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LIVE: World's first passenger drone Ehang 184 delivers holiday gifts

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LIVE: World's first passenger drone delivers Christmas gifts! Chinese-made #Ehang184 marks the holiday's festivity with a high-tech aerial delivery. Follow us on: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Xinhuanet:
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Will Ward (1 hour ago)
Nobody in that thing bro. Probably heavily edited flight also.
yehasiwaadiya (1 hour ago)
At 15:51 - there is no one in the drone?!?!
garuda somanna (3 hours ago)
Wonderful and innovative vehicle from China. China, you rock! All the best.
Steve AnacortesWA (3 hours ago)
Total CGI BS, laughable, and why do these people keep putting the blades down where the woman putting something in the trunk could be chopped in 1/2, there is a reason blades are over your head in a helicopter, also adds to stability with lift overhead. and rotors stacked won't work, they will interfere with each other. Also having blades down there you can't land on soft fields as it will suck up stones and trash your copter. Same mistakes, new builder.
eagle team (4 hours ago)
Fucking fake , we should kill all who lies from now on , yes kill ! , no more loosers taking it , may karma fall on those who cant build faith in themselves, tell the truth or bet what's coming from god... this video is fake , lie !
Carol Tremblay (5 hours ago)
Hoax !!!
Wojciech Barczewski (9 hours ago)
mick m (11 hours ago)
That's pretty cool, however, when a vehicle malfunctions, as they do from time to time, you pull to the side of the road. When that happens with a drone... Plus, I don't want people flying over my backyard, especially with 8 blades that look like they would work on a food processor.
JackOfAllTrades (12 hours ago)
33,000 feet, battery dies. Ohhhhh shit.
BB hevajra (13 hours ago)
romy Gime (1 day ago)
Do you know the Egyptians early Dynasties build the aircraft Passenger Drone and the Airplanes and Space ship and the Electricity 50.000 thousand years ago
Winston B Kpingbai (1 day ago)
Funning Car good for the city only . and looks nice to ride.
Winston B Kpingbai (1 day ago)
memorandum of understanding is the way forward. Please UL students lean to negotiate with your integrates, instate of thrown stones at one other. it is not proper as a first high institution of Liberia. Look at your age. I stand to be corrected, if your are the first big school of this Nation. Please stop.
ThePParadigm (1 day ago)
So basically, as no 'real information' was provided, this 'control center' is a spy hub for personal drones that last perhaps 10-20 minutes per charge, and fly about an expensive building owned by a rich kid? I fail to see the point, considering the main drone outside does not fly well, if at all.
ThePParadigm (1 day ago)
switch (1 day ago)
wait there was nobody in it
SM Kuz (1 day ago)
+ I recognize that house from multiple outside locale shoots from numerous movies. And it's listed in credits but it is unoccupied , primarily rented to film companies for exterior shoots or large hosted foreign groups and dignataries! Good try though!
SM Kuz (1 day ago)
Quick if you look closely in the background trees, I saw part of the HOLLYWOOD sign. The O&L! Lol
qiang li (1 day ago)
j zak (1 day ago)
This could be a technology for a rescue, emergency or parcel delivery. But these drones are quite risky. No way I would want to fly in one. A motor failure and a drone will be out of control. High winds and buildings don't mix. Parachutes are useless at altitudes less than 600 feet and I doubt this is fitted with one. Lithium batteries can overheat. Drones can't auto-rotate like a helicopter can. Risk of a collision with another aircraft.
breezebro (1 day ago)
Riyo Widianto (2 days ago)
better put cowlings on those reasons
Huskies Rule (2 days ago)
its not a chinese city it is a communist city & there is NO China there are ONLY COMMUNISTS! & the technology is stolen! because that is what commi's do, they steal from others. it is a real shame that the former chinese people want to be & like to be controlled by commi's! and listen to them speak english, does anyone know that the Bush's, George & Family are teaching their youngest mandarin? Jeb Bush & family are in bed w/ communist banks (govt owned) not very patriotic but then again republicans sold out to china 10 short years after vietnam, or don't you remember 1985 & republican free trade? Before reagan & bush sold out America was mfg. to the world making high quality goods that lasted, after reagan & bush, china is mfg to the world making cheap commi crap that doesnt last & is often times dangerous! Chinese baby formula makers used the pigment that makes paint white, they used that in the baby formula, now, it is estimated that over 1 million new borns suffer green pea size gull dtones!!! OUCH! do not buy or eat any food imported from communists!
neocollective (2 days ago)
Big deal !...a helicopter with 4 small propellers instead of a big one
Front Runner (2 days ago)
Ancient Chinese secret...huh?
Richard Mlawsky (2 days ago)
How are you or your government officials going to control or manage 200 million or more drones flying everywhere all the time what a nightmare have fun
Richard Mlawsky (2 days ago)
Whoever owns the gold makes the rules
Frank SUN (2 days ago)
Remote control by Huawei’s cellphone ?🤪
Paco Da Silva (2 days ago)
Thats the most annoying presentation of an aircraft i have ever seen,this woman is the most annoying her voice is terrible ,why don't you just interrupt the guy every second? you did it only 533 times just do it continuously.Also i don't know if this childish behavior works for China customers but i am pretty sure in Europe or the USA you have to stop these childish behavior when you wanna sell something,just be professional, serious, accurate, and go straight to the point,we want facts and demonstration,no "Hiiiiii Yeeeess" "Niceeee Hahahahaha" "Thaaaaank Youuuuu" The idea is wonderful the presentation terrible.
