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Bugatti's unbelievable story of beauty and bad business

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Bugatti makes the world's most expensive cars, and, arguably, the most beautiful. But to truly understand the brand you must know its history.
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Ima live forever cause a legend never dies (23 days ago)
How did they get a floor like that when they were putting the engine in
Pegasus Aquarium (6 months ago)
Nothing too expensive my ass
AutomotiveAffairs (6 months ago)
Nice film CNN, but you completely ignored the late 1980's to late 1990's era of Bugatti, when the company was revived by an Italian, and created the EB110. After all, if it wasn't for Romano Artioli, Bugatti would probably have never been resurrected.
N96ZG (6 months ago)
Nothing too expensive. How much is the car? $3 million.
Owen Chua (6 months ago)
Winkelmann, I already knew him since he was the CEO of Lambo
The Reaper (6 months ago)
Foe me they are the most disgusting looking hypercars.Cant even comoare to McLaren,Rimac,Lamborghinis,Porsche......
kresna wirdana (6 months ago)
French masterpiece German engineering Italian style What could be more perfect...
Chetan11 (6 months ago)
Bugatti endured toughest times to deliver the very best
Chetan11 (6 months ago)
❤️❤️❤️ "French masterpiece, German engineering & Italian style"
Andrew Holliman (6 months ago)
Koenigsegg Agera R S.
Smug Smugly (6 months ago)
0-60 in just under 5 seconds if you throw it out of a plane.
Cone is egg (6 months ago)
0:56 did he say "artist" or "autist"?
Laugh Station (6 months ago)
Nothing too expensive........ $2.3 million
KEN BAHN (6 months ago)
Volkswagen/Bugatti caused "Diesel Gate" because the Veyron Project lost money on every car. The CEO of VW is in jail. And the "W" engine design is an engineering travesty, that violates the second law of thermodynamics. The cars of the Roman Artioli era have more class and engineering, my favorite is the EB 110 GT. I'm looking forward to end of Bugatti being owned Volkswagen... www.BadBMW.com
Ryan Connors (6 months ago)
Eat a giant sack of dicks CNN
Jeila (7 months ago)
but did he design fidget spinners?? o O
PleaseLikeMyComments (7 months ago)
It's bad business because they didn't give money to save polar bears?
SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE EnderlordTEC (7 months ago)
Koenigsegg: hold my beer
Boat Axe (7 months ago)
The grill looks like a toilet seat.
Pratik Parija (7 months ago)
Seeing that it's a CNN production I had high hopes. Yet I am disappointed, only because so much was skipped out like the 90s & it's owners prior to VW.
Stu047 (7 months ago)
When it comes down to the numbers, the company's relentless attention to detail, their obsession with quality from all angles, the Chiron just may well be the finest automobile ever made... But despite every component of the Chiron having been blessed by all that is superior, it's still nowhere near as cool as a Lamborghini; in fact I could probably think of a dozen cars I'd rather have. And in my opinion the McLaren F1 is the finest automobile ever made. :D
T0BBi94 (7 months ago)
Aaaand then the Swedes came along and said: "Det här ska vi göra bättre!" and then Koenigsegg beat Bugatti in every possible way.
andaaz mine (7 months ago)
This line made me laugh "NOTHING TOO EXPENSIVE"
Crash Bandicoot (7 months ago)
I hated the styling of the Bugatti Veyron. But the Chiron, is one of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen.
TurboDieselDan (7 months ago)
"...and mostly male." Pause- check out comment section and click off. SJW BS has no place in a Bugatti car video.
Joseph Delaguerra (7 months ago)
Sihar Tobing (7 months ago)
Good Best Super Car : Bugatti : Bigolive Show By - CNN BUSINESS, ..... Bravo.
phone4R (7 months ago)
All those comments about Bugatti not being French really convinced me that Rolls Royce & Bentley are german too. We should tell english people, they don't seem to be aware of that!
