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[GRAPHIC VIDEO] DASH CAM Footage Of Police Shootout - 5/6/18 in Casper

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Read about the incident here: http://k2radio.com/shootout-in-casper-leaves-an-officer-reportedly-wounded/ http://k2radio.com/latest-on-casper-police-shooting/ http://k2radio.com/details-in-casper-shooting-officer-shot-at-least-5-times/ Subscribe - http://bit.ly/Subscribe-To-K2Radio Visit Us - http://k2radio.com/ Like Us - https://www.facebook.com/k2radioKTWO Follow Us - https://twitter.com/k2radiowyo Get Our Newsletter - http://k2radio.com/newsletter/
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K2 Radio (9 months ago)
Read about the incident here: http://k2radio.com/shootout-in-casper-leaves-an-officer-reportedly-wounded/ http://k2radio.com/latest-on-casper-police-shooting/ http://k2radio.com/details-in-casper-shooting-officer-shot-at-least-5-times/
Alan Peterson (4 days ago)
American Indians sometimes refer to themselves as, "Sovereign Citizens." That's probably what this idiot was. He drank two cans of Bud Light and his brain started working backwards.
CAPTAIN SLAP A BITCH! (1 month ago)
funny how the fat pig ran down and shot him with 00 while he was already on the ground bleeding to death.. fuckin loser... hopefully he becomes a speed bump for a drunk driver... douche.....
James O (1 month ago)
Another gun-nutter dies by the gun ..
Luvquiltz 62 (3 months ago)
Those poor babies.
Buzzard (4 months ago)
I wanna know why this idiot was in charge of watching these kids....
Keller weskier (4 months ago)
what color was the suspect. white... FOX: And a man with Hispanic heritage, fires on police officers today- CNN: and police in a retaliation, in a gunfight this afternoon fired over 82 rounds at the gunman- Trump: if you look at Casper. it was horrible. these mexicans, iv heard. iv really heard. i was told. these mexicans are not allowed in this country. NRA: illegal? criminal? underage? who the fuck cares, here, try the new Glock 19X! Liberals: WTF America. were STILL dealing with this? Democrats: ill just stay out of this. Conservatives: Fucking Liberals, Fucking Democrats, Fucking Communist, Fucking Gays, Fucking Rights, Fucking blacks, Fucking mexicans, Fucking police, fuck you, and fuck the 1st amendment. Republicas: Wish i had my party back... Mars: HAHAHAHAHA
Keith Riter (5 months ago)
The quality is bad in this video cause most the time cops are pulling some bullshit on someone and they don't want evidence against them or there's.but in this video that piece of shit shooting with kids in the car got what he deserved.but I'm glad all worked out for the police these ones might be the one percent that are true police.
Gazoo (5 months ago)
2018...… Dashcam = 480p...…. WTF????
Tech Coyote (5 months ago)
0000 0000 (5 months ago)
Welcome to the wild, wild west!
0000 0000 (5 months ago)
Guy with PHONE says, "Well sons, no more ice cream with grampa! Stand over here ... let me get more pictures!"
mark cunliffe (5 months ago)
I wonder what tragic story has caused this.
Eder Aguilar (5 months ago)
It looks like it was recorded in 1993
Alex Regalado (5 months ago)
this looks like a 1990s recording!
James Paolilli (5 months ago)
Why is it when a cop is shot it’s graphic?
Israel Chavez (5 months ago)
You shure this wasnt filmed in the 80s?
george foshee (6 months ago)
Well we live in a Sovereign Nation under a Republic, with a Constitution and a bill o rights...Gee what would give those people the gaul to call them selfs sovereign, or Constitutionalest? Only NWO trained jack boot do this kind of policing.
