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Documentary Rolls Royce - How To Build A Jumbo Jet Engine -

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A Documentary about Rolls Royce made by BBC (all rights reserved)....enjoy it! :)
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Craig Bowlby (2 days ago)
Another error about internal combustion engines that is made by virtually every journalist or narrator who has ever held forth on the subject, is that the fuel air mixture "explodes" in the combustion chamber. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both piston engines and jet engines require a very precise and controlled burn pattern to either push the cylinders or the turbine blades. Explosions are very inefficient and harmful too. An explosion inside the combustion chamber would be catastrophic for the combustion liner as well as the turbine blades, causing them to fail in no time at all. Instead, it is a highly directional flame pattern that is engineered to impinge against the blades in such a way as to cause the least amount of harm, while extracting the most energy.
Craig Bowlby (2 days ago)
The narrator was wrong about several things, but one in particular stands out. He states that there are only two companies making jet engines, and that could not be more wrong. There is a third company, Pratt & Whitney, which was among the first to build turbine engines, and is still going strong today. When you buy a new 747, you are given a choice between three engines to choose from, Rolls Royce, General Electric and Pratt & Whitney. It is Pratt & Whitney that built the engines for the SR-71. That fact alone, speaks volumes.
Steven Crawley (2 days ago)
31:31 shocked, just shocked...me to buddy, them mutton chops...just NO! Bad British Man.
Big Texas (3 days ago)
Donald trump rides on these rolls engines on his plane.
Deigratis (3 days ago)
...thanks...mine started first attempt...
atelectro1 (8 days ago)
European White engineers are the brightest and extremely intelligent. Without them aviation would not have existed.
Julian R (9 days ago)
Now give it to the enemy for free!
Martin Mcmullen (17 days ago)
Brilliant British company 🇬🇧
111danish111 (21 days ago)
I have a few questions to experts : 75% of thrust of generated by the first fan which is of course the largest diameter of the fan . I thought thrust was a measure of the mass of hot gases expelled by the turbine blades ? Can the atmospheric air being pulled and pushed by the primary fan also be thought as thrust ? So is a modern turbofan is essentially a turbo prop ? What is the rpm of the Fan blades ( the first and largest diameter fan blade in front of the engine ) at take off and at cruising altitude/speed . What is the range of the rpm of this fan ? What is the horsepower of this fan at take off and at cruising speed . What is the maximum horsepower of this fan ? What is the equivalent horsepower of the the thrust developed by the turbine blades ? I mean the supposed 25% of the final thrust ( of the hot gases going through the turbine blades ) ? What is the combined/final horsepower of each of the Trent 1000 engine ? What is the horsepower at take off and at cruising speed ? If on paper if the turbine engine is replaced by an electric motor so only the large diameter fan , a shaft connecting it to the electric motor in a ductec assembly remain how much horsepower should the shaft of the motor impart on the fan considering the fan should also compensate for loss of turbine horsepower and how much would be the maximum rpm of the fan . On paper I am trying to envision an electric boeing 787 plane with alien level batteries of course so please humor me .
jp (24 days ago)
Looks like some Americans have an honest open mind :- 'With Rolls-Royce AE2100D3 engines and Dowty R391 six-bladed composite propellers, the Super Hercules operates in hot climates, handling short, high-elevation airstrips with maximum payload. The Super Hercules transports 33 percent more payload, using half the crew, while burning less fuel and flying faster, farther and higher than its predecessors.'
cyril layman (30 days ago)
Beoing dream liner is one of the most poorly built air planes ever,not including the engines.
Philip Rock (1 month ago)
"If anybody says Derby,, the reply comes back, ;Rolls Royce;." Unfortunately this will not be true for long, thanks to Theresa May, the EU, and the betrayal of Britain since WW2. Watch UK Column News, and David Ellis of Strategic Defence Intitiatives.
TakeDeadAim (1 month ago)
9:45 "Time is big money"...9:47 one worker leaning on his bench, the other standing...both with arms crossed!lol!
