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Mahindra Logistics - The Core of your Business

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Mahindra Logistics Ltd is part of the USD 19 billion Mahindra Group. We provide customized integrated third party supply chain and people transport solutions to companies across multiple industries. We specialize in providing customized solutions to organizations while integrating relevant technology. Our solutions encompass two lines of business: Supply Chain Management: We offer customized and end-to-end logistics solutions and services including transportation and distribution, warehousing, in-factory logistics and value added services to our clients. We operate our SCM business through a pan-India network comprising 24 city offices and over 350 client and operating locations People Transport Solutions: We provide technology-enabled people transportation solutions and services across India to over 100 domestic and multinational companies operating in the IT, ITeS, business process outsourcing, financial services, consulting and manufacturing industries. We offer our services through a fleet of vehicles provided by a large network of over 500 business partners. We operate our PTS business in around 12 cities and over 120 client and operating locations across India. Mahindra Logistics, keeping with the Group’s brand philosophy of RISE works towards building sustainable communities, focuses on driver welfare, promotes “Green” logistics solutions as well as adoption of local villages and works for empowering their residents.
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There is any job requirement in Mahindra logistics.
SANDHI RAFIQ (6 months ago)
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SANDHI RAFIQ (6 months ago)
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SANDHI RAFIQ (6 months ago)
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For Diwali special for MLL
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Mahindra from ahmedabad gujarat location