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LIVE: World's first passenger drone Ehang 184 delivers holiday gifts

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LIVE: World's first passenger drone delivers Christmas gifts! Chinese-made #Ehang184 marks the holiday's festivity with a high-tech aerial delivery. Follow us on: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Xinhuanet:
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Bill Wren (3 hours ago)
Seems to me they need to work on an Alternator that charges the battery in flight because 20 min flying time isn't shit.
bad boy (5 hours ago)
China god of technology
gogozzzz (7 hours ago)
made in china <--- .....if u want to die so then buy
John Wallace (11 hours ago)
looks pretty fake to me! lol
Chad X (13 hours ago)
send 5000 units to Maximo :-)
Alwi Syamhudi (20 hours ago)
Mantap ini salam dari Indonesia
Micky Supreme (1 day ago)
Ma dao yuyu
Roshan Shine (1 day ago)
intelligent people in the world
Roshan Shine (1 day ago)
china is touching the sky well done China
9813 mind (1 day ago)
Don't trust chinese
Who's got the time? (1 day ago)
One thing is for sure, it was not designed for big fat americans! Go build your own. AHAHAHAHA
김동현 (1 day ago)
china commi out
Eko Sukiatno (1 day ago)
Sean Newhouse (2 days ago)
I don't agree with all about how china policies with govt etc but that's what they all grew up into anyways there's so much hypocrisy out there as it is. I like the Chinese ppl, I'm sure there's ways of working alongside and you can damn well believe if I lived there I'd ey they're ctoms et the u.s has issues all it's own....just like any I mean. Major tech coming from you're country and good to see
Sean Newhouse (2 days ago)
kish bhar (2 days ago)
not 5v usb,,, huh
Yann Mottier (2 days ago)
Il est superbe. Je veux le même !
赵庆 (2 days ago)
it will be banned by Trump
A B (2 days ago)
"China's home-grown technology"........ oh, please. China is nothing more than what has been copied or stolen.
LOVER88100 (2 days ago)
HHeeeee...Are you MAD,,,,,?....If so....go hang yourself...
ung427 (2 days ago)
Well it's not really the world's first. People have been doing this for years, in fact, this very design is actually patented outside of China. But anyways, the funniest one I've seen about 5 years ago was a chair, with four 3 foot in diameter round fly-swatter looking things each with like 50 regular sized drone propellers on it. The kid was flying around, and it had some power, he could go up 30 feet in the air, just like someone was throwing him.. This one is cool nonetheless. Most likely in China, the one thing that you will never be able to do is claim "first ever", at least until they get their copyright and patent laws straight.
Brotha Box (2 days ago)
Mayco Santos (3 days ago)
Caramba parece que estamos em 2050
Eleazer Girón (3 days ago)
alguen que me diga donde consegir uno
Roger Ward (3 days ago)
The Mexican will use these to bring people over Trumps wall 😂😂😂
Juan manuel Quiroz maltos (6 hours ago)
We the mexicans dont need no machines...we just cross!!
Micky Supreme (1 day ago)
No lo entendi NO HABLO INGLES JOD***
Ha ha ha
Putwan Mdridz (3 days ago)
Its kinda redundant, helicopter already there why we would even need a drone to do what helicopter can do...
jweber544 / Hanuman (3 days ago)
it can land in smaller spaces and is cheaper to build
Andrew Le (3 days ago)
They should try to test it in low altitude (eg 5-10 metres) above a lake or something, so that if it crashes, you have a chance to survive...
Bobby Greene (3 days ago)
One thing every American knows, China builds cheaply made things. I wouldn't trust my life in anything they built, not in the sky.
Don keyhole (3 days ago)
only white people will crash, not mexican, ha. ha.....😂
Antonio Ceddia (4 days ago)
very cool !
moi toi (4 days ago)
What happens if one of the motor dies?
Keith Keith (4 days ago)
Stop making those dangerous products. Both people inside the drone and underneath the drone will be dangerous.
Brotha Box (2 days ago)
You talk a bullshit
John K (4 days ago)
Watching that thing fly reminds me of the flying DeLorean from the movie back to the future.
