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Will Amazon Buy UPS?

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Amazon made headlines across the country with its purchase of Organic Supermarket Whole Foods. Last week. In this video I talk about the design of Amazon, and what this purchase means. I also talk about why I think UPS could be its next target. Let me know in the comments what you think of my theory! Jewelry I'm Wearing: Avalanche Necklace https://jillmaurer.com/products/avalanche-necklance-grey Zebu Ear Studs https://jillmaurer.com/collections/jewelry/products/zebu-ear-studs-silver Brahma Ear Studs https://jillmaurer.com/products/brahma-ear-studs-silver White Topaz Rift Ring Read why I joined Youtube: https://jillmaurer.com/blogs/design-thoughts/lets-talk-design-on-youtube Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jillmaurerjewelry/?hl=en Website: http://www.jillmaurer.com
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Text Comments (34)
Matt Gage (24 days ago)
Amazon only makes up 7%-12% of our volume at UPS. Never going to happen.
Frank Budroux (1 month ago)
The truth is UPS doesn't need Amazon,,,Amazon needs UPS..
Marc Dominique (1 month ago)
isnt UPS too big to buy? maybe if they go bankrupt but how when they are toe to toe with fedex and DHL? explanation makes sense but how feasible!!
bwlxunleashed (1 month ago)
Hahahaha ups already kicked amazon to the curb when they refused to pay are higher prices. An guess what when everyone else failed to meet there expectations they can crawlinf back asking us to take care of all the time sensitive material. They will never own UPS, Ever lol
Javier Marin (1 month ago)
Won’t happen lady
Ray Haynes (1 month ago)
Jill, when do you suspect this Amazon/Ups takeover could happen? & How would it effect Ups stock? & it's current employees? Thanks
Texas Patriot (1 month ago)
Nope amazon is building their own delivery company. UPS wouldnt sell. They are the top Parcel service in the world.
Nick T. (1 month ago)
Texas Patriot and the one that's going to be affected more is USPS according to an article I read. It'll probably put less pressure on FedEx and UPS to deliver packages especially on Christmas.
Dingus Dufus (2 months ago)
Amazon better start buying up all that UPS public stock then.
Abusayeed Haque (2 months ago)
No way, the UPS union will never support it.
scott hoelzel (2 months ago)
Lol lady your out of your mind. Everyone forgets about the UNION! There would be a lot of drama.
Derek Watts (2 months ago)
Girl you are crazy. Amazon's doesn't have enough money to buy a UPS feeder truck. Have you ever looked at there profit margins ? Pennies on the dollar. UPS has a infrastructure that took over 120 years to build. BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars invested. UPS is one of the most stable companies worldwide There's a reason for reason for that. I'm a UPS DRIVER and I've been with the company for 11 years. If we never deliverd another Amazon package we would still all have jobs. Maybe do some real research before making a video. However good job making me click on the link!
Maki Omakis (2 months ago)
Not gonna happen. Amazon is not going be around for ever. Yeah it’s growing but something will give one day. And amazon is losing its appeal more and more. It’s not the deal place it used to be.
Nico Mom (3 months ago)
I thought about it! and if AMAZON able to buy UPS which is very visible that would be UPS FAULT by giving Amazon Prime packages 95% UPS Air packages. Lower than the cost of First Class packages. The amount pf packages outnumbered the amount of people processing and delivering thats why u see more and more delay. UPS is slowly bleeding that why to make up the difference the only way is to JACK UP the Retail shipping prices when you ship stuff to your mom, grandma, kids, etc. Just like our goverment, if they dont have enough tax to cover their expenses they will just imposed it on us..... property tax, gas tax bla....bla...bla....! Amazon IS NOT GOOD for the local economy!
kenn gugel (3 months ago)
The union issue, the global issue and the monopoly issue are three things that would dissuade a buyout besides the net worth of UPS. UPS is owned by their shareholders which include their labor force and as long as UPS is bringing in Billions (with a BBB) there will never be a buyout. Amazon would have a much easier time buying the defunct USPS which cannot and never will turn a profit. And between you and me, the public in these United States would appreciate Amazon taking the USPS off our hands
simon juaRez (3 months ago)
Amazon buy UPS ? Lmao that’s funny. I don’t think this chick understands what exactly that would entail . You’re talking about the biggest international distribution company in the world . With the biggest union driver based network in the world . If Whole Foods cost amazon 2 billion what the hell do think UPS would cost lmao . Come on
Texas Patriot (1 month ago)
Probably more that bill gates is worth if not close.
Big trump (3 months ago)
Lady your nuts!...
Brian E (4 months ago)
Lol your a fuckin moron
Jill Maurer (4 months ago)
Bill W (4 months ago)
I think they would sooner buy FedEx.
Jill Maurer (4 months ago)
It will be interesting to see what happens.
Nick Jackson (5 months ago)
Here's another huge problem with the idea of Amazon buying a company like UPS - They don't have the money to just go and buy out such a huge company. Amazon bought Whole Foods for just over $13 billion, whereas UPS is worth almost $430 billion. Amazon, at the time I'm writing this, is worth just under $500 billion. Of course that's a huge number, but nowhere near big enough to even begin thinking about buying another company worth almost as much as Amazon itself.
Jill Maurer (4 months ago)
They've been working on their own system, but buying has its advantages. We'll see how it plays out.
Ferdinand Tomas (6 months ago)
The only big stumbling block to this is most of the non mgt workforce is unionized. Such a headache if they bought. I'd say the actual ups network is much better than FedEx but fdx is no unionized. I still think they'd buy smaller regional carriers and mesh the network together with innovative technology. They have time to do it right in 10 years instead of say 2.
Tom Dalton (6 months ago)
23% of UPS stock is class A and is held by management and employees, which could make a purchase very difficult.
Jill Maurer (6 months ago)
Interesting point Ferdinand. My prediction is still UPS, but time will tell.
lol1234007 (8 months ago)
you should also make a video explaining amazons and googles obvious anti trust violations (bing not getting enough advertisers is one example) and talk more about the dangers of growing monopolies! its starting to become a real problem in my opinion as of late, anti trust laws are never enforced and most people don't understand anymore how dangerous these types of mergers and buy outs can end up being for the average workers wages and working conditions. we need a very competitive market!
vshah1010 (6 months ago)
Yes, Amazon buying UPS would be an antitrust issue. There is also privacy concerns. Amazon will have too much data on individuals. Also, Amazon will have data on what every business is delivering.
Jill Maurer (8 months ago)
Thanks for the idea!
L'BRI LUCY Tall Beauty (9 months ago)
That purchase would make a lot of sense! Thanks for sharing your insights.
Jesse Verrier (2 months ago)
Hahhhhhh!!!! Good. Fucking. Luck. Try going through the teamsters union first. Ups and union have a contract with each other. You never mentioned that in this video, which is hilarious. You are completely ignorant.
Jill Maurer (9 months ago)
Thanks Lucy. We'll see if it happens!