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Trump says he's not happy with Fox News ... then calls them 'we'

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When asked about Fox News polling data, President Donald Trump lashed out at the network saying, "there's something going on" that he's not happy with.
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Daniel Diaz (22 days ago)
This vid is a joke anyone wanting to hear the Fox news part and not hear all the children talking nonsense they don't understand jump to around 5:40 into the vid. The rest of this vid is worthless.
E S (1 month ago)
In 2070 the students reading their history books will laugh at us
54markl (1 month ago)
Nowhere to run to! Nowhere to hide!
54markl (1 month ago)
Ladies and gentlemen, you are hereby all invited to Satan’s Fish Fry. Because the entire Republican base is going to BURN IN HELL. 🔥
Jacques Lomba (1 month ago)
Stephen (1 month ago)
lmao. The news. Scum.
George Stephenson (1 month ago)
After Obama, a five year old could have been President and have the market go up... oh wait, they do have a 5 year old running the country
Jonny Dangerously (1 month ago)
RESPECT THE OFFICE NOT THE MAN,......... Some of these people actually sound like want the economy to crash??? That in itself is quite disgusting,..... they've tried EVERYTHING to get him out and all that happens is Democrats look bad because the truth comes out and they are the ones doing the dirt more so then the people they accused,........ like a bunch of whiny school children,..... Hillary committed an act paramount to treason & if one average person can say they wouldn't have been tossed in a federal prison if they got caught doing what she did then that person is CRAZY!!! I'm not a Republican or a Democrat but after seeing so many people whine non stop like it's the end of the world when in actuality its 4 damn years,...... 4 You don't like the man,..... GREAT! Vote him out of office but always respect the office of the President because the countries success is our success. He monitors cable news for the same reasons every Politician monitors the news. He's been president for 3 years the economy IS much better & he hasnt nuked the world, marched into our homes with the secret police to arrest us or any of the other absolute BS that all these immature cry babies cry about,... people who want open borders remember #1. No way could this country survive with open borders,... we would be so overwhelmed it would all disintegrate,.. #2. ISIS and any terrorists would love to just walk in here a couple at a time and then plan something bigger then 9/11 3. If this is really such a crappy country why do so many people want to come here by any way possible? 4. None of this matters because the World is ending in 12 years Keep up the good work AOC. Obama was President for 8 years,..... how many of you got your free rent or gas? how many of your lives were changed for the better ( I mean really changed for the better? The truth is it's not the president you need to worry about it's these silly legislators that add more new laws, regulations & statutes every year,..... more then you can count & more that any truly person living in a free country should ever have to adhere to,......... it's a giant cosmic joke when you really look at it (Try an ayhuassca session and you will understand). I mean if 40-50% of the country population all demographics,.. coordinated 3 days where everyone stayed home, didn't go to work or buy a single thing even their electricity that would be a statement and assuredly would crash the economy & cause CHAOS & get EVERYONE'S attention,..... will it ever happen of course not but it would be one hell of a message to all Government because they are all the same,........ Politicians get voted into office so many times in a row it's like they are royalty,... on both sides,.... they get rich and live these elite lives and then make more BS laws and tell the rest of us what to do and how to think!!!! And most of you eat it up with your twitter and your facebook??? These things don't connect you to the world they disconnect you,...... The World connects you to the world. Now someone be predictable and call me a racist or what ever the go to catch phrase is for someone who doesn't agree with your point of view but you can take some solace in knowing that I don't agree with theirs either.
Metturan K (1 month ago)
"We" meaning replublicans/conservatives. How can CNN be so stupid lol
Sandra Delvillar (1 month ago)
Thank God, someone with brains.
cage rattler05 (1 month ago)
This shit is crazy where the hell is batman, because the jokers in the white house
Live Life (1 month ago)
Live Life (1 month ago)
Critter (1 month ago)
Who is Fox kidding? They're the Idiot', Trump's biggest cheerleaders!
it's ok it's ok (1 month ago)
DONALD TRUMP says that Fox News isn't working for the people anymore, Fox News hasn't work for the people in over 30 years. Donald Trump real complaint is that Fox News isn't working for Donald Trump anymore!. News Flash Donald Trump learned how to deal with disappointments.
Deon Lubbe (1 month ago)
bye bye CNN hahahahaha
Bran Evans (1 month ago)
Cable Nonsense Network people - how do you sleep at night with all the lying?
