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UPS tests launching drones from delivery trucks

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The package delivery company equipped the trucks with rooftop battery chargers.
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Text Comments (7)
c. lince (1 year ago)
soon machines will replace human jobs in america
Kevin Aguilar (1 year ago)
they doing this to control ppl
xguy (1 year ago)
Sharpshooter parcel theives will INVEST one 50 cent bullet per surpise package ➕motorcycle gas. But for really huge $$$ a night vision scope to shoot down heroin drones at the Mexican border❗️❗️❗️
Captain Obvious (1 year ago)
Amazon already did this
az da (1 year ago)
Giggling Bibb I think UPS is doing this because they are worried they will lose the business they have with amazon once amazon tries to make all their deliveries via drone in the future.
sam Costin (1 year ago)
That news reporter looks like an actor that would be on LAZY TOWN! lol
MatsMarius (1 year ago)