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See how UPS sorts and ships hundreds of thousands of packages every day. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Ultimate Factories: UPS : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/ultimate-factories/3330/Overview/?source=4003 Inside UPS | National Geographic https://youtu.be/VQReRnmCaqA National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Text Comments (231)
Patrick Stanton (3 months ago)
Fragile box Ups employee: “yeeeet”
TENDO X (1 month ago)
Luke Harrison huh? I dont understand
Hobo Sage (1 month ago)
TENDO X **used to be a package handler at ups
TENDO X (1 month ago)
Patrick Stanton i cant disagree with u cause im a package handler at ups
Hobo Sage (2 months ago)
Patrick Stanton that’s fedex. Not UPS. ups cares for there packages.
88 _Garnet (5 months ago)
I hope the one's that need it, say "Fragile"
Dylan Koury (5 months ago)
This was made a week after I was born 😂
Tee Tee (7 months ago)
I got live fish package ... overnighted. R thry gonna throw it like this
88 _Garnet (5 months ago)
Certainly, that's all stated on the label info. plus they will be in a special part of the delivery planes and trucks
88 _Garnet (5 months ago)
omg. poor babies.
John Nelson (8 months ago)
This company is full of lies! They destroy packages and charge for 2 and 3 day shipping and don't keep their promises then tell me that 2 day service means it will be delivered to my post office in 2 days! And that whole "track the truck" is BS!!! I Hate the service this company has😡
Eugenia Arellano (1 year ago)
So much technology, and yet...In the USA, for international services, UPS works like the most surrealist company in the world. In out-of-the-ordinary situations, their computer system behaves in the most idiotic way (ie, it was programmed by an idiot). Trying to solve this sort of problems by phone is a complete nightmare. Useless, narrow mided, and often rude people, who could not care less about overcharging the customer, is what we can find at UPS' customer "service".
Ralph Lauren (1 year ago)
Lmao this look fun I have a interview tomorrow
Ralph Lauren (1 year ago)
Chris Cataldi loading & unloading
Asta Killer (1 year ago)
Ralph Lauren i have been there 12 years unless you’re going to try to go driver rigs not worth it any more
Ralph Lauren (1 year ago)
Chris Cataldi hay it went good ! Was working there seasonal for 2 months almost 3 .. waiting on them to call me back for the call for the job for good
Asta Killer (1 year ago)
Ralph Lauren how did that go?
Leyna Kim Nguyen (1 year ago)
I hope my book will be inside a box rather then paper bag. But I probably jinx it already.
Foxyroxy1961 (1 year ago)
They’re going out of business and I can’t wait FedEx DHS no UPS
xreplayzx117 Replayz is cool (1 year ago)
You forgot the part where they play football with the package and throw ninja stars at it.
Hobo Sage (2 months ago)
xreplayzx117 Replayz is cool nah. That’s fedex. Ups cares for there package s
chayla baird (11 months ago)
xreplayzx117 Replayz is cool you already know 😂😂😂 jp
UptightSuperlabs (1 year ago)
@Heeyt i ordered a nintendo switch... From nintendo... I swear im happy nintendo has a warranty...
pd (2 years ago)
wtf imagine turning over packages 8 hrs a day
4SIX8 (1 month ago)
pd a lot of these people are just part time, 3-4 hours a day :)
Tsetsi (2 years ago)
what year was this made?
ok (8 months ago)
Tsetsi 2008
Levy Bongbonga (2 years ago)
Jacob Pegram51 (2 years ago)
I always hate ordering something because of the wait I wish that once you placed a order it would arrive in 20-30 mins
Mattamias (1 year ago)
Jacob Pegram51 quite honestly the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Just wait for the delivery. It’s going to come be patient.
Leyna Kim Nguyen (1 year ago)
Jacob Pegram51 You sure are impatient. There are millions of packages you should be lucky they don't even bring it in slower.
britneycutie (3 years ago)
Hopefully they won't throw my hoverboard!! 😱😱
britneycutie (3 years ago)
+i'll make u salty oh lol it arrived like 3 months ago already. And it came in perfect condition
Papas in the House (3 years ago)
I been at ups for 3 weeks now and I can assure you it was treated like shit,so if you got it unbroken you're lucky.