Bran Evans (1 month ago)
The economy is going well and there was no Russian collusion.
jeraldsmusic (1 month ago)
@Bran Evans Let me put it this way if you people wanna take the 1st amendment from all of us trump naysayers then we ought to be able to take your guns fairest fair you take one will take the other
jeraldsmusic (1 month ago)
@Bran Evans So you wanna take free speech away from everybody see that is my point it is like that you want a dictatorship my friend Donald Trump could call your mama a hoar and you would be OK with it this is what you are saying that all the news media should just be quiet that's freedom of speech you r***** you want to take that away from people just like democrats want to take guns all you people get all upset about that but you want to take our freedom of speech because we say stuff about your boy you don't like now I'm sorry shut your mouth please
jeraldsmusic (1 month ago)
@Bran Evans My friend so what if those news outlets said that why does that bother him that is freedom of speech I hope you realize that we can say whatever we want to and it should not want to shut us up kind of sensor in us you would not want no by to sensor you you call it like you see it if you don't believe in America than just get out if you don't believe in the 1st amendment which you people talk about the 1st amendment we all got that right so you just deal with it and trump just better deal with it hes the man under the microscope hes supposed to be our leader will he sure not acting like one and I think it is really sad that that is dividing us as American people we do not care about our country but about our belief I think we should be ashamed of ourselves we are ugly it is to the point where it is ugly
Bran Evans (1 month ago)
@jeraldsmusic CNN and MANBC repeated every night for two years that Trump was in collusion with the Russians. Those "news" organizations should no longer be allowed to broadcast. They influenced the mid-terms with their lies. What Trump has had to endure is incredible. The man is a hero in my eyes.
jeraldsmusic (1 month ago)
If the economy was doing so good then companies would be back in America you would see more things made in America you little weasel
Luke tee (1 month ago)
The world is not happy with CNN
betty davis (1 month ago)
CNN lies
justin carroll (1 month ago)
CNN the scum of the USA.Controlled by Democrat and the corporate Ass holes .Fake news.
Paul Northington (1 month ago)
Trump 2020
Q (1 month ago)
Dog has chosen him As the king of NOTHING The king of debtors.
Jason McElholum (1 month ago)
Do the Europeans have a special room allocated to him during the G7 meeting? A place where he can be alone and fling the contents of his diaper indiscriminately around the room. He really should have just eloped with his daughter and nobody would have had to experience a person with zero human qualities, or abilities.
Hae Chon (1 month ago)
When we feels recession which means something is getting expensive, why not let's help each other put some merchandise on big sales and put food prices down since China is not buying America products because trade war with China is simply couldn't stop over the years because of trade deficits that will kills Americans job's and created national security threats like southern China sea, with Americans money they buy missiles and new fighters planes and overall stealing Americans future like high technology without gentlemen business ideas or contracts.
Rita G (1 month ago)
'WE are Fox' - brought to you by Donald Trump
Ara Ba (1 month ago)
tonto precidente cerdoo ojala se mueraa😠😡SOY MXICANAAA VIVA MXICOOOOO💞😀💯💪
ANTI WAR REBELS, REAL NEWS! Freedom of speech. (1 month ago)
Fake news!
rod long (1 month ago)
CNN has 7.3 million subs but averages 500k.views per video thats.not adding up. Also CNN is on tape admitting they push fake news for ratings, such as Russia and trump being racist. So anything CNN says about the economy I'd be at the very least skeptical, and probably assuming it's a flat out lie
E Randco (1 month ago)
The economy is constantly manipulated. More so election years. But it hasn’t felt right for a very long time. It doesn’t really matter if the. Numbers tell us the economy is good when we have crappy jobs. They tell us there’s low employment but there’s not much for jobs or job security. I remember when low unemployment meant opportunities for us citizens. Not any more.
Aaron Gilliam (1 month ago)
Now are you stupid motherfukers who voted for the Puppet Master starting to turn against him now he been blowing smoke up your ass since day one I thought he was going to bring back manufacturing jobs the coal miners would have a job come to find out the motherfukers got laid off now they crying like bitchez
Mike Diamondz (1 month ago)
CNN your are fake news ! You are propaganda for the clinton mafia... is so obvious, i not from USA but europe seen from here trumo was right about you ... you really are shiity news !
