleep.
Shara Zahir (2 months ago)
Fannie Lou Hammer 1964. What do you mean at bed time? After meals?
Linh Nguyen (3 months ago)
Thanks for your sharing . I have a plan to make fit . However , I wonder : "How many litter of water you added in the container ? And when do you use this detox , How many times per day ? "
Xavier capistriano (3 months ago)
Just ask, its ok for lemon ginger tea to be bitter? When its takes one week in the refrigerator?
STAY FIT ACTIVE (3 months ago)
It's amazing 😉. I've started with lemon 🍋 water 5 days ago and have lost 4 pounds and much less bloated. I also add ginger to my food and my green tea. I'll try the variety. ❤️❤️
Ifunanya Gloria (3 months ago)
Pls can nursing mum take it
Simplyme (3 months ago)
And also for flavor you can always put fruits in the bottle for your detox water/ “Tea” I bet that’ll taste bomb. You can even add honey for some sweetness. I’m gonna try this and share my recipe. I’d like a variety of different flavors for the days I don’t want plain Ginger and lemon in my water. Thanks for sharing 🥰
Velvet Lox (3 months ago)
Simplyme if you check my video library, you will see I have lots of videos on infused fruit water.
David Azinger (3 months ago)
I like the idea of putting the ginger inot the n. bullet to grate it -- gives better extraction im sure when you add that boiling water. Never seen that before. Why not just squeeze the lemon juice out by hand then you wouldn't have to wait 24 hours.
ASHNAA SADOO (3 months ago)
If I make the lemon tea in a bottle of 1 litter ... In how many days should I finish the 1 litter?... Or I have to finish it in 1 day only? Please reply its very important..
ASHNAA SADOO (3 months ago)
@Velvet Lox OK thnk you so much.. I will definitely try this
Velvet Lox (3 months ago)
ASHNAA SADOO Beforea and even after your meals is fine
ASHNAA SADOO (3 months ago)
@Velvet Lox should I drink it before the meal of after the meal??.
Velvet Lox (3 months ago)
ASHNAA SADOO try drinking the whole pitcher for the day
Norma Berastain (3 months ago)
Thanks for share I need that 👌
Lice Bula (2 months ago)
Hello sister, how much water do we add to this mixture ?
Yoli’s Homemade Crafts (3 months ago)
Can we drink it hot in the morning
Velvet Lox (3 months ago)
Yoli’s Homemade Crafts yes you can warm it up. 👍🏽
jane nyangila (3 months ago)
So naturally , readily available ingredients i just love it am gonna try this out!!
edith buch (3 months ago)
Maxine Simms (3 months ago)
I boil the cinnamon sticks to powder is too difficult to dissolve
Clara Amador-Lankster (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this information. I am for sure going to try it. It sounds delicious with wonderful healthy benefits!
flore Douss (4 months ago)
It never work if you don't change the way you eat.....
JACK'S CHANNEL. (4 months ago)
Eat well, exercise, and drink enough water
M I (4 months ago)
I gave you a thumbs up but this was a five minute video. Lol. Honey is good.
Carolyn Cooper (4 months ago)
Has anyone loss weight making this tea? Snd how long before YOU seen a difference? I would love to hear good feedback.
sharee shelton (4 months ago)
I've loss 3 pounds already in one week
Seiko Spore (4 months ago)
To detox and lost weight: 1. Shred 1 pc 3 inches long ginger and pour hot boiling water into it and let it seep for 20 mins. 2. Wash and cut 2 lemons into slices and put into pitcher. 3. Strain and pour the ginger water into the pitcher. 4. Fill distill or drinking water into pitcher. 5. Add and stir 1 tablespoon of cinnamon into pitcher (optional).
judejeyaprakash (4 months ago)
Wow it's good. Thanks for sharing
Valu Vivao (4 months ago)
Are you a Doctor..
Bismillah Rabbani (4 months ago)
STEEP not seep.
Marlene Coetzee (4 months ago)
Good morning i will try this defnitly
Velvet Lox (4 months ago)
Also try my new video I also dropped today. It’s the master cleanse lemonade drink. It is also powerful
Maxine Simms (5 months ago)
Cinnamon sticks boiled and cooled, then proceed with the other ingredients.... I use a dust of crystal light pink lemonade for sweetness
L * (5 months ago)
lawd...ginger and lemon and water....11 whole minutes.
L * (5 months ago)
great but use glass containers...don't trust plastic
Wafiyas Creations (5 months ago)
Can I use powered Ginger?
Wafiyas Creations (5 months ago)
@Kelsey Marie Ort thanks, I'll get some more instead of the powered
Kelsey Marie Ort (5 months ago)
you wont get all the benefits. but technically it'll taste the same.
Shontae Armstrong (5 months ago)
I look forward to trying this
Adelaide Benjamin (5 months ago)
Funeral of Chester
Adelaide Benjamin (5 months ago)
Cheryl Smith (5 months ago)
Thanks for this U will give it a try nothing else does
K Hemphill-Thomas (5 months ago)
Eating healthy costs more but pays off more. Eating fast food cost less but YOU pay more later
Elzevier Javier Garcia (5 months ago)
I was thinking to fix my ketosis fast food meals right at home and improve my healthy essentials. How's that ?
Velvet Lox (5 months ago)
K Hemphill so true
Ann Dunn (5 months ago)
Does this have to be used in one day or can it keep for a few days. Do I have to make fresh every day?
