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Look How UPS Treats Deliveries!!!

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Jesus (16 days ago)
😱😱😱😱😱😱Very wrong.Should have deliver.But,he didn’t.Wait to go UpS 😬
Raymond Leggs (7 months ago)
I got a tv from via ups it had white lines doing up and down the screen, had to take it back it was also poorly packaged. *dies*
Richard Bentley (7 months ago)
Spats the mic you have sounds like its on its death bed in this video
omgboxfans (8 months ago)
That's what I hate about the "tracking system". If they mark as delivered, usually it means you're screwed. Most of the time they take that to explain how they're off the hook if you didn't get your package. Even if they didn't really deliver, or gave it to the wrong house. They can always mark it delivered, but in reality that doesn't make it true. Happened to me last fall.
1965Beans (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing!
Rob K (10 months ago)
It has been reported that AMazon is thinking about buying UPS.
Rob K (10 months ago)
UPS lies. There is plenty of surveillance camera footage that proves they lie about delivery attempts. Ask the seller who they use to deliver. If they say, "UPS"... Say No thanks i don't do UPS because they lie about delivery. REPEATEDLY...!
Josh Galka (10 months ago)
Wow! Unreal!
TheCoolmaster100 (10 months ago)
I call UPS United Pulverizing Service! I heard about them from them being Shipping Gorillas!
Henry Dinh (10 months ago)
Not all is them are bad.
Harley Badger (10 months ago)
Nope, but the ones that are set the bad example.
ArbokLover1618 (10 months ago)
How do y’all add an intro like that?
Harley Badger (10 months ago)
Using Sony Vegas editing software. It's easy to piece together clips and stuff.
Jesse Ladner (10 months ago)
Damn you UPS!
Derek Obidowski (10 months ago)
here in Butler PA i seen UPS delivering packages in the evening when dark. as my drivers handle them carefully. Any fan stuff lately? a recently the motor burned out in my 1956 Vornado B38C1-1 O.A.Sutton made fan. its the original 4.4 in motor my guess universal electric co. the windings shorted sparked caught fire and tripped the breaker. as im going to adapt a 3.3in motor to it. as i have a 3.3 Psc motor laying around i tried the blade on it t started it up quickly better than the original shaded pole motor. Normally when i replace motors i go with the FASCO brand motors. it seems to be the only decent motor out there but assembled in Mexico. as others are Chinapride. i need to get a Fasco 4 In 1 motor a bellyband mount and a 4.4 to 3.3 motor adapter if i have to make one. the FASCO 3.3 in motors im very familiar with the fan and draft inducer motors as i use a flat head screwdriver to pry the clips off the one end and i press the clip along with the motor on a hard surface to snap them back in place. as the FASCO 4in 1 motor is a PSC motor and is suitable to start a heavier load like the deeply pitched vornado blade. im hoping it will work with my existing choke coil speed control if not ill have to put in a variable speed triac motor control in as the 4 in 1 motor is a PSC motor its supplied with a 4mfd 370VAC run cap, it can be wired for either 115 or 208-230 volts. and has the extra wires to change the rotation and mounting studs on each end so the motor is basically universal. as i red Regal-Beloit is transferring most of the Century formally A.o.Smith Magnetek, Universal electric Co. motors to the FASCO line. as FASCO is the largest producer of 3.3 in motors. the oem furnace motors cost over $100 to 200 for inducer motors. the replacements in the $70 to $80 range depends on the motor from the supply house but get a better deal on Ebay depends on the seller. as im getting help from one u tuber to find parts as i need the propeller hub caps for 3 of my vintage vornado fans i have.
Ken Arbuckle (11 months ago)
Such lousy workmanship
Smurdle450 (11 months ago)
Darryl Dee (11 months ago)
Weird. Did they fake the delivery but stole'd it themselves and then intended to fake about getting stolen after the delivery?
Harley Badger (11 months ago)
Probably. We found the package in the driveway a few days later, it had been ripped open and gone through. Nothing of value inside.
