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Text Comments (1214)
HOPEDEALER ROGER (16 hours ago)
Ddg be really thinking about that CURVE for the past 6 months.... 🤣🤣🤣 LAME
SOlluminati's broken hip (7 days ago)
she gotta go
Qg1989 (26 days ago)
How to spot a chick with horrible taste in men and emotional issues..."I like guys with face tats"😑
Nyxie Baybe (27 days ago)
Never get a face tats bc your mamas won’t appreciate it Especially Oxoxo
Nyxie Baybe (27 days ago)
I got my face tattoo to protect me bc people back off once they seen it and I was living by myself in a dangerous area when I was younger but thei girl who was on ray jays show named Danger had a tiger on face and she was bad that was one reason I got moms I can cover it with makeup or erase it but I know ure sweet and not arrogant I love u times a 1000
YoungMan YoungMan (29 days ago)
I liked her Slatt Slatt! but when she said she don’t know what it mean. she lost all points 🤦🏾
Playboy Squad (1 month ago)
at 4:13 I was like WTF lmafoooooo
Warnell Holmes (1 month ago)
What song was that at 6:30
The Flying Track (1 month ago)
Slatt 🐍
Atasha Terrelonge (1 month ago)
Ash looks cute💕DDG got bombass skin
AlphaKing (1 month ago)
That's so's girl chill bruh
Slime Gorilla (1 month ago)
optimal Awakening shut up
Ta Pluggz (1 month ago)
Intro song?
kj and nj (1 month ago)
Ddg can u hook poudii up with Riley?
Az cardinalds23 (1 month ago)
I really really like that bottom grill with the white teeth Does anyone know we’re to get one???
Tripleblade 82 (1 month ago)
Ash must cream her pants over those MS:13 gang members then. What you expect out of a girl that's obsessed with vampires and witchcraft.
GodFatherYusuki (1 month ago)
Ddg need to wash the back of that cap!!!!! No cap
T D (1 month ago)
Her nose, I wonder what’s wrong with it
ByzantiumDealer (1 month ago)
Ew in this video idk why but she starting to look like mcqueens sister, yeahhh ik you see it now!
Aaron Lira (1 month ago)
SLATT= Slime Love All The Time, Meaning.
Anna Thomas (1 month ago)
Yes true
BallingIs MyHobby (1 month ago)
If i was up like DDG im getting lined up every week.
TMTG MELLY (1 month ago)
4:13 crackhead alert crackhead alert 🚨
Britt Brat (1 month ago)
I like Ash ❤️
CJ GoogleMail (1 month ago)
It be the people from the nicest places wanting to be hood. If you were really from the hood then you would know that hood niggas glorify the opposite.
6 Dreams (1 month ago)
4:15 his face got me crying 😭💀
C O L D C L O A K Music (1 month ago)
I don’t understand how she’s weird 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ like yeah she has bad boundaries 🤣🤣 but weird I wouldn’t say all that...people have different personalities
Tre Builds- (1 month ago)
THIRDEYEVISUAL based (1 month ago)
My nigga be doing weird pranks but it’s ok Ash crazy ASL anyway but if the girl says yes he gone smash and delete the video obviously DDG definitely creep squad 2 🤣
LetsMakeAPawno (1 month ago)
Viagra prank
Gabriel Bonano (1 month ago)
This intro is way better than the other ones
ReggieRegg (1 month ago)
She basic af
Keshawn Mosley (1 month ago)
Ępıphąņęşę (1 month ago)
Nah DDG is nonchalant and arrogant
Ępıphąņęşę (1 month ago)
I told yall Ddg would try to shoot his shot with Ash but HE NOT HER TYPE OR IN HER LEAGUE lmao DDG too little boyish and he to basic and mainstream.
jojo so 1k (1 month ago)
She high as hell 😂 peep her vibe from this video from the last video he had with her she either high or he clapped 😂
Jamie Montoya (1 month ago)
she kinda reminds of Riley... idk
iSOmike_ (1 month ago)
That bihh on drug drugs 😭
Itz Mj (1 month ago)
I lost full respect for you and virdiisunique .. after that video I saw .. y’all both hungry for that money and only that ..
Shelesa Petty (1 month ago)
She look like she on drugs tho 😢
Russ Bo (1 month ago)
The back of da Burberry look dirty bro😬😬😬🤦🏾jus fyi...STILL MY NIGGA
Clutch Bros (1 month ago)
You do shit off the internet
buss down (1 month ago)
this girl is straight birdbrain stupid
evad (1 month ago)
What happened in her past?
