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LIKE A BOSS #2 Amazing Driving Compilation

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Like A Boss - Drivers Compilation
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Text Comments (2241)
Raj pawra (17 hours ago)
Luis Lopez Osorio (1 day ago)
me gustann tus vidios y muchooooooooooooooo saludos y corasonnnnnn
Phantom Killer (1 day ago)
12 Free (1 day ago)
They did that event where they hand out drivers licenses in cereal boxes? I missed it. Damn!
พิริยกร อาจเอื้อม (1 day ago)
โคตรโหดอ่ะ ผมคนไทย
Elex Paz (1 day ago)
show de bola like
DMAY (1 day ago)
5:49 music please
Mashiro Shiina (1 day ago)
7:01 can anyone tell me what song is this?
Warface с Давид20042017 (1 day ago)
Thats not like a boss
Katochi Kusit (1 day ago)
7:11 no puedo creerlo
Majestic galaxy ish R E A L •w• (1 day ago)
7:13 now this person knows how to look both sides before crossing
Alemão Manjador (2 days ago)
7:15 alguém tem o vídeo completo ?
Collector Guy (2 days ago)
So many cunts in this world are able to drive unfortunately. That last absolute piece of shit needs beating to within an inch of his life and his legs and arms breaking so he will never have the chance of killing anyone again! Typical BMW cunt too!!🤣
garrett w (2 days ago)
2:38 so smooth 😲
Danish Iqbal (2 days ago)
3:29 thats arab's skipping
Patience Emmons (2 days ago)
The to girls Alon the bike is nasty as heck they need to stop
bait clicker (2 days ago)
More like a dick compilation.
Flicka (2 days ago)
What do you call karts from the 2:02 minutes and are they available in Poland?
Ruben Ramirez (3 days ago)
quien sabe la cancion de 0:21 xfa lo necesito??
andres quijano (3 days ago)
1:02 plis music
andres quijano (3 days ago)
Нïнå Můй (4 days ago)
0:56 это Россия детка!
Cristobal Martinez G (4 days ago)
Kiubo marimbas
ozan toptaş (4 days ago)
9:34 music name ? 9:34 şarkının adı ne
مرحبا السلام (4 days ago)
والله حلوه ههههههههي.
12312 43434 (4 days ago)
епро гта санандрес крута хахахах
Роман Лапин (4 days ago)
Нехуя не внимательный ты! Два видео одинаковы
DAN ARMY TV (4 days ago)
BritishRG (5 days ago)
Last guy driving is an incredible dumb ass, probably dead by now or soon to be dead in a 2019 crash.
Tiago Derkoski (5 days ago)
No no mag's yr loh bets! Kkk
Tiago Derkoski (5 days ago)
Heeppy , then'k lonk nor ins?
دندن داني (5 days ago)
قف قف قف ممكن تقلي شو بتخصر ازا شتركت بقناتي حبيباتي شباب وصبايا بحب خبركون انا ورفيقتي منعمل فيديوهات كتير حلوين نحنا منعل ومنزل على التيكتوك وهلق بدنا نصير ننزل على اليوتيوب بس يصير عنا ١٠٠ مشترك منصير ننزل وازا بتريدو شتركو بلقنات مشان نصير ١٠٠ ضغري وبلنسبي لاسم القنات منغيرا بس يصير ١٠٠ مشترك بحبكون كلكون ❤❤❤❤
Bob Thenob (5 days ago)
9:34 "Traffic was heavy?" "What traffic?"
Время фапать пасть хохлоф (5 days ago)
зачетные шлюшки на байках, выеб бы в сраку обоих
Mr. Daddy (5 days ago)
1:50 I was there when he drove :)
Nukra Burhanova (6 days ago)
6:15 😘😍👌👈
Alexander Yarmolich (6 days ago)
7up??km kkk(k??I'm Lhasa I'll l l k l l 6uijjjn v cc mlllllll8plig :-P Эээ з щ кДж Ю Ббб ддлтььь
onlythewise1 (6 days ago)
amazing crazy people
Aleadro Cavalio De Sou (6 days ago)
Game Montage (6 days ago)
0:29 is Turkey/İstanbul :D
Sean Meets (6 days ago)
9:30 what’s that song?
Sean Meets (6 days ago)
5:51 what’s that song?
Rolarth (7 days ago)
6:15 music plz
Pepito (7 days ago)
0:54 Que verga xd
marceline Lellis (7 days ago)
luccas gabriel (7 days ago)
Algum br que veio pela thumb
Charming Hollow Forge (7 days ago)
Charming Hollow Forge (7 days ago)
Eliane Santos (7 days ago)
Algum alagoano?
DEATH 555 (8 days ago)
Página de las hermosuras 6:15
cure dream (8 days ago)
6:15 heyy bitchissss
ангелос танкист (8 days ago)
1:08 music pls👍
Houston Sanderfield (8 days ago)
WTF? @ 7:12
Juan pablo Martinez cerda (9 days ago)
Jesus Andres (9 days ago)
como se llama la cancion del los carritos chocones
Zeth Wolfus (9 days ago)
1:09 how is the controller not turned on?
