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UPS boy reunites with his beloved delivery driver

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KRDO NewsChannel 13 first introduced 4-year-old Carson Kight in a story last week. Since then, his YouTube video with UPS has been viewed more than 1 million times and has been shared around the world.
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Joshua Boatman (30 days ago)
Love you and
Suteera Pongtepupathum (1 month ago)
Sweet !!
Honest Comments (4 months ago)
cinnamongirl3121 (6 months ago)
Go Brown!
cinnamongirl3121 (6 months ago)
Oh my goodness a baby Teamster.
Hexic (7 months ago)
Wow... This is the most heattouching moment for a 13 year old! Im glad that kid had the chance to reunite with his old delievery driver. It's sucks that he got moved from that kid's route. :')
Asa Pikus (11 months ago)
what a great story :)
bill Williams (1 year ago)
no kid! save your self from that hell hole
Jenna murillo (1 year ago)
He is so nice and great job
Ethan Palczewski (1 year ago)
That was for my sister to give
thomas macrae (2 years ago)