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Shocking FedEx Delivery Fails [Super Cut Compilation]

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99.99% of the time FedEx does a great job but every now and then they get busted on camera not taking care of your deliveries.
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Lisa DeRolf (7 days ago)
fedex sucks,I live in williston,fla,my package made it to ocala fla 32 miles from my house,so they sent it to Orlando fla 165 mile away,after being in ocala for over 24 hrs, well,my pacage is still in orlando, fedex you suck!!!!!
Fire Mario (18 days ago)
what la the music please it's really funny to hear this with this crazy guys delivers
ぴろまつ (30 days ago)
It's funny, but it's terrible.
Dickweed Dickweed (1 month ago)
I don't blame them, you see all these office workers and shit makin $50 an hour but then industrial workers and factory drivers and shit make like $10-$15 an hour
Asole Hem (21 days ago)
It's not like people are getting payed 7.25 though, $10-$15 is an alright price for the job in my opinion, I would rather be doing actual work, and get paid for it than just sitting around all day, and get paid $50 because that would be too boring, and depressing for my taste but that's just me
Michael Anderson (1 month ago)
i ordered a folding shopping cart fed ex said they delivered it but i never saw it they don't ring or knock on your door and my apartment complex has a rule that all packages are to be left at their office if persons are not home yet Fed Ex can't be bothered to follow the rules I ordered a mattress sent Fed Ex it was at my door this morning no knock or ring my phone # is on the package that is why so many packages are lost or stolen. UPS and USPS always knock or leave at office if no answer.
mario lopez (1 month ago)
definitivamente ya no contratare a fedex cuando vaya a comprar o vender
Echtvergoldet (2 months ago)
bubsies jensen (3 months ago)
a package i ordered in the same state, which city was an hour and a half away form me, will be delivered in 8 days....
The Vick (3 months ago)
I work for FedEx I can't believe that these guys are doing this. FIRED!
ONE PIECE (3 months ago)
これはネタ動画じゃないのか? 日本だと考えられない行為。 こんなのやっただけで、TVのニュースで叩かれ、SNSで虐められ、働く場所がなくなり、最後は自殺に追い込まれる
Lee Henry (3 months ago)
might get fed ex to deliver my next baby they seem competent and clearly care a great deal about delivering excellent service
The Vick (3 months ago)
Lee Henry lmao! I work for FedEx man this is so crazy just look at
Elmario (3 months ago)
мда... а кто-то еще почту России ругает...
Trillevant (4 months ago)
rip, i have a laptop coming in today from fedex lol
Ryze (4 months ago)
polishprinsezz (5 months ago)
I see a arrow in ex
defa_LT 2 (3 months ago)
And you're not the first.
Dog Wood (5 months ago)
It's not just their drivers, the stupidity and ineptitude goes all the way to the top. I had a $5,000 claim against them and even though they paid it, I found out they care more about these fucked up drivers than they do about their customers. I don't see how this company makes any money. Just today, after the FOURTH attempt to deliver a package, the driver still has not seen the note I left on my door asking him to put the box in the garage, ten feet away. They are contractors and they don't drug test.
Asole Hem (21 days ago)
This why I would rather buy electronics, and fragile things from locacl places instead because of nightmares like these
Jeon1958able (5 months ago)
lolz not even people in China deliver like this.
Spudly (5 months ago)
Lmfao as someone who works for a "mail" company... if you think it's bad how they deliver/offload a package, you would hate to see the other 99% of the shipping process. Ignorance is bliss I guess. Lmao.
Kelvin nivleK (6 months ago)
These people doesn't even care about their service and the products. They deserved to be fired.
tripjet999 (6 months ago)
"Shocking FedEx Delivery Fails..."  what? What does it "fail," since, of course, "fail" is a VERB, not a noun.
Meredith Askins (6 months ago)
Quit if you don't like your job.
אילת חן (7 months ago)
חברת המשלוחים הגרועה בעולם.
pen independent7 (7 months ago)
Also some of the employees/drivers ( could be contractors or the company itself) also intimidate,harass and bully people it doesn't like, I would know since they try to do this to me in many cities.
