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We Tried An Overnight Bus Hotel From Los Angeles To San Francisco

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Cabin is a bus with sleeping pods that goes from LA to SF in one night Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/63566 Subscribe to Bring Me for locations, thrills, and experiences around the world that’ll instantly make you say, “bring me.” http://bit.ly/2r9Apsb Facebook http://bit.ly/2HyOTc7 + Instagram @bringme http://bit.ly/2Kjb3R9 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network VIDEO Aerial view of San Francisco city skyline and Bay Bridge at sunrise TawaMedia/Getty Images Downtown Los Angeles at Sunset - Aerial Shot halbergman/Getty Images
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Text Comments (10303)
A A (1 day ago)
That was a really interesting video! Very inspirational! Thank you!
Manus Heunis (1 day ago)
What about seat belts?
Just Peachy (1 day ago)
Nope! I'm getting anxiety just watching this.
Adit Adhyasta (2 days ago)
Is it me? Or.... Brett looks ,act ,and sound almost like Ian Hecox?
Hotdog Cat (4 days ago)
I would pack clothes and myself a teddy bear and my iPad and some snacks
Shaun Davenport (6 days ago)
What's to stop you rolling out?? The floor I suppose! Lol
PadillaFilms (6 days ago)
I love the NOT Futurama theme music a the end.
An Ta (7 days ago)
I have been trying to book for three months but the site is constantly out of service.
Daood Zafar (7 days ago)
I’d renovate that bus and make it my home in case of a zombie apocalypse
F We (7 days ago)
Way better then greyhound. Might be cheaper to fly though
flash gordon (7 days ago)
$150 is a deal... factor in the cost of the airplane ticket and the hotel (since this IS an overnight itinerary). It would be really cool for longer distances - say SF to Seattle maybe?
M Bailey (7 days ago)
Looks very cosy, but I can't sleep in moving vehicles. Perfect for camping tho.
harvey cantwell_ (8 days ago)
what if you fell out of the bed...
Darke Chokkolatte (8 days ago)
what happens if they crash... am I normal if I think about that stuff??
Manny Alcaraz (5 days ago)
If you see the bus crashing just sneak out the window.
Luke Parsons (8 days ago)
I can almost never fall asleep in cars even when I'm sleep deprived. I'd be awake all night in this thing.
john zimmerman (8 days ago)
Actually, as seen in the video there are also sleeping pods downstairs and of all places, under the cabinet.
Vector Perkins (9 days ago)
0:00 This dude looks like Ian from smosh
DM 83 (9 days ago)
You sure that's a face wipe?
Xx_Leafy_xX Xx_Deafy_xX (9 days ago)
I trust buses more than flying.........
Yvonne Bales (9 days ago)
Perfect for Australia long distance travel
Whitney Neely (9 days ago)
Greyhound, what's wrong with you? Why aren't YOU doing this? Think of the increased revenue you'd make because passengers would be comfortable for a change.
Random Royalty (9 days ago)
I’ve always wanted to do one of these
drivethrupoet (10 days ago)
Seeing double decker buses makes me anxious, because I fear that any sudden move will topple it. Highways are more dangerous than flying.
/ / (9 days ago)
Never mind that,someone reaping a deadly fart in there is enough to halt the bus.
Mukel Diaz (10 days ago)
Oscar Henry (10 days ago)
I'm scared I would roll out
A S M Nazmus Saaquib (10 days ago)
Do not sleep at the upper sleeper cause it will vibrate more than the lower one.
DylanGames - Mobile games and more! (10 days ago)
imagine sleeping in that thing and you get into a rollover crash
Mark Felder (10 days ago)
Looked like a terrible trip. Good way to travel if you can't go through the security check at the airport.
Three 7Q (11 days ago)
Better intro!! Pls
David Amora (11 days ago)
That window is amazing
David Amora (11 days ago)
Perfect for Road tripping!
Marta Rodrigues (12 days ago)
It looks like coffin
Abdul Hadi Yazid (12 days ago)
Living in a hot tropical country, I prefer driving at night.
Dalek boi Dalek boi (12 days ago)
Way better than Overnight sleeping coaches from London to Aberdeen
browneyes rico (12 days ago)
Better than sitting up all night!
Mordecai (12 days ago)
I wonder if they turned really hard if they would all fall off the bunks
jbmp1390 (13 days ago)
So this is what Brent chose to do instead of sticking with unsolved. Wow. Talk about regret.
Victor Victoriano (13 days ago)
What if the bus crashes 🤨
Dingo Dingo (13 days ago)
Naaa. Ill fly
Dingo Dingo (13 days ago)
Cool how much is it ?
Aidan Morris (13 days ago)
Should have bust a nut in the pillow.
Allie Shoen (14 days ago)
My school took us on a trip to Disney, which ment spending 24 hours from NY to Florida and 24 more hours from Florida to NY. Really wish we could have done this instead of getting on like coach buses with seats, TVs and a bathroom. Needless to say we got very little sleep.
