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LIVE: World's first passenger drone Ehang 184 delivers holiday gifts

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LIVE: World's first passenger drone delivers Christmas gifts! Chinese-made #Ehang184 marks the holiday's festivity with a high-tech aerial delivery.
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Matt Spencer (4 hours ago)
It litterally moved like a hundred yards to deliver the presents to the kids. lol.
scott villalobos (6 hours ago)
The red dress is designed to hide all the blood were about to see.
scott villalobos (6 hours ago)
And were about to show you how quickly this will turn you into a smoothie.
Mark Monnig (10 hours ago)
Spoiler alert. No passenger and the kids never get presents. That trunk tho
fwupow (11 hours ago)
It flew with no passenger. I'll be needing to pilot myself.
Jack Tuynman (12 hours ago)
at no time did we see a cam in cockpit was anyone piloting it ?
Smokey420Greenleaf (13 hours ago)
they'll have automatic collision avoidance for Americans, and kamikaze versions for middle-eastern countries and japan. 😂😂😂😂😂
Smokey420Greenleaf (14 hours ago)
Jetsons hovercars, here we come! i wouldnt call that a drone though.... drones are UN MANNED. being manned makes this a quad copter.
Tadow001 (15 hours ago)
It needs to have a Parachute back-up for engine failure...
Tadow001 (15 hours ago)
Don't think that's how you supposed to enter the vehicle....
jess pace (1 day ago)
so good and fun n lewkz so gudz <(^__^)7 star wars moovies :D
jess pace (1 day ago)
baloons on xmas yay chinaz
Tyler ngô (1 day ago)
It make by China. I hate that
Sp 19 (2 days ago)
So gay man
lelieng (2 days ago)
Natural Inversion (2 days ago)
Add prop shrouds, that thing looks like a man eater if those blades unexpectedly powered up, just a thought.
CAMPILOT (2 days ago)
you need a test pilot? take me ;-)
Boreyrak Kim (2 days ago)
When saw following to the video this machine is not suitable to use because the battery life is too short time only 20 min. and sit place is too narrow and there is no steering wheel just like that. Please improve your qualification.
motorcop505 (2 days ago)
Apparently the narrator never saw a regular plane or boat or he would realize that the red and green aren't "holiday" colors.
motorcop505 (2 days ago)
The Germans were first with a airframe that has many more rotors.
motorcop505 (2 days ago)
"This is the first control center for drones." He even said that with a straight face. I guess he has never heard of the Predator drones that hunt terrorists in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, all from a command center at Nellie AFB, Nevada!
John Go (2 days ago)
Congrats China
Beautaus Tertulien (3 days ago)
nobody wants to ride it
flavio creistian Benitez (3 days ago)
Chinese is at " chanta"
k dipp (4 days ago)
This is a dream come true as a prototype is ok, but is a little bit to small so is a problem for a big person to fly, but any ways is cool to have one of those at home.
Fernando Valles (4 days ago)
So many sheep here dont realize this is just a gimmick and a waste of money, this is not a sign of progression but of wasted time. Clearly this little drone isn't safe, for ducks sake they didn't even have a person enter it in this demonstration (even after a co founder dying they know it isn't safe)! it is really funny that the gyy said the drone will be part of a global system that thing is not in no way built to withstand weather outside of calm winds and mild temperatures. The distance it can cover is a joke and that's just the drone itself I if it had an actual passenger the thing wouldnt even cover a mile and this will need decades more work before it can ever be used for emergencies or hell even daily use within citties... this whole thing is just people pushing technology that is no where near finished and acting like they are making an innovation in aerial transport when all their doing is rushing things that are unimportant and no realizing that batteries need serious innovation along with this little drone
farmers (4 days ago)
1. A manned flight never occurred. 2. Ehang filed for bankruptcy. Its not gonna happen from them.
HEADS TAILS (4 days ago)
Chinese built,oh Fuck..
long time dead (4 days ago)
There is already a passenger drone .... it’s called a helicopter. This cannot autorotate in the event of engine failure. The blades are too light and have no inertia - they will just stop and the drone will fall vertically. Parachutes are only viable from a reasonable height. You will spend a long time in the dead mans curve.