Marcelino Sanders (7 months ago)
NO MATTER WHAT kind carrier you pick UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS. They still will throw packages like crazy inside the plant operation, trust me. They would throw your $3000 camera 30 feet deep then throw 5000 pound package to smash on your $3000 camera. An item must be packed and secured well to able absorb any pressure on an item.
Vortexinator Thomson (7 months ago)
Did anyone notice that there's and arrow in between the E and the X? 😂
どん どん (7 months ago)
雑な仕事は処理に時間がかかり労力を無駄にするだけ。 日本人が列を作る理由はこれで、揉め事起きると並ぶよりも時間かかるリスクを嫌うからだ。 要するに損得勘定できる程度の教育をしろってこった。
Your Antichrist 666 (7 months ago)
I get it your job sucks you have to pay for literally everything like a pizza driver but you don't have to be a complete dick and throw shit. if you don't like your job get a fuckin new one
MartyTheAussie (7 months ago)
Is it any wonder the FedEx plane with Tom Hanks aboard crashed lol
UNTAKEN_ KING (8 months ago)
UnicornBoy cookie (8 months ago)
if i work at fedex i would do a better job -_-
Salvada Fakovic (8 months ago)
Who notices between Ex an arrow
defa_LT 2 (3 months ago)
Pretty much everybody.
RainbowMiner2004 (8 months ago)
It's meant to be like that, signifying the travel of things.
universetwisters (9 months ago)
Of course FedEx drivers do a poor job at anything. I'd be pretty mad too if I was hired as a """""contractor""""" and had to provide my own van, pay a bunch for mandatory branding & GPS equipment for aforementioned van I had to buy out of my own pocket, etc.
Asole Hem (21 days ago)
Get another job, plane, and simple, you didn't have to do anything
Leggo. (4 months ago)
if you cant do the job then dont do it
Ralts Greener (9 months ago)
Deen Kaakour (9 months ago)
FedEx is the fucking worst. They can't deliver for shit
Mac S (10 months ago)
Must be a shitty company to work for if its employees don't take pride in their job. Either way tho.......find a different job if you hate it so much you don't want to do it properly.
Steboys (10 months ago)
This is why I moved to ups
WINE (10 months ago)
Rádio Line (10 months ago)
i eu pensando que acontecia isso só no correios do Brasil
Shika Miku (10 months ago)
this is how pewds golden play button broke
Fight On Cam (10 months ago)
exactly jajajja :D
Nazifa Karim (11 months ago)
the FedEx logo has an arrow in it
Brent0285 (11 months ago)
i work for Fedex. please what ever you do dont ship anything through them they will throw,kick,punch,karate kick. your shit its sad
The Infidel (2 months ago)
as someone who works for the competition for 15 years...i can tell you.. Its like that EVERYWHERE on local trucks , why? Because they are treated like Dogs, are exploited , have too many deliveries and get shit pay,work too Long, get no pay for overtime etc etc, They are employees of SUBCONTRACTORS and not employees of fedex. This form of workforce exploitation in the kep industry has been going on for at least 2 decades and is getting rampantly worse globally. Also if you pay shit , overwork your workforce and offer no benefits only the most desperate and often also totally reckless People will take that Job. You get what you pay for...and the shippers demand low Prices no matter what, so the spiral goes downwards.
Tamahagane (9 months ago)
any reason why?
Yoda Edits (9 months ago)
I just started at FedEx uk and it is almost like the guy in the truck just throwing the boxes
ᑭɛɬıɬє ᴹᴬᴷᴺᴬᴱ (11 months ago)
I find that funny yet disappointing at the same time. What's up with people
Freddie Mercury (1 year ago)
SUI cidal (1 year ago)
This got to be a joke. Are they just dumb and think nothing will happen or just don't give a damn fuck. I despise them either way.
SKYHAWK (5 months ago)
SUI cidal sadly it's the contractors that drive the Vans not actually employees of FedEx.
