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We Tried An Overnight Bus Hotel From Los Angeles To San Francisco

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Cabin is a bus with sleeping pods that goes from LA to SF in one night Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/63566 Subscribe to Bring Me for locations, thrills, and experiences around the world that’ll instantly make you say, “bring me.” http://bit.ly/2r9Apsb Facebook http://bit.ly/2HyOTc7 + Instagram @bringme http://bit.ly/2Kjb3R9 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network VIDEO Aerial view of San Francisco city skyline and Bay Bridge at sunrise TawaMedia/Getty Images Downtown Los Angeles at Sunset - Aerial Shot halbergman/Getty Images
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Text Comments (10075)
ST Espeon (2 hours ago)
Looks like a capsule hotel you find on pretty much every street in Tokyo.
benzin1614 (19 hours ago)
I'm claustrophobic, anxiety would kill me there.
pesto12601 (1 day ago)
Made for 20+ year old hipsters..... like the 2 filming this!
NelsonClick (1 day ago)
Petty complaints. This did not provide any good insight. You can always identify a bad travel critique because they make it sound like that they are accustomed to living in a utopian palace that's perfect and without a single flaw.
Normandy Vannheim (1 day ago)
You're a terrible sleeper?
DarkWolfGamer (2 days ago)
My name is Tokyo and I live in Tokyo
Paul D (2 days ago)
Did you have a good flight home?
Shidoresu (3 days ago)
Healthy tasting? I love that flavour
Sara Moss (3 days ago)
Love it 😍 do they have these in nyc to travel out off nyc ?
Sunflower Roblox (3 days ago)
1:30 they R sleeping no way hosey he/she is playing on they’re phone
nettraveller (3 days ago)
What's the price of that journey?
Vance Sloan (4 days ago)
Who the hell would want to go to san francisco? Get there and spend the day walking through feces.....yay for you. Im staying away.
Alexander Orban (4 days ago)
Did you guys mention how much it costs? I dont think you did.
MusicthatsStrange (4 days ago)
What if your tall like me?
Number1Runner (4 days ago)
Harriman Fox (4 days ago)
So this replaced the mighty Daylight?
JimGaming HD (5 days ago)
It looks like a morgue
Elizabeth Farrell (5 days ago)
lovely video. Thanks heaps for sharing. :)
The Gaming Masters aldo & nic (8 days ago)
I love how he says it’s time to catch some Zzzzzz’s 😂
Maisie Moby (8 days ago)
Wish I had carcolepsy but instead I have anxiety which makes me do the opposite--I have many sleepless nights 😭😴🛌
James Barnett (9 days ago)
Thanks Ian
Jack Anderson (10 days ago)
Girl slept all night woke up and still look tired Darn asians And homeboy has a big box jaw.
Adriana Eskils (10 days ago)
Did Brent work at buzzfeed
Eli Pfeiffer (10 days ago)
Jose Lopez (10 days ago)
That looks nice
Geoffrey Smith (11 days ago)
I do that rather than fly even at a premium. I hate flying with a passion.
lajim Nuhu (11 days ago)
Tobi Makkura (12 days ago)
How many people bumped their heads when they woke up?
kirstie b (12 days ago)
i’d totally do this. they should have these on planes I mean I know they do like really expensive stuff but they should have them for regular customers
josuke higashikata (13 days ago)
Rip sleeping time there all ways that guy or girl my mom who sounds like s mini gun
graape lego (13 days ago)
Who else is getting buzzfeed vibes 😂
Calypso Veil (14 days ago)
How is this even legal? There are no seat belts (or should I say bed belts)
dix rael (14 days ago)
Hey is there a hotel bus going to hell?
fiona beels (15 days ago)
It's the night bus form Harry Potter
Obiben Mc (15 days ago)
Did you try to masurbate?
Vilouth Phommajack (16 days ago)
I get claustrophobic just from watching this video
o0kaelas (16 days ago)
Id take a sleeping pod over a chair anyday
Gavin and Classmates (16 days ago)
Hello, Your videos are so great, I kinda had a night bus too.. I love your channel, You experience is so good
Damn i thought Brent was Ian Hecox from Smosh
l2choco (17 days ago)
Meanwhile the bus that i take, i will be lucky if i don't find a gum on the front set
rainbow sprinkles (17 days ago)
Can’t the Muggles hear us?
Ashwin Yap (18 days ago)
The guy looks like Ian from Smosh
Jacob Webber (18 days ago)
I love public transportation reviews for some reason
JoyBox Trickster (18 days ago)
I know what I'm stealing if there's ever a zombie apocalypse...
JupiterSauce (18 days ago)
imagine masturbating, only to have somebody open the curtain
Name (18 days ago)
I will roll over and hit the ground for sure
Jeff Cheff1 (18 days ago)
what if you fall from the other side
foowlerr (18 days ago)
RIP tall people
NC Cruising (19 days ago)
I would really have to check that out. I remember taking an "executive" bus into Brasilia Brazil from the airport on to town...it was crawling with bugs. They were all over the seats and this thing was a newer bus. Im just wondering with this thing and beds....maybe not after all it's the states and they spray here surely!