SSMART (1 day ago)
Silly ! Do you know what helicopters look like?
Corvus E. (5 days ago)
Flight time up to 20 minutes!* *minus a fly aboard human pilot
Wally C (5 days ago)
People can't drive right on road. What makes you think they can drive in the sky? Need one big ass parachute too!
Rusty Heckler (5 days ago)
Actually this is an old concept. Reason never see anything like it outside of prototypes is because it is not very efficient design. Not economical or safe.
IndigoCreations (5 days ago)
no le veo lo asombroso... es lo mismo que un Helicóptero... o no?
Vivek Rajput (5 days ago)
Qawwali video Hindi picture bhejiye Jahan Bhojpuri mein Jaan Tere Naam
Ras (5 days ago)
Chinese are transforming our world. Good job
Bobby Chan (6 days ago)
What if birds hit the propellers????? Safety concern the most!!!!!
Steve B. Robinson (6 days ago)
having a passenger...................surely just makes it a helicopter?
G Howard (6 days ago)
Z: yeah, who wants a President that brings back the jobs, prosperity and respect that Barry gave away and destroyed. Give me a Trojan horse closet Muslim any day. Any chance he could help Kenya too!
FreeWorldChannel (6 days ago)
too dangerous
papa frankie (6 days ago)
such a cool dwone and sway
Wanted tuber World Heart (7 days ago)
Omar Oguz (7 days ago)
Ya sure go for it You crash I die
jmps70cu (7 days ago)
Nathaniel Thompson (7 days ago)
Nice 😎
Nathaniel Thompson (7 days ago)
China Is The Future, USA Is The Past. China 2020
thiagov6123 (7 days ago)
Never seen a gay chinese person before
SSMART (1 day ago)
You can find one in your profile picture. He looks like very Gay to all of us.
Kim Aldwin (7 days ago)
Still.... made in china 🤣😂😂😂😂
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我爱我的自由 (7 days ago)
:-) This is really made in China. You can hear it when they change the tablet holder position :-) queeeek. Already enough to let me no try this thing :-) ihave bought a similar holder one for my cellphone on a chinese streetmarket.
Sailing The Space Between (8 days ago)
Nice try, but it never happened but very good comp graphics. If it was real you would have filmed it in real time not thru a monitor. I guess 4K people agree
Joseph Spell (8 days ago)
I think the design will evolve to the cabin pod being below the propeller assemblies.
paddles409 (8 days ago)
if these are like any other products made in china, i think i'll pass.
opAir01 (9 days ago)
the exposed blades might decapitate someone l.
ArtistaGenericoMedio (9 days ago)
grande video, like
Nahed Alchebany (9 days ago)
Pele sch (9 days ago)
this looks so uncomfortable and cramped even getting in the thing is a challenge , not to mention the exposed blades and lack of passenger room or cargo - nice concept , badly executed - will wait for future designs :)
Gabe Kis (10 days ago)
If she farts, do the windows fog up ?
SSMART (1 day ago)
Yeah, it will fly into the sky with her period
james williamson (10 days ago)
?????????????where was the passenger ???????????// I do not believe that it could lift the weight of a human. This is bullshit. Its just an oversized drone. A waste of time and energy and money.
Awesome videos (11 days ago)
i wanna buy this drone... what is the price?
James Humphrey (11 days ago)
makes a nice weed wacker
Janette Molina (11 days ago)
FAKE....and where is the passenger?
미쿠 (11 days ago)
짱께드론이라 추락하면 죽을각오 하고 타야겠군 가미가제~
iank muin (12 days ago)
Allan Thobejane (12 days ago)
What is the maximum weight can it carry?, because I got big ass girlfriend like Nicky Minaj.. .
SSMART (1 day ago)
Feel sorry for you...
EdwardNygsandDantePlasticGuns (12 days ago)
Buck Cholo, Kung Cholo Ching Chong. No more Bibles here.
