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UPS, FedEx Work Around-the-Clock to Fix Christmas Delivery Delays

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Shipping giants say higher-than-expected online shopping, bad weather caused delay.
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Daniel Clever (22 days ago)
Boohoo it’s the end of the world
Jesus Vazquez (2 months ago)
Lol this was almost 5 years ago I guarantee that the number of packages being delivered during Christmas season has doubled if not tripled since people are to lazy now a days to leave their house and go buy something at a local store
ChesterWolf The Griffin (2 months ago)
So wait a minute people wait till the last minute to order their s*** and then expect the world to jump through hoops for fire from them
Antonio Taylor (4 months ago)
Fedex pies
Staggner (4 months ago)
MaYbE oRdEr ThE gIfTs A lITtLe EaRlY?
Shal ucard (4 months ago)
I hope they never get shit, fucking assholes...
iRyan99x (4 months ago)
There’s people with absolutely nothing and you a bitching about delays? Get a grip and be grateful you have the money to buy expensive things!
Kevin Ashwill (7 months ago)
I would love to see these people work for delivery companies for one peak season. Their attitudes would change quickly
Gamer007 (8 months ago)
why complain about being late? your the one who ordered late. If you wanted something that bad you should drive and pick it up. As someone who worked a shipping warehouse I know it is impossible to do what was expected of the shipping companies. my previous warehouse job shipped so much we could not get enough empty trucks from multiple carriers fast enough, our conveyors could not move packages fast enough. Basically shipping companies like fedex had to take my warehouse craziness and add on a few 1000 other companies highest volume sales and try to tackle the deliveries. I just dont see it happening logistically. weight and shape of package, destination all add to complication, along with standard vs next day. well if 10 million are next day how many jets can possibly drop in like 12 hrs... because 24hrs is too late when adding in ups handoff/ delivery along with weather.
Luis Cerda (11 months ago)
Thank you I work at Ups and talk about working 80 hours a week with maybe 1 day off. Next year order your gifts a month earlier and be prepared. If you want to run the risk of late gifts during the peak of December good luck.
BobLoblaw23 (1 year ago)
wait. she ordered xmas eve and mad it didnt arrive on xmas? fkn animal.
Hotpink Glam (1 year ago)
Priveledged retards.
Chris Rosado (1 year ago)
if only there were away to place an order more than a week before christmas 🤔
Dan Hammond (2 years ago)
UPS sucks. I get an email from them my package is sent out. It travels half way across America in 70 hours. Not bad. Then it goes out for delivery in my city on an UPS truck.My package shows up at my door 74 hours later. 74 hours to go 1 mile from the UPS delivery station to my home on their truck. They cite adverse weather as the reason for the delay?! There is no adverse weather in my city! It happens to be the standard go to reason for a delay at UPS! I could have walked to the delivery station and back to my home 148 times in 74 hours. And they run the tightest ship in the shipping industry right!!!!
Melvin Yang (1 year ago)
Totally agree. I'm actually on a delayed package and it's January, no snow, package is 2 hours away, and now they've lost track of my item in there ficility
bezputink (2 years ago)
хуясебе на 1.09мин, такого в рекламных буклетах не покажут. Ютуб, а где перевод то .
Lexie Sai (2 years ago)
This is why you order stuff early. I either order in November or go to the store. Amazon was 1 week late with a package I ordered on December because of the season; which I received on Dec 29th. That was totally my fault, but it was a present for myself so no harm done.
Californiasalinasvalley (2 years ago)
spoiled fuckers man! buy local! weather is always bad in the winters, so delays happen!
TheGuyAtTheWheel (2 years ago)
Fucking people, I swear. Either order earlier or just go to the damn store. That simple.
Drunken Ira Hayes (2 years ago)
+Mr. CamTheMan People need to understand what a package handler at these companies does to get their stupid fucking bullshit to their door. Want to have a 8 hour long workout sweating bullets? Work at fedex/ups.
Erik Encinas (2 years ago)
I have worked for both!, Always insist on UPS! They have over 100 years in business, and outside of "peak season" everything is under one roof! Go Brown!
zippo (2 years ago)
ups and fedex been good with my stuff evertime
Gusha Games (2 years ago)
umm how about stop being lazy and go out to the store and buy your gifts. No one says you have to buy s**t online! simple as that.
