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Rare! Boeing 777 Breathtaking Late Go Around!

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Follow me on Facebook: One Hundred, Fifty, Fourty, Thirty, Twenty... and go around! The airplane was only 20 ft over the runway before going around. A very rare sight here in Martinique. HD1080p available. ABOUT THE VIDEO: Airline: Air France Aircraft: Boeing 777-328ER Registration: F-GZNF Flight No: AF3552 Destination: Fort-de-France - Aimé Césaire Int'l (TFFF, FDF) Origin: Paris Orly (LFPO, ORY) Time of departure: 1.34 pm (4 min late) Time of arrival to the gate: 4.40 pm (45 min late) Flight duration: 8h30 Seat: 43L Flight Level: FL380 Camera: Nikon D3100 + Nikkor 18-55 VR Lens Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (181)
MJ Music (25 days ago)
Why did he have to quit the landing
Robert Allen (2 months ago)
Any reason why the pilot decided to go almost verticle?
The Phoenix (8 months ago)
Dang, what an angle
David Baker (10 months ago)
not rare happens everyday world wide its life deal with got the price one for two on landing
Stanislav Zolotarev (1 year ago)
a little bit too high, it seemed that he overruned at least half the runway. of course toga power
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (1 year ago)
Not that much for sure, I'd say a quarter, but still enough to go around. Thanks for your comment!
Riad riad (1 year ago)
Cest af ou pas
Matthias Schneider (1 year ago)
Netherlands cannot play footbal, they cannot land very well and by the way, go buy A380 now!!
Bill Meacham (1 year ago)
I see the French plane is just like the French people, it only takes a bath once a month. And he probably had a sudden tail wind hence the go around
FALCON S (1 year ago)
I love 777
FALCON S (1 year ago)
Over speed landing aborted .
ツSynik (1 year ago)
You can always go around
PASDEE (1 year ago) first I thought this must be another simulator-clickbait-video :-D
Meny Speyer (1 year ago)
Those engines though
John Justjohn (1 year ago)
air france haha...i would fly air france now, i dont have family yet and i dont care about my life.. but with kids and wife and family ... absolutely no way i would fly with air would be very irresponsible from me...i would want to be alive for them...but foe now i ll fly kurdukistan airlines, kongo airways, bumbaka shaka.airlines, and colombia airlines on 737 who had last maintance in 2015. and whose crew doesn't even know what stall is..
Gage (1 year ago) the opening seconds his RH ailerons are deflected up for a long time. Hard to believe that the aircraft isn't rolling to the right. I can only guess that he is fighting a cross wind and the aileron deflection is being offset by....what?....rudder? Is this what it looks like when the yaw damper is doing it's job? Pilots, WHY isn't this 777 rolling with so much upward aileron deflection? The RH outboard aileron in particular has relatively a LOT of upward deflection for being in wings level flight.
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (1 year ago)
You're right. But in the video the ailerons and flaperons are not in their neutral position. I've flown the 777 many times and these are not their neutral positions. You can also compare with other wing views on Youtube. Flaperons and ailerons are always deflected up on final, but not that much usually. If you look at the wing during the approach on another of my videos (same a/c, F-GZNF), you'll see that the control surfaces are out of their neutral position and that there's an offset.
Wendigo127 (1 year ago)
I don’t fly 777s, but it could just be part of all the engineering magic that goes into extending flaps. It returns to its regular neutral position once the flaps are raised. I’ve never flown a complex aircraft that didn’t have a flap interconnect for changing how the flight controls respond to stick inputs and the neutral position of the flight control surfaces once extended. Also, just because surface winds are light doesn’t mean there aren’t strong pattern winds, especially around large bodies of water. Winds can be 50 knots faster going totally different direction just 500 ft agl.
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (1 year ago)
If you find anything let us know! But for sure, it was not normal at all. I took the 777 many times and I've never ever seen the flaperon in such a position. Actually, you've surely already noticed it, the 777's outer ailerons are always deflected up on final (although not that much normally). But not the flaperon. I'll do a little research as well, I'm very curious about it!
Gage (1 year ago)
Holy cow....thank you very much. That's very interesting. I have access to the maintenance manual, although I don't work on 777s very often. I'll read the D&O (Description and Operation) of the aileron system and find out if that could be a normal condition. I doubt it though. Was it a short flight? If it was a very short flight it's possible that their fuel balance might account for such a configuration. Thanks again for the info.