Mike Benoit (12 days ago)
It looks like a egg Work & Mindy nonu -nonu
Sam Wong (12 days ago)
Good Job China.
ano T (12 days ago)
Love to see advancement, hats off to you.
Efstratios Diakoniarakis (13 days ago)
How safe it is in BAD WEATHER not to fall on people heads walking in the streets ... fall on cars or houses ? !!!
Bidy Boob (13 days ago)
Has anyone count how many times that guy said "y'know"? XD
Frank Lee (13 days ago)
What is the advantage of this over single seat coax helicopters?
Mark Moses (13 days ago)
what do u do after 20min.
cobalt ocean (14 days ago)
Might be a good idea to have some kind of bumper-ring between the propellers that extends beyond them a little bit so you don't get your legs chopped off if walking up or away from the "helicopter" while the rotors are turning.
des goulding (14 days ago)
It wont be long give it 15 years then it will this to get around in lol Great video thanks for sharing friend
Anton Nym (14 days ago)
I wouldn't stand that close. There is no protection from the propellers.
Tony Dean (14 days ago)
Looks nice. Good Job.
jet li (14 days ago)
Wow! What a present! Thanks Santa!
Wandering Travels (14 days ago)
And I’m blowed away with my typhoon h lol
James Australian (14 days ago)
what a flimsy looking piece of shit. It would be fun seeing hipsters crash and die in their stupid dumb cunt plastic shitbox.
Tez INDIA BIKRAM (14 days ago)
Nice experience
olivia-J Trans (15 days ago)
China is the future, the US regime is dying
Fernando Valles (4 days ago)
Happy Rapunzel 鮑鮑鮑 lol they didn't invent gunpowder the materials was always there and it wouldve been discovered by someone else if it wasn't an Asian man
Corvus E. (5 days ago)
The last time I looked, the U.S has elections, unlike China’s stagnant non regime changing regime paradise.
Happy Rapunzel 鮑鮑鮑 (9 days ago)
When European copy black powder from China LMAO
slightlylightly (9 days ago)
Bahahah so "he" says....
Gaming Chemistry (15 days ago)
I wonder if this thing autorotates upon engine failure.
Scotty tomcat (15 days ago)
Ooooooh a dwone🤪🤪😝
Scotty tomcat (15 days ago)
Ya a cool dwone
DormantIdeas NIQ (15 days ago)
Dumbcunt don't press start or the DONK will lose its legs!
slicepatroler (15 days ago)
Looks like China can shit on us from a great height
Konst Vit (15 days ago)
For sure need to more developing entrance door and size. It's really sucks. And they are should to think more about safety about propeller works. And General issue is a very poor capacity of battery, power...
Andrew Manook (15 days ago)
That was fucking awesome.
Mark Cannon (15 days ago)
That's a great way to kill rich people.
Wigglythegreat2 (16 days ago)
The redneck version with be made with a bathtub and ceilings fans.
Wigglythegreat2 (16 days ago)
I was waiting for the blades to turn on and chop off someones legs.
的夏 (16 days ago)
Uederson Ferreira Ramos de Oliveira (16 days ago)
Why these things never have propellers protetion like a drone?
Jahong Hur (16 days ago)
Made in china.......
Eric Kelly (17 days ago)
Very cool concept but horrible video editing on this one the lady got in but did not really go anywhere it lands empty no passenger wtf lol
Kanhaiya Kumar (17 days ago)
Abe kitna chutiya banayega
Gwyn Williams (17 days ago)
I wish I was 30 years younger I'd have one so cool
Dian Adams (18 days ago)
high pitched voice goes through your head like a nail......................
cycling life (18 days ago)
Editing. You could remove the camera audio and only use the mic on. For the man. Womans mic is too loud. Maybe lower the decibles.
Bengia Apo (18 days ago)
So 8 propellor makes it the most advanced 🤔🤔🤔.
Always Smile (19 days ago)
So instead of road rage there will be an air rage 🤡