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This tiny home was designed by a world renowned architect

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Danish architect Bjarke Ingels collaborated with new company Klein to bring luxury to the tiny house movement. Go inside to see every high-end detail on the smallest scale.
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Text Comments (412)
Patricia Sorensen (3 months ago)
Could this be the end of the McMansions? I really love these HYGGE HOUSES!
ChromeOCE (5 months ago)
hugge translates to vibe
Michael Andrew Pamintuan (6 months ago)
They did not dig for the poop
N e r a h (6 months ago)
i too like scandinavian style and minimalist interiors/exteriors
gd hn (6 months ago)
In hostile distric region like coastal in Kenya where thieves walk around at night wandering off with little or no security you would rethink?
*V•*•V* (6 months ago)
Åhh, jeg genkender en danskeraccent på kilometers afstand!👌🏼😆
Noah McAuliffe (6 months ago)
I don’t care what anyone says that’s not a home. Still pretty cool though
. (6 months ago)
Diggi das ist einfach nur ne Box mit nem schrägen dachgiebel. Sogar das Gerüst sieht man, was daran gemütlich diggi ekelhaft
Gerald the great (6 months ago)
If my neighborhood had this house I would’ve bought it
Jon Hipolito (6 months ago)
He is one of mu favorite architect today.
quinxx12 (6 months ago)
What about electricity?
Rui Miguel (6 months ago)
00:00 to 0:18 ; *SAME!* Hello ?! ME ME!
12x12surface (6 months ago)
Never heard of him
Reggie land (6 months ago)
they've labeled angles 45 degrees when they clearly aren't
zntei (6 months ago)
180^2 ft? whatever that means
corivian (6 months ago)
DJ Tan (6 months ago)
White ppl and their contradictions.
William Henley (6 months ago)
Black people and their crime
Ogi Anon (7 months ago)
how much and what are the options?
Tharaj Pulikkottil (7 months ago)
vivaan (7 months ago)
This forest doesn't have have birds that will shit on the house?
Cezary Marek (7 months ago)
Excellent PR /Publicity effort. Almost anything can be presented like this...
dixcreative (7 months ago)
Wow a bird killing glass triangle. Who is so amazing to think this up. So incredible. World renowned genius. Where can I send my soul in worship Of this amazing idea.
Tho Athome (7 months ago)
look stupid! a box house is more logical because you get more spaces which you can turn into a storage room or bathroom.
Chip Skylark (7 months ago)
No lie, I would invest in this!
nolleen03 (7 months ago)
All I planned for is to live and thrive in a tiny house in the near future. Kudos to all the builders and dwellers! 😉
Zul (7 months ago)
wow.. this is amazing
Sherim P (7 months ago)
Wat will happen if anyone throw a stone?? 😞
LonelyPianist (7 months ago)
danielle kim (7 months ago)
you should follow the philosophy of FLW and Sullivan "form follows function " it's not always about the aesthetics , but more on your design's purpose
pet cheetah (7 months ago)
even before reading the description and all, I knew he's Danish just by looking at the house
Pedro Espiga (7 months ago)
45º error
reshma shenoy (7 months ago)
I think we should not encourage houses built of wood. It will only lead to more deforestation.
DaaiChommie (7 months ago)
Who in the fuck is going to be sane enough to clean the window...
Feng (7 months ago)
id only want a tiny house if that was all i could afford. but the prices these days are like hell no. not that i want a big one either but id like a good empty space apart from a sleeping area for exercising and stuff.
sxkchyxt (7 months ago)
I loved that doormat😂😍
Sumit Kumar (7 months ago)
I hope it can protect u when u get visited by bears and other wild animals.
DL L (7 months ago)
Arnab Das (7 months ago)
Where is toilet in this house?
Salim 90 (7 months ago)
Yeah everyone can afford an architect. Rich man's hobby more like
William (7 months ago)
Ever since I started minimalism back in 2010 my life has changed so much for the better. My life is stress-free and I always have a nice clean, distraction-free household to go back home to every evening. Minimalism is the future.
more tune (7 months ago)
i thought Bjarke is a "Yes is More" kinda guy
GPTDavid (7 months ago)
I imagine that the house will be very cold in winter. Looks nice, but it isn't a sustainable home.
Sahil Sharma (7 months ago)
I have one word for this. "TERMITES".
Fight (7 months ago)
Tell them how expensive this tiny house is
Facts plus IQ tv (7 months ago)
My dream house
Stephen Anna Marydas (7 months ago)
I wish I lived in a country which was safe enough to live this way
Skye Studios (7 months ago)
Amazing design!
Donna Woodford (7 months ago)
How many square.ft. are we looking at and @ what price?
H (7 months ago)
How much was it?
Sanglierification (7 months ago)
show the godamn house not the trees around
Cal dealer (7 months ago)
Can I buy one or the blueprints
Kaisersozze (7 months ago)
Looks cool. Would be very scary living by yourself in the woods.
Gamer Visions (7 months ago)
Tiny home, but the real question is.......does it run on water lol
epiphany 1.618 (7 months ago)
Beautiful. Hygge
Mr. Pine (7 months ago)
Why are people so inclined to live alone in isolation?
Damian Michael Garza Jaurequi (7 months ago)
Man I would love to live in there!
Šta reći? Koju posluku porat? (7 months ago)
where is the roof insulation ?!?! THE THICK ONE !
Leah Regal (7 months ago)
i wanted to see more of the inside. did that ladder go to a tiny loft?
Sho'Nuff, The Showgun of Harlem (7 months ago)
Would have like to see more of "the house", itself...