newfie lad (6 months ago)
These poor kids ran in terror to the man and woman. They never really cared! They were more interested in the carnage and caring less if the kids were there or kept watching it. Maybe an insight of the mind of this family's history
Douglas. Eugene Morris (6 months ago)
Being cops you're not very smart lay down on the ground and shoot underneath the car to stop this man from shooting back at you
Dennis England (6 months ago)
This Coward Female cop should be dishonorably fired .She was a Coward and PLEASE do not tell me that shes a girl no shes suppose to be a cop. I noticed when the male officer was in battle she rolled up into a ball instead of crawling AROUND the front of the car and taking him out.And do not ask me what i would have done as i am a Army combat Veteran. So i already know what i would have done and it wouldnt have been to leave my wounded partner lay in the dirt while i was still curled up in a ball until the real cops showed up and dont you " THINK" that male officer wasn't Scared shitless? Or he was simply caught up in the surge of Battle.I hope and pray for that Brave officer and his Family . Was she FIRED? Or are to wait until shes called on again to show her yellow stain???
norigibson (4 months ago)
I agree with you. Some of them are fit for the job but I think about one out of four should be behind a desk. Bad situation, all around. Criminal vs. Buffoons. She could have shot him in the legs or feet.
k m (6 months ago)
If the POS complied, he couldve filed a lawsuit, possibly won a ton of dough..... either way he couldve generated tons of publicity for his "movement".
Roy Pegram (6 months ago)
well he hopes he is right... and he is in withN his right up to deadly force
Kevin M (6 months ago)
OK party people , that was 10 minutes of engaging Russian trolls, bitter cop haters with daddy absence issues, and THC addled keyboard tough guys in mommy's basement. !0 minutes, oops, now 12, of my life I'll never get back. I'm going to retire for the night with pleasant thoughts of using Hirams mouth as a depository and "John Wayne's butthole for a football kicking tee. All jokes aside, I love you all. Peace , love , and chicken grease.
norigibson (4 months ago)
Well put, Kevin. The ignorance is hard to fathom. Hiram will get his, pieces of shit usually do. Peace and Love.
08turboSS (6 months ago)
The people in this country are such a mess. They'd rather film things than save some one.
Kevin M (6 months ago)
BTW POS dad - nice prison tats.
Kevin M (6 months ago)
Do you people realize that if the kids weren't there that this never wouldve happened like this? Once this guy produced a gun and shot at officers they couldve unloaded all off their clips until they made this POS do the dirt nap? So to the father filming, here's a big FU POS! for being a pathetic POS loser who should not have children. You shouldnt even own goldfish.
Lance Jacobs (6 months ago)
Another Sovereign Citizen bites the Dust. These nutcases need to have their guns confiscated by police.
Scott Oiab (6 months ago)
Leave us alone! Or you will perish.
brizzx32 (6 months ago)
Wow suspect reached into his pockets first Cop totally clueless. Should get fired probably got his partner killed.
Justbn free (6 months ago)
Jesus, shot 5X! So thankful he survived and the kids. Great Uncle that puts his nephews in the middle of a shoot out :/ These Sovereigns can be soo dangerous and spreading like cancer
Flo Master (6 months ago)
_They can always duck, but they can't beat gravity. Get low and shoot under the car_
ponyboycurtis (6 months ago)
Is the female cop playing soccer with his head at 8:18 ?
Steve LeBlanc (6 months ago)
Heres the deal with cops..its their egos that escelate things they could have difused the situaion imediately knowing children were involved.this wasnt a rescue of children being harmed by a relative.this was cops being cops their way or no way.it could have been handled better. Use their heads not their balls.
rodeo o (6 months ago)
omg i thought this video was like from the 80's
TheKetsa (6 months ago)
Useless female partner... maybe they need to setup a two chaperons minimum for each female "cop".
AlphaDeltaXray (6 months ago)
Did this camera come with a Happy Meal or something?
Veezo TV (6 months ago)
Victor Santana (6 months ago)
Only policemen and law enforcing agents should be allowed to carry guns. Yes I know it would harm the NRA and gun sales in the USA but maybe we would live in peace with less tragic incidents or massacres.