Pjairsoft 345 (19 days ago)
For 3/4 of the video I thought the guy was Ian from smosh :-/
Sarah (19 days ago)
Lol I was in laos 2013 and this is how the bus I took from one end of the country to the other. The bus isn't upgraded like this though.. there was a pillow, blanket, food, deserts and 3 drinks. Loved it. I can't wait to try this one out
crim somreaf5555 (19 days ago)
i actually like small inclosed places makes me feel safe and i can sleep better
Robert Burkhardt (19 days ago)
Dylan Ertel (20 days ago)
At 2:53 Freak out because of the loud music
michelleanemily (20 days ago)
How much was it
Abdihakim Omar (20 days ago)
WOW I like it
Gacha _Christina (20 days ago)
I hope she either got her contacts out ok or just took them out be careful that’s why I don’t wanna wear contacts I wear glasses though it’s scary poking yourself in the eye or jamming it with a pencil usually you shouldn’t sleep with contacts but in that case if you did then it’s fine
J c (20 days ago)
It looks really uncomfortable 🥵
Alexa LR (20 days ago)
This is cool but for the price I rather fly and get there faster
Moo Cow (20 days ago)
I wish i could sleep in a vehicle every night while it was moving. I love sleeping in cars.
Jacob Salas (21 days ago)
They got paid 20,000 + for this
Leo T (21 days ago)
What if you wanna have sex,do you do it in the bunk or in the bathroom?
Vince Avery (21 days ago)
I wish someone would start a bus company doing this all over the US
Yeet Skeet Beat My Meat (21 days ago)
Im clostrofobic so if i tried that i would actually wanna cry
Fafik 360 (21 days ago)
I would love to sleep in this bus but I don't know if there are these kinds of busses in Poland. Yes I'm from Poland.
Jake Mackinson (21 days ago)
They should make this in Canada and Toronto would make a lot of funny
Jake Mackinson (21 days ago)
Phantom of the Opera (21 days ago)
OH MY GOD IM SOO JEALOUS. I got stuck on a nineteen-hour bus ride from Michigan to Washington D.C. with a bunch of another smelly, noisy preteens. At night, I got kicked onto the ground under the seats, and even then, couldn't get to sleep. So, yeah, would totally trade for that anyday.
James Barreto (21 days ago)
I thought that was Ian from Smosh lol
Thai Craft (21 days ago)
Surprised she didn’t choose the beta’s bunk for him.
samantha young (21 days ago)
Ok great...we talked a couple yrs ago about the trip being both ways & Disneyland being the stop...why are we now only going ine way?
10 10 (22 days ago)
“S.F.” smh
Paulette H (22 days ago)
Seat (bed) belts????
Thomas Paine (22 days ago)
Is the big bed in the aisle for large people like me ? Is it ok to sleep nekkid ?
Yea oh yea yea oh (22 days ago)
New fortnite update looks great!
Why niet (22 days ago)
Im like 2 meters, is there a bed thats like 2 meters? Xd
Maya’s Story (22 days ago)
Do they have any of those going to Los Ángeles??
1000 subs With no videos (23 days ago)
Imagine ur sleeping and u wake up look out the window and a fucken 18 wheeler is about to t-bone u
Mário Roque (23 days ago)
why not just take a train?
Py Tux (23 days ago)
00:40 included accessories, not free amenities.
Mason Tharp (23 days ago)
Brandy Yolidio (23 days ago)
Have mercy my clostrophobia is in full effect right now 😧🙀🙈😩🤯
Hat05 (23 days ago)
*Where we landing boys*
Owen Gold (23 days ago)
All the people with motion sickness would love this
manko smth (23 days ago)
I would fall out of the pod while sleeping
FC Aliifua (23 days ago)
Why did it take so long to get to sf? It's like a 5 hour drive.
FuntimeTuber093 (22 days ago)
Maybe the bus hotel is not for people who is claustapobic
Pablo Martinez (23 days ago)
Faze Kaden (23 days ago)
Lookes cozy but really but would be very hard to sleep
SML 2K18 (23 days ago)
Man is this desert bus in real life?
d'nomar senoj (23 days ago)
Traffic is so bad in my city, that bus would come in handy going to work or visiting family. Something that should take 15 minutes takes hours or days. Lol. Could be worse. Could be Houston. Certain times of the year, highways become waterways.
Taemeister (24 days ago)
This is what it feels like to be an otr trucker
Guitarist Jd (24 days ago)
What if u wanna do the the nasty nasty lol
Tommy Edwards (24 days ago)
Roy G Biv (24 days ago)
Sleep with your feet facing the front of the bus. In a head-on crash the last thing to go through your mind will be...your knees.
CaneCarder (24 days ago)
I’d only consider this if it was half the price of flying. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Flights from LA to SF are notoriously cheap anyway
Uyen Nguyen (24 days ago)
Student Audrey Tran (24 days ago)
I really want to go on that bus, how much does cost to go on that bus
dieudonnemcful (24 days ago)
nice but I need to be able to sit fully upright.
Callum Robinson (24 days ago)
If u had drugged someone before putting them on this bus they would think they were being kidnapped lmao
necromorphous (24 days ago)
I would be so travel sick! Still...a cool idea :)