BadButReaL 676 (1 month ago)
Have a react to Onefour please? You gonna like it 💙
kinglanky93 (1 month ago)
Ddg said he not arrogant? If you constantly talking about yourself it certainly comes off that way
Queen of the south queen (1 month ago)
You should pay me and ash to model ya merch so u can make more money.
justtane (1 month ago)
2:27 cut coz she said yes 😂
Rutherford (1 month ago)
DiamondSamurai (1 month ago)
Damn she said her mom would disown her
Jukii B - (1 month ago)
Cool cool.... what’s her insta ?
Alize Blue (1 month ago)
Def tuning in for the wisdom teeth!! 😂😂😂
Jay 47 Squad (1 month ago)
I knew they where vaneers😭😭-deshae frost
ll-Shortz-ll (1 month ago)
Hell nah ddg don’t go get diamond teeth don’t ride that trend bruh you’re teeth look better without them bruh
Duke Madison (1 month ago)
Guess she’s getting DDg tatted on her next
Coron Brown (1 month ago)
Aye them grills would go hard no cap 🧢
imperial - (1 month ago)
“I don’t know how I talked to him... because he didn’t have face tats.” 3:22
A J (1 month ago)
big vaneers
my friend (1 month ago)
The videos for entertainment😉
Eboni M247 (1 month ago)
4:15 face so priceless I'm weak 😭🤣😭
Kendall Long (1 month ago)
It sound like she said slut slut or im jus high rite now but that shit was goofy n funny asf lmfao 😂😂
KimPressurE (1 month ago)
She weird asf
Reek 215 (1 month ago)
Ash so weird I love it tho 😂
human (1 month ago)
Ash sold her soul
Rufix Legacy Productions (1 month ago)
Why is she wearing golds...
Jordan Rabbers (1 month ago)
All yall Ddg fans bots. SIIIIIIMMPLE
Alpha Wolf A4E (1 month ago)
She'd love LIL XAN LOL!!!😂😂😂
Isaiah Lott (1 month ago)
But all outta fun my dawg
Isaiah Lott (1 month ago)
You will get whooped in 1v1 or 2v2 basketball you won't even score and if ya do it will be a fluke
Youngchief (1 month ago)
2:26 hold up why did you cut that?? 👀👀👀👀👀
anonymous anonymous (1 month ago)
Why is it only curly haired light skins he's into these days?
Zy Kir (1 month ago)
Y'all Libra's can't handle rejections 💀
Savage Legend4 (1 month ago)
Wash that hat my guy
ERIC ISWAVY (1 month ago)
"Unconditional dopeness" ......naa na babygirl is way to laid back 😂
Yesan Warren (1 month ago)
Say goodbye 😂
Syrup (1 month ago)
4:12 💀💀
LBeezy_inthecut 99% (1 month ago)
This is so 2019😂😂
Ra’Niya Dunn (1 month ago)
Ash is FUCKING weird!!!
NBA Snow Gaming (1 month ago)
I’m getting my wisdom teeth taking out on the 7th so pray for me and ddg y’all
Matt Arredondo (1 month ago)
It’s not that bad bro I did it without gas lol
4:07.......... cringe
Matthew zdot (1 month ago)
She leng
Mr. Getoff ace (1 month ago)
Slatt stand for slime love all the time
Dida Samak (1 month ago)
I know I’m not the only one who thinks Ash is crazy as hell😂 esp after ddj face when she said 4:14 “ slat slat”😂
YUNG SKRTT (1 month ago)
LoNeWoLf_ Jj (1 month ago)
They dead ass only in videos together just to get so “mad” sheeshhhhhh
CjTv _ (1 month ago)
Ash sound nervous when she talk 😭😭
Denabi S (1 month ago)
Ddg’s face after she said slatt slatt😂
901memphiszay Tv (1 month ago)
The Outro song kinda bump
Xavier Mckinney (1 month ago)
I hope you guys have a wonderful 2020
Charles White (1 month ago)
Women with bottom grills are sexy
DrifTed DrEams (1 month ago)
“Unconditional dopeness”
Logan Rozengard (1 month ago)
Yo hat lookin dusty
King Balla TV (1 month ago)
Ddg squad is trash
L. Torrence (1 month ago)
She is strange AF!!!😳 Like if Harley Quinn was a real person she would definitely be a mixed version of her.
Psn is trash (1 month ago)
5:34 nice is what you call a person when you have nothing else to say
Odyccey AAlizei (1 month ago)
Ask for the laughing gas when you get your wisdom teeth taken out...so you don’t have to be put to sleep
Vegan Assassin (1 month ago)
Ddg plotting to smack that
AceStp (1 month ago)
derrick dorsey (1 month ago)
The Libra affect
Anise Westbrook (1 month ago)