Victor Santana (6 months ago)
Well then maybe Chicago police and other law enforcement departments should improve surveillance and crime prevention. Communities and neighbors can help by monitoring and being alert of suspicious activities. Parents and families must encourage their kids to stay in school, say no to drugs and participate in programs like BSA, Boy and Girls Club, YMCA, sports, etc. We must raise social values and education. All the porno and violence in movies ,TV series, internet should be restricted. If we provide equal access to jobs, education and health care we would probably have less crime. Is the lack of access to basic needs that creates leisure and mental illness. But the solution to deal with crime and violence is not accomplished by arming everyone or with open carry . It is sad that so many people can feel safe only when if they can reach a weapon. That is why fights and confrontations can end up in deaths.
BFT (6 months ago)
Victor, maybe you should do some research like Kevin suggested. Chicago and the state of Illinois have some of the most strict gun laws in the U.S. Yet Chicago has some of the highest shootings, homicides, gun related crimes anywhere in the entire U.S. So obviously strict laws aren't cutting it. Instead of criticizing the NRA and gun sales, why don't you give us a suggested remedy. The City of Chicago, and the entire nation would love to hear it. Put your thinking cap on. If you want to criticize, give us a viable solution. And I repeat "viable" because gun control and strict gun laws haven't cut it in Chicago. We, all the major cities in the U.S. can't wait to hear from you. Almost all tragic massacres have happened by people that had nothing to do with illegal gun purchasing/possessing , but rather a mental issue. So Mr. Expert, you tell us how to solve this.
Victor Santana (6 months ago)
What kind of research?
Kevin M (6 months ago)
You need to do some research.
A 2 Z (6 months ago)
Suspect had his right hand in his pocket. BIG warning sign.
robert comas (6 months ago)
40 and growing
Kelly Cleveland (6 months ago)
I'm not in law enforcement and I've already spotted 18- 20 mistakes your officer has critically made in the first 2 mins of this video , anywhere ranging from approaching the car as if they were family with car trouble. she parked 130 ft away from her cruiser. her protect. as well she positioned herself to close to car cutting off visual from suspect in car. she never asked both of them away from vehicle. the biggest mess ups i saw was no back up before approaching the car ,especially that far away. the last one took place at 2:03 into the video. I had to stop the video at that see again what you would probably would see the same thing. BIG NONO SHE COMPLETELY LOOKED AWAY FROM BOTH SUSPECTS. STUPID!!! . I spotted alot more in the 2:03 of this video. I Flat out hope you really use this video in rookie training call it "Posture and Protection Training" If you are a veteran please know if what saw is valet. IT really would be appreciated. thank you for your service.
george mesz (6 months ago)
another hore fucking a cop man has no famly
Laz Arus (6 months ago)
What a fucking messed up society you have in America with guns dumb as fuck everybody having guns it is the stupidest idea ever. Would not occur in the UK
xbrobeansx (6 months ago)
Which 90s episode of cops is this?
glh (6 months ago)
and, the children.
Kyle L. (6 months ago)
So very tragic that the children had to witness this, I am thankful they were unhurt and am thankful that the officer recovered from his wounds. This is a nasty world anymore and it seems to be getting worse.
Sergey sergey (6 months ago)
Полицейский поправился?
Mikkel Morten Rasmussen (6 months ago)
Atleast they shot that Animal!! He's NOT coming back 👍
Adrian Smith (6 months ago)
2018 and they recording with a potato 🙄
Mike Corey (6 months ago)
Glad the officer is okay, and the pos lowlife is dead.
John Peterson (7 months ago)
Wow. Idiots vs idiots. Cops suck, and sovereign citizens are complete tools. It’s a pity that anyone survived this encounter, excluding the children anyway. They were too young to decide which side of the fence to fall in with.
