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Cardi B & Offset In FIRE “Clout” & “Press” Performance At The BET Awards! | BET Awards 2019

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Cardi B & Offset open the show with a BANG while performing “Press” and “Clout” at the 2019 BET Awards! #CardiB #Offset #BETAwards SUBSCRIBE to #BET NOW! ►► http://bit.ly/1U0v9xG Download the BET NOW app for full episodes of your favorite BET shows and exclusive content! Connect with BET Web: http://www.BET.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BET Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BET Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BET Google+: http://www.bet.us/gplusBET
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BETNetworks (24 days ago)
Watch as Rick Ross, Mary J. Blige, Queen Naija, DDG, Lucky Daye & more turn up on the BETA Express train to the BET Awards! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vhfFruOG_g
Efrain Velez (1 day ago)
Lucas Swiftie 13 she don’t even write her own raps tho
YagurlG (2 days ago)
Kennedi Hood (2 days ago)
Mndf and everything is good herewhy are you keep on doing it the dance but it sound good but y'all need to do a flip in your baby cuz I don't know what y'all doing
Dipped n Gold Dripping n Glitter (2 days ago)
Get it girl
@White Alliance Well, why did you tag me, whining about me not saying anything positive about this wack ass performance? 😑
Xavier Smith (14 minutes ago)
She didn’t lip rap beside the press press press press press part
Neeshawn Ferdinand (47 minutes ago)
top 5 song (2 hours ago)
🤣🤣🤣Cardi B fake Queen 🤣🤣🤣
BNL (2 hours ago)
BLEXIT -Candace Owens for President!
brian couronne (3 hours ago)
lip singing ass
Alma lpdt (3 hours ago)
You can definitely see she was a stripper.
Minaj Myles (4 hours ago)
Not on nickis level but she done alright only like the part where she’s like got a new crib for my daughter lol. X
Xuân Phan (5 hours ago)
i love nicki minaj
Dezixzez (5 hours ago)
Omg yes😍😍😍
225 WORLDSTAR HIP HOP VIDEOS (5 hours ago)
Love this
Izzy Donald (5 hours ago)
Cardis an actual QUEEN
Repent & Believe (6 hours ago)
i looked this chic up cuz i kept hearing of her. soooooo they lip rap now?
Aniyah Harris (8 hours ago)
Cardi is THAT women 😍😍
Aniyah Harris (8 hours ago)
Even people who dont listen to cardi got to admit this was a great performance
Atlantis Whaley (9 hours ago)
I love how offset is ok with his girl having the spotlight
TheMGSpy (10 hours ago)
Why does offset say “ ill do anything for cock”?????
TKSS (10 hours ago)
Kass Andra (10 hours ago)
this is why I love her more than nicki minaj
Calton Jn.Baptiste (10 hours ago)
Who else saw cardi hit the woah🙋
Shakia Hinton (11 hours ago)
When she hit the "woah"
madelin kenia (11 hours ago)
yesss 😍😍 the dancing 🔥🔥🔥
Eduardo Rodrigues Ferreira (11 hours ago)
Nicki estava certa kkkkk
diego Wilks (12 hours ago)
Cardi b is wayyyyyyyyy better than Niki cause she ain't all girly type like her
Amber Abrams (13 hours ago)
Alejandra Hinojosa (13 hours ago)
I liked how Offset just walked off and let his lady shine 💎.
SexcLongLegsMo10 (13 hours ago)
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Lynsey (14 hours ago)
This performance still gives me chills
Tanja Evers (14 hours ago)
Robert Pattinson St Louis Vuitton Monogram songs from the same time. it is a beautiful person. ⬇ 👍 👇 🎶 🎵 🎤 🎵 🎶
Moriah Alvaranga (14 hours ago)
I love cardi's outfit
Sherry Gibbs (15 hours ago)
at 2:59 kway was so unimpressed
Caitlyn Hennessy (15 hours ago)
Hella goosebumps watching this
Rise Rise (16 hours ago)
Omg so lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
RandomCommentator (16 hours ago)
hadassah betts (16 hours ago)
i love cardi.. i have watched this probably more than 10 times and it still kills me how she hit the woah 2:29
Keona Blevins (16 hours ago)
Ell Rich (16 hours ago)
Go Dana!!!!!!!!!
Jashanti Brooks (17 hours ago)
They killed this performance
RandomCommentator (16 hours ago)
*offset did
Ayo Wasssuuupp (17 hours ago)
I know cardi b song press got a everybody in the audience feeling like they bad bitches LMFAOO
Jazmine M (17 hours ago)
Horrible el offset
Tia Tropicana (18 hours ago)
Malachi T (19 hours ago)
Cardi queen of mimimg
summerloveleigh (20 hours ago)
Damn, this bitch is THE bitch. I love cardi 💜
Kim Bailey (20 hours ago)
It's good to see the husband and wife collaboration. Loved the pink & green
Lizzie_ Gacha (22 hours ago)
Did Cardi B do the woah
Kacy-ann Rose (22 hours ago)
I love them so much💖💖😩
Melinda Akridge (22 hours ago)
Just watched the press music video and was surprised she didn’t shoot anymore in the audience lol no hate I know she wouldnt
Eva Aldazabal 27 (22 hours ago)
I love that Cardi did the woah during her performance 😂😂😂
Torri Twyman (22 hours ago)
Offset fine asf idc what ppl say he and cardi killed it im #bardigang all day❤❤
Mary Nunez (22 hours ago)
Offset stage presence is everything!