Fred Blimpstone (1 month ago)
IN Case of RR maybe it should say How NOT to Build An Engine
SJD Creations (1 month ago)
Amazing engineering, that's why i'm glad i'm a bloke....... my mind is taken up with things that matter, not like you girly girls eh?.....hahaha
patman0250 (2 months ago)
GE has already beaten them . the fuck are they blabbing about !
sean saunders (2 months ago)
Shame the 1000's are being grounded left right and center now haha
Jon Jon Jon stuidios (2 months ago)
The English are the best engineers in the world 🌎
Jon Jon Jon stuidios (2 months ago)
Proud to be english
Robert Goolsby (2 months ago)
neal the Deal (3 months ago)
I can't believe 4500 jobs will be lost go brexit
john saffas (3 months ago)
I have worked on both Rolls-Royce and Pratt&Whitney engines and I can say that Pratt&Whitney jet engines are more reliable and able to take a lot more abuse. To bad that Pratt&Whitney is getting out of the large jet engine business, Pratt&Whitney engines are just better engineered.
shomolya (2 months ago)
Yeah, maybe so but every man on the street knows the name Rolls-Royce, while you could walk through a busy city for days without finding anyone who has ever heard of either Pratt Bit or Whitney Fuseton.
Bulletproofcammy (3 months ago)
Amazing, great British engineering, some of the best on earth.
shomolya (2 months ago)
British engineering is quite unique. It hasn't got the rigour and reliability of the Germans or the Japanese, but it has its own charm and method of madness. It flexes its muscles and creativity further into taking risks, which sometimes pays off and at other times ends in disaster (see DH Comet, eg). It takes all sorts to make the world go 'round.
وائل المطيري (3 months ago)
Nice work 👍🏻
Sajid Rafique (4 months ago)
At 12:16 it says Frank Whittle made the first engine here ...I thought the germans designed it first.
Bob Holmes (4 months ago)
Bah. Mcgyver could do this with a rubber band and a hair grip.
Michael Talbot (4 months ago)
cell pat (4 months ago)
Everytime we ride in a plane we must tip our hats with respect to these companies. Right now RR is having a situation with some of these engines, and I hope they work the kinks out and get things back in shape. We fully depend on their product.
Pedro Nicolás Frega (4 months ago)
He visto varios vídeos donde hacen estallar al álabe del fan y éste no rompe o despedaza al aro del motor, el aro de entrada permanece intacto, entonces me surge la duda: ¿Cómo es posible que ante un fallo real, el aro de entrada al motor se destruya? Como sucedió en la aeronave de Southwest. Aquí comparto el link de ese accidente. Reciba mis saludos. https://elpais.com/internacional/2018/04/19/actualidad/1524133082_797075.html
charly (5 months ago)
Indeed one off the most prestiges engineerd jet engine in the world!And for a fact one off the most fuel efficient ones! It doesn't need any liquid fuel at all! It runs on compressed air,if thats not fuel eviciency, I really do not know what is!! Free ENERGY ENGINE!!Free Energy for all Humanity!
Aron Edwin Serrao (5 months ago)
I love it's HPC
Aron Skipp (5 months ago)
Love the engineering the attitude of the workers like they are the only ones that deal with this in the world
Larry Weiss (5 months ago)
Great video but what's up with all the stupid loud music??? It is NOT make it more dramatic but greatly deters from hearing what the people are saying.
Orella Minx (6 months ago)
11:59 and Japanese* Lol, Kawasaki box
LRG (7 months ago)
Very impressive.
Driftseen (7 months ago)
Amazing work..
CharlyRomeo2009 (7 months ago)
SPIDERman9051 (7 months ago)
I am a proud rolls Royce employee and work in the turbines department where we make the high and low pressure turbine blades that help produce the massive thrust required to generate lift in the engines like the Trent 900 Trent 1000 and xwb types. i can state here that the work and special training that goes into the production of these turbine blades is of the highest standards.. possible using the latest Technics... some not yet available anywhere else
Zach Barnhart (8 months ago)
Terrific documentary, and that choir is just adorable.
helthuismartin (8 months ago)
Sooohhh.Weres MH370????????????????????????/
SUBHUMAN .COM USA (8 months ago)
Little know fact about R.R people dont know about, is that they secretly developed the F-1 gas-generator cycle rocket engine for rocketdyne that was used in the saturn V rocket in the 1960s. read this article https://www.dafk.net/what/
Elusive Snow Leopard (8 months ago)
Jet fuel can not melt steal. But titanium blades can knock a building down that just look at them funny.