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (1 year ago)
The ailerons have had this "offset" position for the entire flight actually. I don't know why, so if there's a pilot or engineer reading this, I would love an explanation as well. And there was no crosswind that day ;)
Crazy Tempo (1 year ago)
Steven Coffone (1 year ago)
Someone didn't finish their beverage, so the go around was to allow the beverage to be fully consumed. Yes, that is correct. I was the co-pilot on this flight. We received word that a passenger was drinking a Diet Coke and wanted to finish it, so we did a go around at our request to ATC and while the net cost was approx. an additional $15,000 US to the airline, we must let all passengers have the enjoyment of Coca Cola.
Srananbloke (1 year ago)
Ach en wee, Nederlanders...
Stuart Hatto (1 year ago)
not rare, not breathtaking, quite regular if you fly for long enough
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (1 year ago)
Not so rare for big airports, but for some places like Martinique (in the video), it does not happen every day (not even once a month)
Bram Panneman (1 year ago)
Hahaha magnifique
flygwada971 (1 year ago)
Si proche du sol en effet c’est rare de voir un Go Around a moins d’un danger imminent, ou de windshear tu as demandé aux pilotes en débarquant quelle était la raison...??
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (1 year ago)
Rien de tout cela! Piste libre et pas de windshear. Youtrein spottait mon avion à ce moment là et m'a confirmé qu'il n'y avait rien de particulier à signaler. L'arrondi a sans doute été un peu long ?
Moonstruck Exploring (1 year ago)
I've flown in this type of situation once on a 777 go around in Portland Oregon. It was foggy and the tower neglected to tell the pilot that there was another aircraft on the runway that we were landing on. At the last second, the pilot sees the other passenger jet and performs the go around. That was the only close call I had with two years of flying every week.
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (1 year ago)
Fore sure that made the news. Could have been catastrophic and resulted in hundreds of deaths... Thankfully the pilots have been reactive enough
justasurfer (1 year ago)
Wow honey, that vacation just flew by!
smf333 (1 year ago)
From the looks of it he was landing long so a good idea to bin it and go around.
Stev971 (1 year ago)
C'est très rare les go around aux Antilles comme ça 👌🏾 j'ai jamais vécu ça
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (1 year ago)
J'ai eu beaucoup de chance!
madmaxxxxxxxxxx (1 year ago)
Thumb up for the sound!
Jason Howell (1 year ago)
Wow that 777's got a lot of power... It jumped back up to altitude like it was no big deal.
wizbang68 (1 year ago)
Looked like a missed approach, he got some late updraft so just went around.
Na5iR11 (1 year ago)
Did they say why they went around?
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (1 year ago)
They said there was an aircraft on the runway, which was not true at all. A friend of mine was spotting at the same time and told me the runway was totally free. They just did not want to tell the passengers they flared a little too much and missed the approach ;)
Kid Vicious (1 year ago)
They get two landings for the price of one lol.
Gin Weston (1 year ago)
Right when you’re feeling disappointed because your flight has ended et voila, you get another take off thrown in for free. Gotta love the French.
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (1 year ago)
LOL exactly! Who would refuse 30 more minutes ? Thanks for your comment!
MTNR Aviation (1 year ago)
Wow! That was a really late go around.
sevenhornets (1 year ago)
Nearly full right aileron on the way in. Heavy crosswind based on the control inputs...
Benjamin Robert (1 year ago)
@Fernousdu972 HD Aviation Just the fly-by-wire behavior to help the aircraft slow down when above targeted speed in situations when slowing down can be difficult. In this case flaperons and outter ailerons on both wings will deflect up. By the way that's probably the reason for the go-around, they were too fast and unable to get speed-stabilized. You can also notice this kind of strange flaperon behavior on take-off. Flaperons going up during the start of the take-off roll before going down to its natural position regarding the flaps configuration.
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (1 year ago)
Actually no. The right aileron + flaperon have been in this bizarre position (up deflection) for nearly all the flight. Idk why. Logically it was the same on the left wing for obvious reasons, but I've always wondered why. Look at other Boeing 777 wingviews in final approach, you'll see. And trust me, the wind was not stronger than normal that day.
marshalllucky (1 year ago)
always these plaine driver he has forget his senwishes :-O
Rehan Ul Haq (1 year ago)
tHIS 777 IS ALWAYS AWESOME! Very late go around, just inches above the tarmac!