Yolanda Meza (1 month ago)
Sarah Sanders got hired at Fox's News, now trump saying bad things bout fox news why does Sarah Sanders knows something bout trump. That man is a crazy n mentally ill person Im tried of hearing trump mouth He's a lair, racism and a thief. Now he's saying he is the chosen one, yes he is chosen for the devil 😈
Alabama Andy (1 month ago)
These people at CNN are TRAITORS! And should be Punished to the Fullest Extent of the LAW...
sandy gibson (1 month ago)
fox news and the republicans are ok with people dying because they cant afford their health care premiums and deductibles,,they only care about protecting the insurance and drug companies billion dollar profits.
Rob M (1 month ago)
Anyone who will not put this ignorant uneducated WH clown on a pedestal and praise his ignorance and stupidity is thrown under the bus!
anthony pucci (1 month ago)
fuck cnn
anthony pucci (1 month ago)
cnn and there fake polls bull shit made up polls
Rob M (1 month ago)
Greed and corruption are a primary cause of recessions, whether you agree or disagree! And whenever republicans are in office, they always give the green light for greed and corruption! And their history of economics are evidence of this fact! Their same old trickle down economics since Reagan have never worked and never will! And with corporations, the buck stops with them, not the workers who built their companies!
James Lee (1 month ago)
Fox got sold to Disney in March and backs away from Trump, Trump lashes out at Fox, CNN has to act like it wasnt all rigged in the first place. They love Trump because he brought back ratings to MSM through partisan division. Now its Fox that threw both Trump and CNN all confused.
Allen Davis (1 month ago)
It's absurd for Trump to think he can buy a country now he got his feelings hurt poor baby
Michael Bucher (1 month ago)
Trump is the biggest fool I ever heard of. No wonder why these foolish racist Trumpsters voted for him.
Michael Kasal (1 month ago)
If the country is doing great, Trump takes all credit for himself. When he is fucking this country, he blames Obama. Just give him his bottle and put him down for another nap.
S B (1 month ago)
If you think this bullshit is going to change anything you are badly mistaken. Times are changing.
Caribbean Girl (1 month ago)
Hello, Do you know who I am? I'm the chosen one!! Last time someone got what he deserved by being so proud was Nebuchadnezzar. God predicted what was going to happen to him in Daniel 4:16. Read it for yourself Daniel 5:20 when his heart was lifted up. WOW!!!
betty davis (1 month ago)
Yes but that is not go Trump said it hear it again
ChindoggOriginal (1 month ago)
Watching Fox News is like reading the Bible... you ask yourself, how can anyone sooooo stupid to believe that it's actually true.
morgana marvel (1 month ago)
Mobster -- through & through !📌
Everyday Abdi (1 month ago)
Brandon Greathouse (1 month ago)
Just bringing this up trump saying hes the second coming well we all know he is for a fact the second coming of HITLER dont see why every country dodnt take us to war for our president acting like a nazi lol
Connor Tripp (1 month ago)
I’m dead. Everyone has to argue about politics in the comments. Let’s just make jokes and stuff. Lol.
sandy russell (1 month ago)
AMERICA knows the good economy is from Obama....we also know it's trumps trade war that's dragging us down..... Dump donald 2020...
Steve A Reeno (1 month ago)
CNN continues to spin a web of lies, hatred, and news propaganda. Fact check and question everything. It's your responsibility to get the unbiased truth, no matter how much you want to believe and trust this network. You hate Trump? So what. As Democrats, we must discover the truth before we casts our votes in 2020. Most everything we see on CNN + MSNBC turns out to be a flat out lie, or partial truth (at best) in the end.
Alabama Andy (1 month ago)
You said that Beautifully. Almost brought a tear to my eye... TRUMP 2020!
englishmajor100 (1 month ago)
Will you please stop reporting everything this demented old man says? Please? It's a waste of everyone's time.
Spin-C Throws Hands (1 month ago)
Just because fox news is more bipartisan than the rest of America's news networks doesn't mean Trump should be angry.
doobiewah357 (1 month ago)
CNN's Mission Statement: "Everything Trump does is wrong, everything the liberal Democrats do is right". Back to you, Wolf.  lol
Namjoon is a pigeon (1 month ago)
Michael Martin (1 month ago)
b0 zo (1 month ago)
and i thought my jokes were bad.
sproket343 (1 month ago)
The only people who like Trump at this point are people who are morally worse than he is. That's a sobering thought.
morgan - lee Liebenberg (1 month ago)
OMG!.. Did you hear that???? He said, "We". What a Catastrophe!