Arjun Chaudhary (4 days ago)
Dji has left the chat
Alonzo Lara (4 days ago)
tío Noe (4 days ago)
Estos tipos son bien disciplinados,por eso son muy inteligentes, lo demuestran con la tecnología, no como muchos que quieren ganar consumiendo drogas y ingiriendo alcohol.👽
Mam Helmet (4 days ago)
How much I won to buy now. . . ! ! ! 😠 😠 😠
Ashmo (5 days ago)
I love the High-LvL Animation of the Trunk at 9:42 in the Window. And only for my understanding. Why is the garage half open? Just to show that there are more? And how come these in or out? Push?? The Stands do not look very slippery Hope you do not have too many scratches on the floor .... so completely without the tires or similar. Anyway. Nice film college work and hope they have passed.
mamadou oury ba (5 hours ago)
James Murray (5 days ago)
😆 how many screens just to monitor one drone.!so won’t be that busy with 20 in the air.
moon ryan (7 days ago)
Chinese speak English? Is this channel owned by the Chinese Communist Party?
Jawed Ahmad (7 days ago)
very nice
Albr Martin (7 days ago)
El sonido no es real... Se ha quitado el sonido real de los motores y se ha puesto otro para que no se escuche el Helicoptero del que está colgado.
Albr Martin (7 days ago)
Está grabado todo el rato desde el mismo plano porque va colgado de un Helicoptero. El sonido no es real... Se ha quitado el sonido real de los motores y se ha puesto otro para que no se escuche el Helicoptero del que está colgado.
Slowmo (8 days ago)
Reporter is playing Buzzword Bingo expertly
العالم فقط أي (8 days ago)
SohaiL Rehman (9 days ago)
*Unsafe Flight*
Masal'ın Renkli Dünyası (10 days ago)
This Droneliphocter exactly the Chinese goods because coming stupid voice from the steering wheel.
God is Good (10 days ago)
Интересен концепт. Уште да додадат заштита од пропелерите. И падобран не би бил лоша идеја.
Ailius Maximus (11 days ago)
Scam 100%
玄雨 (11 days ago)
방구석 tv (12 days ago)
짱깨꺼냐? 그래도 좋다. 내가 곧 추월할거니 거기서 기다릴거지?
zuhri utama (12 days ago)
Is a bag of toys called "passenger"?
Ronald Johnson (13 days ago)
"When I was a kid I really wish there was a flying car full of presents that would descend from the sky." I'm not sure why that's so funny but it is. Santa?
Ronald Johnson (13 days ago)
Why does everyone want to take credit for 'developing' the technology when in fact it was years of hard work by hobbiests. I prefer helicopters so I didn't really care much about 'drones' but I do know that there were a lot of hobbiests who put in a lot of hours to get the technology where it is. And the press keeps telling the public that it was 'borrowed military technology' in first place. It's what really makes me angry that neither the FAA or these 'drone' companies are the slight bit thankful and continue head long into having rights stripped from us.
Shay Ó Laoghaire (13 days ago)
These kids have probably grown up seeing flying things, but for someone who only knows cars and airplanes, this is absolutely astonishing. I really hope these are our "flying cars" of the future
Eduardo Garnica (1 day ago)
Lo considero prácticamente imposible
TheOutlander82 (14 days ago)
more drons like this, less ppl on earth. If u fall somewhere next to my hose or on it and destroy some of my property u gona beg for police to come
геннадий кольцов (14 days ago)
Не знаю,как там пилот,,,а я вспотел,,,,,,!!!!! и волосы на теле при поднялись. Все!
Андрей С. (8 days ago)
а,а где там пилот-то?Он же на автопилоте летал по введённому в борткомпьютер маршруту.Причём уже 3 года-пора бы уже и реальные результаты показать,а не такие рекламные ролики.
victor neo (14 days ago)
the propellers may hurt people, this kind of product should be banned.
James Dorsey (13 days ago)
victor neo weak
Manuela Alfaro (14 days ago)
Yo vi en el 2011 un guero en una silla voladora. ,es verdad y nadie me cree, pero yo se lo que vi! No hacia mucho ruido, sonaba como el ruido que hace un ventilador casero....No le colgaban los pies .No tenia lentes ni casco... llevaba una plallera blanca y shorts.color kaki. a la altura de la mitad de un poste de luz....
Zam1Fear (15 days ago)
Cool but what do you do if the props dont stop and the craft is on fire?
Ivan Shvedko (15 days ago)
I love the way there is no protection of propellers: fresh passenger shredded meat is good )) Bhahaha )))
Полковник Кондратьев (15 days ago)
Your gifts sucks!
Tengks Yuu (16 days ago)
future technology of vehicle
Jason Yu (16 days ago)
Howerd (16 days ago)
Let me tell you a secret. It is very rare for China to have violence or drug crimes, but they have a lot of financial fraud, so some very small companies sometimes take the opportunity to get huge loans and then someone will flee to Vietnam or Canada to disappear. That's why sometimes they making some meaningless products, I am just doubtful……
Aus Biker (17 days ago)
That was the most disappointing world first..a passenger drone with no passenger..flys 100 feet away..China can still only make poor cheap copys of other countries product's .although they are improving. They still have a very long way to go.
