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10 Most INSANE Private Jets You Won't Believe Actually Exist

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10 Most INSANE Private Jets You Won't Believe Actually Exist ► Subscribe: https://goo.gl/vHN6qB For copyright matters please contact us at: miniminter1992.29@gmail.com Opulent hotels with wings, the planet's priciest private jets are the preserve of pampered billionaires who wouldn't dream of setting foot in a run-of-the-mill first-class cabin on a commercial aircraft. From incredibly fast jets that cruise higher and fast than most passenger jets, to jetliners that are so luxurious inside that you forget you’re in a plane, we take a look at 10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Private Jets. 10. Harrison Ford’s Cessna 680 Sovereign – Harrison Ford is not just the pilot of the Millennium Falcon, in real life he actually owns quite a few airplanes, but his dark green Cessna 680 Sovereign is probably the nicest one of them all. 9. Tom Cruise’s Gulfstream IV - Known for having the highest standards of luxury and style, the Gulfstream IV is the insanely infamous actor Tom Cruise’s aircraft of choice. 8. Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 – If he wasn’t flying in Air Force One, President Donald Trump would probably be flying around the world in his Boeing 757 which cost him a cool $100 million dollars. 7. Tyler Perry’s Gulfstream III – Director, actor, and comedian Tyler Perry owns one of the nicest jets and it’s considered a ‘flying theatre’ because it has several big flat screen displays, luxurious white leather couches, and recliners 6. Jim Carrey’s Gulfstream V - The exclusive Gulfstream V jet is one of only 100 or so of the aircraft in service in the world with a base cost of $41 million dollars, and Jim has joined only a handful of individual owners who have one. 5. Roman Abramovich’s Boeing 767 - The sky's the limit for this Russian billionaire who owns stakes in steel giant Evraz, Norilsk Nickel, and the U.K.'s Chelsea soccer team. 4. Boeing 747-81 VIP owned by Joseph Lau - The base model starts at $153 million but people with this kind of money don’t stop at this, working at it to making it the ultimate luxury jet. 3. Tiger Woods Gulfstream G550 – This famous golf-player has chalked up and impressive 14 major championship golfing wins which has pocketed him over $1 billion dollars. 2. Boeing 747-400 owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal - In 2008 Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud ordered this Airbus A380, the world’s biggest private jet for the trifling sum of $487 million. 1. Boeing 747-430 owned by Sultan of Brunei - A man of great opulence simply couldn’t be traveling around in a $100 million basic Boeing 747 We hope you enjoyed the video. We want to know which one of these jets you liked the best. And if you liked the video, click subscribe and you’ll be notified when we release a new video. We appreciate you and want to thank you for watching this episode of Interesting Facts. Source: http://www.worldlifestyle.com/trending/insane-private-jets-owned-by-celebrities https://www.alux.com/worlds-most-expensive-private-jets/
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drspastic (2 months ago)
Where is iron maidens ed force one?
KOLEKKAZ (2 months ago)
Trump got his own plane and its HUGE, Folks!
Aravind M (2 months ago)
15 inch flat screen display!? Duuddeee thats how big my laptop is do you even listen to what you're saying?
Preet Rayat (2 months ago)
That’s insane!!! So cool 😎!!!!
cardinaldriver (2 months ago)
Wow...this is bad!
Oliver Mitro (2 months ago)
There are so many mistakes in this video.... clearly who ever made it did not know anything about the topic....
Wolf 32 (2 months ago)
Ahh, the 747 is not the 787. haha.
monnides monnides (2 months ago)
Full of errors..............
Seeker (2 months ago)
Man lot of nerds getting triggered by this video. Take a breath guys and go find a quiet, safe place to calm down 😉
M K (2 months ago)
Well if you get a turd-sandwich, you will get upset.. Don't be an asshole.
Ricky I (2 months ago)
Jim Carrie owns a plane? Yet he says we should all say yes to socialism? You know I wouldnt feel bad if government dried up all his wealth he worked hard for and distributed it to everyone. Im very sure the fucker would regret saying we should say yes to socialism.
B. Osmon (2 months ago)
Ha is Lau still a fugitive??? That’s one way to get one of these things 😆
Hinaio & M10 (2 months ago)
What about the 747-SP owned by the sultan of Oman?
GeeBee (2 months ago)
i know this is super old, but i feel like trump may have a bigger tv then 15 inches
Tubagus Ababil (2 months ago)
I'm not an aviation expert but I'm pretty sure you said that 747 was an airbus which is totally stupid
FasterMan (2 months ago)
A lot of your facts are wrong
KrosanBeast315 (2 months ago)
6:42 that is NOT an A-380
DS Analysis (2 months ago)
747 is known as Queen of the skies. That's why he got it mixed up with the Dreamliner.
DS Analysis (2 months ago)
Sultan of Brunai's son is gay. And being gay is illegal in Brunai
Eddie Yu (2 months ago)
waste time to watch. a lot of obviously wrong information
Ozzy osborne (2 months ago)
Gold sinks marble baths these fuckers make me sick the corrupt have a Big black hole inthem they can never fill, WANKERS
Mika 900 (2 months ago)
Don't think I've watched a more inaccurate video.