PixelatedNate486 (11 months ago)
Had an OmniTech Pentium II PC delivered by FedEx: Arrived perfectly intact and worked out of the box Had an IBM PS/1 delivered by UPS: RAM was bumping around in the case, computer barely worked when I put it back together.
benshivd (11 months ago)
I ordered a small item from Amazon(approx 1 lb.). It shipped from O N E state away (New Jersey) Within ONE day it was in New Stanton Pa. About 1 hour south of me. From there it went to Springfield MO , Then Augusta GA , Then Cleveland OH, Then back to New Stanton PA. and onto North Rochester PA (about 8 miles from me) From there it went to a USPS sorting facility in Clinton PA (about 35 miles from me)13 DAYS later i picked it up at the post office in my town. Of course it was the wrong item :)
Harley Badger (11 months ago)
OMG yes, that has happened to us too. From New Stanton to Mississippi, then NYC, then back to eh.. North Rochester PA, huh? Close to Spats and I too ;-)
Carles Zurita (11 months ago)
we should start a petition sign to amazon to stop using ups
Harley Badger (11 months ago)
After a couple phone calls to Amazon, we established that UPS will no longer be a carrier used to deliver our Amazon packages.
That One Guy With A Moustache (11 months ago)
Undesirable Parcel Stealers
Alternative Email (11 months ago)
I am very upset by the UPC; (((( I ordered a phone for $ 500 at the address of the intermediary through the service of the UPS, but they said that the phone did not come, people from the forum who ordered another post all had come. I do not know what I should do; ((I live in Kazakhstan and I do not know how to sue them, I'm very upset by your American mail, I was stolen by the money on the phone that I saved half a year; (((((((
Harley Badger (11 months ago)
Contact the seller and make a complaint. The UPS doesn't have anything to do with America, it's a global company.
zraden (11 months ago)
Alternative Email if you bought it from amazon contact them
Jason Hernandez (11 months ago)
I never really liked UPS anyway.
The Betamax Man (11 months ago)
fedax an ups should fuck them selfes
The Betamax Man (11 months ago)
ups and fedax drivers are ass holes
Cyberbob (11 months ago)
the one looks black. There's your problem.
Renaud Dupras (11 months ago)
The clowns in brown doing their best job as usual XD.
GusHerb (11 months ago)
I'd hope those guys are temp employees because of the holiday season otherwise that's just obscene. Our regulars from UPS, FedEx, and USPS are all very good. I've seen temps do some weird shit a number of times though.
C.O.L.A (11 months ago)
*Mahhh* , I just bought a Dell FDDM-101 (floppy drive) on eBay, shipped it on USPS, never had bad luck with them. They shipped my REV A iMac with. A horribly packaged box, not an issue with it The damn thing was just thrown is a ratty box with its peripherals and some bubble wrap. How it Survived. I don’t know
weasel2htm (11 months ago)
I think we would all like to have heard the conversation between the two UPS guys. Here is a story of irony. I ordered a DVD Set on eBay, I had to sign for it at the Post Office. The same month, I also ordered several hundred dollars worth of computer parts from newegg. UPS just leaves it on the front porch! Nothing bad happened, but the irony is hilarious.
Harley Badger (11 months ago)
Right, but the point of his statement was that it's ironic that a low-cost item required so much security and a high-priced item was left in the middle of public view.
IIceMan (11 months ago)
When an item needs a signature it is done by the request of the “Sender”.
Harley Badger (11 months ago)
Agreed! Haha. I have had similar things happen to me, signing at the Post Office for a $5 battery for a FRS radio, yet they leave $2500 worth of insulin sitting on the porch.
jaykay18 (11 months ago)
What can brown do for you? We already know what it can do for xjoe81x... Surprise, surprise. Of course, I'm sure UPS has hired temps for the holidays, I think the only qualifications for that are to have a driver's license and at least 7 teeth. I wonder if that one guy maybe doesn't have enough teeth anymore! Besides being United Parcel Smashers I haven't had much trouble with UPS; Fedex is another story. As far as Amazon goes, they can offer good customer service, but may not. Depends who you get. I've also learned they have been trained to thank you for being a prime member if you are one, and threatening to cancel that service will often make other options available. Often when I've had to return something to Amazon, they'll give me a link to print out a UPS label, which I do and affix to the box. Several times, the tracking number had somehow changed after I had printed the label, and the package gets delivered elsewhere, which means no refund for me. It's happened at least 3 times by now. Amazon has corrected the error every time but even so, why this happens is baffling. Yes, UPS and Amazon are in cahoots with each other, that's why they wanted you to talk to Amazon. I'm sure we'll be seeing and hearing more and more of this as the holiday season marches on.
