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UPS boy reunites with his beloved delivery driver

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KRDO NewsChannel 13 first introduced 4-year-old Carson Kight in a story last week. Since then, his YouTube video with UPS has been viewed more than 1 million times and has been shared around the world.
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Text Comments (20)
Buttercup 6 (3 days ago)
can i be worker ups I'm 8 years old
Bubba McFee (29 days ago)
He is very good at it
712k subscribers (1 month ago)
why would they take him off that route mr.erine is a good man
DonaldTrump For President (1 month ago)
UPS is a great job but, that management team will literally kill you. Look what happen in San Francisco! That was all management. They are the same at every hub.
trooper B (1 month ago)
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 can i have a truck
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (1 month ago)
I'm a driver too and sadly the culture there is pretty toxic since it's just sooooo dang "corporate" now. I was on a route I was learning IN THE BLIND last week and dispatch calls and tells me to break off and go basically 30 minutes out o my way to deliver a ressie early that was a GROUND PACKAGE! Mushroom clouds were coming out of my ears. There are waaaay too many people in charge now that are nothing but idiots that sit behind desks and have never seen the inside of a package car and could never be man enough to get it done. That murder was still a coward piece of crap though.
Joshua Boatman (2 months ago)
Love you and
Suteera Pongtepupathum (3 months ago)
Sweet !!
Honest Comments (6 months ago)
cinnamongirl3121 (8 months ago)
Go Brown!
cinnamongirl3121 (8 months ago)
Oh my goodness a baby Teamster.
712k subscribers (1 month ago)
cinnamongirl3121 lol
Asa Pikus (1 year ago)
what a great story :)
bill Williams (1 year ago)
no kid! save your self from that hell hole
Jess Barker (1 month ago)
bill Williams shut up
Jenna murillo (1 year ago)
He is so nice and great job
Ethan Palczewski (2 years ago)
That was for my sister to give
thomas macrae (2 years ago)