Nurbek Tazhimbetov (3 years ago)
Daniel Gonzales (2 years ago)
exactly what I was thinking
spanky rex (3 years ago)
Better late than never.
BrunoandHisFuzzies (3 years ago)
There's a simple workaround.... ORDER AT LEAST TWO WEEKS EARLIER. I am a part time supervisor at UPS and during our peak season, there is a mad rush. We churn out millions of packages everyday and people complain that they didn't get their package on Christmas Eve even though they ordered the package a day beforehand. Grow up and don't procrastinate, simple fix.
flame3601 (3 years ago)
911 please help me I order 12 hrs til Christmas and it not here and I'm a retard
LSWhat87 (4 years ago)
I finished my Christmas shopping in November. I already received everything via UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL early because I know what the postal workers have to go through during peak times like Thanksgiving and Christmas. They're the real Santa's Elves. People don't have consideration and expect to get their stuff on time if they wait until the last minute.
Taugata Taliaoa (4 years ago)
I understand that the holidays get hectic but they do have to realize that the people who works as a preloader for UPS or FedEx is hard. Those people actually work hard and sometimes they are short staff. Im just saying if you haven't worked as a preloader for UPS or FedEx than you shouldn't complain. Just go to the store and buy it. 
God (4 years ago)
why dont people just order earlier?
Tay TYLERIENMAM Station (3 years ago)
They should get Concorde So they Deliver faster than boeing
James G (4 years ago)
its sad that people rely on amazon by buying presents around 6PM on the 24th, then expect them to magically appear at their front door christmas morning. it just doesn't work that way, at peak times, you're not going to get optimal results. 
Ryan Hyde (4 years ago)
Lord ... Freakin American people and there Christmas presents... The problem is not ups or fedex... It is procrastination...
Joshua Eaton (4 years ago)
Its not the shippers or the loaders fault. It is corporate. Dont take this out on the drivers, or the workers. Talk to the corporate, not the union worker.
Tyler Ahtonen (4 years ago)
Why is it that people care SOOO much if their package is late.  It is in no way the end of the world, and all you'll have to say is "Hey, I ordered something and it hasn't arrived, just wait an extra day for your gift." These UPS and FedEx workers are among the hardest working people during this holiday season, and they do a great job. We need to show appreciation for their hardwork every year , as opposed to bashing them for a few late packages.  Some people just care about themselves
Shal ucard (4 months ago)
malik scott holy fuck i Read your rant and your a so full of shit your ass is crying out of envy, im glad you never got shit its your fault for ordering the shit during the busiest time, you think your package is important? Pfft my package is much more important than yours jn fact if i could i would pay them not to deliver yours and slam your shit as hard as they could against the truck wall, its not thier fault ypur shit is late they work hard to get your shit to go through dont pay extra to have it shipped as early as possible because that is a scam and your just playing yourself, in conclusion these guys are just human and you can eat shit, i guess thats all..
Vaseline (11 months ago)
Just die
Keyno Nara (4 years ago)
+malik scott then don't waste your money. It really is a waste. Amazon has been killing ups and FedEx last year and it still continues. Just don't expect your package to be on time
malik scott (4 years ago)
what you don't get is people payed  extra money to have it delivered before Christmas i ordered something from November 2013  it is now  January 2014 and i still haven't got it UPS is barley doing anything they are just siting on their hands money is scarce at the moment i got a  iPad Air for Christmas  i payed double the price for it and it still didn't come and  AND SOOOO FERKING WHAT if they are working hard WE THE PEOPLE pay their pay checks and we don't  care and it not a few late packages IF YOU DIDNT KNOW 10 THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE didnt get their packages you need to get your facts right UPS is responsible for Peoples packages plus when we get them they are all broken up soo take a good look at the video again yo will see how they are just throwing packages into the trucks and when you get them they are ether or electronic packages they are like Broken, Screens cracked, the charger dosent work anymore or they have scratchs it  a shame that you said that Fedex is nearly done with their parcels the works dont do a good job if they was doing a good job they would get our stuff to us wouldn't they? but they are not UPS is lazy YOU AN IDIOT
ruben sanchez (4 years ago)
Muy bueno
Probie1Kenobie (4 years ago)
Clearly you work for them so it is understandable but for the rest of civilization we try to avoid them.