Harley Badger (11 months ago)
Brown. I have never looked at a brush the same since. FedEx has always been the worst to me, to the point where I had to ask my medical supplier NOT to use them for my deliveries, as the packages may end up on the curb, under the car, on the side of the house where we will never see them (the equivalent of being in the corner at the fence where your pool pump is...) and the problem is A) I will die without them, and B) some orders are in the thousands of cost, and C) packed in cold-packs with a 2-day maximum if I don't immediately see the box with 14 vials of Humalog in it, that's a potential waste of $4120. Odd that you mention that, on the two occasions I've had problems with Amazon orders, both times I have said "Why do I pay for Prime if this shipment is going to take a week anyhow / not even receive it." and they were like *BAM* here ya go...
foxy 1908 (11 months ago)
the so stupid
otterlover95 (11 months ago)
I was waiting for a drop kick of the package, with them peeling rubber away from the scene of the crime before the package even landed not at the door, but hitting and breaking a window.
Madness832 (11 months ago)
Now, what might've happened if you had gone outside, as they were walking back to the truck, and asked if they were looking for your house?
Harley Badger (10 months ago)
Not sure, this happened while nobody was home.
Lemont The Fan Man (11 months ago)
which is one of the reason why im so glad amazon has their own delivery service and there on pointe they don't screw you over like ups ,usps , fedex good video but glad you got what you ordered from amazon harley :)
Chantal (11 months ago)
Lemont The Fan Man not true Amazon sent my package through ups what a surprise it's 2 days late
ARednecksLife (11 months ago)
I've had similar issues with UPS and FedEx damaging packages then telling me I need to take up the damages with the shipper and if any amount of money is issued because of the damages it goes to the shipper not the receiver, which is BS since the receiver is out there package not the shipper. In this situation I wouldn't put it past the driver stealing your package
James Jetty (11 months ago)
Cause Amazon ships so much through UPS they get super cheap rates and this is why they won’t talk to the customer ‘cause there constantly screwing up
more jello please (11 months ago)
UPS "lost" an audiophile cd player for months and then it mysteriously showed back up. Funny, it was an adcom in a mcintosh box. If it was in fact a Mac, it would have been gone. When the box came back it had been dropped several times, one drop was over 5 feet to the ground as it sheared the front feet off if the unit ( we calculated the shear ratings with conservative safety factor). There was blood on the box, it was a mess. After numerous phone calls, no one could find the package, I got the run around for months. I will NEVER use UPS for anything again.
Harley Badger (10 months ago)
Yeah, no doubt! I have since found videos here and there where news channels have exposed this kind of thing. Apparently, dishonest drivers do this on purpose. It's supposed to be a show for any neighbor that's watching, and when they're sure nobody's looking, they scan the box as delivered and take it with them. Down the street, they open it to see if anything valuable is inside, and if not, they toss it. That way, while not expecting cameras, there is no proof that some criminal didn't happen along and steal it. UPS gets off scott-free, and the shipper is stuck with the insurance claim/refund/replacement. In our case, We expect one of our neighbors found the box down the street (opened of course,) and placed it in the driveway. The final contact with UPS was "Oh good, so you got your package. Is there anything else I can do for you today?" I told her I wasn't satisfied, that I wanted the drivers disciplined. She simply replied "their supervisor is aware."
Ryanny Dragonwolf (11 months ago)
lazy gits
ToryTheFanMan (11 months ago)
This is fucking ridiculous..THEY DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO DELIVER IT! WTF?
Chris (11 months ago)
You'd think ups would want to know if their employees were stealing packages. Maybe they know it's more difficult for customers to report Amazon deliveries stolen.
