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LIVE: World's first passenger drone Ehang 184 delivers holiday gifts

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LIVE: World's first passenger drone delivers Christmas gifts! Chinese-made #Ehang184 marks the holiday's festivity with a high-tech aerial delivery. Follow us on: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Xinhuanet:
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Vince Govianni (22 minutes ago)
It's wonderful until the wind blows.
Vince Govianni (23 minutes ago)
Pizza guy of the
Vince Govianni (26 minutes ago)
They observe Xmas in China?
VKC N (2 hours ago)
The blades can kill pilot or passengers by accident
恒令 田 (4 hours ago)
Mili fact baby (7 hours ago)
Rafael Alvarado (14 hours ago)
Ese dron corta pies pobre china o japonesa
LuxAnew (19 hours ago)
good show China..
Bighill 'obbit (23 hours ago)
Kill Bond now!
Jeff s (1 day ago)
Vol Anon (2 days ago)
😩👎unmanned drone.check out in the Philippines,someone created were the inventor is the passenger
Kalar Kalar (3 days ago)
Useless videos
John Strat (3 days ago)
Open exposed propellers? Lawsuit every time a child gets decapitated. STUPID UNSAFE DESIGN. IDIOTS!
Abah anton (3 days ago)
Amazing...luar biasa...
Abah anton (3 days ago)
Amazing...luar biasa...
Фарит Шафиков (3 days ago)
Vinh Tuong Ngo (3 days ago)
The propellers too dangerous to passengers!
中華民国国民こそ我が名である (4 days ago)
No it's not the first. A lotta enthusiasts did it a long time ago.
E Gilberto Castillo (4 days ago)
How can they show confidence in the product if we don't see the creator jumping on his creation and taking a ride. Terrible design in many ways. To get into the dron is very complicated even for a small person as Miranda, the propels are a constant risk for people around the vehicle, the trunk is hard to close, you could reduce weight by using the legs of the craft to support the vehicle and put some round frame around the propels so they can offer more lift. You could do better work with the doors so they can open downward and offer steps so people can get into the vehicle easier and more comfortably.They should invest more money in the vehicle design than in the command center.. a total desastre.
Cleison S. Vieira (4 days ago)
yanyan yan (4 days ago)
John timothy bartholomew Bartholomew (5 days ago)
What is the price? Do u have an ambulance drone?
Skyler dawn (5 days ago)
You, you are pretty chinese boy . You guys always are pretty and sexy
Bob Sullivan (5 days ago)
You would think this wàs a moon shot from the hype.
동\혁 (5 days ago)
Colorado Old Man (5 days ago)
That guy is totally gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that...
Shankara Narayan (5 days ago)
WAH, a brilliant invention. very much impressed. A portable single seater flying drone. but how about it's functional details, how many hours that it can fly, and the distance it can travel, the speed, the altitude, the maintenance of this drone, is it afordable prices ? It's so cute a tiny/a minieature aircraft, first of it's kind.😍😘😎☺
Tomi Raider (5 days ago)
Di olx dah ada dijual apa belum ya? Pengin nih
Donald Regalado (6 days ago)
Not USA made. Not Wright brothers. Can't fine Ohio in chen chen
André Luiz Minarine (6 days ago)
Custa quanto um deste em real
RICH CITY (6 days ago)
You need all 4 propellers to remain stable and in thanks lol
Muhammad Saleh (6 days ago)
How can it be a passenger drone if drone means its unmanned???? So basically it's a helicopter but with multi rotor and has auto pilot.
Viral Nada Record (7 days ago)
Serem baling balingnya, bisa melukai orang
Owen Michael (7 days ago)
This can finally solve the traffic problem for big cities. The traffic during rush hour is just horrible.
ronsamx (7 days ago)
Too bad Bureaucracy and big Governments tell us what we can and cant do, other wise wed have the freedom of flight , air to breathe, free water to drink , free electric to use
Feanor Fingolfin (7 days ago)
Did you see how deathly scared the other guy was about flying.