Jens Larsson (1 year ago)
The one where he kicks the package up on the roof was fake, right?
xXMaster GamerXx (7 months ago)
StormShadowGFX (1 year ago)
Don't worry... I'll replace the Fedex humans with robots.... Then you'll get your packages safe and sound. Then I'll replace you with robots. MUhahhaaaaa!
DC rox (1 year ago)
+StormShadowGFX Great comment ,too funny!
ripcurl010 (1 year ago)
minimum wage at its best
Icewind007 (10 months ago)
+israel reyes Yeah, and nearing basically 18-20 an hour for good ones at a lot of restaurants. This is with tips calculated in
israel reyes (10 months ago)
+Icewind007 like 10.50 for beginners
Icewind007 (1 year ago)
+ripcurl010 No, they get paid pretty well actually... Just bad workers.
Dzintars Straupe (1 year ago)
expensive and not safe?
Jared Armbruster (1 year ago)
I hate when the guy throws the computer monitor. You can't do that because the LCD is to fragile.
SUI cidal (1 year ago)
+Jared Armbruster (Jayrod64) That's the problem? THE FUCKING PROBLEM is, you SHOULD not handle ANY SORT of package like that.
Simon Madception (1 year ago)
x gon deliver to ya!
ANBERG (1 year ago)
Похуже почты России
Rσүαle dejdmlvr (1 year ago)
sue for 3ooo
뚜벅뚜벅 (1 year ago)
haha.... fun~
Ms. Gaga (1 year ago)
R u kidding me!? I just ordered a package from Fedex
StrategyJoe (8 months ago)
He probably is still waiting for it.
ralphyolder (1 year ago)
Are you satisfied of your delivery?
solar pinya (1 year ago)
Mark Chaplin (1 year ago)
What part of 'hold at depot' don't they understand?
Calvin25X (1 year ago)
Fedex is the only company that lost my packages. I've had delayed services and returned merchandise but these crooks are the worst.. I call customer service only to find they are no more reliable than going to their website to check the status.. I have had failed delivery attempts, drivers going to wrong addresses and lying about nobody being home then getting blamed and told it's my fault for their screw ups. For a company that hires minorities who get good benefits and are protected should at least train their employees and kick out whomever they deem not fit for the job.
3 Hundred (11 months ago)
+Calvin25X lmao minorities? blow me up
spec24 (1 year ago)
+QuantumPowerX2 No question. FedEx is the worst.
A Smith (1 year ago)
what was the background music plz tell me :-C
KubiK (1 year ago)
+Andi Smith idk it's from incompetech.com
Kimberly Rendon (1 year ago)
I'll stick with UPS...
Wft32540 (2 months ago)
LOL as if UPS is any better. They're just as bad if not worse.
Clorox Bathroom Spray (1 year ago)
thats why we have DHL
The King's Servant (1 year ago)
LOL..what, you guys think this is bad? I worked for Fed Ex, OTR and local delivery and I been inside of the distribution centers. Everything that is off loaded onto the lines for sorting for local delivery is beat to hell from start to finish. I've seen HD flat screen TV's get stuck on the line and the guys take a broom stick and hit the box until it starts moving. Once in the local trucks, they are sorted by stops, not by the safest way to transport so anything fragile gets hammered in the truck. Now the guys that I've seen don't throw stuff around like you see here unless it is a very light weight such as letters or something that is not breakable (but they do drive those trucks like NASCAR drivers so stuff gets beat up that way as well) and yeah we generally know what is in the box by the size and the shipper. But as far as throwing around electronics and such? Yeah that is a sure way to get fired because Fed Ex does keep tabs on the routes that repeatedly have the most damage claims and the drivers will be fired for it.
The King's Servant (11 months ago)
+Devin West Yeah, they will jerk you around if they have to pay for any damages. Take pics of it, how you pack it inside, how the box looks sealed up and also a pic of it at the time you drop it off or at the time of pick up. Make sure the pic has a time stamp on it or at the very least a date. This way you will have covered your butt as much as possible. I'm telling you, pack the snot out of it so that it can stand a bounce or two because a bounce or two it will get!