Elroy Jones (9 days ago)
At 3:58 unless the electrical was shorting out, someone was in that car as it flipped. The brake light came on.
mariuxi alexandra loor narvaez (9 days ago)
AdiTo Ziomal (5 days ago)
Shut up plz
Furkan Midilli (9 days ago)
ikinci şekil
Manuel (9 days ago)
2:50 what bike is that? PLS i need to know
dedengkot pugeran (9 days ago)
Apa tho rahasianya,mengemudikan mobil,bisa zig zag gitu...? (????)
dedengkot pugeran (9 days ago)
4:31, apik cah ayu.
dedengkot pugeran (9 days ago)
Edisi edan.
dedengkot pugeran (9 days ago)
2:15, minta dikirim kemana mas?
dedengkot pugeran (9 days ago)
1:53, tenaga halilintar gas.
dedengkot pugeran (9 days ago)
0:54, speedometer mirip mata tengkorak.
•Pefeer • (9 days ago)
Músic pls 1:03 ?
Lucas Andrade (10 days ago)
Qual a marcada da moto em 5:43
Taylor Hallworth (10 days ago)
6:15 I really hope they get arrested for that
sant_34 Cabrera (10 days ago)
Like si vinieron por la foto xdd
Naldo Costa Costa (10 days ago)
cl0rof0rm (10 days ago)
0:18 quien se cree que es?
NinjaPrincePro - PUBG Mobile (10 days ago)
Hi(sorry for my bad English)
Erwin Cristian Chiorean (2 days ago)
What? That's good
Don’t click my profile picture (3 days ago)
Sorry my english is so suck you’re*
Sorry my english is so suck (5 days ago)
no your fine
Onirikos Squad (11 days ago)
like si viniste por lo de las chicas
Nóka Nove (11 days ago)
Pessoal. Assistam o canal TROVÃO TREZE OK. tem Artes MARCIAIS
Liliana Ortega Cortes (11 days ago)
Que video tancaca
Butterfly x (11 days ago)
music for 0:16 - Usher - Yeah (SQRTL SQUAD & GIL-T Basshall Remix)
Влад Гудыма (11 days ago)
За баллосов лайк))
La tendance KNG (11 days ago)
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Johnny Marvéll (11 days ago)
Xbox controller controlling a car?! Wtf
Marvin (11 days ago)
6:30 xD
Tiago Santos (12 days ago)
Music Pls 0:16?
Butterfly x (11 days ago)
Usher - Yeah (SQRTL SQUAD & GIL-T Basshall Remix)
Luis Gutierrez (12 days ago)
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Flo king13 (12 days ago)
7:45 the idiot of the world (biker)
Flo king13 (12 days ago)
7:45 the idiot of the world (biker)
Dripflo Gang (12 days ago)
0:45 best
Gilmar Mosquera (12 days ago)
jaja que chebere
Constantine Nongbri 1 (12 days ago)
7 : 45 wtf... Its his fault only.. Too blind to see the signal
doc. ride (13 days ago)
Nice! Check my channel and rate my videos guys!
Ălêxädřâ Mąŕtïňəż (13 days ago)
5:51 Mi sueño :'',,v
Pedro Hemrique (5 days ago)
Vondeo porn
Elian García (5 days ago)
Ponte a trabajar duro y verás que podrás tener lo que tú quieras
Maria DosantosBvzvbdl (8 days ago)
Alexis_7w7_ :v (10 days ago)
X1000 alv :v
KrazyKiwi (13 days ago)
Normal people: Oh shit, she's hot, on a bike, with a skirt Me/Probably most riders: WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR PROTECTION YOU STUPID FUCKING SQUID.
crimson avenger (14 days ago)
anyone else notice at 7:1o the kid jumping on his truck,.. the cars in the background are going backwards. this is the same trick they used in the original karate kid when Mr Miyagi and Danielson were catching flies with chop stix
Wemerson Silva (14 days ago)
7:44 - Pq o motoqueiro fez isso? O ônibus deu o sinal q ia pegar passageiro...
SIMON 15 (14 days ago)
Whats is name song time 1:04
Daniel Zawerton (15 days ago)
fucking moron with the kid in the steering wheel, wheres you fucking brain......................asshole
ZპrTox ფ (15 days ago)
0:22 song ?
Phước Nam Nguyễn Đình (16 days ago)
4:21 mission impossibleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Karrier Bag (16 days ago)
Last one was just a dangerous cunt.
Magnus Stalkers (16 days ago)
Song 7:02 ?
47 z (16 days ago)
Seriously the song at 0:27 is lit
Fidan Esedova (16 days ago)
Salam necesen xala necesen xanim 😉😉😉🤔🤔🤔