WyattManley (5 years ago)
Wow what if I ordered a computer? I understand they have to hurry. But be more careful with the breakable items
Tay Infinity (1 year ago)
Obviously if anything happens to the shipment it’s the fault of the people that were packaging it.
Brian Reese (3 years ago)
It doesn't take a f****** rocket appliances
Brian Reese (3 years ago)
Then use rma
danny nadim (4 years ago)
wonder what happened when i ordered my iphone OH WAIT... IT HAD A BROKEN SCREEN!
Brian Reese (4 years ago)
+John Dillinger where else are you gonna order it genius? i build my own.
magicaldog (6 years ago)
This is the worst courier company that ever existed ! They lie, cheat and steal !
John Nelson (8 months ago)
You're absolutely right, they are terrible!!!!
Sonichu93 (8 months ago)
chris gast ahh, I found the ignoramus
chris gast (2 years ago)
You're telling me! They just started delivering my mail to the wrong place! I guess the good old guy must have retired and the newbie has NO clue!!! Are our schools that bad that young people no longer know how to read???
barrett cowart (6 years ago)
paid more for slower shipping T.T ordered Tuesday ups takes package wed@10:33AM its now Friday and its on its way now to my state main hub or local hub.... so this sucks.... ups3day isnt 3 days at all... says on time yet says expect package Monday... if i went with usps id of had my package from Oklahoma city to mesa Arizona cuz they deliver on Saturday .... FML have to keep this in mind next time less = more :/
nick87 (6 years ago)
HA they wish it was this clean at ups if you actually took a tour of ups on a regular day and see how many packages get damaged you would never ship through them again
gtarbmx (6 years ago)
hopefully. i've had a moron send me a thousand dollar computer inside a box with hardly any padding. it came in pieces.
Sonichu93 (8 months ago)
That was the shipper’s fault, not the courier’s fault
MR.Techroid (6 years ago)
Good thing the vendor protects the inside of the box then
gtarbmx (6 years ago)
lmao, they only show the small sort. i worked at this facility doing bulk. it's a fuckin slaughterhouse and your packages are getting thrown around like shit.
gladiorthis (7 years ago)
Rugby Nation. (7 years ago)
Fil here with the reno hub in nv. We have found a way to take better care of our customers and their packages.
bigcam0011 (7 years ago)
Manu (7 years ago)
waiting for my nexus 4...
Michael Dagostino (6 months ago)
seokjin no
Danny Cao (8 months ago)
Manu got it yet?
doug french (7 years ago)
Looks just just like the Portland Oregon hub I work at! Love Ups it's a great company
SJairsoft1 (7 years ago)
If only my hub was this advanced... lol
Fernanda de Araujo (7 years ago)
I work for UPS in Brazil, and for me is a great company! All these people, they are insatisfact with the company, can find a better place for them! Really, I don't understand, if UPS is a bad company for you work for, all that you have to do is just CHANGE! Anybody is forced to work for UPS... That´s my point of view.
Chew Jube (7 years ago)
oh and my company is too cheap to throw us a Christmas party!!! I love the driving aspect and having all my favorite customers but working for UPS, they are just hell raisers. and I don't really want to leave and start at the bottom somewhere else again. I've put in 7 years!!
Chew Jube (7 years ago)
I love my job just not working for the higher up of UPS!!! Rich bastards. I make $32 an hour to deliver boxes, eat, sleep, socialize, take breaks, Wth no one breathing down my neck!!!
TheGoodChap (7 years ago)
So your saying that every single worker in the united states should just all become upper level management, marketers, accountants, etc? Human beings need jobs in order to live in an economy, the alternative would be to own your own small farm and grow food for yourself. The way I see it, the more money a company makes the more workers they can hire and the more money they can pay their employees. Not everyone can be a CEO, it unfortunately doesn't work like that.
Mike Woodard (7 years ago)
Worked there almost 5 years. I hated it. DON'T WORK THERE.
socratesandlavagods (7 years ago)
@AfrikaaBombeetza lol. part time sups don't get bonuses.
