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3 BEST things with flying the Boeing 747! Mentour Pilot vs 74Gear

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What are the 3 BEST things with being a Boeing 747 pilot? In todays episode I have the absolute pleasure to sit down with Kelsey from 74Gear and ask him my most pressing questions about his life as a long-haul pilot on the mighty "Queen of the skies"! I will also take the opportunity to ask him a little bit about his Youtube channel and his fantastic "Hollywood vs Reality" series which I highly recommend that you check out! To see Kelsey's interview with ME, check out this link 👇🏻https://youtu.be/57ibnWGreBM To Download my app, and hang out with the likes of me and Kelsey👇🏻 📲https://mentourpilot.com/apps/ To Join my Patreon crew, and support the channel 👇🏻 📲 https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot To follow my life on Instagram 👇🏻 📲 https://www.instagram.com/mentour_pilot
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Text Comments (1235)
Ahmad Sayyed (1 day ago)
It’s amazing seeing two awesome pilots talking about aviation together
Rad Test (3 days ago)
Adilhan ADİL (6 days ago)
15:04 when Kelsey pets the dog really quick))
44wetwater 44wetwater (7 days ago)
My two favorite pilots !.
phobos2077 (7 days ago)
phobos2077 (7 days ago)
For some reason I've always doubted that 74 Gear is a real pilot and not some simmer-imposter. NOW I'm finally convinced.
Donald Smith (8 days ago)
I have been watching both for some time.
You'reDoingItWrong (9 days ago)
2nd best Mentour intro ever! The first was the Batman Pilot on Standby video.
sjoormen1 (9 days ago)
So for 737 you need one extra strip?
aldean29 (9 days ago)
Great stuff, i love this!
funkyleah (10 days ago)
With captain joe the three musketeers of aviation arises
Holden On (11 days ago)
Loved both of your videos guys, as well as both of your channels.
J.A. Bristol (12 days ago)
I’m designing a modern luxury zeppelin, maybe I’ll have these guys captain the first vessels. Also, the dream lifter is the ugliest plane ever, it looks like someone just pumped a wad of gas into the fuselage of a 747 and the hull’s on the verge of popping.
Woodgate425 (13 days ago)
Excellent, thoroughly enjoyed both videos. more, more, more!
Mirco Cassani (13 days ago)
Some hotelroom movies huh ;p
norbert1636 (13 days ago)
11:41 Peter man, you asked Kelsey this question like with hidden (are you interested?) message haha xDDD
sirius4k (14 days ago)
I wanna fly in a 747 too before they disappear. As a passenger though.
vizo. (15 days ago)
that intro haha
Cy * (15 days ago)
Thanks, I came over from Kelsey's channel. Subed
KOB (15 days ago)
That felt like I dropped in on a conversation between two guys and three or four friends. Well done. Do more of that. (I do a lot of analysis of these kinds of things and I'm going to keep all of that to myself because this just worked - why I think it worked isn't as important as the fact that it did.)
Shaun Saunders (15 days ago)
"I'm gonna go to my bedroom and do something to relax myself" 😂😂😂 @5:15
Martin Millar (16 days ago)
Petter is a teeny, tiny bit jealous. Grinning like a kid 😂😂😂
MG Stevens (18 days ago)
#1. Layover/schedule options for long haul, the sleep berths. #2. Impressing people on the ground with the BIG plane #3. Great places to fly to... ie: same as #1. So, nothing about flying the actual plane? Got it.
James Carey (18 days ago)
I like the puppy in the background!😍
John Daley (19 days ago)
whatever8282828 (20 days ago)
I love the doggy screwing around!
John S (22 days ago)
Cool get together video! Watch and enjoy both channels
Jacob McCandles (24 days ago)
"You're not there for a documentary, you're there to be entertained" American gun owner: "I can relate to that". American antigun Politician: "Those are 100% fact based documentaries and totally accurate in their portrayal. All real."
TheWilyTrout ESQ (26 days ago)
This was funny. I work in a medical laboratory, and I watch ridiculous situations in films, but enjoy them anyway. How hard is it to teach an actor how to use a pipette? Why are they shaking hands when they meet? NO ONE in a laboratory touches another person's hand. But it's okay. It's just a film.
Sean G.G. dfw (26 days ago)
I love these guys
silentguy123 (29 days ago)
Okay, I don't know about realism of plane scenes but I do know that as a computer scientist there are a lot of "hacking" scenes in movies where I have this internal chuckle but if the movie itself is enjoyable I have no problem with them...