Victoria Harris (4 years ago)
I work at the UPS facility in Louisville and we have been busting our asses off trying to get all the packages out. People don't understand how hard it is to work peak season at UPS. My hand look like I've aged 30 years, I have cuts all over my hands/arms, and I have bruises all over my legs. We work overtime every night to try and get everything out and lots of people double shift as well. People are running on hardly any sleep and still trying to get this shit done. It's also not our fault that too many people ordered last minute. Be smart and order well in advance. It will save you on the cost of shipping to get it there by Christmas.
Suh Duh (1 year ago)
Victoria Harris ikr FedEx is the same. I'm a package handler that load the boxes into the trailers and I do not exaggerate, I had to fill 3 trailers a day including pies, simple homes, trampolines, blinds, walmart, etc. I think it's the laziness that gets to people with the Walmart, Best buy, and Amazon online deals shipped right to their front door without even leaving the house.
Dave Tesh (4 years ago)
People need to stop complaining about these shipping companies. It's not their fault that you chose to buy your holiday stuff last minute and expect them to get it to you in time. You have to remember these people are only human and they're doing the best they can to make sure your packages arrive safe etc. Yes they are a company but I'm starting to think that people have slowly forgotten what this season is about. 
LPS Collector 103 (24 days ago)
I agree, I got a package not to long ago. Still not here and I’m chill👌
Mohammed Ali (4 years ago)
DHL the b best
Probie1Kenobie (4 years ago)
UPS is great so is FedEx.  Meanwhile over at the Postal Service.  Oh, that right, they cant even deliver mail correct.
Theft Tv (2 years ago)
For me the USPS is great, UPS on the other hand damaged 60% of my packages, Fedex so far, haven't had issues, and no issues with On Track as well.
Mrromeo73 (4 years ago)
Hummmm,what can brown an x do for me? Nothing but give me a discount on my next delivery! That's what!
W De Rader (4 years ago)
its not always bout presents and materialistic items 
Tamara Laird (4 years ago)
I hope everyone get's their shipping cost back! 
Young Fella (4 years ago)
Who fuckin cares. You'll get your packages. Get over it cry babies. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Babies
Donnie Simms (4 years ago)
Has no one ever heard of performing a local pick-up???... NEVER expect anything to go as perfect before the demanded holidays...
Lotek_Mechanic_619 (4 years ago)
Waaaaaaa bunch of cry babies
Fseirst Lrest (4 years ago)
First world problems
LittleGojira (4 years ago)
Stupid first world problem whiners, oooh I didn't get my gift on time boo hoo hoo.
Toonses (4 years ago)
The US Post is ten times better than UPS and FedEx.
Toonses (4 years ago)
+Donnie Simms US Postal may be bankrupt but their service is still the best. Stupid UPS and Fedex don't have access to secured apartment buildings, only the US Post does.
Probie1Kenobie (4 years ago)
Donnie Simms (4 years ago)
The USPS has gone bankrupted around 2 months ago.. They are doing some jointed business co-operation agreement with the Fedex and UPS.
Lone Wolf (4 years ago)
people are stupid, ordered it a head of time. I'm still waiting for not mine, and I'm not bitching
Davids Ghost (4 years ago)
These guys work hard. People forgot what the season was really about. Sad.
Miguel Rivera Jr. (4 years ago)
Ew, get over it. Granted it might have been guaranteed, but shyt happens. Christmas lost its meaning. Where's the love and forgiveness?
Miguel Rivera Jr. (4 years ago)
Ew, get over it. Granted it might have been guaranteed, but shyt happens. Christmas lost its meaning. Where's the love and forgiveness?
z5410 (4 years ago)
If they really cared about having it on time, they would of ordered it early
Mrkenny1107 (4 years ago)
im about to say the same.... 
Lucie MacGuire (4 years ago)
The people are so rude.
Lucie MacGuire (4 years ago)
Order early. You can't trust anyone.
Lucie MacGuire (4 years ago)
Nobody can control the weather