Ritik Menaria (7 months ago)
Oh C'mon.....There's Nothing French Now.......It's Completely German Car Now...... Everything Ended in WW2.... What VW is doing is taking buggatis history and name And Building Lux Cars.....They Would Have Done this Lamborghini or they might have done this any other brand....but they choose Bugatti.......
sexy korean girl (7 months ago)
he looks like a younger hitler
Zatharos (7 months ago)
What use to mean racing pedigree and performance has turned into a faceless status symbol idolized by soundcloud wannabe rappers and celebrities who know nothing about cars and care only about the brand name to feed their egos . What a shame.
cesteres (7 months ago)
Fake you skipped the second act. Shameless plug.
The Wedge (7 months ago)
these are the kind of stories CNN needs to do!!! less of the extremist leftist propaganda, anti-Russia stories, and Anti-trump stories, and more information shows!
Tardis (7 months ago)
Trump is idiot! The Russian covert activities are run by Mr. Bean. No need to watch/read any news outlet to understand those immutable truths.
Dimitrios Marinopoulos (7 months ago)
It's a shame that CNN didn't include EB110 and the Italian effort to revive Bugatti before VW. Just a small recognition will be nice.
Gururaj Wankhade (7 months ago)
CNN summed up most of it within 6 min;That's impressive.
Hamis Hamilton (7 months ago)
They missed the EB110 and the veyron.
LATEEF ABDUL (7 months ago)
NICE!! #CarLife
Chris Brinzo (7 months ago)
Bugatti is a useless automotive company.
Sativa B (7 months ago)
Think the germans ruïned it. Bugatti has as much Itallian styling as Mac and cheese.
Bobby Paluga (7 months ago)
Isn’t the Bugatti owned by VW now and made in France? Yup
FyreUK B1tch (7 months ago)
Cnn shouldn’t have a channel called cnn business when more than half their people and news anchor are against business.
LJay Assong (7 months ago)
In the end says "Nothing to beautiful nothing to expensive" lmao they didn't stick to the expensive part
Sean Dring (7 months ago)
It's a Volkswagen.
Ji Soo (7 months ago)
le buagetti
fait (7 months ago)
Nice bullshit, will still buy Regera Over it.
Juan Bolanos (7 months ago)
"Bugatti is different" thats it??
bhoj03 (7 months ago)
Bugatti is essentially the "Kanye West" of Adidas. Lmao.
Tom Christian Berghaus (7 months ago)
Ya, exactly German work
Kyei Justice (7 months ago)
Nothing too beautiful Nothing too expensive Yeah right we believe you
La'anos Hart (7 months ago)
These guys have made cars for almost 100 years and are owned by one of the biggest car manufacturors in the world, yet they can't make a faster car than some random dude from Sweden who just decided to make cars one day.
Hector (7 months ago)
lol CNN using british commentators to sound more sophisticated, wonder how much VW Group's marketing dept. shelled out for this piece
Hector (7 months ago)
I like their older cars a lot better. Not a fan of the new designs
Andrei Raul (7 months ago)
And mostly men?! Wtf was that??? Retarded CNN
Simple Gameplay (7 months ago)
What's the lambo CEO doing with Bugatti now ?
Simple Gameplay (7 months ago)
+iArid 0:58 that man used to be the Lamborghini CEO
Florida Hotboy (7 months ago)
The title is click bait but I liked the video anyways
Julian Wilson (7 months ago)
What song is the classical music ?
Chris Wood (7 months ago)
Fake news
Deniz 1903 (7 months ago)
I think Bugatti is a pour Germany brand because it s own by Volkswagen and the company starts in Germany
felix crab (7 months ago)
Ettore bugatti woulda bawk at the modern cars coming out of his factory.
C Y (7 months ago)
still not the fastest ...
SixPotShot (7 months ago)
I completely agree with IJustHitTheFan: how can CNN - you are journalists aren't you? Maybe not...maybe it is just a PR paid for exercise after all the clue is in the logo: CNN Business... - short cut Bugatti's history in this terrible way. It sucks. VW doesn't need any more grandeur what they need is stop cheating
max Zago (7 months ago)
Soby Sunny (7 months ago)
Sad that some companies are built for millionaires only... And they speak of principles!!!
sonny lee (7 months ago)
What's funny is that this company was started by artists but Bugatti cars are considered some of the ugliest cars
Avneesh Singh Tomar (7 months ago)
Finally, it's all business....