WhereHeroesDies (1 year ago)
that is what I call a roar, simply astonishing.
Christian Haugaard (1 year ago)
Ive tried this twice. The second time was last summer in Billund ( DEN) and it was the most unpleasant because it was during heavy rain and you could not see the ground because of poor visibility
gibbyh65 (1 year ago)
pt4m (1 year ago)
That's why i love the triple 7.....instant power, instant plane reaction.....full power, boom we 're out of here!!!!! +1
James Stone (1 year ago)
From 20ft to 3,000 in about 35 sec.
Jason Cavitt (2 years ago)
The pilot just couldn't resist punching those monster engines once more before calling it a day, and frankly, who can blame him?
jslfc S (2 years ago)
Whoooaa...Magnifique...!!! LOL.
TechTog (2 years ago)
Rare? Breathtaking? Your breath must be very easily taken.
Sam Hill (2 years ago)
Not really breathtaking but ok...
Christopher Escott (2 years ago)
HOLY CRAP. That was the closest to landing and then aborting I've ever seen. Runway incursion perhaps.
Altabasol Office (1 year ago)
Marcelo seems another jet crossing
Marcelo DB (1 year ago)
incredible these days, I mean no apparent storm, wind or low visibility
ryanhaart (1 year ago)
Looks like they way overshot the runway threshold and still floating 1/4 to 1/3 down the runway. Flight crew did the right thing, decided not to take any risks and go around.
knightlypopeye (1 year ago)
Sir Christopher been on a Alaska airlines flight that was maybe 20 ft then go around was first time I ever been in go around on a pax flight. But it was eh oh well feeling.
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (2 years ago)
Nope. Just a missed approach ;)
fulldriver24 (2 years ago)
I translate : " Ladies & gentlemen here your captain, we had to uh...go around because the final was busy, thank you "
thunder 123 (2 years ago)
So vertical
Lee’s Aviation (2 years ago)
The Best Friends (2 years ago)
They are coming in pretty fast
George G (2 years ago)
They decided to give you another free ride😂😂😂
Gianluca Badejo (2 years ago)
The plane is filthy ! Air France planes are representitive of the international stereotype of Frenchmen !
vegasjill21 (2 years ago)
She says" Thank you for coming" lol THAT would have freaked me out!!
Aerospaceperson 110 (2 years ago)
Sooooo... whatever was the cause of the EXTREMELY late go-around?
Daan (2 years ago)
Too long flare
이름성 (2 years ago)
I don't know what's the reason
Dev_Mirak (2 years ago)
oh no excuse me is just a go around :) : .
Dev_Mirak (2 years ago)
is not a go around is just a abord you know what im say?
andrew lane (2 years ago)
Not much of a big deal. not sure where the late go aground is. looks like a standard missed approach and go arround
almafuertegmailcom (1 year ago)
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation Indeed. In fact, I'd say anything below minimums is "late", but this is a particularly late go around. Just amazing.
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (2 years ago)
When you're just 20 ft above the the runway and just a few seconds before touchdown, it's a late go around ;)
Bohdan Kovalchuk (2 years ago)
And what was the reason for going around?
J A (1 year ago)
Floating above the runway for too long ... the float is produced by all wings close to the ground and sometimes due to wind or angle of attack, it goes a bit too far down and over the runway and if there's not much runway left ... its a go around.
PILOT777| Lucas Muller (1 year ago)
feralferret The landing flare also referred to as the round out is a maneuver or stage during the landing of an aircraft
feralferret (1 year ago)
What is flare?
First Last (1 year ago)
Far too much useless runway behind the A/C.
Bohdan Kovalchuk (2 years ago)
Got it! Thnx, man ;-)
kapottespatiebalk (2 years ago)
Wished i was onboard at that moment!!
Sergio Sergano (2 years ago)
Magnifuck!! Maaagnifuck!!
News that matter (2 years ago)
That was a steep go around! Those engines are impressive.
bobby68ify (2 years ago)
where is this destination?
bobby68ify (2 years ago)
Thank you.