Lukhanyo Magadla (7 days ago)
The ladies voice is more Chinese.
Korea Electronic DJ Freak (7 days ago)
hi~~~ 짱깨~ ^0^ ha ha ha ha ha ha ! ! !
Feanor Fingolfin (8 days ago)
Gonna be full of exploding drones the size of bees.
Malcolm Lightfoot (8 days ago)
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Gener Soriano (8 days ago)
we have also in Philippines one person invented it..even without so much equipment and one of Australian foreigner wants to support us.. 😀😂
ONE STAR ALL VIDEOS (8 days ago)
Nice brother
法蘭 (9 days ago)
No steering wheel and only a pad showing route of flight. Let the control centre decide you live or die. Who will do such a silly thing?
Ilyas Vllimohammad (9 days ago)
罗勇 罗勇 (9 days ago)
How much time stay sky
Mustafa Aykan (9 days ago)
Merlino (10 days ago)
Traduzione errata min. 5:45 sottotitoli italiano :)
Shani Haddad (10 days ago)
1 passenger is ok but 2 is nicer
romulus trajano (10 days ago)
its a fake this will not fly ha ha ha
Albera Cid (10 days ago)
i prefer not exposed propellers and not small doors.. ive seen cooler designs...
joe doakes (10 days ago)
The GPS module fits between the cheeks of her ASS ! THe rice  cooker both cooks supper and blows warm air up her crotch , keeping Mama San  happy !
Madlang Peoples (10 days ago)
Why have no passenger .maybe afraid of crashing. Made in China is full of failure. Like making artificial rice a plastic rice.plastic foods . Lol
中華民国国民こそ我が名である (4 days ago)
I wonder how you managed to find out how to type.........
Owen Michael (7 days ago)
sour grape
Thai.zin. ii (10 days ago)
How much ?
John C. Smith (10 days ago)
Chinese 'Home grown Technology' Lol fricken Spy's & Theives
FrapK1Kou Le2èmTmort (11 days ago)
Comment elle est bien laide la présentatrice
engineerjack (11 days ago)
lol.....there's a sucker born every minute. Great job at mixing close up of prototype and then distant filming of smaller scale replica drone. Sorry, folks,...nothing to see here but a bit of BS.
razali abdul aziz (11 days ago)
Sooner or later , this is answer for going to work, without getting caught in the traffic jam!!!
Ricky Woods (11 days ago)
Way more dangerous than a helicopter. What happens if,you loose power? Tumble to your death? There no way to control or autorotate is power is lost.
Anderson Richards (12 days ago)
Welcome to 2018.
John Yeung (12 days ago)
dude, you can find a better host and a market director!!!!! They sucks!!!!! You need someone to sell the damn thing.... not someone hard to understand,.............
Aditya Ganjeer (13 days ago)
Fully Futuristic...
Aditya Ganjeer (13 days ago)
Awesome and Fabulous.....
Omar Moreno (13 days ago)
Watch koncepto melinya filipino made flight drone car with human pilot
Omar Moreno (13 days ago)
Fake! Watch this legit filipino made drone with human pilot QFNGdGdRfRE
Kohn Alex (13 days ago)
I personally see three problems: 1. “Safety first”, but still fully open propellers. The first child who rushes to accompany or meet his parent who has flown in or out will be chopped into noodles. 2. Terribly uncomfortable entrance to the cabin. Why do not you ensure the opening of the entire front of the cab from the bottom up? 3. Just need the presence of the steering wheel for an emergency landing manually. At least to give a sense of confidence to the passenger The rest is a good idea
red bull (13 days ago)
very slow flying. ...
Jeremy Acosta (13 days ago)
must check out the filipino made drone flying car..its better than this and its really believable
Carlos Payan (13 days ago)
大爷李 (13 days ago)
都看 8分钟了 还没看见飞 居然没有中英文字幕差评 哈哈
REDxFROG (13 days ago)
Without passengers. Fuck that.
ss f (14 days ago)
what happens if its engine fails while in the air?