Theofanis Giotis (9 months ago)
brendan casey (10 months ago)
Rolls Royce king of Jet Propulsion
marcia menage (10 months ago)
RichieT5 (10 months ago)
Amazing video, the Trent is so impressive
LivviEquestrian (10 months ago)
they used rolls royce engines on the concorde, good enough for this plane good enough for any plane enough said!
Narayanan Jayachandran (10 months ago)
I guess the thumbs down are from GE Aviation Engineers and employees.
CH .ROUGH HABIT (10 months ago)
By Kawasaki
CH .ROUGH HABIT (10 months ago)
Your parts are made in Japan budd
Teddy Franky (10 months ago)
Hebat dan mengagumkan hasil kerjanya.
al imran (11 months ago)
my dream engineering company .i gown get job Rolls Royce. I Love it Rolls Royce
Ahmed A.NemR (11 months ago)
what is this software they were using at 23:25 to analysis
Jayden Clifford (11 months ago)
I was sort of hoping to see phantoms being made next to them
Krupa Gagan reddy (1 year ago)
Happy to have rolls royce in India @defence sector☺
SR-71 Black Bird (1 year ago)
26:40 death star plans sound
Sayeed Sajeeb (1 year ago)
osman emir (1 year ago)
türkler için söylüyorum kıbrısa gitiğimde rolls royce motorunun yanında resim çektim
onecentJager (1 year ago)
Song at 42:40? i recognized from Wall-E
Oddball Skull (1 year ago)
despite all this, I think the most interesting thing about all this is..where is the fucking sun in England?
Bassmint (1 year ago)
A group of islanda in the north sea doesn't get much sun? how shocking!
jan @broad (1 year ago)
great people and company
007heaven (1 year ago)
They did that blade - off explosion test on the casing for the A380 engine yet when the quantus one exploded it still ripped through the engine casing and damaged the wing and they made some bs excuse.
andyxd98 (1 year ago)
but the Boeing 787 is not the Jumbo jet, the jumbo jet is the Boeing 747
dannank alhafeezy (1 year ago)
PK-GPC (?)
Science-is-god (1 year ago)
The chinese just flew their first large passenger jet, anyone know where they got the engines? I don't think I would fly in a plane with chinese engines.
Bassmint (1 year ago)
From the wiki it uses a CFM International LEAP, but it says they are also developing their own.
Michael McNeil (1 year ago)
Bloody hell I thought the Titanium - Metal Of The Gods was bad but this one is... It is supposed to be about How To Build A Jumbo Jet Engine not Brassed Off.
Dev Jogia (1 year ago)
ⵔⵓⴽⴰⵜⴽⴰⵜ (1 year ago)
What a great piece of German engineering. Too bad that they had to let these subhuman porkfaced britards assemble it...
Bassmint (1 year ago)
Where did you get the German engineering from? Genuinely curious, even though you seem like a xenophobic moron.
Muhamad Ahyuni (1 year ago)
thank you RR, knowledge science & technology aeruonautica we hope so information and technical education excellent
Fodzy Miah (1 year ago)
british engineering at its best
Rocco Siffredi (20 hours ago)
john saffas (3 months ago)
Thank God for their German teachers.
A.G. Martinez (1 year ago)
They should spell it Darby then, or speak real English, like Californians
Bassmint (1 year ago)
Americans aren't perfect either, one of the many examples is saying erb while spelling it herb.
Christian LEJEUNE (1 year ago)
Thumbs up if u are afraid of flying like me and wanted to make sure how engine is made!!
Daniel Triantopoulos (1 year ago)
Rolls Royce is incredible. I did laugh at 3:45 seeing the Mercedes parking :)
Ante (1 year ago)
41:36 they just destroyed around 40 million dollars haha
Juan Arce (1 year ago)
SABRE ENGINE The New Britich Revolution
Brett s (1 year ago)
Massive love for rolls Royce. If it wasn't for them we would not of overcome Germany in ww2. #spitfire
Chad Meyer (1 year ago)
Assembled with air ratchets by guys standing on step ladders? No wonder those things blow up.