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (2 years ago)
Fort-de-France, Martinique, FWI
Burgess Ronald (2 years ago)
That's a very steep climb out shiiit
Bolino (3 years ago)
Hahahahah that Dutch woman in the background "Als ie het nou maar redt ... ... wat is dit?"
Peter Ellison (3 years ago)
Is that normally how a 777 climbs? Seemed very steep
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (3 years ago)
Normally it can't be so steep but here it was the end of the flight, there is almost no fuel left so it is much lighter ;)
Peter Ellison (3 years ago)
Well put... Magnifique
Cora Hale (3 years ago)
I just love how the Dutch people are screaming: "What is going on?", "I looks like the pilot isn't going to tell us what's going on!" And the French guy is just sitting there like: "Magnifique". Lol.
Gaming Party (4 months ago)
Well thanks. I am qart netherlands but i dont scream when an abort. I should think: more flight time extra takeoff extra approach and extra landing! :)
&w (8 months ago)
@maespip She said "he's not saying it in English"
&w (8 months ago)
@aerodaan which is what we complain about :)
reverse thrust (1 year ago)
kapottespatiebalk Agreed! The cunt is actually a nipple cuz she ain’t big enough to be a boob.
John Sluder (1 year ago)
Cora Hale they aren't screaming. Good Lord you just wanted attention
FSX master (3 years ago)
The plane was so fast for landing
Censtudios (3 years ago)
Amazing sound? Dude, it's clipping so hard.... Good thing you're no audio engineer, you'd be fired for calling that amazing xD But nice go around. I wonder what happened
Gianluca Badejo (2 years ago)
It came over the radio that all Air France pilots landing in Martinique would be subject to a wash in soap and water. Obviously, soap is Kryptonite to a Frenchman !
Capt Rankin (3 years ago)
Censtudios no
Censtudios (3 years ago)
Jordan Mad?
Capt Rankin (3 years ago)
Censtudios your mom
Gary Chittick (3 years ago)
breathtaking? 🙈
Tripple 7 (3 years ago)
Endiath (3 years ago)
That dutch people in the background haha
Clickbait Hunter (3 years ago)
I tried riding a plane with rare go around 2 times with 777-300er and 3 times with 747-800
Oliver Lavelle (3 years ago)
Think this is what happened to #EK251 - only wind shear caused the plane to stall, and hit the runway after gear was retracted
JonT (3 years ago)
Wow, the power in that thing is just ridiculous.
Nate N (3 years ago)
It's the worst when that happens. So close!
WildlifeObsessed (3 years ago)
Can anyone actually enlighten us with any Info on Why this happened ..... ? Just curious.
Dr. Zoidberg (3 years ago)
A/C on the R/W? ...U.F.B.
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (3 years ago)
Shorter way for Aircraft
WildlifeObsessed (3 years ago)
+Fernousdu972 HD Worldwide Travels What on earth is an A/C .... ?
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (3 years ago)
I forgot to mention it in the description. A friend of mine was spotting the plane and told me what seems to be the real reason. The pilot said it was due to an a/c on the runway...
WildlifeObsessed (3 years ago)
@Fernousdu972 HD Worldwide Travels - Thank you so much for the time and trouble in replying in such precise and lengthy detail. Appears you know lots about Planes, Flying and Aviation, in general.
Thisizmyname (4 years ago)
That can't be a very good feeling for people who have no idea what's going on
David Baker (10 months ago)
once you board a aircraft and it takes off its mother nature that takes over. winds storms etc... list goes on.... your in the air anything can happen without any notice its called mother nature
Matthew Champagne (1 year ago)
Happened to me once landing in a snowstorm at night. Really bumpy approach and I just wanted to be on the ground haha
Chris LQ (1 year ago)
The crew explained it in French on the intercom.
Napoleon Blownapart (4 years ago)
its incredible how massively over-powered commercial jet planes are... as they should be in case of one engine failure
dufonrafal (1 year ago)
They have the power to take off at full load with an engine failure. Here it has both engine and is firly light since it's an arrival (not much fuel left in it). So yeah, it can climb!
Smart Vibes (1 year ago)
So it's amazing just how much surplus power these aircraft have if required. But they are certainly NOT overpowered. Overpowered might be used in a scenario where the engines tear the wings off when used a full thrust.
Dani Rico (4 years ago)
Haha a few minutes more to have a drink ;-) (Was that engine a GE90?)
