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LIVE: World's first passenger drone Ehang 184 delivers holiday gifts

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LIVE: World's first passenger drone delivers Christmas gifts! Chinese-made #Ehang184 marks the holiday's festivity with a high-tech aerial delivery.
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Tadashi HG (2 hours ago)
China's great firewall
lion king 19. (5 hours ago)
Accident waiting to happen
Joseph Spell (19 hours ago)
The Passenger POD should hang below the Rotors like a smaller drone.
Random Rebecca (20 hours ago)
Danger danger
Samuel Nathan (1 day ago)
Imagine a pet or a small kid came running towards this and the idiot inside switched on the rotor blades.
Tech Assam (1 day ago)
Wow vry nice
Tùng Vũ (1 day ago)
Việt nam mà có em này thì thôi rồi
justin fan (1 day ago)
gud very nice
Steven Carter (1 day ago)
The concept of saving lives is most honorable For a possible Target of where to experiment doing such in the United States California City a part of the high desert California mountain plateau the nearest hospital is over 50 miles away the land in this area is very cheap and there's a whole lot of it I mean major abundant you could conduct some serious research and save some lives well there's food for thought that's the saying here in the US I like your flying contraption it's marvelous!
Neal Head (1 day ago)
And of course they had to have HOE MOE representing it. All lispy and such. Golly geeez
Captain Pothead (1 day ago)
I love you use a model on a big screen!!! lol!!!
Tigger Tail (1 day ago)
This drone can only travel 20 mile distance before it runs out of charge. I can not even ho yo work with it. Also if it is windy this drone will simply crash due to its shape. I am never the less excited about this achievement and hopefully this company succeeds in their mission.
Technical Reyad (2 days ago)
*Good stuff*
Make good music or die trying (2 days ago)
This is so cool. how much are they to buy and do you need any type of license to fly in one legally? Also it's a shame the flight time is only 20 minutes.
zackerya achmad (2 days ago)
20 mins flight time wtf???????
Hasmukh Doshi (2 days ago)
it will fly pilotless and bring my takeaway with wine bottle by landing in the garden. amazing.
Natay Marilyn (3 days ago)
I love it
Rabitanka Dhanlayarada (3 days ago)
Fast drone captain is somalia 🇸🇴 😂
Neddskorg (3 days ago)
Can you just imagine an excited child awaiting the arrival of his or her gift running to this done and getting eviscerated by the props lol
NoChannel (3 days ago)
More fake than a fake thing with a good reason to be fake. It switched from a full size model to a toy. Listen to the prop frequency.
Justwantahover (4 days ago)
Too BIG for one person. Some on YouTube half the size and carries a person. The Evola is too big too.
Al - Adarisa (4 days ago)
Eat a lots of rice to be smart like them 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Saturn Axis (4 days ago)
Developing more and more high tech products for a society with less and less common sense. Very cool, but the first rich, punk-ass yahoo that buzzes my house with one of these things is going to have a bad day.
Nomad without freedom (4 days ago)
Someone could shoot that thing down so easily. I wouldn't feel safe in it.
Didi Dragon (4 days ago)
So bad! You'll never see a video flying with humans inside. Piece of s..t.
vhollund (4 days ago)
Chinese know value Send the woman to test first
Python Modding (4 days ago)
The person who is flying the quadcopter jerks the throttle a little when the kid stands next to the propeller; seriously, even if it had guards, someone shouldn't stand that close.
Mikkel Berg (4 days ago)
Rape difficult comedy super nomination slap reserve violation.
Longsmoke (5 days ago)
onemaxlight (5 days ago)
so , you realized a BIG drone, and, INCREDIBLY, you put something inside and send it to a place 1km near to you. UNBELIVABLE!! and to check it, a CONTROL ROOM bigger than NASA... WHO the Hell give you all those money to play with this :stupid, unuseless, bad projects no-ergonomy, gravity center upside-down (i ask myself WHY propellers must be under ??) with exposed propellers (i want to see it to land in a gardn of a scholl full of childrens) ugly and DANGER toys? I would like to see someone crack the WIFI of your stupid IPAD when you are near to enter inside and the propeller turn on by thereself! where are safety sistems? what if even ONE motor have a damage? relly unbelivale someone give you all those money and the result is THIS!
onemaxlight (5 days ago)
i woul dlike to physically punish the DESIGNER with project the DOORS and the system to enter! WHO is HIM or SHE? please name and surname! every vehicles must be projected AROUND the PERSON! First you model the cabin , the access and then you project everything AROUND! whow the hell will USE this stupid thing wich is quite impossible to enter even if you are a 1.50cm small japan girl???