Focal Point Images (11 months ago)
The one guy was a helper, the other person was a driver, probably a Christmas driver. I didn’t see any mailboxes, never been in your neighborhood to see how well the houses are marked, but this time of year there are all kinds of temp people working.
shesnailie (11 months ago)
Fed UPS. Years ago I asked for and got a pad of those yellow delivery slips so if I know an UPS package is coming I can leave one on the door and have em leave the damn thing. Pretty lucky to live in a small city with decent postal service - and that the mail guy parks his truck right in front of the house before making his neighborhood rounds. Suppose it helps that there's a Dunkin' Donuts across the street.
aldiakaroofus (11 months ago)
I hate UPS with a passion. Been hating them for over 25 years. When I used to collect Roger Rabbit merchandise, I would get stuff delivered from the U.S. to Canada. I had to deal with incorrect customs fees all the time with Canada Customs, who overcharged me all the time. But this one time where the seller chose UPS instead of Fedex to deliver my package, UPS had already paid my custom fees (which again were incorrect - they were overcharging me) and now collecting me for those fees! Since Canada Customs were already paid, there was nothing I could do to get my partial customs refund from them! I never forgave UPS for that.
tallboyyyy (11 months ago)
I've had my own issues with UPS and their ineptitude. Three(ish) years ago i ordered a 21 speed hybrid bike (cross between a mountain and road bike) and it was being shipped UPS signature required. Since i live alone and work days there was not going to be anyone here to sign for it. I arranged through their MyUPS or whatever it's called service for them to hold it at the local UPS office and I would pick it up after work. Sometime that day I got an email that it had arrived and I could pick it up anytime. Then 2 or 3 hours later I had 2 more emails from them. First said it was on the truck to be delivered and the second saying it was delivered. I checked the tracking and it was showing being delivered somewhere in the greater Boston, MA area. I live about 75 miles from Boston in NH so I knew something was screwed up. Called customer service and after waiting on hold forever I talked to someone who was able to tell me it was delivered to a hospital in some town around Boston. They got hold of the driver and he was going to go back and see if he could recover the package but the hospital lost it or couldn't find it. Kind of hard to believe they could lose a box big enough to hold a bike to fit someone that is 6'4" but they did. I had to call the customer service of the website that I ordered it from and they shipped out another bike and made arrangements to have the first bike shipped back to them once it was found. I kept checking the tracking on the first bike and they eventually got it back five weeks later! The second bike i didn't trust them to hold it at the office so i had them send it to a UPS store to hold for me to pick up which they did and everything went smooth.
Spike B (11 months ago)
The news likes these stories.
Andy Rousonelos (11 months ago)
Sickening! Our UPS Guys aren't shady, but they stand outside the front gate (which is plainly unlocked) or at the base of the front steps. They just throw the box. They don't even try now!
Eskie Wolf (11 months ago)
Hmm. Almost like when a package came UPS, and they dropped it on my porch IN THE RAIN!! WHen I tweeted to them about what happened, all I got was "Oh I hope it wasn't damaged. Let us know if it was.". Thankfully, it wasn't damaged, and it still works. Here's the video about it;
Sharkie626 (11 months ago)
What nonsense of them. If all goes well, this video could be viral!
It's About Time (11 months ago)
It's really the employees that are the problem. The quality of employees they get compared to 10 years ago is astonishing! Before my father retired from the Post Office, he often complained about it. They couldn't do simple work or they thought it was easier.
FrostbiteXZ (11 months ago)
man that sucks to hear that UPS did this to you dude that's so not even right for those UPS people to do that those two in your video should be fired! glad Amazon sorted this stuff out for ya
IAmNotAFunguy (11 months ago)
United Package Smashers!
IAmNotAFunguy (11 months ago)
What about just pronouncing the full spelling like "Ups", as in "Ups! I just messed up another package!"
more jello please (11 months ago)
A friend dated a ups employee for a few weeks, she called him a Uniformed Pencildick Scumbag lol
Tristan Heckler (11 months ago)
United Penis Suckers.
tallboyyyy (11 months ago)
In this case United Package Stealers.