David King (8 years ago)
@KevinMetal27 you work Sundays too?
KevinMetal27 (8 years ago)
@lestat102786 daysort i assume? i work that same sort at the phoenix hub
lolyali (8 years ago)
Box fail at 1:03 LOL jk
socratesandlavagods (8 years ago)
@rexxythomas I've fired people for missorts, lol. It's in your contract, read it. Labor and the union will approve warning letters, and suspensions. It's a failure to follow proper load methods.
lovefromzoo (8 years ago)
looks like it gets pretty rough in there, poor packages.
Steve B (8 years ago)
@jbeatles99 IM WAITING FOR MY IPHONE 4S!!!!!!!!!
DogeGamer2 (4 months ago)
Now there is phone 11. It was while since.
GodsBadAssBlade (10 months ago)
There's a statement I thought I would never see again, lol
Robin Sattahip (8 years ago)
American workers just do not get it; the only product you have to sell UPS is manual labor, and the more high tech or efficient the hub is, the less of the product you sell they will need. You should be thankful your facility is low tech and old, that's why you're still employed. Also, machines do not complain, do not file workers comp or sexual harassment suits and do not badmouth their employer online.
McNabbulous (8 years ago)
@lestat102786 You should try to work at the Harrisburg Hub! It is one of UPs's oldest hubs and it shows. There are too many high volume destinations that are still using roller lines that don't exactly roll.
Scott Thomas (8 years ago)
@PositivelyBored they tried to get me on that few years ago. my shop steward did the right thing told the supervisor it was human error not failure to follow directions. Supervisor dropped it didnt write me up. They want you to think they can discipline you for missorts but they cant.
David King (8 years ago)
wish i worked in this hub, sadly i work in 1 of the worsts hub in the whole country, Grande vista In Los Angeles Ca. bulk carts barely fit in the narrow hall ways, & lets not talk about technology, we do the work by hand, we have old cave man technology in there, & to top it all its a distributing hub witch means that we get all the damn packages that have to be deliver the next day, thats why we work Sunday 2 thursday i believe that its the only hub that works during the day from 10a to 3 or 4p
mymanmyman666isdbest (8 years ago)
@adrianroam95 As You Said Tens Of Dozens Of Jobs That Would Result In thousands Of Jobs Lost
Adrian (8 years ago)
@mymanmyman666isdbest Uhhh. No. There must be tens of dozens of people moving packages onto the conveyor belts and making sure that they're face up getting paid $10-12 an hour. eliminating them and replacing them with machines would save a several hundred dollars an hour, and that adds up pretty quickly. It isn't any "less genuine", but jobs are lost.
mymanmyman666isdbest (8 years ago)
@adrianroam95 Nope If It Was Revieled That They Werent Genuine Humans Then Places Like Fedex Would Start Having Humans Again And Claim They Were Still a Better Genuine Buisness
Adrian (8 years ago)
it's these types of jobs are gonna soon be replaced by automated processes pretty soon
Mountain Man Plays (1 year ago)
You wouldn't say that if you actually knew what went on inside. Trust me. Supervisor: "60901 - Amazon - To the purple belt!" Two mins later: Supervisor: "60901 - Amazon - To the pink belt!" 200 machines would have to be adjusted, humans just listen. Never gonna happen
Roberto Yee (8 years ago)
this very good video but dont have a information for ups very good documental
jairo avila (8 years ago)
I ordered a 3ds from game stop and the ups is shipping it from Louisville and I'm in Kansas
TheWatup72 (8 years ago)
@XVietAZNPrideX as a ups driver, u can use any box. Just make sure it is packaged correctly meaning use the right amount of tape and always verify the to and from address. Peace. Las vegas.
Michael Kenny (8 years ago)
if they spent less time making documentaries we'd all get our packages quicker.