Banti 1979 (5 days ago)
Chains products no trust
amit thakur (5 days ago)
R Barrington (6 days ago)
Nice touch by Xinhua as with all its propaganda, with “Mike”, “Miranda”, “Derek” and “Alistair” to make it suitably non-threatening. Can’t help wondering how much of this technolgy was stolen from Western designers by Chinese hackers.
Sammy Thomas (6 days ago)
Rajesh Aswin (6 days ago)
Lila Downs (6 days ago)
Like all chinese products, this needs to be revised by world quality controllers, cause, it looks like a hack.
lightotw (6 days ago)
If it carries people, it is an aircraft. Drone = unmanned aircraft. Aircraft were invented over 100 years ago. Four rotor helicopter was first flown in 1920's. Passenger drone is like saying vegan pizza with meat.
lightotw (6 days ago)
Live? Not live.
BeOne views (7 days ago)
what if a hacker decides to drop you off the sky? you're alone and of course don't know how to fly :3 you cannot relie on these stuffs as long as the safety isnt garantueed
Cristian Frez (7 days ago)
Finally we'll feel like we're in 2018... still looking like 80's except for electronic technology. Now, it should be regulated by sound contamination i guess because if one of those sounds like that you really dont like 1 million of those over your houses! Despise that, It's pretty cool, congratulations!
Matt Hull (7 days ago)
Hope someone told them it's made in China
Troy Branson (7 days ago)
Made in china!!!!!! No thanks, wouldn't feel safe
Deogratias Serunjogi (7 days ago)
Ohoooo, wonderfully done!
TruVlogTv (7 days ago)
Wo ming b
Jong Park (8 days ago)
There are good, reliable, time-stood helicopters, don't understand the big deal of this toy-like precarious machine newly developed for what real purpose, than the name "drone" !
metin ak (8 days ago)
her boy magnet.
metin ak (8 days ago)
Tertaon Romeril Aseo (8 days ago)
Where can I get one
John Stewart (8 days ago)
Could you make the four arms removable.....replace with wheels and steering for road use?? Do you need shrouds around the props to protect pedestrians and passengers? Add an aircraft parachute....the whole thing becomes the capsule under the chute.
MANTAMIS BURNS (9 days ago)
It flew about 100 yards lol
zhang xi (9 days ago)
Ryvan Prabhu (10 days ago)
those are the kids from the richest families in the city.. why don't you run the demo in the poor part of the country with food delivering foods , they need it more than kids who looking for gifts.
Nelxon M. (10 days ago)
This is bullshit propaganda for America. Chinese don’t have in Santa Claus. That plus they are communists.
Ea S (10 days ago)
fake plane, the whole video is talking, no flying
William E (10 days ago)
mexico just ordered 50000 of these to fly illegals across the U.S border and drop them off at welfare centers so they can get free food, housing and medical care.
Heareaux (10 days ago)
Holiday lights... Green and Red...
Nothing Free (10 days ago)
what happens when power failure?
Say Mok (10 days ago)
Keith Lea (11 days ago)
Can do attitude. Americans use to have it.
Deathless (11 days ago)
Exposed blades is a no go boys. Fix that please
Deathless (11 days ago)
This plane is either gonna he’s known as the midget maker or the pet killer
David Hohhot (11 days ago)
Dubai had made a better version of this a few years ago....
Steven Weibl (11 days ago)
All these freaking Chinese are American grown American educated and spy's for the fucking chunk government.
kiba inuzuca (11 days ago)
Alguém do Brasil aqui além de mim ?🙄
niraj shrestha (11 days ago)
The rotary blade could hurt people around.
Greg Snow (12 days ago)
In Russia drone flys u.
