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Facebook on 2018 race: Continuous battle to protect platform

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Facebook's Vice President of News Feed Adam Mosseri admits the company will be never be rid of obstructive content, from foreign influence in elections to spam.
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Alex Jones Biotch (3 months ago)
FACEBOOK! This is your chance to stand up for free speech. You know Americans overwhelmingly hated Clinton and your data shows it.
Alex Jones Biotch (3 months ago)
Americans used Facebook as a weapon. Fuck your globalist censorship. I had to create 20 YouTube accounts last year because I fucking hated Hillary. They kept flagging me as a fucking bot. Any fucking human being that looked at my posts could see I was arguing with people. They could check my fucking isp. This is about the deep state controlling our information and our elections.
Серж Шуляченко (3 months ago)
I ask you to consider a civil suit. Liberal social network Facebook, sexually pursues obsession with their obsessional advertising groups of a sexual nature. I think this is insulting and unacceptable