Djoker Dominator (8 years ago)
@MAIMPORT we also crush 1000 of pkgs every night, they dont give a crap about their employees or quality its all high paced just get the pkg to its location it be great if less ppl use them, because they abuse the workers and the system the filthy CEO's get all the money will take away benefits from everybody fuk em
vikings844 (8 years ago)
@MAIMPORT good luck dummy,I hope you have deep pockets! Ups has alot of lawyers working for them! They will bleed your small time ass dry!You can't fight a co. worth 65 billion!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.
Jabran Shakil (8 years ago)
I love boxes!
Sterling Silva (8 years ago)
‹(•¿•)› WINNING ‹(•¿•)›
DonVares (9 years ago)
@kingdoc lmao tru
RealBigR (9 years ago)
@PGMEagle No, it wouldn't because the bosses wouldn't be able to do the work.
xxIntrep1dxx (9 years ago)
Anyone else notice that every employee was female?
Jae (9 years ago)
LilPuff420 (1 month ago)
2020 and I'm waiting for my RTX 2060
Jason Alvaro (1 month ago)
Waiting for my Xr
Eddy Eddy (2 months ago)
Jae tomorrow
Will Stark (1 year ago)
Waiting for my new MacBook XD
Brugality (9 years ago)
@PositivelyBored No substantive reply. No big surprise. Work instruction and procedure is to double check before loading any package. Constant misloads are a clear failure to follow this instruction. Some loaders get a few misloads a month, others get a few misloads a day -- it simply comes down to who cares and who doesn't. Suspensions have already been handed out (no terminations as far as I know). Employees HAVE been terminated for poor attendance.
Brugality (9 years ago)
@PositivelyBored LOL. Local 804 tried that but were too scared (or too broke) to bring the matter to arbitration (thus setting precedent). You're INSTRUCTED to double check before you walk into a car (preload) and load a package. Misloads = failure to follow work methods and instructions, and you will be disciplined if it becomes chronic. Discipline for misloads has gone through without a hitch.
Shieldsy420 (9 years ago)
@PGMEagle ...UPS would NOT make a good undercover boss show. Supervisors are not allowed to work because it is a Union job. Teamsters would be all over them, not to mention most of the supervisors are horrible workers who couldn't handle our work, so they became supervisors. I work in the Syracuse, NY hub and let me tell you, it looks nothing like this. Packages get jammed together and get destroyed all the time. This is the only high tech UPS.
Noel Santos (9 years ago)
damn... @ my center,there's only one main conveyor that runs the length of the building. With a shade under 40 delivery vehicles, it's an practically a rural outpost!
MoonFae2006 (9 years ago)
omg..anyone else see that package fall off the conveyor belt at 1:02? o_o Was that supposed to happen?
Jon Martin (9 years ago)
@EricBBrandon1 hahahah UP TO 2,500? My peak day this past year: 3,500 + 238 smalls bags 2 53' 3/4 Shortie. 6.5 hours Stop whining. I bet you have breaks too, come down here to SC with no breaks and up 130 trailer temps.
Jazzy Chiqui Ti Jardin (9 years ago)
@audiogenetics benefits being a union employee
Jazzy Chiqui Ti Jardin (9 years ago)
@audiogenetics stop being a superhero for them & realize that you're paid by the hour not package
Jazzy Chiqui Ti Jardin (9 years ago)
@PGMEagle Scott Davis needs showed up at any UPS facility & see how the employees are treated
VidCon mail (9 years ago)
I love progress
Umar Ashraf (9 years ago)
@beercap0 LOL I work at the largest UPS centre in the UK. and it is NOTHING LIKE THIS PLACE... i wish it was
Troy Svoboda (9 years ago)
chris brown (9 years ago)
@EJoe2009 I think every building can run that smooth if you film enough hours and edit well.
William Cazes (9 years ago)
So much nicer than my facility. Two conveyors for the unload, where we have guys who scan and place on top or bottom. Which the top comes down a certain distance to the bottom so it can reach the one conveyor in the mobile area where I work now loading from 3 to 4 trucks. I was unloading and scanning until they decided to train me to preload. And the minimum they want you to scan is 600 / 650 packages per hr.
Jeffrey Needham (9 years ago)
@EJoe2009 Yeah no kidding, my small sort runs nothing like this here in Kansas City!