X Factor (12 days ago)
It’s only fit for vegetarians not for who love BIGMACS 🤣🤣🤣
Matt Lord (12 days ago)
There is a better one. Made in Germany
Eldridge Alarcon (12 days ago)
I am sorry but this is CGI you did a classic Hollywood trick which is have a person with life size model then cut away by going to control room were we to think we are watching via control screen , But were are all these camera angels coming from , he says "all the footage is coming from the drone back to control center" NOPE THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE all the shoot should be from drone out then ,,, the cameras do not film outside in .. I am sorry BUT THIS IS FAKE ,,, I HATE TO SAY IT THIS WAY .. BUT WE ALL NEED TO USE MORE COMMON SENSE, REMEMBER WHEN SOMEONE CAN GET PAID TO HAVE A VIDEO GO VI. BECAUSE THIS HELPS THEM GET ADVERTISING OR SOME ARE DOING FUNDING CAMPAIGNS,, OR EVEN JUST FOR BARGING RIGHTS . Please stop think is this real !!!!!!!!
Bruno Eiler (12 days ago)
yeah ... 1 big solar flare and gps are gone .... no control ....
张然 (12 days ago)
Robert Williams (12 days ago)
To bad the battery only last 20 minutes lol, everything in Texas is a hour or 2 away. I drive 3 hours to go to work.. I’ll have to wait for better batteries to be invented
Frank Herrera (12 days ago)
9-1-1? Yes, my kid just got decapitated by my propeller...
Frank Herrera (12 days ago)
Great idea because as we all know----we don't have enough terrible drivers on the ground. Yeah, that's the ticket! Now let's have idiots dropping into our living rooms!
Александр Сидоров (13 days ago)
COOOOL!!! Они слышали хоть что нибудь про команду "ОТ ВИНТА"?
WS A (13 days ago)
Looks awesome but I've lived in china for 6yrs I know all to well how crappy people drive over there. No thanks.
Toro sharp edge (13 days ago)
Lucky they make it on china if they doit in muslim country probably that woman already getting beating by random people because she wear santa clothes
rich guy (13 days ago)
congratulations~!!! you got the UFO at 13:26 from left to right
sonu dey (14 days ago)
Paw paw (14 days ago)
You can never live in the future. Because you can only exist the present.
Paw paw (14 days ago)
At what point does a drone become a quad helicopter?
pg86131314 (15 days ago)
Just put parcahute on it to deploy if its about to crash
luca2c (15 days ago)
che puttanata!
Jogy Benyamin (15 days ago)
only just a super big drone
Kraig Pettit (15 days ago)
Seems like a very advanced craft. However most products made in China really don't last long or work well, as long as it has the China label on it I would never use it or fly in it. Still trying to get over my drywall
Micheal Attar (15 days ago)
Rajesh Sukanya (16 days ago)
How it's prize
Baelfire TheRinacs (16 days ago)
the Titanic is Unsinkable
Baelfire TheRinacs (16 days ago)
nah man that would make only a one way trip reaching your destination but it is made in china and easy to be destroyed 😂😂😂😂
Dirk Ryan (16 days ago)
very, very impressive, but w/ a travel distance of 30 km per charge, it's not actually a "global" system at his point (14:54).
Andani Allassan (16 days ago)
amazing china
Eloy Cavazos (16 days ago)
Alex Totola (16 days ago)
O cara nao sabe nem fechar a porta do compartimento traseiro. Kkkkkl
Soreign (16 days ago)
Seems too small to comfortably get in and out
Scott H (16 days ago)
Lol the propaganda is strong with this video.
Roger Jackson (16 days ago)
What a bunch of idiots. I think Asians are the rudest race of them all anyway. Drunk drivers are bad enough but if people start using these things when they're drunk what a mess. From what I understand you don't need a license to use one of these things. We're becoming a world of technological idiots who will outsmart themselves.
Jia Wang (16 days ago)
Roger Jackson just a Guess 😂
Roger Jackson (16 days ago)
Jia Wang and on top of that you don't know what color I am
Roger Jackson (16 days ago)
Jia Wang colors got nothing to do with it.
Jia Wang (16 days ago)
Roger Jackson says the White Guy
uddin islah (16 days ago)
wow very nice
Pawee Sayson (16 days ago)
And there's no one inside that craft! So how can that be the first passenger drone? I bet they're afraid it will crash. As we know, made in China is poor quality. It only flew from one side of that compound to the other side. A small drone can fly farther than that. hahahaha
Pawee Sayson (16 days ago)
A helicopter is safer than this. This is a stupid version of a helicopter.