Chad Meyer (1 year ago)
All machines are and there is very little generalization in robotics. One machine can do a number of tasks but a machine specifically designed to perform one task very efficiently becomes more and more inefficient the further from that task additional tasks are in terms of the amount of accuracy, precision, strength, mobility and reliability required. A machine designed to handle large body panels of a car may be "capable" of putting wine glasses in a box but nothing about it is ideally suited to the task. A human being on the other hand, can switch from one task to the other in seconds without even thinking about it. Countries and industries that have bought into robotics and automation wholesale and have sacrified vocational education in the process are rapidly being passed in industrial capacity and capability by less "developed" countries. Companies and countries that have focused on building the machines and developing the technology FOR those countries and companies have a huge advantage because building machines to "replace" humans is an industry in and of itself. Humans that can build a machine to perform a task more efficiently than humans are automatically capable of doing the task itself.
maverickdallas100 (1 year ago)
+Chad Meyer ...Yes, GE is making quantum leaps in jet engine design. Their use of composites and ceramic materials is taking the industry by storm! Their new breed of fan blades is holding up better than the competition so far.
maverickdallas100 (1 year ago)
Chad Meyer ...My youngest brother-in-law worked for a robotics company and travelled the US installing, troubleshooting, repairing and programming these devices. He was always busy and made excellent money until health issues took away his ability to work and eventually his life. But he has shown me just how maintenance-intensive these devices really are and that there's no "free lunch".
Chad Meyer (1 year ago)
It would "seem so", but unfortunately Rolls-Royce isn't exactly proving itself capable of building Trents very well. Which is odd since its basically the same engine R-R has built for decades. The only "new" engines Rolls has "built" have been the results of joint ventures with GE and P&W with Rolls-Royce providing the "funding" and its "partners" providing the technological capability. In fact, Rolls-Royce spectacularly (but very stealthily) destroyed a GE test facility with one of its Trents when the FAA finally demanded PROOF of its claims of product performance. Just like the A380 wing failed when the FAA demanded THAT test be actually performed rather than "virtually" performed via computer simulation. At the present time, R-R is about 40 years and 40,000 lbs of thrust behind General Electric when it comes to turbofan technology and performance. As I said, I'm a mechanic and I as born both with an intense interest in anything that turns money into noise AND the curiosity to wonder WHY and the intelligence to learn HOW. Turbofans can and do seem like tremendously complex machines beyond the comprehension of all but engineers to mechanical amateurs, but they're actually about as simple as engines get. So if you don't want to have a technical discussion, you should probably find someone else to lay your R-R propaganda on.
Chad Meyer (1 year ago)
Not to mention "advanced robotics" are still 100% the product of human creation and operation. There is no such thing as autonomous production of anything. Nor is it possible to remove human factors or labor or error from any process. Only clueless science fiction fans who grew up (for lack of a better term) in front of TV and movie screens believe otherwise. In fact, robotics generally increase human involvement. Instead of a human worker on an assembly line, you have a machine that must be designed, constructed, transported, installed, programmed, inspected, adjusted, serviced, repaired and maintained by dozens of people. Which is why industries and factories that have gone robotic have seen profits decrease as the technology has refused to "scale" the way human workforces have. In particular "autonomous" production lines have failed spectacularly when they have failed at all simply because of the ridiculous amount of time and money spent bringing an entire process online before a relatively minor problem skilled human workers could have solved in minutes required months to "work around" when computer programs programmers who can't change oil in a car had to write new software so "robots" could perform simple tasks without "crashing". Thats exactly why "advanced" European and Asian car makers and now Airbus are building factories and products in the U.S. where there are workers actually mechanically-inclined enough to change a tire available to build cars. Its really difficult to have people who don't own cars build cars profitably in countries where cars are luxuries.
Sharmarke (1 year ago)
who can dislike this documentary? lol i didn't say a dumbass haha
Tschidi 1000 (1 year ago)
shujah gillani (1 year ago)
very informative love watching it
Ben Prior (1 year ago)
Just the latest of a long line of legendary Rolls Royce aircraft engines that started with the Merlin.
edwin storz (1 year ago)
American BMW.............. JUNK!!!