Chon Wayne (2 days ago)
Hi 6'2 and 20 stone will this thing fall out the sky
Joe Humpamonkey (3 days ago)
So the founder died test flying one, and there was no passenger on this one as it flew. If not for your careful wording, I would have reported as click bait, but the title never actually claims someone does fly in it. So realistically, how long? I am betting Las Vegas has drone taxi's THIS year. I keep telling my Dad he is EASILY going to live to see "The Jetsons" become reality. My Dad was born in 1937, yet still makes runs to Sturgis, Kalamath Falls, and Dallas every year on his Ultra-Glide. He went whitewater rafting last year and got dumped, he ain't dying any time soon. No one says everyone in Jetsonville ONLY flies. In the beginning it is likely that trucks will have sole access to the highway system with commuters exclusively relegated to mass transit and drones once things settle. Drone taxis are about to be a reality.
Dennis Vickers (3 days ago)
Watch want the good old USA does about space flight
Bret Daniel (3 days ago)
Terminator is coming!
Dont CensorBoobs (3 days ago)
"Safety First" LOL...he was standing inside the prop circle, and the people standing against the building on the pad...chop chop if that thing went south.
herman munster (3 days ago)
Grate video! I love the whole concept! Can't wait to buy one! And yes I am an American! And I will order one that will fly me and my wife because we can!
Marc Duchesne (3 days ago)
FAKE !!!
Joebert Nueva (3 days ago)
Ohhhhh.....what a super nice vechile cool to have a vechicle like that
MANDRAKE WOLF (3 days ago)
Que pinche contaminación se ve en la ciudad, con drones pero respirando puro humo, 😂
MegaBait56 (3 days ago)
This guy has to be from LaLa Land. Imagine this feminine male actor change a tire ? lol.........
MegaBait56 (3 days ago)
bullshxx video from china. lol..........$99.99 at your local Walmarts..............
Manuel Crispim (4 days ago)
Ótimo para transportes de valores.
Sasha Glare (4 days ago)
Wow, those kids are spoiled.
andy nguyen (4 days ago)
so this is a copy from ??? for people who want to suicide
Maro Vok (4 days ago)
Good choice on choosing male reporter who speaks perfect English,why u hired the girl who is overweight for model with pretty heavy accent? There is lots of Chinese beautiful models in USA who are thin and speak perfect English...
Maro Vok (4 days ago)
Why did u decide to make it so small impossible for taller people to fly ? U know that sportsman and basketball players who have money are tall ?min 6’05” ...
YouTube Bitch Center (4 days ago)
The question is...... can this drone deliver my heart ❤️ to Miranda???😍🥰😘does anybody else hear the drones flying around in the background?4:38 - 5:20
YouTube Bitch Center (4 days ago)
He said it has” eight propellers, four arms, and can carry one passenger, and cut the heads off of people at street level!”😂 that thing is a flying guillotine!
Tyson Breznicki (4 days ago)
A unmanned passenger drone?
Louis Owings (4 days ago)
I like how they're treating this like a rocket launch
Micheal Attar (4 days ago)
This dude is a QUEER
Micheal Attar (1 day ago)
+ThePParadigm WHAT THE FUCK U JUST WROTE ? U must be his lover is that why you're defending him ? HOMOSEXUALITY IS A "SIN " & PEVERSION PERIOD
ThePParadigm (1 day ago)
Really? I was convinced that you were. Perhaps he's single also? Want me ask him for you? smh
E S (4 days ago)
Nice helicopter with four props instead of one. Great job!
Артём Browser (4 days ago)
Не плохое изобретение👍
Scott Henderson (4 days ago)
Scott Henderson (4 days ago)
lesly fortune (4 days ago)
Speedbird Nine (4 days ago)
@Silver backdevil, Do you really think that Airbus gonna invest in a project that is fake......? You sounds like an uninformed idiot
Jorge Melo (4 days ago)
Would be interesting to change the position of propellers to ceiling: probability of accidents would be lower...
Porfirio dominguez (5 days ago)
Man I Love theis .is CooL
Banks Baker (5 days ago)
They should have hired a different model to fly in the plane and show the “ease-ability” of getting in and out. Boy she’s rough around the edges. He had to practically choke slam her to get her out (gabbing her round the neck).
Joe Mckenzie (5 days ago)
Deep trouble when the wind picks up lol.
Speedbird Nine (5 days ago)
It looks very cool, but I will have problems with my 1.99m to get in that drone vehicle.
Genesio Pretto (5 days ago)
This is nice😂
Genesio Pretto (5 days ago)
In only one word How call this veicle?