airstud mass (1 month ago)
I read some of the comments below, Wow I'm shock with how out of touch with truth all of you are. After 4 yrs. of Trump in office none of the negative things said about him have materialized . Maybe try actually listening and reading some unbiased materials about Trump. Sure he is arrogant and self centered but the man works all the time and is not influence by special interest groups (lobbyist). Show me a President that works more than Trump you can't. If your view of Trump is negative then instead of just saying hear say blabber try giving actual proof (facts) to support your statements, otherwise they are nothing more than hear say blabber spewing from the hole in your head. (msnbc, abc cbs cnn are not reliable sources)
Dick Head (1 month ago)
Where’s Fredo
Shawn Moody (1 month ago)
This is news him and rasict fokkk,s not sleeping together no mo rating for rasict fokkk are going to plummet and he's out in 20/20 they need to find another puppet quickly or rasict fokkk,s might have to fold the tints up quick. hee hee🎵🎵🎵music to my ears.
Mdebacle (1 month ago)
When Trump asked James Comey for loyalty, Comey guaranteed him honesty. Fox should do the same.
Jarms (1 month ago)
Haha! F***ing Trump! What a LOSER!!!
Just Joe (1 month ago)
You fake clown network news
Just Joe (1 month ago)
Scarlet Gonzales (1 month ago)
What stupid mindless robot sheep listen to the globolist super leftist ONE SIDED propaganda like CNN. Like the poll Hillary was winning by a landslide lol . Only your stupid lazy leftist socialist idiots believe your biased one sided B.S. your viewers have dwindled Trump collusion lol yea ok up yours.
E M. (1 month ago)
Trump inherited a good economy from Obama and now Trump’s bad policies are taking effect. Tell the truth.
BAP PARROTT (1 month ago)
If you drink beer a lot you won't notice the wobble
John Layman II (1 month ago)
This ding dong is ill. Remove treason trump.
ihavbeenrobd (1 month ago)
Can’t believe some of the stuff I see out of this guy. Now I hear that the clintons has something to do with Epstein’s death. Gimme a break
Anne Bailey (1 month ago)
Anyone anywhere who pays into a pension owns stocks and shares. Anyone who has a job works for companies that trade in or rely on market forces in the share price. CNN - Average IQ - 4
Robert Pol (1 month ago)
The pools is not his strong side heh
Oskar Schewak (1 month ago)
I want someone to tell me what is bad with Donald Trump I see him as a great president
Oskar Schewak (1 month ago)
@jeraldsmusic I see we agree in some point, I was thinking you were a socialist SJW who only watch CNN or ABC, I do not talk about something I dont know I "Studied" by myself about the best way that a Nation can live prosperous and with more liberty, the capitalism model is not perfect but IS the best and who contibute more to our society and World and what is the Best executor of these model, Exactly the Billionarie, the Bussiness owner because everyone can be one, YOU CAN BE ONE, thats why I support Donald Trump because he is putting Tax reduce to those who make your IPhone and your Food and most important, Billionaries and Business Owners make Workplaces and makes more wealth to everyone, Reducing his cost they will have more money to spend and create more Workplaces only to his benefits but they give something to us
jeraldsmusic (1 month ago)
@Oskar Schewak No my friend I watch free speech TV and Thom Hartmann and democracy now I think you need to really start watching that if you want real news. By the way all these big news philly it's our billion dollar corporations that get billions of dollars and they have to go by their rules free speech TV on the other hand is not under a big corporation they are a self donated a non profit organization.
Oskar Schewak (1 month ago)
@jeraldsmusic like I said, YES it only save more money only to those Billionaries and Business owners but think about it, Compare Venezuela and Singapore, Venezuela is socialist and has the greatest oil reserves in the World, Singapore is only the half of the city of Los Ángeles and Compare who lives Better and even that both countries have or had a dictator for more than 2 decades, that legislation makes all those Billionaries and Business owners think about bringing his money to América to compete with China, Did you know why China is emerging as a Great Power well the communist party make cheap workers and they do not Tax Billionaries and Business owners
Oskar Schewak (1 month ago)
@jeraldsmusic https://youtu.be/pvYnhbsNixQ
Oskar Schewak (1 month ago)
@jeraldsmusic Did you think CNN, ABC and BBC are Trustful News, I dont see the majority of Fox News only Tucker Carlson, but anyway I didnt see this in Fox News I see it in the Business insider
CAN AM DS650X Baja - Bombardier (1 month ago)
Government, media, police, military all the same people.