Tony Guest (1 year ago)
Rolls-Royce. The magic of a name !
jlwc88 (1 year ago)
The last british pride
Wencelmo Baron (1 year ago)
Rolls Royce Engine is a Beast, so small yet so Powerfull, right now I install Rolls Royce WLE Trent 60 for Power Generation it can deliver twice the power of GE Frame 5, Even though it is half it size.
IndianaDel1 (1 year ago)
I am proud to say my Old Man worked for Royces for over Fifty years, starting as a Draughtsman and ending his career as Chief Stress Engineer. He was Project Director for the Trent, before he retired.
Oscar M (1 year ago)
I live on Lynnwood,WA and Boeing Mega factory is on Everette,WA.However,everyday I see different airlines flying.
Nero (1 year ago)
Shawana Washington (1 year ago)
Could only watch first 10 minutes. Too dramatic. Too Bri ush. This would be be a great video if done in the "How It's Made" format. More meat and no drama and BS.
ابو ريتال الشمري سناب (1 year ago)
Widg3t's Widgets (1 year ago)
Made by the brits? Please....."precision engineering". That means "Britishly Expensive For No Reason".
Ben Prior (1 year ago)
If you must blame anyone for letting the Lockerbie bomber out, blame the Human Right's Court in the Hague. They let them out, not us, because they claimed to have health problems and were supposed to be practically at death's door. No more interference from those lefties in the Hague is just one positive that will come from Brexit.
Ben Prior (1 year ago)
Then let Boeing and every other airline that uses Rolls Royce get a cheaper one. Only don't blame us when the planes start dropping out of the sky.
Howard Rickert (1 year ago)
Philip Shaw My mom was born in Nottingham, survived the war, and married my dad; a yank. I fly for the airlines, and my favorite flight was JFK-MAN. Going through security for the flight home, nice enough folks, but how stupid the process. After "you" let the Lockerbie bombers out, I lost it for the Britts, and the dumb ass security screening. You want to lock up flight crew, but let the scum that threaten my fellow crew and me; out. I asked my mother what in the hell has happened to England. You once hung until half dead, draw n quarter, and sent the trophy to the TB. Now...? You did Brexit, and that I'm happy for, but you have a long way to go. I do like the RB 211 engine I will say. Ps. Mom said back in the 70s that England was ruined. Looking back; I agree.
Philip Shaw (1 year ago)
basically there are two types of person in this world,, the British and those who wish they were
Grand Prix 3 Fan (1 year ago)
What is the music at the beginning?
Lizz Valverde (2 years ago)
this is truly a wonder of engineering!!! #LoveRollsRoyceengines 😍💜
Andrew Rance (2 years ago)
Wonderful video - RR make me proud to be British
mat man (2 years ago)
What about the Rolls Royce that engine that exploded in a Qantas A380 which severely damaged the aircraft, nearly bringing it down.  The explosion was caused by stud pipe inside the engine which failed.  This manufacturing fault was found in other engines.
MrCameltoe101 (1 year ago)
What about it? Do you think RR is the only manufacturer ever to have a problem ?
Ivo Tavares (2 years ago)
79. 7
barracuda7018 (2 years ago)
Jonathan K (2 years ago)
How exactly are the fan blades especially the base of them, able to withstand the huge amount of force generated from the super fast rotational speed of the whole engine? I was watching a video elsewhere that said when the engines are running @ full capacity, the weight at the tip of one blade is equal to over 100 tons? Amazing.
2Shae (2 years ago)
Wait, why was a P-80 escorting the new Airliner?
88Mobius (2 years ago)
It's actually a T-33, it serves as a chase plane during testing. The chase plane keeps an eye on the outside of the 787.
bens number 12 fan (2 years ago)
Is it just me that noticed the WALLE music at 42:30 ?
raytrevor1 (2 years ago)
Harrier's Pegasus a Rolls Royce engine? That is stretching it a bit. It was a brilliant Bristol Siddeley design, then RR bought them out. And Concorde's Olympus engine!
Walter Maisey (2 years ago)
Edward Heath hmm, can't remember if he did good while in office, but I think he deserves a thumbs up for bailing RR out at a difficult time that was a good decision , being British I feel proud that a Grand company is still around and prospering, RR equals quality of the highest degree and the best,