The King's Servant (1 year ago)
+The King's Servant ......the only Fed Ex trucks that do not damage stuff are the guys who drive for Fed Ex Custom Critical. But when you are hauling the arm for the Space Shuttle,$50 million worth of pharmaceuticals, Military ordnance or the Mona Lisa (taken from Canada to NY City under armed guard) you tend to be very careful what you do. I know, been there done that.
Allen Lin (1 year ago)
I'm starting to worry about the phone I ordered...
Chitto Chitowzky (1 year ago)
52norusca (1 year ago)
_CrispyPvP_ MCSG (1 year ago)
They had 1 job...
faiz foad (1 year ago)
Dear Fede, fuck you
Koen Vanbelle (1 year ago)
They are either having a bad day, or they are just incompetent. Or both.
SUI cidal (1 year ago)
+Koen Vanbelle Nothing from both. THOSE people just have NO MORALS.
Eric VS Pete (1 year ago)
As a guy who works for fedex, these people would be fired immediately for this shit. i work on a sorting belt that pulls up to 100,000 pounds of packages all day, if you aren't careful you can get packages crushed and sucked down into the machine beyond repair. i'm always yelling at new hires for fucking people's shit up. we actually get pretty decent pay and benefits if you want them. so long as you aren't a retard like these people believe it or not we actually do give a shit and work hard every day.
Powerblading (1 month ago)
Eric VS Pete never judge a group by what 1 or 2 or even 20 have done. keep up the good work man😊 theres always good people in this world. i always use fedex and right now i got order coming by fedex acualyy
ReaperKungTV (1 year ago)
กูเจอรถ FedEx ที่่กรุงเทพด้วยเขตสายไหมอะ กูลองมาเปิดดูเป็นของฝรั่งกูงงเลย
Mike Kane (1 year ago)
FedEx, UPS, and the Postal Service are all about cheap labor, so you get a lot of black and Hispanic employees who are a nightmare. Mistakes are made. There's miscommunication. Items get stolen or damaged in shipping. If you call FedEx or the Post Office be prepared to get the runaround. FedEx is out of Memphis and UPS is out of Atlanta, so you deal with a lot of black employees and it's terrible. You can boycott them by buying locally and bypassing delivery. Or buy from a company with their own delivery service. Whites don't want to work for nothing, so whites aren't being hired a lot these days.
The Infidel (2 months ago)
they do NOT get paid well cuz they are hired by SUBCONTRACTORS who exploit the shit out of them u obviously have no idea what your talking about.
5 Pound Turd (1 year ago)
+QuantumPowerX2 +Mike Kane hey Fuck you racists guys. Because of morons like you, thinking the way you do, all other white people have to receive damaged and mishandled packages. To think, putting out shit, receive shit back. I know nothing about postal service and package delivery, but I do think it is a time-sensitive job. When people like you bitch and cry, when your tracking says, "expecred delivery by 2pm", but you get at 2:01, these workers have to hear your silly comments. That is why you get rushed service any means necessary. Even if it means throwing a handful of boxes in the trunk, rather than climbing in and out and stacking one by one. Fuck your packages. You are only entitled delivery and that your shit gets there, not for someone to treat it like it's their own.
Calvin25X (1 year ago)
+Mike Kane Sad thing is these minorities are paid well and get good benefits as well as vacation time but still treat their job as shit.
the other realm (1 year ago)
but the box kicker and the tv dude are white.. moron
Tyrant Gregcag (1 year ago)
0:40 I wonder if the owner ever discovered his package.
5 Pound Turd (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure the tracking notification stated "Delivered". I mean, technically, it was delivered. Just got to look high and low for it (corny pun intended).
Jason Camacho (1 year ago)
Johny de Bois-Guilbert (1 year ago)
They really are idiots.
Lovi Lovi (1 year ago)
these guys really hate their jobs...