SwiftPawsGaming (14 days ago)
I seriously want to go on this bus
Matthew Gregory (14 days ago)
Their is a ship hotel as well
Da beast (14 days ago)
Yuck yuck 🤢
Dandelion Daisy (15 days ago)
The muggle knight bus 😂
your average nonce (15 days ago)
i fuckin love the comments
Stolen Chickens (16 days ago)
You know many pepole have put there heads on those pillows
WSWEss (16 days ago)
economy in planes should be like this...
Sharon Tackett (16 days ago)
Bus hotel needs more headroom!!!!
Clifford Palmer (16 days ago)
The background music has loops from garageband...
Þórdís Rúnarsdóttir (17 days ago)
Ísland wather im from ísland are som íslendingar watching
Ironuniverse 1230 (17 days ago)
So I can’t masturbate!? Got darn it
Peter T (18 days ago)
So how is it better than taking a train? ok, i know there are no more passenger trains in the US, but they worked out well for 150 years ...
CALEB DA BOSS (19 days ago)
I feel bad for tall people in the pod
happiness on track. (19 days ago)
How much fare?
OG Readmore (20 days ago)
Jeff Young (22 days ago)
Soy boy.
ce gz (24 days ago)
This seems like a good option for people who hates or are scared of flying. And for the ones who don't wanna drive all that distance.
what what (24 days ago)
Transportable cuckpods
Anna Mallett (28 days ago)
next door neighbor sleeping (while he’s on his phone ) hahahahah😂😂😂
Raccoon Master (1 month ago)
KEIO 7000 (1 month ago)
Europe:"We got a lot of sleeper trains in our countries" America:"Yes, but we will do it American"
Brett Bates (11 days ago)
Yeah, this exists only because traveling by train is god awful in America, because no one will invest the money into dedicated rail or nationalize ownership of the existing rail lines.
cake verse (1 month ago)
Why I don’t sleep in places like that.. I’m claustrophobic
Dam Jackass (1 month ago)
Is there one for san diego to nevada? That would be great
XxxMaru-ChanXxx Meowmeow (1 month ago)
Hey why you didn’t BRING ME there?
Sofie Gomez (1 month ago)
Ayyyyyyy I live in San Diego it’s also in California
Grace Rodhouse (1 month ago)
“it tastes healthy” i knew exactly what he meant
GamingwithElaine (1 month ago)
im just thinking randomly..... i was at the bottom... a person was gonna pass i rolled down... they called the cops and thought i was dead ;-;
Rosetallica xx (1 month ago)
I literally thought Brent was Ian from Smosh
Arc 77 (1 month ago)
So it’s the knight bus from Harry Potter 3?
Annonymous Person (24 days ago)
Harry Potter...... and the prisoner of Azkaban
DaCupcake Draws (1 month ago)
I want to do this so bad. Buses are cool, sleeping in a pod sounds fun, and you get to travel... omg
Fizzy_ Missy (1 month ago)
It’s the fucking night bus from Harry Potter!
Evie Ho-Seok (1 month ago)
I would bet bus sick
Valli Weidemann (1 month ago)
Imagine a bunch of these hooked end to end, but with even better sleeping amenities and and entire cabin devoted to dining. Now imagine sending them cross country at twice the speed on a specially designed road. If only such a thing was possible.
Everything Cat (1 month ago)
Is there a bathroom?
Joshua Yang (1 month ago)
What happens when the buds crashes?
Robin D. Best (1 month ago)
I just want to go on the cabin now
puccOFF (1 month ago)
Too claustrophobic for me
Retarded Alligator (1 month ago)
Please let this be a normal field trip
Revanth Krishna (2 months ago)
Bus journey is very popular in India
Andres Alvarez (2 months ago)
"This works" (?) Obiusly works otherwise company wouldn't exist. Terrible review.
Richard Crow's (2 months ago)
I'm not going to lie I would rather do this then an airplane
cuzmariosaidso (2 months ago)
@ :59 i dunno if she's preggo or just chunky, either way I'm into it 😘
Will Crone (2 months ago)
This Reminds me of the sleeping pod hotels whenever I go to Japan
Kenneth Ortiz (2 months ago)
Da fuq
Yosiah Smith (2 months ago)
I should do this just for the hell of it
bm3 .b99 (2 months ago)
Why can't my school rent this for the Washington trip? They're making us sleep like we're on a plane!
George Morales (2 months ago)
Is it me or this guy Brent looks exactly like Ian Hecox from Smosh
Michael Shane (2 months ago)
dude is the very embodiment of a soy boy.
ZingyGuy (2 months ago)
I find it weird sleeping with so many people in close proximity
jarednil69 (2 months ago)
I'm surprised they didn't mention how 'coffin-like' the beds were...
Hellstorm 6 (2 months ago)
What they got sleeping pods now? What's next?
chloexwoahhz (2 months ago)
I think the little window is cool i'd stay up all night listening to music looking at it
Tyboxjr (2 months ago)
Imagine jerking off
Tyroney Baloney (2 months ago)
did you thank the bus driver?
TheFanClub (2 months ago)
Is that Ian Hecox?
Karen Lee (2 months ago)
I would fall out of the top bunk definitely I would fall out.. LOL
Matt Jones (2 months ago)
This is one of the best things I've ever seen
Jip Linnartz (2 months ago)
Imagine a bus crash