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (4 years ago)
@Dani Rico GE90 indeed! ;)
Jack Keville (4 years ago)
I have a Video Similar to this, if you would like to check it out on my channel -
Victorien Braut (4 years ago)
Super vidéo ! Le pilote a quand même un peu abusé sur l'inclinaison !! Il ne faut pas dépasser 20 degré généralement
Malik Clarke (4 years ago)
@Kr3aMo1 He/She used the right ailerons for the entire approach. It seems as if they had some strong winds coming in from the right... and man that was a steep climb!!
Malik Clarke (4 years ago)
@ebksb123 Sounds legitimate :) It's a learning process
ebksb123 (4 years ago)
+Malik Clarke Nothing to do with the wind. Usually the flaperon moves down according to the flaps position, but in case the plane is on final approach ( flaps 25/30 ), the flaperon moves up when the actual speed is above the computed approach speed to decrease lift. This results in a more normal angle of attack. Otherwise, the pilots would have to push the nose down too much to achieve the required rate of descent. And you don't want to land with nose gear first ;) You can see the flaperon behaving normally again at 1:55 when the plane is going around and flaps are retracted to 20.
Malik Clarke (4 years ago)
@FERNOUSDU972 HD Aviation Videos Ohh Okay...  :)
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (4 years ago)
@Malik Clarke You're totally right but on that a/c the ailerons have been a little up from neutral position all the flight long. I think they have a little problem on that one :-)
Malik Clarke (4 years ago)
@FERNOUSDU972 HD Aviation Videos I really don't think so.. Why? Those inboard ailerons (flaperons) goes down at the same time the flaps go down So whatever position the flaps are in, that would be the aileron's default position. And if you look at those same ailerons after climbout, you will see that they went down ( went into the neutral flap down) position. The OB aileron also confirms this as they were UP!  Disagree? :)
Aviation HB (5 years ago)
woah that go around is steeeeep, i mean look at it from 2:12
No Name (1 month ago)
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation still TOGA only guves you the necessary amount of thrust, unless you press it two times and turn the aircraft into a rocket ship.
Zeys Gaming (1 year ago)
Aviation HB i
Fernousdu972 HD Aviation (4 years ago)
+Aviation HB Very steep indeed, because the plane is not heavy anymore as it has burned almost all its fuel :)
Aviation HB (4 years ago)
ok thats....true but i mean very steep compared to other go around and takeoffs
Aymerik ABOSO (5 years ago)
Puré cette remise des gaz... waw... L'avion devait être dans un voisinage de 30° de cabré je pense...
Rishi Chana (5 years ago)
Woah that AOT in the Go around :0
Frankfurt Airport Spotter (6 years ago)
Excellent Video :) I also have a Spotting Channel. If you like you can visit me and when you like the Videos you can comment it and maybe you also can subscribe me ! I would be verry Happy. Nice regards from FRA Fanpage
François MULLER (6 years ago)
Je vois cette avion faire c'est finale tous les jours. Je l'entend démarrer de chez moi tous les jours. Très impressionnant a entendre.
Thierry Louisrose (6 years ago)
J'ai vécu la même chose mais avec air caraibes par mauvais temps. C'est impressionnant la puissance qu'on ressent
Nico Roz (6 years ago)
Puissant les 777
Les Photos de JCB TV & Aviation Videos (6 years ago)
Magnifique :)
Kembis971 (6 years ago)
Tant que la tour ne lui a pas donné l'ordre de remettre les gaz, il continue son approche :), la tour pensait surement que ça allait passé ! Dommage pr eux !
beeeneee (6 years ago)
even rarer is the fact that airfrance practices go-around, usually, being AirFrance, they just crash in the floor
fly noox (6 years ago)
airfabio (6 years ago)
C'est curieux! Il n'a vu pas avant que la piste était occupée? Par un autre avion je pense, et il était clair, pas nuit. :O
Benjamin jean daniel Arstand (6 years ago)
bizarre l'avion commençait bien son atterrissage et puis le pilote il à dit quoi j'ai juste entendu le mot gaz
EVTS (6 years ago)
C'est surtout un 777 ne jamais le sous estimer ;)
elgege972 (6 years ago)
DeltaEagle7700 (6 years ago)
Pretty rare indeed! Lucky capture!
MrRoroazol (6 years ago)
Cette vidéo est juste splendide ! :o