PRIVATE NAME (1 year ago)
fedex is still alive with such serviec?
Blair Antonio (1 year ago)
I saw the delivery guy deliver my clothes and I saw him throw the package at my fucking tree and my mom has some jars under the tree because she's cleaning it and the jar is rest in peaces bitch that guy from FedEx 😠
Hot_Kool_Aid (1 year ago)
My penny board took 13 hours to get from California to New Mexico. It's supposed to come in 3 days and I live in New York... I'm scared
Nobbs66 (1 year ago)
+Power up gaming Thankfully, my newegg order is coming by UPS, and will make it on time.
Hot_Kool_Aid (1 year ago)
My penny board took 13 hours to get from California to New Mexico. It's supposed to come in 3 days and I live in New York... I'm scared
bimbo swagginz (1 year ago)
Meanwhile, on a desert island far far away...
Jonathan Ekholm (1 year ago)
Fucking idiots. Yepp, that's all I have to say about that. Damn fucking idiots.
Joseph Miles (1 year ago)
FedEx employees are criminally insane. the whole company is infected by this malady.
The King's Servant (1 year ago)
+Joseph Miles Yeah, that's easy to claim hiding behind a computer screen. High life? You better ease up on that stuff, it's causing you to believe that this make believe life you speak of is real.
Joseph Miles (1 year ago)
I OWN many properties in several European countries child.But you being a Yankee off of a trailer park but not having the benefit of a.decent education and not realizing that you had LOST the discussion a long time ago, are still  a loser For your edification I am not Portugeuse but English. I have not lived a sheltered life but am living the high life, unlike you from that trashy trailer park. I think you are a little girl playing boys games on a gameboy or other childs computer, trying to be a boy or a teenager.
The King's Servant (1 year ago)
+Joseph Miles It's clear that you lived a sheltered life being from Portugal. I'm guessing the most exciting thing you ever done is cow tipping, or is it sheep tipping?
Joseph Miles (1 year ago)
In your mind you are probably Methuselah or the Messiah, but I live in the real world so your ranting is academic. Now child, dry up and blow away you have become extremely BORING
The King's Servant (1 year ago)
+Joseph Miles Yeah uh, I'm willing to bet that I'm older than you.
shamrez khan (1 year ago)
Chakkaphan Sayedsalehe (1 year ago)
Juan Pellegrini (1 year ago)
After the apology of the CEO on YouTube , FedEx sucks even more, nice move on disabling comments on that video Matt. Still we will keep posting about how much your company and 290,000 workers of you can't get to do the job you are supposed to do. Just get to a door, ring a bell and deliver.
Oilfieldtrucker (1 year ago)
You really think this is real
Muhd Suhairie (1 year ago)
Gdex so nice..
Edvin Fam (1 year ago)
I never use feed ex again..
Julian Sol (1 year ago)
Quantity over quality. Such a shame.
André Rochaix (1 year ago)
WTF these guys?! F  you!
THR33STEP (1 year ago)
This is not shocking video. Fed Ex is a horrible unprofessional company filled with highly untrained personnel.
Mohd Hashim (1 year ago)
most nd most idiot service fedex im advise u close this dumb business my experince lot of bad
Hunor Veress (2 years ago)
Last day at fedex.
garrett cooke (2 years ago)
Not all fedex drivers are like that but wow
Zorya Lyrics (2 years ago)
We all need to start a vote to rid of Fedex. They are horrible and don't shouldn't be in business anymore.
Venom201009 (2 years ago)
FedEx sucks!! I run a business where I have to ship overnight and they fucking rarely get my boxes there the next day. 
drmodestoesq (2 years ago)
  This is a great ad.......for Uline bubble wrap.
Cherry Cola (2 years ago)
FedEx fails all the time!!! They destroyed a package of mine! Do you think they would pay the insurance? Oh no. Avoid them at all costs.
cnccarving (2 years ago)
never know what does mean ground shipping.. now I got answer on the end.. they throw on ground the packages..
seyl83 (2 years ago)
no fucks were given obviously by those charming guys