Michael Green (7 months ago)
Stay Strong...Bugatti.
Infinite (7 months ago)
German Engineering. Italian Style. French Company.
Seb Stefan (7 months ago)
Why do you have to stir up all the shit by mentioning that most customers are male? That is stupid asf... It's like criticising Always-Ultra or Discreet for having mostly female customers. CNN sucks big fat sweaty balls. Fucking stupid clowns...
Mr_Psyco (7 months ago)
It's still a fat lump of a car.
Jason De Pieri (7 months ago)
the title is wrong and misleading
ImmortalInflames (7 months ago)
Wasn't Stephen Winklemann the previous ceo or Lamborghini?
WishwaRajindu Liyanagama (7 months ago)
USEE That My Facebook First pic.
8D Nation (7 months ago)
4:40 if that was the fact...I could have a bugatti parked inside my garage!
FullFledged2010 (7 months ago)
And here is was always thinking it was a Italian company ^^
8D Nation (7 months ago)
I wish if the founder of bugatti was alive to see the success, the fame and the love for the hypercars created by his own extraordinary company!
mephisto1025 (7 months ago)
Fast food journalism 🤦‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️💀💯
SB SB (7 months ago)
ITALIAN CAR made in France, with two Audi engines, and belongs to the Germans
Mohammed Hamad (7 months ago)
I’m not a suit guy but the CEO’s suit is on point
MonacoPoker (7 months ago)
All expensive thing are huge scam for rich peoples.
R4C YOU (7 months ago)
sounded dissapointed when she said most owners were male, lol
Toyota Prius (7 months ago)
Koenigsegg is superior
LionV (7 months ago)
Fastest.. Not anymore Elon changed that shit.
Mahideep Ranasinha (7 months ago)
What?? Nothing too expensive !! Are you serious?
Gorilla Chilla (7 months ago)
Hitler made blue prints to every german motor company
Dzouts (7 months ago)
My civic is faster.
VEYSEL A (7 months ago)
Raymond Lucardie (7 months ago)
Historian Julius Kruta's head has the shape of a Bugatti grill. :-)
logan whitaker (7 months ago)
Fake news
Ace Freely (7 months ago)
I am NPC, CNN tell me what to be outraged about today, orange man bad, nighttime funnymen smart, communism works, racism, sexism, homophobia, islamaphobia , rape culture, patriarchy, George soros good, creepy porn lawyer honest , Clinton’s give to charities, nazis everywhere, life sad, outrage, protest.
Patolog (7 months ago)
Bugatti = German VW = Adolf Hitler brand (he founded VW in 1937)
Javier Mac (7 months ago)
The Brand Bugatti is edging towards obsolete if they don't wise up to present and future developments in the automobile world!
Steve Lee (7 months ago)
Nothing too expensive ??? You're kidding me right ?
Young Lord (7 months ago)
Basic information. No hard hitting facts. Trash, but then again it is cnn.
AGH anonymous (7 months ago)
good point!! lol : )
Steve Jovan (7 months ago)
It’s VW for gods sake! It does need need to be profitable anymore than Merc’s F team needs to be profitable. It’s about making VW a sports car company.
Canyon Racer (7 months ago)
Just a brand name bought by VW. Nothing to really do with the Original company. VW fairy tale stories.
TROLL (7 months ago)
It doesn't look that nice lol.
Tanner T (7 months ago)
probably the only thing in the world im gonna thumbs up that has cnn involved
swartzbay30 (7 months ago)
I just saw two in person in Beverly Hills McLaren. I photographed these. Instead of whining about French, German or Italian, appreciate them as they are... beyond your budget. That's the Bugatti trademark.
Justice Warrior (7 months ago)
Thanks for forgetting the Italian men that brought bugatti in the 90s... CNN you really are a joke
KEN BAHN (6 months ago)
Romano Artioli is my hero... www.BadBMW.com
Justice Warrior (7 months ago)
Looooooool mostly male.. Honey women just aren't as successful as men