Ann Dunn (5 months ago)
Velvet Lox thank you so much. I’m looking forward to trying this. Is it ok to still drink the acv along with it?
Velvet Lox (5 months ago)
Ann Dunn drink as much of it in the first day, it try to consume it for the day along with eating healthy light meals. The when it’s done, refill with water, steep again for 8-12 hours and repeat. After this is finished, make a new batch. ❤️👍🏽
king Solomon 203 (5 months ago)
Great video I'm on my way to the store to get the ingredients 😁
RAMONA (5 months ago)
You should use glass for lemons. Plastics leach and break.
molly manneh (5 months ago)
The word is steeping not seeping ! check it out in the dictionary. We all make mistakes!
bluesun star (5 months ago)
i heard that, too.. appreciating the video but it's also good for her to know for future presentations and adult conversations irl/in person/phone conversations..as something like that can make or break a first impression.. and therefore, a school interview, a job opportunity..an intelligent person like this woman could be judged way too harshly..and i'm sure she just got distracted filming while prepping that recipe, and didn't realize what she was saying. i still remember the day a man i was talking with - when i was a teenager - helped me remember how to properly pronounce the word, *'salmon.'* it was a little embarrassing, for sure! but at the same time i was grateful..because reading, reading *comprehension* and writing had always been my strong suit (i also still do a lot of creative writing, as an adult).. and i remember i'd started thinking way to hard at one point, about how to say it! so i was no longer natural with it and had started verbally stumbling with the word..after that is when i met that man, LoLz!!😄 so, at the end of the day, i appreciated his decision to correct how i said it in English. 😯 [and YouTube is healthy for me, too..because i do feel like i have to use the *edit* option to correct my mistakes - as well as the weird words and phrases 'spellcheck' *loves* to substitute a lot of what i really, *actually* write down in the comments section. 🙄 ...but i'm also getting a bit better at being less obsessive, sometimes letting some of it go.. because, when i *don't* i can be here 3 to 4x as long! and, *for real,* it's *exhausting!* 🙅🏾🤦🏾]
Lashae Valorie (5 months ago)
How manny cups a day
Maria Poggi (6 months ago)
Getting readytotrythis,
Meghan Smith (6 months ago)
I've been juicing one lemon one lime and one orange and mixing in one half gallon filtered water and drinking throughout the day. Would you reccomend I continue this and also add the ginger? Just wondering and thank you for your video I found it very helpful 💕🍋🍊🍈
Marylou Moreno (6 months ago)
NEW MOVIE (6 months ago)
Thanks a lot..
Anthonita Yeboah (6 months ago)
please can I get ur number am too big how many weeks can it help me reduce my weight
Sherry Gombert (6 months ago)
Thank you.
Shannon Dull (6 months ago)
Can you use ground powder ginger or is fresh better?
Velvet Lox (6 months ago)
Shannon Dull fresh is best.
gift jeremiah (6 months ago)
where do get detox
Gethio22 T (6 months ago)
I see your belly is big. Why don’t u use it for yourself???
Velvet Lox (6 months ago)
Gethio22 T you dumb asshole this was 3 years ago. I lost all that weight, so kick rocks. 🖕🏽
Dee Dee (6 months ago)
True... less is more sometimes...thanks for sharing
Peggy wilson dobbs (6 months ago)
I suggest steeping a cinnamon stick or two in boiling water and leave in the pitcher.
Maribel Cordoba (1 month ago)
Peggy wilson dobbs how do you drink it?
nsbp12 (6 months ago)
Is straining the ginger necessary? Can I leave the ginger pieces in the water like the lemons?
Afsarunnessa Mukta (6 months ago)
How many days takes this too loss 30 kilo, i am 90 kilo mam.
Helen Lira (7 months ago)
Thak you the smple but sure healhty drink water with ganger lemon and senamon GOD BLESS
Miriam Lujan (7 months ago)
, , , , , , ,,, ,, ,
yeathats.neisha (7 months ago)
What if I don't have lemons can I use lemon juice
Velvet Lox (7 months ago)
If you desire to, you can use lemon 100% lemon juice .
Lens Damichaud (7 months ago)
babie please i whant to see your face!
tharshi tharu (7 months ago)
how many days i can store?
Fernando Monterey California (7 months ago)
Can you add honey?
saketh sai (7 months ago)
We need to keep it a side till 24 hours after that we need to drink
Mariam Wilson (7 months ago)
Can I use lime? I couldn't find lemon
Brenda Brown (7 months ago)
Did i Miss the part where you used the tea🤔 and can i used the shredded boiled ginger for another time or throw it out and start with a fresh piece and can i use bottled lemon juice instead of fresh lemon🤔
Brenda Brown (7 months ago)
@Velvet Lox 💖
Velvet Lox (7 months ago)
Brenda Brown you’re welcome sis
Brenda Brown (7 months ago)
@Velvet Lox oh ok and Thanks 👏 for your Aweeesome!!! Video👍
Velvet Lox (7 months ago)
Brenda Brown I didn’t show that part. And you can keep the ginger In The pitcher. You can refill the pitcher one more time before throwing it out.
saketh sai (7 months ago)
How much quantity need to drink please let me know
Velvet Lox (7 months ago)
saketh sai 3-4 cups per day. If you can drink more, then that’s good too