Michael [MagnumMike44] S. (29 days ago)
Great video, Kelsey and Peter, and I'm Peter's dog Patxi loved having the guest.
I love Kelsey
That was the best intro hahaha
Obi Wan Kenobi (1 month ago)
Ted Reimann (1 month ago)
Great teamwork guys!
David Fusco (1 month ago)
Did you guys meet because of Facebook?
Morgan C (1 month ago)
Love it !!!
Uwe Saathoff (1 month ago)
I hope, you two will be my everytime pilots. So much confidence in you two.
emnor koeng (1 month ago)
You guys are really really awesome.. An ideal collaboration. Thanks guys.. 😁 💪
john white (1 month ago)
love both channels.
andrew phillips (1 month ago)
I want to be a pilot because I love the fact that we can fly and because of the complexity
Evan Cooper (1 month ago)
I'd like to see a hotel room movie with u two.... If you know what I mean.
L (1 month ago)
I love that pilots love this plane. My dad was a lead systems engineer on those planes. A lot of brain work went into that interface.
Michael (1 month ago)
Totally single.... "When I get layovers in cities..." ;)
James Morrow (1 month ago)
I think it's awesome you two got together I watch both your channels religiously👍👍
Alexandru - Nicolae Smarandache (1 month ago)
I really like this join. I follow bouth of you
Sasha FlyPlaneGuy (1 month ago)
My gf loves your dog
Sasha FlyPlaneGuy (1 month ago)
Big fan of both of you!
Marco T (1 month ago)
I enjoyed this video , thanks
Ced 1 (1 month ago)
that dog is awesome
Ced 1 (1 month ago)
Danieldaguy (1 month ago)
Are there a lot of pickpockets in Barcelona, Spain. If so have you ever been pickpocketed.
Sarah Richards (1 month ago)
I love this! I'm subscribed to both of your channels and really enjoy watching your videos but the two of you together is AWESOME 😘
Aaron Seet (1 month ago)
Wow that 747 went to McDonalds too many times.
Row Deo (1 month ago)
Very nice exchange!!!!
Pawlo Albanskyj (1 month ago)
Excellent collab video with both Peter and Kelsey. Keep up the fantastic vids and as always have a fantastic day and keep the blue side up
bobby cv64 (1 month ago)
Alexander Krylkov (1 month ago)
10:28 Wow, I am a subscriber from Kazakhstan :) We have like a connection hub here in Almaty between Europe and Asia. I see 747s frequently here, but they all are cargo 747s. You should visit Almaty, we have nice mountains, skiing and our city has been changed to be more european-like city and more tourist friendly over the past 6 years.
James French (1 month ago)
If you don't think being a pilot is awesome, you won't last!!
Philippe FRATER (1 month ago)
Hi. What's your opinion on (Microsoft) Flight SimulatorX. Thx! 🖖🏻🇫🇷😎🇫🇷🤪🇫🇷🖖🏻
Nawaf Al-hamdani (1 month ago)
9:54 I found out why I’m in love with the 747😍🤤👶
steve Pepke (1 month ago)
Mentour, don't forget that you can use technology to do videos together. There are many Skype like video chats at your disposal now a day's!!!
Dick B (1 month ago)
Super duper with Kelsey.
Direk.Joe (1 month ago)
hmmm, how about you all collab with Captain Joe as well :)
vaux_man vv (1 month ago)
I love getting my 15 minutes of YouTube/Netflix before bed too lol. Great stuff mentour keep it up mate.
Joel LaRoint (1 month ago)
You 2 guys are so awesome! Great videos!
Andrei Ciofu (1 month ago)
Do with captain joe
Fabio Pacca (1 month ago)
You guys should get together again and invite Captain Joe and Dutch Pilot Girl. It would be awesome. Cheers!
New Balance 2019 USA (1 month ago)
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ As a 747 pilot You cover really long distances, lot of responsibility and respect. And You have any of the stewardess' in Your hotel room...
Tom Edgar (1 month ago)
I remember my CFI telling me that the larger the plane, the easier it is to fly
Planes and Games (1 month ago)
Next one: 74 Gear + "Captain" Joe vs Mentour Pilot + DutchPilotGirl
vali ardelean (1 month ago)
Dutch Pilot Girl and Captain Joe joined the chat ....
It's About Time (1 month ago)
Great collaboration video. It was great to see you both together!
Syed Salal Ilyas (1 month ago)
Mentour pilot doesn't keep the blue side up!