Ashreya Pathak (7 months ago)
Just make it cubicle man...
Trevor (7 months ago)
That chimney isn’t up to code.
Vince de Simone (7 months ago)
Yep i wondered about embers spluttering out of the chimney and onto the canvas roof?!
Larry Cung (7 months ago)
Looks like one of those really tiny Minecraft house builds.
Belle Lysenko (7 months ago)
No one is arguing it's a beautiful house but to say it's better, easier to make and more efficient, you sir would have to be some kind of moron rejected from the idiots school of wrong
Solar Bludmage (7 months ago)
Take my money
RonHoward (7 months ago)
Minimalism, individualism... Love it.
Rabi Barman (7 months ago)
This home is 100% safe there ...
DOCTOR MANHATTAN (7 months ago)
He defined cozy ... lol
Jacques Mertens (7 months ago)
What a pretentious dickhead.
Ofon (7 months ago)
Looks like a good home for the poorest guy in the Illuminati from one angle
Sheldon Smalls (7 months ago)
N V (7 months ago)
My metal garden shed is designed by world famous Arrow architects.
K. Fernandez (7 months ago)
When that stupid fortnite comes to life
garthalamu1 (7 months ago)
No bears??!!
Roland Thelefty (7 months ago)
I don't get why people are hating so hard.... Yes even at 15k it feels overpriced. Yes It is kind of ugly, and pretentious. Yes I can think of a few different materials that would probably be more practical... BUT the dude is trying to bring the tiny home to a wider consumer base, and unfortunately I think all of these characteristics are selling points to a lot of people. In the end, the more people living small, in my eyes is a good thing. If people are willing to pay, let them pay. If your not into it then do it the way you want to do it!
Rfyo Rfyo (7 months ago)
doesnt look safe in case big bears pay you a visit
mark Hernon (7 months ago)
Wtf a futuristic Wigwam, chief smalwalah won't be happy. "Small wallet" lol pmsl...
MC1R Gene (7 months ago)
Big problem though is heating with a wood stove, not very good for the environment. Burn something that takes carbon out of the air to put more carbon in the air. Makes perfect sense to me. Off course since we running out of time or may already be out of time to fix the earth, so good ahead do whatever you please.
ANGELO (7 months ago)
Is it on air bnb?
Steven (7 months ago)
zero insulation etc. pretentious shite OOH LOOK AT THE SHAPE! the shape is dog shit, scrap it all
leebog31 (7 months ago)
Well according to UN Agenda 21 you wont be aloud to live off the land like this.
David Ebubechukwu (7 months ago)
It would be better off if it were too be portable
Mister Stag C (7 months ago)
Beautiful and calming but curious to whether it was affordable.
isailwind (7 months ago)
World renowned architect my ass, it's shape is completely impractical, this is ridiculous.
jp787 (7 months ago)
Don lemon likes white man penis
Matt Brown (7 months ago)
emmcey (7 months ago)
bet it costs $100k like all the other overpriced tiny homes.
Frank James (7 months ago)
Grisel Griselda (7 months ago)
This reminds me of a tent. Same purpose but much more beautiful! I love!
Random Person (7 months ago)
Looks neat and trendy but a poor use of space with that shape. And no insulation, storage, laundry facility, electricity, ect. This isn't a tiny home...Its a cabin in the woods that will need a new roof the next time a storm blows through. Believe it or not, it ISSS possible to have a trendy looking tiny home that also has all the same amenities of a large home. One simply has to design it.
The Deans (7 months ago)
Oh wow! A teepee I can shit in. A kindergartner could’ve designed that.
starvin marvin (7 months ago)
Tiny home movement was started by the U.N. as part of agenda 21. It's to get people use to the idea of living in smaller spaces. Everyone will live in tiny spaces in the future except for the rich of course.
Digital Bullet (7 months ago)
This theory that is put out there by the Government that there isn't enough land or natural resources is COMPLETE BULLSHIT....Did you know if we really had to, the entire population of the United States could live in the State of Texas if we really had to ?? And that house's could be built out of bricks which is made out of clay the most abundant resource we have?? The earth actually produces this clay which is form of dirt, if we really had to we could build every house out of brick and make studs out of vegetable oil instead of wood, so this whole theory that there are to many people in the world and that our natural resources are running out is a BUNCH OF HORSE SHIT and if there were to many people in the world i think people in Government and people at CNN should be the first to go....Enough with the fear mongering and hysteria you people are fucking ridiculous already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tai (7 months ago)
THIS tiny home is designed for rich folks who have a place in the countryside; not for the majority of people who live in urban centers where they also have to work.
Lan Dewell (6 months ago)
Tai imo mama country
Beutax (6 months ago)
Josh Folger (7 months ago)
You didnt get that when the guy talked about his childhood being growing up in a nice house and neighborhood??
SirWetBiscuit (7 months ago)
I probably couldn't keep even the smallest of homes clean.
Muhammad Wahyudhi (7 months ago)
Is it bear-proof?
Steve NoName (7 months ago)
Does it come with a hipster fedora? :-)
Spike Volcanohead (7 months ago)
Small houses are outlawed in my city. I live in a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom house that is more than adequate for a family of four. It was built in 1987, but according to updated building code, 1800 square feet is too small to be a residential home.
Nathan .Star (7 months ago)
Architectural genius or basic geometry ? And really, another Scandinavian talking about pragmatics in design ?
Akaike (7 months ago)
Ok, ok. So it’s good for environment and very small. But it cost like a half million instead of being cheaper than a big normal house/apartment. I see... it makes totally sense.
Waddup Mayne (7 months ago)
What the is fuck this... You read that wrong...