Jeffrey Needham (9 years ago)
@512motocrossfilms I work at UPS and one time I sorted a package that was coming to me! It was crazy.
jacob watts (9 years ago)
if only every hub ran that smooth.. most of them hand sort packages and build smalls bags by hand
Phil Smith (9 years ago)
UPS would make for a good Undercover Boss show
Phil Smith (9 years ago)
I wonder if this is the Louisville Air Hub. Most all my packages go there when I send something
rallygsc (9 years ago)
Calvin Grosshuesch (9 years ago)
Smalls is easier than a cake walk without walking. Real men load.
klanz (9 years ago)
@beercap0 fuck ups they are slow as a fuckin grandma with a walkier
Jinisinsane (9 years ago)
UPS is fucking slow.I ordered an Item from California to NY using FedEx and I got it in 3 days. I used UPS to get some papers from NJ to Long island and it took 7 fucking days(delayed=beyond UPS control..wtf its just a 20 lbs box)...if it is for business urgency don't use UPS.
georgew123 (9 years ago)
instead of check the dates sometimes you can just glance at the weight.
georgew123 (9 years ago)
@crazyguy22jt so you youtubed a UPS vid to vent on :P nice.
1098910989 (10 years ago)
UPS is amazing
Phizzi (3 months ago)
Subscribe to me
sheilab1986 (10 years ago)
I live in Louisville KY and we have one of the more larger UPS hubs and different hubs located across the city. There are parts of the company here that will give you a 8 hour shift, 5 days a week, full benefits and the best part are NON UNION! But it's really hard to get onto those shifts since everyone tries to. Just because it's non union they don't treat you bad, hell they treat their workers there better than they do their union workers.
sheilab1986 (10 years ago)
Even if you are in it for the long run the only way you will ever move up is if you are willing to become a supervisor.
kingdoc (10 years ago)
they missed the part when the driver rings my bells, waits 2.3 seconds then leaves and says my package was undeliverable.
Dohb0i (10 years ago)
cause that's where it's destination was... lol
Scary Larry (10 years ago)
makes me wanna transfer to small sort
sheilab1986 (10 years ago)
They are onlu showing the easy jobs. Show the hard jobs like the loaders and unloaders. I was an unloader at UPS before I quit. All I have to say is its not worth it. UPS at the hub are just slave drivers. They expect way to much from people just for the 3 hours you work there a night.
grounce (10 years ago)
I have used most postal carriers and have only had problems from UPS! Now instead of getting problems, if UPS try and make a delivery to me, i refuse the package and swap suppliers!!!
beercap0 (10 years ago)
This place looks like NASA compared to my hub.
XxXDLowXxX (10 years ago)
Used to work there
xen84 (10 years ago)
I work the morning loading shift at a UPS center in a downtown area of a relatively major city, and our center doesn't look a lot like this one. Ours is mostly older and more broken. And to a lot of people in these comments, keep in mind, while it's easy to just give us all flak and see UPS as a faceless corporate entity, most of us are just regular people doing our jobs as best we can, day in and day out. We're no more infallible than you are.
kriegdouch (10 years ago)
And i'll complain cause i can. What kinda shits that. Lifes a bitch for ppl, and im just another brick in the wall. Yeah and fuck those bags, i'll complain about that cause they absoulutley fill them up to the fullest and gets heavy
kriegdouch (10 years ago)
yeah whatever about proofreading. i just don't give 2 shits about this job. I'm glad tomarro is my last day at the toledo hub. I'm only 1 week away from my 1st year anniversery, and i gotta go off to college. Couldn't get job transfered cause of just the one week, plus the other hub wasn't asking for any newhires when peak season is coming up. Horseshit! only alternative is an rehire card, i can go work possiably any hub around the U.S, but gotta start over from scratch.
SynestheticSoul (10 years ago)
I know someone who works for UPS. They kick boxes around.
ECDT1089 / EtheLamborghini (10 years ago)
It's like Business deliveries first, then home deliveries later with UPS. I've never had to wait after 11:00AM for a Fedex Delivery. Even USPS is faster than UPS. And I don't even like USPS when it comes to package deliveries.