Totie Gillego (5 days ago)
x xx (5 days ago)
Completely doctored video. Watch landing as camera cuts out. Landing right near bush then pul out shows a good 30-40 feet away
Daniel Rojas (6 days ago)
China still all the technology they don’t invent anything lol
Carlos Casnati (6 days ago)
Ahora todo está muy bien, pero ¿qué sucede cuando hay algunos de estos vehículos en el aire? El espacio aéreo se va a poner un poco peligroso, ¿no crees?
Jamey Zell (6 days ago)
Looks like it flew about 50 feet from where it took off and did not carry a passenger in the flight. A nice marketing visual but they should show the real thing if they can. Also she was pretty small and just barely fitting in the cockpit.
john king (6 days ago)
this has got to be the worst acting that i have ever seen in my life... its warm inside??? wtf? oh its so cool??? This is exactly what it looks like when people are fucking scared to death to do anything wrong because they will be disappeared... its really sad if you look through the heaps of propaganda and imagine what these people have to feel on a daily basis just to keep from getting killed from someone somewhere watching your every move... thank god its not like that in america yet....
Paul Harris (6 days ago)
i like this
SiegHeilFuhrer14/88 SS (6 days ago)
I luuuve u long tyme gurl. Why the hell would you need a seat belt in that? Ya that will help when your falling out of sky.
The-traveler Lee (6 days ago)
all I can say LOL..... little kids toy
J Villena (6 days ago)
They said security first and there are children standing in the propeller... what if somebody accidentally start it?
Pablo Tasca (6 days ago)
Very idiot the girl
Jim Newton (6 days ago)
LOL.. oh sure my fat ass will slide right in.
Josh S-TV (6 days ago)
Freaking neat
Tom Winds (7 days ago)
The idea is wonderful and it is a sleek design. The trunk is not very sturdy and small, more like a personal cooler. Doors are too small and need shape changes. Usually, people get into the vehicles by their butt first then spin to bring in the legs. Not sure if it has airbags or air cushion all around. If battery life can be longer into the hours. For unmanned application, this is good within the city limit but then the look is probably not that important.
Roedy Green (7 days ago)
Can it avoid obstacles like birds, aircraft and tree branches automatically?
星一 (7 days ago)
能書きばかり垂れていて一向に飛ばないのにイライラする。 やっと飛んだと思ったら無人の単なる大きいドローンだったとは何なのこいつら?こんな人が乗り込むのに困難な航空機もないだろうし、がっかりだよ。
hardset2000 (7 days ago)
If this slender young man had troubles getting in and out, how the hell could an average (American) person do it!!!???
MORGAN CARRILLO (7 days ago)
Make this legal 1st. to products and mail courier deliver, 2nd. for use by delivery of non-combustible medicines and devices, 3rd. License this to paint and clean glass windows for taller buildings, and lastly 4th. allow pilot and 8- passenger E-hang drone with license to fly and deliver office workers from 50 miles away to office building....Good for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, and maybe Spain.
Chief Louie (8 days ago)
The first group who will use this for delivery are the drug cartels.
elieser juarez (8 days ago)
I don't care about the drone or that its Chinese. China is our enemy.
hector garcia (8 days ago)
China ? I don't know ! In Mexico they say, don't buy anything that is made in china
Adam Turk (8 days ago)
This is the future of inner city travel.
Joseph Stine (8 days ago)
And we need that wall why Mr. Trump?
Дмитрий Иванов (8 days ago)
I propose to call it The legs cutter.
Arthur Rush (8 days ago)
Ranjitha K C (8 days ago)
China models not suitable for life.....
J S (8 days ago)
These are great, but they have been in “testing” phase for years now. What is the hold up? Lets get on with it and make these available for wealthy people, see how that goes first, ha. Just a note, where's the control stick? Some of us want to hand fly these, don’t trust government controls.
J Pogera (8 days ago)
adding blade guards wlil help safety
yui nagato (8 days ago)
I have a question,why this guy did not try the drone.He even opened the door.
william ho (8 days ago)
fucking lies
Soheil Faridi (8 days ago)
Excellent grate Technical achievement. Grate future. Good luck and all the best. It was my dream too.
Bema Naturu (8 days ago)
"A human scale organ transporter? ppl, not gud!"
Zeida Mercure (9 days ago)
nice animation....
patrick Pirelli (9 days ago)
World's first passenger drone...well where's the human passenger then ya scamming mucky faced drugged up mug
gael70 (9 days ago)
I think too that is a fake and btw 20 min battery ?!!! Also if you're claustrophobic like me'll freak as soon as you try to get in
gg allin (9 days ago)
That video was about as real as Kim Kardashian's personality and butt
John Drover (9 days ago)
She’s very annoying
Truth Will Set You Free! 777 (9 days ago)
They better figure out how to get more than 20 minutes flight time, otherwise these are a worthless overpriced toy!
James Nelson (9 days ago)
Well, this video falls real short for me. All it did was go up and then come down. This video should have shown all the features of the aircraft. You did not show anything that the aircraft could do. Next time, put the aircraft through it’s paces, then and only then a video showing everything would be more believable. Poor video showing nothing of what you said it would do.