PHÜCKED' INDAHED (7 months ago)
I just saw that one of them was a woman ...... That explains everything . Disregard my last statements .... But let's go ahead and hire more for gender equality . That'll help
PHÜCKED' INDAHED (7 months ago)
Now just imagine if every civilian was trained and knew how to shoot ?? Cops would die by the dozens everyday . Train your fucking cops better and instead of just acting like tough assholes harassing regular innocent people , actually make them tough and teach em manners and communication skills . Then maybe this type shit won't happen as much . I've shot and been shot at . I've trained to suppress and kill the enemy . I've trained on cover and concealment . The main thing is I've trained on communication and learned how to not act like a pure high and mighty piece of shit with a badge . In this situation these cops should've never even made it to the opposite side of the car . It should've started and ended on the spot ... PERIOD . I have respect for real honest cops and law enforcement who doesn't think they're supermen with badges but the ones that do deserve an awakening . WHEN YOU ACT TOUGH AND UNTOUCHABLE EVENTUALLY YOU'LL GET TOUCHED .
PHÜCKED' INDAHED (7 months ago)
2 on 1 and they're hiding ??? We're they not taught cover and suppressive fire movements ? These guys wouldn't have made it overseas in my company . Fuckin pitiful
j livingston (7 months ago)
No matter how much you think you are being targeted by police officers under no circumstances do you draw a gun on the police. You will die! He may have even gotten a Stern talking to if he had no warrants. If you play stupid games you will win stupid prizes!!!
Mr Man (7 months ago)
The police should of youst told him becarful it's a small kid end of stories cop brought upon himself that act like hero's but their no don't feel bad for this cops story
bud lee (7 months ago)
Nope im not buying this new H1Z1 DLC looks boring
Philip Moore (7 months ago)
A Jesus the poor kids. Did you see them running as fast as they could. The smaller of the two was holding his ears. I really hope the kids are alright that’s all that matters
El de la Barba (7 months ago)
Fuck cops !!
ironblud (7 months ago)
A couple thoughts, I’ve seen this in multiple videos. There isn’t a lot of space under a car but there is enough to shoot under and get that asshole bleeding. The other thought is that you can shoot through cars. It may not be accurately but neither is playing the mole-smasher game.
rusty nuts (7 months ago)
and the world loses another sovereign citizen. lol
spaghettipark1 (7 months ago)
The cunt father coward was more worried about his phone then helping his kids..... sorry but ya gotta vote TRUMP
Dimitris Dim (7 months ago)
11:14 father video📱📹 stupid
Youssef Dirani (7 months ago)
2018 but quality looks 1999
G.O.D No G.O.D (7 months ago)
That police dept need to start a go fund me page so they can get new dash cams that don't look like they were filming the event using an 80's camcorder!
Earl Frazier (7 months ago)
That went from 0 to 60 very fast. That guy had his kids in the car too. Scary. Glad the officer made it out alive and no lasting medical problems. Incidents like that tend to stay with you. Stay safe and alert on all stops. The lady officer seemed to have had her hands full with the shooter. No sense administering aid and the guy walk up on her and start shooting.
george acker (7 months ago)
wow 2 little kids in the back
Mike Wimberly (7 months ago)
They must have out of date video player. For that happened on May 6 2018.
Clinton Pough (7 months ago)
Cop with the heavy artillery came and took care of business. 👍👮
Seth Oakes (8 months ago)
GRAPHIC VIDEO!! Yeah maybe if it wasn't filmed with a fucking potato.
TATTOO VAMPIRE1966 (8 months ago)
Jump Scare at 11:06... lol
Luvstruck (8 months ago)
Bottom line here is the bad guy is dead. Hope the officer makes a speedy and complete recovery.
Josette McWhirt (8 months ago)
The TRUE victims here are those sweet children. That little boy holding his ears all the way to the arms of safety, breaks my heart. Some people have no business being parents.
Clorox bleach 1288 (8 months ago)
2 days after my birthday
Bobby Raye (8 months ago)
This POS fought the law and the law won. The world will be a better/safer place without this animal.
Kevin M (6 months ago)
kens32052 (8 months ago)
Sure are a lot of Trolls watching this video. The people bad mouthing the cops will be the first to cry for help when they are getting their ass kicked.