Howerd (16 days ago)
They have thousands of such small companies.and most Chinese don’t even know they exist. China also have some large groups.They independently design and manufacture some advanced jets and even spaceships.
John Winger (18 days ago)
18:33 Ведущий обращается к мелкому (лет 6 ему) на английском и тот ему отвечает. Вот за кем будущее, увы..
John Winger (15 days ago)
Димка Федоренко92 тебе же тоже никто не мешает, но ты же его не знаешь.))
Димка Федоренко92 (16 days ago)
Дядя что тебе мешает учить инглиш счас?))
Javier Mac (19 days ago)
In a crash to the ground or a crash with birds, those rotor will shredd the passengers into mince meat! Great design arse holes!
HD QQ (20 days ago)
Rebel Soul (21 days ago)
Captain, some ting wong...
FlowerPowerNZ (21 days ago)
Only 20 minutes flight time. What could possibly go wrong?
The Smart Opinion (21 days ago)
today 20 min, tomorrow 20 hours.
SG Reid (22 days ago)
There must be an easier way of getting into that thing 😬 The cockpit is to small And in closed...
孙晟迪 (22 days ago)
I think there is still long way to go to establish a good autopilot and flight secure system for this aircraft
Ben Rumson (22 days ago)
damn i'd like to lick miss santa's ass then fuck it HARD!
rhic ph Gacayan (23 days ago)
This is like konsepto milenia
agusta pasific (23 days ago)
Good job
Dr. Wandoh Timothy Djimet (24 days ago)
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Geo Adventure (23 days ago)
WOW - love from the first vid
Dr. Wandoh Timothy Djimet (24 days ago)
Please can I get your contacts ?
Geo Adventure (23 days ago)
Are you also a gay?
golden x (25 days ago)
败者两字非傲即懒 (25 days ago)
Eddie Avinashi (26 days ago)
Let's make this: + Self-Driving + Solar-Powered + Car-Convertible + Accident-Proof
ZOMB1EK1NG115 K (26 days ago)
They did A horrible job at selling this drone.
Sorin Stelian (26 days ago)
Oauuu is like in the future broo...Aaaa but this in the future kill you bro...
heliguy73 (29 days ago)
Good luck when the motor fails No auto rotation No gliding
andrew phillips (20 days ago)
heliguy73 it only needs one rotor to fail and it spins into the ground .wont get me in one
AEREO (29 days ago)
tooo loud
Гелиос (1 month ago)
а в кабине никого)))
Gölge Korur (1 month ago)
thıs ıs fake
Sloan (1 month ago)
Well watch a few dozen, hundred, thousand Chinese bad driving videos and they are totally not ready for this.
Jim Mcginnis (1 month ago)
Very cool! 😎
Nikolas Enemajsky (1 month ago)
Still waiting for 911 jokes
White Ranger Tiger Power (1 month ago)
Well now ya know hopefully that I don’t like people bitchin at me don’t make me shut ya up again and those goes for everyone
Darren Mcintosh (1 month ago)
is that for midgets only??
Darren Mcintosh (1 month ago)
watch the heck out for blender bades!!!
African Music Tv (1 month ago)
Americans come up with the ideas gets no funding due to too much red tapes while China hi jack the technology and supply the world. I remember watching a video on YouTube where FORD MOTORS sponsored an engineering challenge for students to create and present a new technology. An American student developed a drone that could transport humans. I guess the Chinese were also watching the video and benefited from the technology. Wake up!!! 🇺🇸
Stephen Shepard (1 month ago)
A drone, in technological terms, is an UNMANNED aircraft
onanidaily (1 month ago)
+Stephen Shepard I am agreeing with you. The definition of a drone tells us that once you put a person in it it is no longer a drone.
Stephen Shepard (1 month ago)
+onanidaily I only ask because drone "drone" is defined (in any dictionary), as unmanned.
onanidaily (1 month ago)
Of course, there is no such thing as a "passenger drone" !
DAILY OBSERVER (1 month ago)
what if the tablet dies in mid air? , I have had a Samsun die on me as I was using it
arturo ramos (1 month ago)
jude20 (1 month ago)
That is the most effected North American Accent I have ever heard in my life.
husam Iraqi (1 month ago)
جيد جدااااااااا
helder capela (1 month ago)
those machines will be better than choppers
Akashdeep Sadhu (1 month ago)
Can't you use a gimble for recording video, its disturbing!!!!
kwan kim (1 month ago)
바람불면 바로 추락~~ 언제 죽을지 모르는 드론 ㅋㅋㅋ