Anzar Kunhi (1 month ago)
I wonder too many women will be falling onto Kelsey to marry him.🤣
ChrisBow Piloto (1 month ago)
Anzar Kunhi he likes to hint that he is single in his videos
FishnGolfnGuns (1 month ago)
New subscriber from 74Gear connection! Nice set of videos!
Teacher inThailan (1 month ago)
I follow you both! Great to see the synergy....Awesome mutual respect!
Luxin Zhou (1 month ago)
Excuse me guys. Who can tell me if you going to be a airline's pilot, can you choose aircraft?
ChrisBow Piloto (1 month ago)
Luxin Zhou you have a say in it, but not as much as we would like
Jimmy M (1 month ago)
Would be nice if passengers had the bunk beds, especially for long flights. Those crazy flights you hear from Sydney to London sure could use them. I want to go to Australia some day, but could never stand to fly that long, but if I had a bunk I would.
Davide Gandolfo (1 month ago)
following both channels, i just feel both of them are making "fly easy". great explanation, good attention paid to video, simple way to talk, difficult concepts explained, both great channels and persons
Chris Rosati (1 month ago)
Big Shasta (1 month ago)
Great Job guys. New subscriber here for sure!
Joseph Charles (1 month ago)
If possible, please consider doing more of these interviews with pilots working in the Boeing 700 family other than your 737NG. The differences you highlight between your two planes are fascinating to learn about.
angulion (1 month ago)
Guy, great seeing you doing vids together! You need to do every now and then again. :)
MdSteel7 (1 month ago)
Ahahah funny intro and great video :)
Monte Esfarjani (2 months ago)
Very interesting that I've heard same thing from some pilots, that 747 is easy to fly! The least thing that you expect from Queen of sky!
Carla Rae (2 months ago)
Great video! I've been a subscriber here for a little bit, but just found 74gear channel yesterday. Regarding movies, I always take them with a grain of salt, so to speak. Hollywood has to make a movie exciting or interesting to the general public, so there's going to be some Hollywood showmanship.
Igor Lebich (2 months ago)
It's cool when my two favorite pilots are doing a colab. Very interesting to watch, both amazing.
Daniel Slaven (2 months ago)
Y'all rock both of ya'll
David Robertson (2 months ago)
Superb vid, guys. Enjoyed the contrast between your respective jobs. Uitstekend :-)
Dead Freight West (2 months ago)
4:27 - Our shop made all the ribs for the LCF (Large Cargo Freighter) "bonnet" as it was then known, including enough for a fifth aircraft, but that hasn't be built. Sure kept us busy!
waditha gamage (2 months ago)
*Petter, R U a Buddhist can see a Lord Buddha Pic in Ur Wall?*
Allan Michael (2 months ago)
What a beautiful cross-pollination event
Tuckfuddyduddy (2 months ago)
Me at intro: wait what? lol
Dennis Anderson (2 months ago)
I always thought it's easier to land a heavy plane. Landing a light aircraft is neurotic. Any wind or especially cross wind, the plane gets tossed around all over the place. And small planes just want to keep flying when you get close to runway.
Rolling Stone (2 months ago)
I would say "Airplane" is the most technically accurate movie.
Robert Ratskywatsky (12 days ago)
Definitely the funniest, Victor. By the way, what's the vector?
Jimmy M (1 month ago)
Yup, blow up dolls actually do serve as auto pilots.
grizzlygrizzle (2 months ago)
That was before these guys' time, but it was the first one that came to mind for me. Flight of the Phoenix was pretty wild too.
EMS (2 months ago)
Left this comment on 74Gear's video of the two of you, so here is the same one for you. :-) Great video! Two great pilots together. :-) Interesting to hear about your lives as pilots. As one who always dreamed of learning to fly, I love these videos from you both. Now I am a retired grandma with family commitments that take a lot of time, yet I hope some day to at least go through the training and get my pilots license, just for the accomplishment, even if I might not use it a lot. My father was a fighter pilot way back when biplanes were the thing. Born to him in his later years, I soon learned to love his stories and the photos of those daring days in the sky. Keep up the good work both of you!
Christopher Johnson (2 months ago)
Hey Commander! You two work very well together! I love to watch his Channel! Awesome that the you guys got together to make a video! I Love it when my favorite U-Tubers get together to make a video! One my all time favorites is Casey Neistat & Jesse get together in your Home Country of Sweden! It’s an Amazing Christmas Video where Casey fly’s through the Air holding onto a Giant Drone! Your Amazing! Thnx, CJ
c p (2 months ago)
You boys are so interesting. Love u guys!