Emmett Mitcham (1 month ago)
CNN Fake news
Simon Lim (1 month ago)
Vote anyone but Trump Make America Sane Again 2020
John Long (1 month ago)
So, the "Spoilt Brat", Trump, is now throwing his Toys out of his Pram at "Fux News"!! Even his "Propoganda Outlet" is giving up on him! The end is in sight Donald, you took on something way beyond your capabilities, your 'ego' overwhelmed you, to the point of personal embarrassment to yourself, you never had then, or now, any Presidential qualities, recognised by your Allies, of whom have distanced themselves from you! You've been more inclined to associate yourself with Foreign Leaders, hoping to establish 'ente cordiale' with them & they've 'mocked you' in return! You are way out of your depth "Sir" (I know you like that word!!) makes you feel good eh??? Get back to the 'Day Job', fighting Bankcrupcy against all your failed ventures! And whilst you're at it, maybe the disclosure of those 'highly secret', 'under audit' bloody Tax Returns!!!
Oliver Rowen (1 month ago)
Well it's about time that idiot stopped trying to talk over a helicopters engines. Idiot trying to look important.....like hey look what I get to do! Next, I hope he keeps thinking all is ok and when it really tanks I believe a CIA person or mob figure gets the itchy finger. They did it to Kennedy they will do it to him.
Philip Williams (1 month ago)
Trump 2020!! there is a reason you all are sitting where you are and not in the Oval Office.
Paul Kruse (1 month ago)
Foxbots Unite!💩 Trumpturds
Mark Youneva (1 month ago)
Creepy to the Nth degree.
Pat Jenkins (1 month ago)
There was a man on CNN and Fredo was his name o F-R-E-D-O X3 and Fredo was his name o!
Rockdawg (1 month ago)
Blah, blah, blah......he is President and will be reelected. Suck it up!
Jian Yu (1 month ago)
Even Fox is starting to spread Fake News! These poll numbers are real you idiot Trump and I am glad to see everyone is turning on you !
Philip Lloyd (1 month ago)
Trump is a buffoon plain and simple and if you support him your as big an idiot as he is
that_pac12 (1 month ago)
I like how long this woman's neck is, we really out here. #LongNeckGang
Ross Carlson (1 month ago)
The fact that an American president calls any news network "we" should terrify everyone - imagine for one second has Obama referred to CNN or MSNBC as "we" - conservatives would lose their fucking minds
Super 😋😎😀👌👍
Good Friend (1 month ago)
I didn't go to work today, Trump said we are all rich....who knew......stupid motherfucker.
Earl Weeks (1 month ago)
He is a cry baby. America deserves better. Lock him up.
Longhorn Fan Forever (1 month ago)
He calls the shots. Pfft what a joke.
GDV (1 month ago)
Fredo's headquarters again spreading garbage LOL
Texas Made (1 month ago)
GDV it’s more like your ignorant president who does that .. very good..
Mary Torres (1 month ago)
Who cares what this creeps thinks?!! He has no heart. No soul. Look how he treating children at the border 😔🙁☹
Eliz6369 (1 month ago)
Exactly the same way Obama did. If you wanna come to our country, do it the right way and follow our rules. Plain and simple! Can't get more clear than that. Dont break the law and you are welcome to become a US citizen.
T St (1 month ago)
69soup Michelle Obama has a penis for you Enjoy Bitch
hahabass (1 month ago)
US under Obama - Good US economic figures reported: Trump says, 'These are Fake figures'. US under Trump - Good economic figures reported: Trump says, 'These figures come as a result of Me and my Great Leadership! They are nothing to do with the previous administration and its African-born president'. US under Trump - Bad economic figures reported: Trump says, 'What are you talking about? That's Fake News. Next!' What a shit-show this is. And this is a view from across the pond in London. Good luck with 2020, to the American people. God help all of us!
Cinsuallove (1 month ago)
666K the number of the beast.
Marek Zeyfert (1 month ago)
i find it very strange that all we are talking about , is Trumps' personal disfunctioning - what about the real problems such as the national debt that is sky high and rapidly rising? What about the formerly great relationship with Europe? What about US farmers? etc.etc.
007gmoney (1 month ago)
Fake news can’t help trump now
James Casey (1 month ago)
And the Left look for one word that can be twisted by context , and will spread the twisted version as if it was President Trumps .
betty davis (1 month ago)