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What is Logistics?

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LoadDelivered Logistics explains what logistics is using transporting water as an example. For more information, visit http://www.loaddelivered.com.
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Pete Zielinski (1 month ago)
Dude... 200 years ago... If you would have said, "im gonna sell bottled water for a living" they woulda laughed in your face!!.. or maybe even hung you …. either thinking your a witch or just because youre straight retarded!!
Kandela Brown (9 months ago)
My water is from the tap; in my country they do not try to kill us with chlorine, like they do in the USA.
Dinesh De silva (10 months ago)
i doing logistics digreee
Evony H (11 months ago)
I love logistics and supply chain management! I love the challenge of it... Taking 400 different widgets and ensuring they get to 500 different places is amazing. Seeing it all come together is priceless !
mohd abbas (1 year ago)
Salary 40000
Bryan Quezada (1 year ago)
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Richard (2 years ago)
Logistics are eeeeeeeverywhere. But remember: WITHOUT TRANSPORT NO BREAD ON YOUR BOARD
ilyes skender (2 years ago)
so it's all about serving water ??
Bobby Buchanan (5 months ago)
kajam setty Haradeep (2 years ago)
Natalia P (2 years ago)
i want to go back to school and get a degree in this. seems like the world's most complex board game
Yele Agunbiade (4 months ago)
I did. And it changed my life. I am now better at everything I do, because I understand systems, and my focus changed to: why we do what we do, and what impact that has on the entire business/organizational system.
Richard (2 years ago)
lISTEN DOG, YOU TALKING SHIT oeps caps lock. Snap?
ST Vlogs # Haan Ham Deshi Hain (2 years ago)
Logistic is flow of the material with right document with right place with right time
Kadir Çadırlı (5 months ago)
I think You talked about Seven R's of Logistics and you forgot somethings. Seven R's of Logistics includes 1.Right Product 2. Right Quantity 3.Right Condition 4.Right Place 5.Right Time 6.Right Customer and last 7. Right Money. We learn it such as this.
mohammad hassan (3 years ago)
truly i cant understand what logistic is!!
hassan abdi (2 years ago)
logistics is the inbound and outbound of goods
hassan abdi (2 years ago)
logistics is the inbound and outbound of goods
ST Vlogs # Haan Ham Deshi Hain (2 years ago)
movement of material with right document with right place with right time
Satish Chandra (3 years ago)
Here's the future of logistics www.teleport.ooo
Abraham Mutenda (3 years ago)
to be successes in logistics business ,it needs passion and commitment. learn to associate with people that deals with logistics, especial big guy in business. Learn to work with experts
Dees Evolutions (3 years ago)
or..... it rains and they can collect their own damn water! i have never got bottled water, to me that product and charging around $4.50 for it. Tells me that, humans will pay for anything and will buy anything, so everything has a market. THATS what bottled water says to me.
Jessica Manders (3 years ago)
So it's truck drivers, truck drivers are the ones that make it happen. So the world moves, Really, you a plain where that driver goes, but, you don't Risk your life, your family sees you everyday, and 8 hours a day of where does that trucker need to go?. Yep 14 hours away, you can do it! And yes it need to go where everyone is running from. So logistics, is sitting Ina chair, sending out truckers, for bottom dollar to save people who fucking hate simi drivers. That's logic... Um logistics..logistics, for
Osa Cargo (4 years ago)
Nice Video.
phương nguyễn (4 years ago)
ASAP Log (4 years ago)
Great video and a clear explanation!
James Saladino (4 months ago)
Show video
Missy Collins (10 months ago)
Tim Welch (5 years ago)
logistics is not about gut instinct; but being logical a welll executed game plan or strategy. IT could be unloading a truck. Stocking shelves on Walmart. PLanning  a wedding or other event. What do you need to get the job or project done? Its the people, resources, technology, put into its proper place.
Tim Welch (5 years ago)
like the details and description rather than a silly defintion we all do logistics we are just not aware of it. A good logitics manager or supervisor sees the details  from moving bottled water or anything else from point  A to point B.
Febryan Elazer (5 years ago)
better explanation than what i read on my course slide. 
Ron Yu (5 years ago)
Could someone tell me how to download videos from Youtube?
Kanica Sharma (5 years ago)
wow makes sense... this is better than the textbook description. I understand it now... thanksss 
Evans Distribution Systems (5 years ago)
Good way to describe logistics.
Julian Ortega (5 years ago)
Exelente trabajo!
jaqueline pillay (5 years ago)
Finally! Just what I was looking for
B.J. Patterson (5 years ago)
This a a good simple explanation of how important logistics is to everyday life.
Gina Amoyen (5 years ago)
stupendous video of logistics defined. thanks.
Armstrong Warehousing (6 years ago)
Great video that talks about logistics so everyone can understand it!
umei423 (6 years ago)
Very nice video! Thank you!