Mike Sowder (3 months ago)
My favorite was the one with the wings
Stac3 (3 months ago)
Worst video
Imran Shahzad (3 months ago)
All Bullshit lie.
John Grabowski (3 months ago)
I like how when the narration says the Gulfstream has wide oval windows, we see a stock shot of a standard, NOT a Gulfstream, window...
Ristube (3 months ago)
What kind of moron put this together? My mother with her clip art fetish is more accurate and less hokey.
Ristube (3 months ago)
Harrison Ford is a shitty pilot. He’s dangerously inept at it, crashed too many times to be allowed to call them “accidents” or to say nice things in the worst video of this type I’ve seen in a while, and YouTube has no limit to those.
george otieno (3 months ago)
In other news Yemen starving children
Crushacat2010 Entertainment and more! (3 months ago)
Yur so stupid and know nothing about airplanes. 787 is called the dreamliner not 747
Dave Mi (3 months ago)
Your right I don't believe some of these exist
Pastor Paul D (3 months ago)
Sad to see just how difficult life is for so many people. Imagine only being able to seat 30 people at once at your private jets dining room table while you and 300 hundred of your friends fly just about anywhere they want in this world , it’s just seems so unfair . All kidding aside I personally wouldn’t ever want any of this over rated material stuff , the more you have the more you have to worry about. That was said to me by my friend Bernard Cantor . He was a billionaire he knew about money, he said that money only gives him freedom to do almost everything he wants .
PURE INDIAN SAYS (4 months ago)
My cycle is my most comfortable vehicle ,,,,,,no machine can match its average......all r million dollar purchased jets ,,,,,and mine is few hundred dollar bucks......
Smokin'Boots (4 months ago)
Inaccuracies aside, those bigger ones... ugh. Just disgusting
SandhoeFlyer (4 months ago)
This guy is a stupid prick. Why, he has no idea what he is talking about. A total prick
Jamie Sullivan (4 months ago)
I'm surprised that they didn't include Airbus 747
T38 Talon (4 months ago)
Wow... fail... did you even watch your own vid for accuracy? 757 aren't a tri-jet, esp. with one in the tail! 1:46... Keep your damn units the same (mph vs kph)... Ok, you are a failure... A Boeing 747 is NOT eighty one, it's 8 EYE... 8I as in International and their unit costs start at $400M. So much of your info is off... Too much and it's seriously little things... like not knowing an 'I' from a '1'.
Flying Dog (4 months ago)
When did the 747 become the Dream Liner?
Patrick Adair (5 months ago)
Nice try but your way off on plane descriptions
Colorado Aerospace (5 months ago)
747-8 I as in Intercontinental
INAPPROPRIATE (5 months ago)
Horribly done, a lot of inaccurate information and mixed up images.
Rogelio Maza (5 months ago)
The best plane j like is the ECONOMY CLASS.
seriius626 (5 months ago)
What about Iron Maiden’s airplane?
Filip Faciejew (5 months ago)
What a pile of nonsense!
J.D. Crownover (6 months ago)
So Tiger Wood's jet can fly non-stop 12,000 kilometers, or 12 hours? You want us to believe it travels at 1,000 kph?
Owshua (6 months ago)
15" flat screen display - WOW
stephenmwyatt2 (6 months ago)
another douche bag reading terribly
nhall00195 (6 months ago)
So many errors. Don’t pretend to know what you’re talking about. Dick head
ensignbodybag (6 months ago)
Did the narrator just make all of this up ? obviously can´t tell the difference between an A380, Jumbo jet and a Dreamliner (Not a Jumbo idiot !)
Joe (6 months ago)
Gold plated this and gold plated that .....And then there is so many starving people the owners of these jets should be ashamed of themselves.
Tūrists LV (6 months ago)
747-400 cannot fit 800 PAX.
Ger Mitchell (6 months ago)
OMG how wrong you are you dumb ass twat....how are people allowed to put videos like this up on youtube , it's the most misleading video to date I've seen, is there anything correct on it, the planes do not match the ones his commenting on , the cost and interior costs are totally bogus , media rooms with 15" flatscreen haha , there is every seat in most transatlantic planes you dickhead, rolls Royce car in the plane costing 150 mill wtf , there isn't suche a car on the planet , so what planet is the researcher of this stupid ass video on, guess I'm worse for actually watching the whole stup I'd video and wasting 8 mins 20 something seconds of my life and an extra minute or two writing this shite...now im raging with myself , over and out , peace to all except the fool that made this video I hope you choke on your breakfast you prick.
jimmyhackers (6 months ago)
why do we support our leaders when they wastes such riches on frivolous shite? :(
Lauri Syrjäniemi (6 months ago)
You’re mixing them up:/ 747 is not called Dreamliner
Junior Mints (6 months ago)
I don’t believe it
Brenton P. (6 months ago)
G5 player !!
Scotty Weißmüller (6 months ago)
Dumbass can't even get the planes right
oil9vinergar (6 months ago)
Thumno Rd (6 months ago)
I also have one...
Benjamin Meyer (6 months ago)
well i mean, I have a really nice 10 dollar pair of bluetooth headphones....