Oscar 420 (14 days ago)
Pretty cool but engineered in china. They should consider putting protective barriers on the props to avoid injury.
Kombizz Kashani (14 days ago)
From the security point of view, do you think American-ISIS get hold of it, put a bomb inside, & travel with it around the world?
OCnStiggs (14 days ago)
Why do they think this will work? The public is a lot smarter than they think we are. Battery technology is decades behind what is necessary to fly useful distances. When asked how far the vehicle can fly from the launch center, the answer is typical Communist: BS "It doesn't matter." Wow... 15 mile range and the battery is dead. So you go out to rescue someone and the batteries are dead when you land. No one has answered the simple question: Will local authorities allow these to land just anywhere in the street? It lands with dead batteries and just sits there awaiting someone to come get it? C'Mon. Get REAL.
AFFONSO JÚNIOR (14 days ago)
Esse drone é maravilhoso vocês só esqueceram de uma coisa,ele tem um espaço vago encima para uma bolsa de paraquedas ser acionado, se a máquina para e um desastre.
kukku pathak (14 days ago)
Many things need to be answered: what if one rotor stopped working? Navigation? Sturdy against weather ? Safety features? Landing swiftly?
kukku pathak (14 days ago)
Many things need to be answered: what if one rotor stopped working? Navigation? Sturdy against weather ? Safety features? Landing swiftly?
kukku pathak (14 days ago)
Many things need to be answered: what if one rotor stopped working? Navigation? Sturdy against weather ? Safety features? Landing swiftly?
kukku pathak (14 days ago)
Many things need to be answered: what if one rotor stopped working? Navigation? Sturdy against weather ? Safety features? Landing swiftly?
Getoverhere (14 days ago)
For all those who think that China is kind of innovative country which will lead the humanity next 10-20 years: Guys, you are really wrong. As wrong as those bitcoin fanboys. This is just like bitcoin - a simple "bubble". There are tons of tendencies of stagnation and system crisis of China. Next 10 years we will definitely see the collapse of this country.
HighPacheChief (14 days ago)
That bag of 'presents' didn't look too heavy. Shouldn't they have put heavy items/'presents' in it to simulate a person? Just saying.
patatesiscoming (15 days ago)
3:55 wd40 :))
Ryan R (15 days ago)
These will never be flying around cities not for many years. There are so many risks involved with a battery powered brushless aircraft.
arthur lewis (15 days ago)
13:39 Dunno why but I fully expected James Bond to appear in orange overalls and start shooting the place up.
Harzburgitic (15 days ago)
_How much does it cost?_ Answer: 👇 Your LIFE!
ICUEᏉERᎽᏇHERE TM (15 days ago)
What’s the battery life? Or is it full based? (15 days ago)
NICE NICE NICE ............. SO NICE
Guilherme Ribeiro (15 days ago)
Entrar e sair difícil...
Harzburgitic (15 days ago)
I would never get in this flying coffin.
Base. Betelgeuse. (15 days ago)
欲しいですね。 けど日本じゃ無理か。
Clayton Craig (15 days ago)
The host started talking at 00:20 thank me later
Brexit Monger (15 days ago)
She looks heavy. In China surely you could find a tiny slender sylph?
Gunnar Haldorsen (15 days ago)
I've seen plenty of these videos, but none of them with people on board. Have they ever made a flight with passengers on board?
technical honey josh (16 days ago)
yosoydelpatio (16 days ago)
I tough she was going to turn it on and cut his legs off at one point 😏
Bill Michalek (16 days ago)
Yeah right, I'm going put my life in a drone that has "MADE IN CHINA" stamped on it, and flown by an Asian driver.
Arthur Kuntz (16 days ago)
I need a parachute on top to deploy in case of emergency just to be safe
Yanek Che (16 days ago)
how about guards?
AXTEL LIKE (16 days ago)
No se puede abrir de adentró? Que mal diseñó...
Allistair Neil (16 days ago)
Nice, the original founder of the company died in one...