Hey it be Hatke (23 hours ago)
Cardi is like 26 and Nikkie is 37 or sumin Cardi is queen
Natalie Monroe (23 hours ago)
Love her or hate her whatever, but you can't say that she doesn't give AMAZING performances 💯🤷🏽‍♀️ her performances & videos are dope as hell 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Natalie Monroe (15 hours ago)
@RandomCommentator Actually, said by a person who doesn't hate Cardi just because I like Nicki. I'm not one of those fans, sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️ I'll give a bitch her credit when it's due.
RandomCommentator (16 hours ago)
Said by a person with the queen of rap profile picture
canal da sophia (23 hours ago)
Miriam Israel (1 day ago)
I don't give a shat about what some people have to say.., like her or hate him, and vise versa they both came ready and gave it.
XXXGacha_ KyyainXXX (1 day ago)
2:32 WOAH Cardi
Susana García Leygonier (1 day ago)
I love the costumes in dark green with pink gloves
Old Yellow (1 day ago)
Yeah I know she killed it
God’s Gift (1 day ago)
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Enieka Franklin (1 day ago)
CARDI B is my Best female rapper 😘😘😘😘😘 EVER
Phillip Evans (21 hours ago)
Ding dong must be that pizza I ordered
Thảo Nguyễn (1 day ago)
this mv flop :))))
braulio costa (1 day ago)
Please don’t borrow my AirPods... If I ever get one. Higiene please!
Royal Africa (1 day ago)
Offset danced for Whitney Houston.
Just Me (1 day ago)
Like her or not, her stage presence is honestly amazing. This performance was FIRE 👏
Sonali Verma (1 day ago)
That ding dong at 2:00
Fahlada Wattana-amorn (1 day ago)
She's looking like Camilla cameltoe
JDANTT (1 day ago)
Celia Habekost (1 day ago)
I Love this Performance!
Luiz Silva (1 day ago)
lil nas x sit down
Akian Bey (1 day ago)
Lauren Osuala (1 day ago)
she killed thisss🤩
RandomCommentator (16 hours ago)
You misspelled ruined
META MUTT (1 day ago)
Bernie 2020 ✊ For the People An America for All of Us
Lil Rail Short Rail (1 day ago)
Bruh wtf (1 day ago)
Couple goals❤️
Alixxess (1 day ago)
The dancers' hair tho
Declaration of Independance (1 day ago)
Dont like the song but this performance was actually 🔥🔥
Cubann Kay (23 hours ago)
Declaration of Independance which song
Zaking Baxter (1 day ago)
Who ever dislike this performance is nothing but a hater
RandomCommentator (16 hours ago)
*a person with good music taste
Mellqui S' (1 day ago)
ingrid tillman (1 day ago)
offset got into it damn wasnt just standing and mumbling
Anna Wallace (1 day ago)
Ding dong!!! Pop up, guess who BITCH!!!
moneybagg kween (1 day ago)
😍😍yasss myyy bitchhh
Martha S (1 day ago)
The way the dancers dropped and effortlessly got up at 2:00 is incredible
Olaadboy (1 day ago)
Philani Mazibuko (1 day ago)
This Performance Was Sick🤮🤮🤮
RandomCommentator (16 hours ago)
lucy olguin (1 day ago)
Is that the dude from Disney dudes ft todrick hall lmao now he doing this shit from Disney/ pg music to all this lmao I’m rollin
Nancy George (1 day ago)
Those twin dancers gorgeous
Asher Weekend (1 day ago)
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Tianna’s Vlogs (1 day ago)
A lot of people on stage but luv the performance
Duvessascovers (1 day ago)
Cardi was lip singing
Isaac Maurice (23 hours ago)
How tf did offset change cloths and get in the audience so quick?? This is BEYOND ME...
Shonda jones (1 day ago)
2:31 woah
Darrell White Lightning (1 day ago)
Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake vibes
JADA GURL (1 day ago)
I’ve watched this so many time’s.
Maqueisha Gillett (1 day ago)
Yeaaaassssss my girl kk Harris is in the building 🔥🔥get your coin sis
Antisocial Potato (1 day ago)
Kulture will grow up knowing her parents were the shit😂
Sandra Roden (1 day ago)
Peanutbutter and Grape Jelly .... these two 💣❤👍
Lama Cool (1 day ago)
Mareike Pfahl (1 day ago)
Omg!!!!!!! 😍🤩😍
Bernice Lopez (1 day ago)
Damn cardi singing all of that without even breathing shit that's why I love you
Geovanna Kovalczykowski (1 day ago)
Loved the playback cardi
Born To Create (1 day ago)
cardi chilllll, done slayed my existence bitch!