Mark Mangarna (6 months ago)
Interesting Mis-Facts
1Americanatlarge (6 months ago)
alphadawn2015 lennon (6 months ago)
i have absolutely no idea who tyler perry is. Just went on wikipedia to find out. he is actually worth around $600 million lol.
Wayne Holmes (6 months ago)
A $150 million Rolls Royce? Nonsense inside a half billion airliner? Complete fake
H Max (6 months ago)
Hate these improvised presenters that basically confuse people with their lack of knowledge. or maybe the narrator is in a studio and the person doing the video and voice don't know crap either so they can't seem to match what the narrator is saying to the video. either way is poorly put together.
Official Maku Gaming (6 months ago)
Omg as a pilot this is one of the most cringe videos I’ve ever seen in my life.
AgentNite (6 months ago)
For the thumbnail just get a random picture of a plane that looks dangerous and put a picture of Tom Cruise
Z.O.M.G (6 months ago)
Why do people like goulfstreams so much?!
David Reade - Evans (6 months ago)
"It's an A380-400" Mate.. that's a 747. and "This is also used by.." Maaate. that's a 777. Also "747 also known as a Dreamliner" 747 IS NOT known as a "Dreamliner" It's known as a SuperJumbo. Or "It's a 747" a DREAMLINER is a 787! This guy has no freaking idea what the hell he is talking about!
Monorom K (6 months ago)
Trash planes. I like fighter jets better
James Johnston (6 months ago)
Disgraceful considering the poverty around the world.
Clyde Burts (7 months ago)
They're compensating for something because they're too small haha give the money to the poor really real gold sinks what for there is sick and starving people in the world and there are people that are flying around in airplanes like this it makes me sick to my stomach
gcm747 (7 months ago)
Content is so widely inaccurate.
Stephen Hall (7 months ago)
It doesn't matter to me concerning the errors, I can only say, they all have their Only reward. I don't have any silver or gold, but of what I do have is Greater than All of worldly wealth. I have Everlasting life through Jesus Christ, my Lord. But the toys look like fun.
Patrick Trepte (7 months ago)
Dumpest video I have ever seen
private LTZ (7 months ago)
NuMbeR 2 747 400 iN 2008 WHositS OrDEreD THIs A380, THe WoRLdS laRgEsT PrIVate jEt so is it an a380 or 747
Berke Beenhouwer (7 months ago)
Money can't buy good taste, the Brunei jet is as kitsch as can be. The throne is laughable XD
T.A.B (7 months ago)
That's one of the reasons why the world is fucked up and full of wars and suffering.
John Doe (7 months ago)
He does not know what some of the planes are
Theo (7 months ago)
Nope nope nope 747 is NOT the Dreamliner!
Theo (7 months ago)
Shows 727. Says 757.
GILBERT WILLIAMS (7 months ago)
The thing about all of those planes, they all made me feel like I'm not looking at the inside of a plane LMAO
zardoz262 (7 months ago)
Wow. Trump's plane has a theatre room with a 15" flat screen display!
EASYTIGER10 (7 months ago)
3:05 Now you're taking the mickey
Talesin- God of the Internet (7 months ago)
the *787* is the Dreamliner
Zaen Qureshi (7 months ago)
thats not an a380 its a 747
Konrad Kędzierski (7 months ago)
i found so many errors in this clip XDD
ASHLA BOGAN (7 months ago)
WOW at least get the facts straight, I was loving this video until you started getting planes mixed up etc. etc. Okay for those who do not know aviation I guess but then you are giving them "FAKE INFORMATION" Due to this I am not subbing I assume the ret of your videos are bad.
MESIN CREATIV (7 months ago)
America is number one
Thecrappingllama gaming (7 months ago)
Why are you saying he owns an a380 but then you show pics of a 747 they both come from two different companies, why do people watch your videos when you can’t even find the right pictures?
Hyunmo Chung (7 months ago)
Don't do that again!
Ashvik Daniel Vatsavaya (7 months ago)
Holy moly and chicken moly
Chandra Sekhar (7 months ago)
This guy is total bullshit. FYI asshole, the 747 is a Jumbo jet, not a Dreamliner. 787 is a Dreamliner.
WhaleLoverMemes (7 months ago)
So that 747 is a A380? I do not understand. You need to explain that again I did not understand.
Mike Page (7 months ago)
Get a grownup to write the next script.
Jeffrey Tan (7 months ago)
Can imagine the world TOP 2 private jets are owned by these two radical Islamists
Bo ter Ham (7 months ago)
This video is complete shite
Grant Kobes (7 months ago)
I didnt enjoy the video. I did not subscribe. You got half of your info wrong
TJ Knight Researcher (7 months ago)
Good plane and nice video documentary without bullshit music background
JT Render (7 months ago)
There are MAJOR discrepancies between the truth and this video! For instance a 747-8i is around $300,000,000.00 not $180M, with no seats or any interior. Notice that there are OVER 1,000 dislikes!!!
Stuart Menges (7 months ago)
This is about the worst aviation video I’ve ever seen. It’s...just...utterly inaccurate.