Robert Shaffer (8 months ago)
stupid ass
Kevin McClintock (8 months ago)
Another loony liberal shooter
The Sun Will Rise Again (8 months ago)
The first cop had the physique of a semi obese woman. How can they let women like this be cops?
American lies (8 months ago)
Poor babies bless them
American lies (8 months ago)
Thank God up the kids are okay
ROCKO633 (8 months ago)
what was Graphic ?? I didnt see anything or hear anything,..Not one drop of blood nothing?? just distorted video of people shooting at each other nothing is in clear detail
Raoul Cruz (8 months ago)
When the guy moves back at 3:12 to keep both cops in front really made me edgy. Cops looks like he kicks the dirt in an 'aw, shucks man' gesture. I guess with the kids in the car, they didn't think this guy would do anything really stupid.
Raoul Cruz (8 months ago)
By the way, is the dude talking on his phone?
Greg McCarthy (8 months ago)
How could those three pixels shoot that innocent pixel like that? What is wrong with this world?
Marshal Dillon (8 months ago)
Why do people put kids in these situations? I feel so sorry for these babies! May God bless those little fellows!
james heyer (8 months ago)
Come on citizens, you cant be a sovereign citizen, only police qualify for that.
Dman 1 (8 months ago)
Respect to the cops! Why would you confront a person who having a moment with his nephew. He was driving in a big open field and was probably having fun. You walked up to him and freaked him out so he responded like any dog out in the streets who fear for his life...
John Rencheck (9 months ago)
What is wrong with these fucking people 3 and 6 yrs old he's a sovereign fucking moron I'm glad this idiot is dead imagine years of those kids being around this fuckhead and those parents aren't much better either for allowing this insanity
Barret Norcross (9 months ago)
Barret Norcross (9 months ago)
Barret Norcross (9 months ago)
Venom (9 months ago)
Which pixel is supposed to be graphic?
H. Mikael (9 months ago)
Suspect was guilty from the very beginning. His body language didn't lie. All of us, can we just stop being unlawful & blaming the police for our problems!?
Leighton Elliott (9 months ago)
Why they don't shoot the bastid from underneath the car is beyond me.
pete perkins (9 months ago)
Nothing wrong with letting kids steer a car. He was not in traffic, in what looks like an empty parking lot. The officers brought this on by being assholes.
Keller weskier (4 months ago)
When you get a call of someone driving in a dirt lot, or just see it. as a police officer, it is your JOB your DUTY. to investigate to make sure everything is alright. and thats genrally what happen. starts with the lights, then a hello, step out of the car, what you doin?, okay... uh why you so jiddery?. why you stepping away, im trying to talk with you, your making me nervous, just want to know what your doing, come here. stop, what are you doing, keep your hands away from your hips. hey. HEY! GUN! *gets shot 5 time*
Kevin M (6 months ago)
You should represent JSN - Jerry Springer Nation.
psycho_012000 (9 months ago)
Sorry I feel bad the male officer was shot but at the same time why was he trying to flank him for something as simple as letting a kid turn the wheel when he was still in control of the car on a vacant lot that's fenced in no less not like he was giving the kid the key and saying here u go 2 point I would like to bring up why did the male officer get physical with him anyways no reason for that it wasn't necessary at all and 3rd point I would like to bring up in defence of the father we all have the right to defend our selves when assaulted by anyone there are even laws on the matter there are even laws against unlawful arrest as well stating u can resist it by any means necessary look it up people and educate yourself on the matter then watch the video again
castanza128 (6 months ago)
Probably something like "WHOA WHOA WHOA! Why are you trying to take my gun? I didn't do anything!"
Kevin M (6 months ago)
douche canoe, can you let us know what the sovereign citizen was SAYING to the officer, since you seem to somehow know this.
SPACE GIMP (9 months ago)
wow those cops are amazing ...praying for that officer and his family
Chuck Schick (9 months ago)
Yeah we went to the moon in the 60’s and 50 years later we get the same video quality.